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How does our Face tell Us What is going on inside Our Body?

What an interesting concept, right? The face tells us everything we need to know about our health. We don’t really require fancy machines or crystal readings, lol!!

I am going to share a few things that will help you to know where to start when it comes to cleaning and healing your body.  First the eyes are the windows of the soul.  They gather information in the form of light and bring it into the body. If you sun gaze for the first 15 minutes of the day as the sun begins to come up and then do this for the last 15 minutes before it sets you will start to balance your brain chemistry and “decalcify” your pineal gland, which gets harden from S.A.D. diet as well as fluoridated water.

Your eyes will begin to strengthen and you may find over time you do not require reading glasses anymore. Another great way to strengthen the eyes is to focus on far away objects and hold for a few minutes.

In Chinese Medicine the face gives us insight into our internal world.  A good Chinese Doctor can look at the face and know exactly what is going on . So as for the face and how it reveals the truth, here are some insights:

When you have puffy bags under the eyes and/or wrinkles or any inflammation here you can be sure your kidneys are  in severe stress. They are full of mucus and full of stones. The colon is also overloaded and inflamed. The prostate is most likely swollen. Growths may be present on or around the heart.

When you have wrinkles on the sides of the eyes your liver is congested and your kidneys are in distress this will lead to arthritis, stones, hypothyroidsim, hormone imbalances, low energy and the list goes on.

If you notice lines around your mouth like from the nose area down around the lips the colon is congested and requires a cleaning. Let go of the emotions that are holding things in. Surrender to the greatness that you are!

Any mole or freckle on the face or on the body lets you know there is a similar growth inside your body. This could be a cyst, tumor, stones or other type of growth. There are meridian lines that run down the body and if you can link your mole to a meridian line you will know exactly where it is.  Over time as you clean and cleanse your body with a natural, enthusiastic, holistic approach your body will heal itself!

So here are just a few helpful hints, but just know everything is connected…your body shows you signs all the time and so it is really simple actually to know what is going on in there.  Become mindful of it’s messages and it will show you.

Life is meant to work and so is your body.  Now I don’t suggest going around and analyzing other’s faces or even your own, just become mindful and have compassion for the old ways of looking at treating our dis-eases and be thankful to know how to actually heal and take responsibility for your own health.

If you want to learn more about healing your body there is an ebook on my site:  called Heal Your Face. Get this and read and re-read it. Then take action! Markus Rothkranz wrote this book and it is changing lives left and right.

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Bathe and Nourish Yourself in a Sea of Chi & Give Yourself an Energy Wash

Most of us are familiar with the idea and truth that everything is energy. We are swimming in energy all day long. When we begin to recognize this energy as something we can nourish our bodies with we really can see and feel the subtle energy shifts within our cells.

We can gain strength, stamina, youthfulness, deeper and restful sleep, clear mind, warm and comfortable body, positive attitude, clear skin and bright eyes.

A few key things to remember as you take in this chi or life power energy is that we receive this chi from the heavens and from the earth. We receive from the crown of our head and the perineum (this is the area located b/t the anus and the vulva in women or in men the scrotum).

You actually feed yourself like a tree does its roots thru the perineum as long as you are aware of the energy that you bring into your body. A great exercise is stand bear foot on the earth and lift your toes up at your best. Now you will notice that the ball of your foot or what is known as your “bubbling spring point” is now activated and ready to receive earth energy. As this energy meets in your belly area or power center with that of your crown’s energy coming from the heavens you then have a powerful presence that unites these vortexes of chi. You can do this indoors to but it is especially nice to be grounded on the earth.

Now you can sit with legs spread, spine straight and lift your toes up off the ground to activate the bubbling spring point. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Now you can open them and begin to rub your hands vigorously together. Separate your hands a few inches apart and feel the warmth and power b/t your hands. This is chi, this is your life power. In Reiki we utilize this energy to direct into the body to harmonize and restore the cells to wholeness. However, anyone can access this universal life energy.

Now start to tap the top of your head with your finger tips. This activates the pineal & pituitary gland. You can go to the base of your neck and begin to tap there, then massage your neck.

You can now start to massage your fingers and in between them. You will want to massage your hands and then pull on each finger. Do this with your feet too! Try to put each finger in b/t your toes. If you can not do that then just simply massage in b/t the toes and start to move them about then pull on each. This gets the water flowing in your body as well as the energy.

