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How to Make Cultured Vegetables/Salsa and Coconut Kefir Water

Today I made a batch of cultured salsa & some coconut kefir water.

Fermenting or Culturing veggies is a great way to enhance the nutritional value of the vegetables.  The friendly bacteria in the culture starter proliferates and after it sits for 3-7 days (or longer is great) at about 70 degrees you have a nutrient dense food.  This is extremely easy on the digestive system and is great paired with all of your meals for better assimilation and utilization of your foods. So that you can build strong & healthy hair, skin and bones. Beyond that it keeps the immune system strong!

The recipe I made today is a cultured salsa.  I took organic veggies like cabbage, red bell pepper, jalapenos, onions, dandelion greens, cilantro, beets, carrots, tomatos, mineral salt, lemon juice and fresh pressed garlic.  I minced & cut the items as desired and mix them all together.

Then I take the Body Ecology Culture Starter (you can get this on my website by clicking on the tab, “Build Strong Immunity”) and mix it with 1/2 cup of 90 degree water and some form of sugar. I used organic sun dried coconut crystals.  I let this sit for 20 minutes to let the probiotics feed off of the sugar.

Next you make a brine. You take several cups of your veggie mixture and put in your high power blender. After this is well blended like a thick soup you take the culture starter and pour that into the brine.  Now pour this over the veggies.

Next take your clean glass jars and begin to pack the mixture into each jar leaving 2 inches at the top.  Now roll up a few cabbage leaves and place at the top of the jar. Seal and let sit for a 1 week or more.

Coconut Kefir Water is very healthy too. It is a probiotic drink.  This to me is like the finest champagne and good for you!  You can make this from the Kefir Starter that I offer on my website under the same tab, “Build Strong Immunity.”  What I do a lot of the time is take a small amount of kefir I have already made and add it to fresh organic young coconut water. I let this sit on the counter with a lid for 24-36 hours or until fizzy.  You can also use the Kefir starter, add the powder to the coconut water and sit in glass jar with lid for same amount of time.  Adjust time depending on temperature.

Please feel free to interact or ask questions/leave comments. Cheers to building strong immunity~ Love, The Sacred Farm House Kitchen of the Dodhisattva:)

A Wonderful Nutrient Dense Super Food

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Follow Up on the Liver Gall Bladder Flush

Today is the day after the liver gall bladder flush. It was a very successful flush.  A few notes about the flush I added equal parts of organic fresh pressed grapefruit to the oil and hyssop herb mixture. It made it much more palatable as well as using a glass straw that was great for mixing the potion and getting it back.  I recommend only using Premiere Research Labs olive oil unless you are really sure the oil you are getting is of top quality. Pr Labs oil tests on all 4 bio field polarities of the body. Beyond that it is cold pressed, not-solvent extracted and hexane free. It is also nitrogen flushed to maintain its integrity and freshness.

Another thing I added was the beet derived HCL with the first dose to ensure no nausea.  I think that sometimes if the esophagus is open then bile can seep into the stomach which is what makes us feel sick. The HCL assisted to close that area off.

I did feel nauseous after the second 8pm epsom salt drink.

By 12:30pm I was passing gallstones. I was up for a few hours.

This morning I did a coffee enema using the green coffee from S.A. Wilson and then followed up with a high water enema to ensure everything was out.  Later it will be important for me to do a castor oil pack on the kidneys. The kidneys have taken on some of the work load today so to clear them this will be great.   I kept it light this morning with some fresh pressed green juice with plenty of parsley to support the kidneys.  Then a healing soup for the liver. Then a smoothie around 2pm. Dinner will be a large salad with sprouted quinoa.

I feel incredible today. My mental clarity and emotional state is really even.  It is amazing what you let go after  clearing this stagnant energy that has been in the body for years.  It is a time of celebration!!!! What a feat.

NOTE: A few things that really were great were the affirmations like: There is joyous release of the past. Life is sweet and so am I.

And also recognizing the SHHHHH sound of the liver and deeply breathing in that green light to the liver/gallbladder points.

Well Happy Sunday Everybody! If you have any comments or questions about the liver flush please write me. I am always open to hear anyone’s tips as well.

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Master Liver Gallbladder Flush

It is amazing to note that our Liver’s perform the great job of over 600 functions in our bodies. It is my innerstanding that our Liver and Gallbladder require cleansing and rejuvenation a few times a year. Whether or not your diet is “spot on” (it has been noted by great Natural Doctor’s, such as Dr. Gabriel Cousen’s of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center  & Dr. Bob Marshall of Premiere Research Labs) that even in these individuals toxic substances are in fact in the body and are released from doing a flush of these organs. It is important to note that our environment and emotions play a role in the bodies health and well being.

In Taoist Yoga the liver represents the Wood Element and it resonates with the Spring Season,  a wonderful time to cleanse.  The gallbladder is the associated organ. The emotions of the liver on the positive side are Kindness and Generosity. The negative emotions are Anger and Frustration.  The sound of the Liver is the Shhhhh  sound.  To heal and restore the liver breathing  green light into that organ allows for it to heal. Imagine the green light of the liver over flowing into the gallbladder. Now blow out any black color or toxin while creating the Shhhh sound.  This is a vital component to healing the liver and gall bladder meridians.

A great healing affirmation for our liver could be: Love and Peace and Joy are what I know.

A great healing affirmation for the gallbladder might be: There is joyous release of the past. Life is sweet and so am I.

(The above affirmations are taken from Louise Haye’s, “You Can Heal Your Life.”)

