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The 4 Truth’s of The Traditional Shaman

As taught by my Shaman Elder, someone whom has been practicing for over 50 years these Truth’s really resonate with me. She was taught by her Grandmother and now anyone that wants to connect with her can at
So the 4 Truths:

1. All Power Comes from Within. You can ask yourself the simple question, What am I doing or not doing to hold myself back from this thing that I want?

2. Everything is relative and connected.  Your actions effect all things. So, positive energy, produces positive results and negative energy produces negative results.  Learn to speak, think and act deliberately.

Practice each day for at least 10 minutes thinking only positive thoughts until it is automatic.

Learn to speak your truth to you, then to others and then to all things.

Basic Truth 3:

We are limitless, adopt an attitude like, “I can do this.”  Our attitude is how our life is played out.

You create your reality and your reality is what you choose to believe.

Basic Truth Four:

Effectiveness is the yardstick of ability. It is what you do that defines you.

~So then, when you create your own reality based on the four truth’s you know it is your reality.

You can also visit Shaman Elder Maggie on Face Book!

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Cleaning the Sinus’s with a Netti Pot

The Sinus Cavity is a place where debris can become stuck and if you live in a city or anywhere really in the world you are faced with many pollution challenges.  Smog, Chem Trails, Car Exhaust, Heavy Metals..these are just a few of the toxic materials we inhale daily. Because of this it is a great idea to get in the habit of cleansing the sinus cavity with a netti pot daily.  It is like brushing your teeth. Daniel Vitalis recently spoke at the Longevity Conference 2011 on this very subject and he highly advocates the use of a Netti Pot. It pretty simple to do and all you need is a netti pot, high quality salt and clean warm water. You can find instructions and information on how to do a netti pot on you tube or other informative sites. Most Netti Pots come with instruction. The use of a netti pot is an ancient teaching. Just try it and see how wonderful the benefits truly are.  Once you begin to get comfortable with it you can experiment with new extract powders to add to your Netti Pot. For instance, Black Shilajit might be a great way to de-calcify the pineal gland. This is a huge benefit and a low cost solution!

So go out and get yourself a netti pot, make it apart of your daily regime:)

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