Massage the bottom of your feet. Here is where pressure points are that connect with all of our organs. You will want to take the fist of your hand and kneed in the base of your foot. Massage the ankle and up the calves. Now cup your hand it tap the bottoms of your feet.

You can now move to the legs. Cup the palm of your hand and begin to go up and down your legs. Slap the legs on the sides, back and front. You will want to get your hip joints really well and please make sure to tap on the area around your scrotum or vulva plus the inside of the leg area. This area can accumulate stagnant energy so be sure to tap this area with your finger tips.

Now let your back flex and take fisted hands and tap on the kidneys and larger muscles of the buttocks. You can go up and down the spine with these fists as you move the energy in these area.

After this is complete with a straight spine raise both hands above the head and clasp together moving from side to side while breathing. You can now gather the energy around your body and bring it into the power center. Move your hands clockwise in a circular motion while massaging your stomach. This will activate the digestive juices and recognize your stomach for a moment, which we often forget how important it is.

Then go counter clockwise with the opposite hand on top.

Take a moment to enjoy the free flowing energy now circulating thru your body.

I would like to soon create a video so that you will have an actual image to go by and learn. In the mean time you can go to your local library and find Jennifer Kries Life Force Power Work out in order to get a full download of this practice.


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How does Rebounding Promote Weight Loss and Cellular Nutrition?

I can remember as a child my parents had this contraption that looked well like a mini trampoline. Essentially that is what the rebounder is, a mini-tramp.

A rebounder oscillates every single cell in your body. This gets oxygen to the trillions of cells in our bodies, cellular nutrition at its’ best! Remember in a well oxygenated environment disease will not thrive! Back in 1931 Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology. He mentions that disease can not live in a well oxygenated environment. The body if well oxygenated turns alkaline not acidic. In a well oxygenated and alkaline body weight loss is effortless and dis-ease will cease to exist. Well it took me some time to learn about this. When I studied for a couple years with Lou Corona (a Natural Lifestyle Enthusiast like me) whom has been on raw living cultured foods for many years he highly advocated the rebounder and still does!

He watched certain clients dissolve tumors in their body by taking on a raw living plant based food diet along with rebounding daily.

He also watched another client drop 100 pounds after consistently rebounding and following the nutrition protocol.

Maintenance Program would be- 15-20 minutes per day
Therapeutic Program would be- 15-20 minutes 2 to 3 times per day

Let’s talk more about the benefits of rebounding and list some of them:

Lose Weight
Relieve Stress
Restore Energy
Increase Circulation
Eliminate Cellulite
Improve Digestion
Control Blood Sugar
Alleviate Back-pain
Increase Flexibility

Just imagine what is happening as you go up and down as gravity works to wash and cleanse your cells. It also gives all of your major organs an internal massage! That’s right, you are giving life power to all the body parts. Your face will glow with life.

You don’t even have to “jazzercise” on the thing, just lightly jump if you are starting out. My nephew Beau just bounces like this and loves it!
I personally do alot of different movements on my rebounder b/c it feels wonderful. My body feels alive and invigorated every time I treat myself to a session.

If you want glowing and radiant skin without wrinkles get a rebounder. It is getting fresh oxygen to all your cells. It is pumping your lymph system. This is where our toxins get drained out of the body. Most people whom are over weight have a very slow moving lymph. Remember that the lymph system does not have a pump like the heart. We must stimulate it thru deep breathing, yoga and rebounding. The lymph has twice as more fluid then our blood pathways.

Another tidbit on how to stimulate the lymph system is to do hot/cold therapy. So while in a filtered shower (free of toxins and fluoride) you will turn the water hot and do this for a few minutes, then turn the water cold. Do this cycle a few times. The adrenal glands love it and so does the lymph. Your skin will really love this. You will feel incredible afterwards.

Rebounding is an incredible tool for longevity as it reverse calcification in the body. It is able to dissolve tumors and nano bacteria with repetition and consistency (coupled with green juicing and other tools I mentioned in my last post).

Get on a rebounder as soon as you can. You will love it!

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What is Calcification and How Can We Reverse it?