If you choose to do a liver/gallbladder flush the above affirmations and sounds with color healing are wonderful techniques to incorporate into the healing system.

This upcoming weekend I will be performing a flush of these two organs.  I have experienced several flushes and find that Dr. Bob Marshall’s program is of the highest quality. Dr. Cousen’s adovcates his program as well, he uses the ortho-phos drops which I am not a big advocate of, but do what works for you.

My main protocol goes along side Dr. Bob Marshall’s approach and Dr. Gabriel Cousen’s with a few “tweeks” of my own.

For the last 4 weeks I have been preparing my Liver and Gallbladder with a morning elixir drink consisting of Gall bladder Nano Detox and Liver Nano Detox. These products contain healthy micro flora as well as Gold Coin Grass and Nanized Tumeric.  Other supplements include: Gallbladder complex and Paracidin.

The reason for the preparation is to soften the stones in the gallbladder so they pass easy and effortlessly.

Other preparations have been Coffee enemas and Castor Oil Packs on the Liver and Gallbladder as well as the Kidneys.

Staying Alkaline during this time is highly beneficial and adopting a raw vegan lifestyle is a great idea.

Take good care of your Organs and Remember Smiling to your Organs is highly beneficial at reducing stress and maintaining health and longevity.  The more we send communication to the organs that things are okay and all is well thru the inner smile of the Taoist Yoga approach we activate the true healing of the body. Do this anytime you are feeling stress or anxiety and breath long, slow and deep!

Please Note: If you do not have a gall bladder flushing is still important and highly beneficial to the Liver.  The liver has taken on an extra work load!

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Optimizing your Digestion

One of the key factors in optimal health is mastering digestion of the foods we put into our bodies.  A few things to note are that as we age our HCL (hydro chloric acid) levels in the stomach weaken. Most people have weak acid levels in the stomach.  If we are partially digesting our food this can cause fermentation in the stomach leading to gas, bloating, weight gain and ultimately more serious degenerative conditions.

Another key role in digestion is a healthy “gut” which means that the ratio to healthy bacteria and unhealthy bacteria is 2:1. When the healthy bacteria is flourishing our immune system is strong and healthy. This creates a healthy and happy brain as the gut and the brain are very connected.

Enzymes also play a key role in the digestion of our foods.  Enzymes are, as Dr. Edward Howell once said, “the spark of life.”  When you see someone whom is rich in enzymes you will see that they are light and bright.  There aura or the energy field around there body is strong, healthy and pure, they heal quickly and have an abundance of energy.

Last but certainly not least our thoughts and the way we relate to our food plays a role in digestion.  This is the most important and if you have any healing to do in your relation to food EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique or  what is also known as “tapping” can also assist in clearing a less than optimal relation with your food. You can easily google or research that subject for more info.

Here are some simple KEYS to increasing your HCL levels, Strengthening the friendly bacteria in your “gut”,  and enriching your body with enzymes.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar (Raw Organic Fermented)- A small dose of this taken before meals will increase the HCL levels in the stomach to assist your body to break down food in the small intestine.

2. Green Smoothies- A smoothie made of half a blender full of organic greens and a small portion of fruit will increase HCL levels in the stomach.

3. If these approaches do not work for you you can also buy HCL derived from beets from Premiere Research Labs.

4. Building the friendly bacteria in your stomach comes with letting go of antibiotics and introducing cultured vegetables to your diet. Cultured vegetables are very important to ensure healthy digestion!  Making your own cultured veggies is fun and cost effective.

5. You can also buy a high quality liquid probiotic to assist the body.  Remember that fermented food is the best way to get your probiotics.

6. Coconut Kefir water is a wonderful fizzy beverage that can be sipped on to heal the stomach. If someone has a history of antibiotics you can be sure the body requires lots of probiotic therapy.

7. Enzymes are available in all raw living foods. So any vegetable or fruit that is left in its natural state is rich in enzymes. If you choose to eat cooked food remember that there are enzymes you can purchase to assist in digesting denatured food. If you go to the Products page on my site you can find high quality enzymes.

These are a few tips that I trust will assist you in your journey to a happy, healthy life! Cheers:)

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The Benefits of Skin Brushing


The benefits of skin brushing are wonderful. Of course to feel and see results a steady and consistent protocol is vital.

What is the largest organ of our body?

Yes, the skin. So if we are consistent in skin brushing to assist the lymph to get rid unwanted materials in the body we will then see great health benefits. It is said that 1 lb of waste per day is eliminated by the skin.

The skin really gives us warning signs of what is going on in the body. If there is a rash, bump, boil, pimple etc…we can be sure that our organs are out of balance and we will choose to harmonize our bodies systems.

Dead skin cells and outdoor pollution as well as waste from inside the body can sometimes have a challenge getting out through clogged pores. The skin brush will help to move things along & allow the skin to breathe. This is vital!

I suggest by starting at your feet and brush up towards your heart.  Right after you have done some thorough skin-brushing take a hot/cold shower to really get the lymph moving. It is so invigorating and beneficial to your body. The reason for this is it helps to regulate our nervous system & maintain optimum adrenal function.

If you are looking to get rid of cellulite or fat you can be sure that adding 5-15 minutes of vigorous skin brushing per day over 30 days time you will see results. Think of it as a massage for your connective tissue. What is happening is stored matter is then released. This also causes stored emotions to come to the surface for release. What a true blessing!

If you do decide to start skin brushing today pick a skin brush made from all natural fibers & another great addition to skin brushing is to take a drop of therapeutic essential oil and rub onto the brush.

Happy Skin Brushing Everyone!!

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