Calcification in the body is a hardening of the body parts that interfere with normal functioning of our system. It causes pain and weakness in the body. When joints feel stiff and we have any inflammation we can be sure that calcification is rapidly taking over the body.

In the beginning of our lives we have abundance Hydrogen in our bodies; into our adult life Calcium tends to take over the body, we have the choice to take responsibility and educate ourselves on what calcification is and how to regain our birthright of a healthy body.

Have you ever seen someone whom is hunched over and using a cane? They are highly calcified. The body no longer has the flexibility nor the structure to hold itself up properly. This condition is a huge factor into why we age.

Calcification is essentially a build up of nano-bacteria that gravitate to the weak parts of the body. One way you know your weak areas might be during a fast. If a certain area of the body hurts like your hip joints or your neck this is a great indicator that the calcification is localized in this area.

Other forms of calcification in the body are gallstones and kidney stones.

We do require good calcium and while cleansing the body green leafy vegetables gives the body the appropriate calcium required.

Below is a list of things that are caused by Calcification:

Brain Tumor
Gum Disease
Breast Cancer
Ovarian Cysts

And these are just a few.

Here are some great tools to reverse a Calcified Body:

Cellular Communication:
Get Clear and Complete with the Past
Positive Affirmations
EFT work
Emotional Balancing
Affirm and Declare your Freedom for a wonderful life with health and vitality.

Cellular Exercise
Breath Work

Cellular Nutrition
Spring Water or a well structured/vortexed and purified water.
Fulvic Acid
DMSO (topically)
Zeolites liquid or powder

Cellular Environment
Grounding with the Earth for a minimum of 10-15 minutes a day. 1-2 hours is ideal.
Lessen EMF exposure (electro magnetic frequencies come from televisions, phone towers, electrical outlets, wireless devices etc).

A note on Fluoride– Fluoride is incredibly toxic. It calcifies the body especially the pineal gland that is where our intuition and ability to think clearly lies. Make sure your drinking water and the water you clean and bathe in is free of this lethal substance. Most commercial toothpastes have fluoride.

These above recommendations coupled with a live plant based diet rich in chlorophyll and magnesium will keep the body alkaline and the blood flowing clean and free. Keeping the immune system strong and healthy during this time is crucial so cultured vegetables; Probiotics, Enzymes, Medicinal Mushrooms and Bio- Available Vitamin C are crucial Try Camu Camu power or Lycium (Goji) Powder.

There is so much more on this subject. I recommend reading or listening to David Wolfe’s protocol for decalcifying. Much of what I have shared here is from studying and researching his longevity program.

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Chocolate Ice Cream Sauce for Avalanche Ice Cream

I found this recipe while I was watching a Truth Caulkins and David Wolfe video. If you have ever been to Erewhon in Hollywood you know there is a wonderful tonic bar. They make ice cream that is packed with nutrition and is so delicious. You need a high quality blender like the blend tec or vita mix to make it and you will need the plunger that is bought separately.

Any way I made the chocolate sauce topping today to test it out and WOW..its incredible. My nephew Beau loved it, as you can see;)

So here is the recipe below:

Super Rich Galactic Chocolate Sauce by Truth Caulkins

5 tbs. cacao powder

5 tbs. tocotreniols

2 tbs. udo’s dha oil -(I use coconut oil) you could use flax too. Make sure it is unrefined and cold pressed.

4-6 squirts chocolate stevia (use less if you like it a bit bitter like me)

2 oz. gynostemma tea nice and hot..chocolate sauce is served warm over the avalanche ice cream.

Mix these together and enjoy. I actually just had mine with some cultured almond coconut yogurt and it was the bomb! I think Beau would agree:)

Here’s the Video with Truth Caulkins and David Wolfe on how to make the ice cream:  Cheers:)


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Cupid Cacao Super Food Elixir and Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Well I have to say, no Valentine’s Day would be complete with out chocolate and strawberries!  And so today we are creating some yummy goodness that is nutrient dense and easy to digest for this LOVE day.

First I have created a wonderful elixir and here is the instruction on that.  This elixir keeps you going for hours without any sign of hunger b/c you will be fed on a cellular level.

Chaga & Gynostemma Herb Tea Base (Also added Pau D Arco)

Brew this on a very light simmer for about 20 minutes. I like to keep some going all day on the stove top.  You might want to add a vanilla bean and let that simmer into the Tea infusion. This is extra good!

Now you want to create a nut mylk as apart of this base. I took soaked raw almonds ( to release the enzyme inhibitors) and placed a handful in the blender with some pristine water. I added some cinnamon.  Then some Tocotreniols to give it texture and cut the mixture creating a wonderful texture. I then blend and strain this.

Now you strain your tea base and pour this into your blender with the nut mylk . Another option for mylk would be hemp seed mylk.

Next I add another Tablespoon of Tocotreniols and some drops of Stevia.  Stevia will not spike your blood sugar and that is why I choose this sweetener. Xylitol would work or the actual stevia leaf could be steeped with your tea. Another option is Licorice Root Powder and Lucuma.  All of these together would round out a beautiful sweet taste. If you are not concerned with blood sugar and the healthy bacteria in your stomach is strong then go for some great wild raw honey as your sweetener. The nutrient content in honey is extensive.

Next lets add some superfoods like Shilajit, Incan Spirulina, Maca, Ho Shou Wu, Cacao Powder (generous portion), Whole Cacao Beans ( a few), Holy Basil, Ashwaganda, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly (1/4 tsp.)

Be sure to not hit it too hard with Shilajit or Spirulina, you want the drink to taste round, full and complex with subtle hints of the superfoods and predominantly a hot chocolate taste and texture!

Wow It is really tasty and keeps you sustained for hours and hours. Enjoy this!

Next I made some cultured almond coconut yogurt & garnished my plate with a few strawberries!

To create this you can purchase the kefir starter on my blog here. Just go to

build strong immunity and get the kefir starter. If you go to one of my past posts you can find the recipe for making the yogurt. Its simple!

Enjoy with strawberries! Our strawberries are still fruiting here in Thousand Oaks!

Benefits of the Elixir:

Chaga- Healthy Immune System

Gyno Stemma-Immunity, Adaptogen, Strength, Endurance

Pau D Arco- Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammitory  NOTE- This stuff is incredible if you feel a cold coming on do a foot bath with 6 steeped tea bags of Pau D Arco tea and wow!!! You will be amazed at its’ power.  You will now hold it in high reverance.

You can read more about all the incredible super foods I put into the elixir but just know they are feeding you and helping to keep the body in great health. Ho Shou Wu is incredible for the blood vessels. Shilajit mineralizes the body, Maca balances the hormones, high quality Spirulina gives us protein for use in the body…better yet get it fermented and wow..this is a powerhouse of nutrients!

Cacao is the highest food in Magnesium on the planet.  It is a weight loss food! It nurtures the jing, qi and shen (in Chinese Medicine). Enjoy it for its longevity benefits in moderation.

Especially enjoy it today…Valentine’s Day!!!

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Grounding with the Earth and our Teacher the Sun

Greetings! I only have a few moments for a quick post and I wanted to get this message out today.

Remember one of the greatest things we can do for the natural bio rhythm of our bodies is to get on the Earth. How many times do we really do this per day? I mean take off your shoes and socks and go barefoot.  Today my nephew would not fall asleep…you know what i did I held him barefoot out in the grass.  I even took him on the mini rebounder to help get him to sleep. It really calmed him down.

When we connect with the earth or hug a tree, go out in nature our bodies naturally come back into balance.  Do it and see how you feel! If you live where it is winter you can still get outside for a walk out in nature.

The other thing I wanted to mention is how the Sun is truly our teacher. It is such a beautiful day here in Southern California and I am headed to the Women’s Wellness Conference in Orange County. David Wolfe, Donna Gates, Tera Warner, Truth Caulkins along with many other health enthusiast’s will be there! As I was embracing the sun I realized wow…the sun just shines easy and effortlessly touching every single thing on the planet to give it warmth and light. What a great reminder of how we can also embody the sun’s wisdom and apply it in our own lives.  Even if the sun isn’t shining in your neck of the woods it is still there underneath those clouds.

After a great walk and some rebounding I am about ready to start my drive.  A few other tips for getting yourself properly grounded before driving thru LA;) could be:

  • Green Juice or a quality green superfood drink.
  • Where a water imploded pendant to keep aura strong.
  • keep a tektite stone on you to harmonize your field.
  • pranayama
  • when you get to your destination do some yoga and get on the earth.
  • inner smile to the body system

I look forward to sharing my experiences soon! Until then, shine like the sun:)

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How To Make Cultured Coconut Hempseed Yogurt & Benefits

This morning I made a non dairy yogurt that is absolutely incredible and the health benefits are really outstanding.  It is fairly simple to make and because we let it culture for a few hours on the counter it creates a powerhouse of healthy bacteria to support your immune function, build a beautiful inner eco system and assist in breaking down:

  1. Fats into fatty acids
  2. Protein into amino acids
  3. Carbohydrates into energy.

Essentially the micro-nutrients are now available for use in the body making it extremely easy to digest.


3 Young Coconuts (water and meat)

1 cup of Raw Organic Hemp Seeds

1 cup or so of coconut water kefir OR a Probiotic liquid or Powder

1/4 cup Raw Organic Ecuadorian Banana Flakes (Optional) – I like to add these to create a banana pudding.

1/2 -1 cup Rice Bran Solubles (Optional) -This is a super anti-oxidant and adds a creamy texture.  Another choice would be to add a Non-GMO Lecithin Powder

To Create: Place your kefir water in the blender add the meat of the coconuts and the hemp seeds. Put in a little at a time to blend well. Add more liquid as needed. You can add some of the fresh young coconut water b/c as it sits the friendly bacteria will feed from that sugar. If you do NOT have kefir simply add a nice teaspoon full of probiotic powder to the coconut water and you will get great results.

Add banana flakes and Rice Bran if desired. This should be a nice thick & creamy texture.

Scoop out into a glass container and sit the lid on top but do not fully close.  Let sit for around 8 hours. Check occasionally depending on temperature. It will smell slightly tangy and puff up.  Now enjoy or store in the refrigerator up to 3 days or so.

You can purchase the Kefir Starter on my blog by going to “Build Your Immnity Tab” on the right column or Products Page

To buy Probiotic Powder that is available under “Probiotcs & Enzymes Tab” or Products Page.

Enjoy this nutrient dense superfood.

Note: Hemp seeds are a TRUE super food Here is why:

  • Bio available Amino Acids
  • Mineral Dense
  • Omega 3’s & Omega 6 Rich
  • Beautifying due to healthy fat ratios
  • Immune system building
  • Provides Long Lasting Energy
  • Regulates Cholesterol Levels
By the Dodhisattva's Farmhouse Kitchen

Nutrient Dense Food for Your Living Body!

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Supporting and Cleansing the Kidneys

In Taoist Yoga the Kidneys represent the Water Element. They also store our Jing.   Jing is the essential fluid of our physical body as taught in Chinese Medicine. The main benefits of  ample Jing in our kidneys are:

  • Longevity
  • Strength
  • Healthy Reproduction
  • Inner Power
  • Healing Power

If we were to do some Taoist Yoga into the Kidneys we would breathe in the color of blue and when ready to exhale we would slightly lean forward with our hands on our knees to expel and release out the toxins in the kidneys. There are many great yoga postures to strengthen the kidneys. Breathe work & Pranayam are also highly beneficial.

Since I recently finished a liver/gallbladder flush I thought it would be important to bring up the kidneys and note that now is a great time to cleanse  and support them.  We can do this by the above mentioned free techniques.  We can also take in plenty of purified living water and other green juices with plenty of cilantro and parsley.  These assist to chelate heavy metals and dissolve kidney stones respectively.

Some other recommendations are castor oil packing the kidneys twice a week for a few weeks.

Other great products are:

  • RenaVen by Premier Research Labs- (powerful complex to restore the kidneys)
  • Dr. Schulze Kidney Tea (amazing wild and organic crafted herbs)
  • Dr. Schulze K-B tincture ( I have gotten wonderful results with this potion)
  • Truth Caulkins Jing City (The greatest when it comes to Kidney Rejuvenation)

These products will cleanse and nourish the kidneys while supporting the Jing and building that Essence to give us healthy, fit kidneys.

A couple great affirmations for the kidneys could be:

I dissolve all past problems with ease.

Divine Right Action is Always Taking Place in my Life. Only Good Comes From Each Experience.


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