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What is the Difference Between Organic Food & Wild Food?

Enjoy the video above for a short lesson on the difference b/t organic food and wild food.

Weeds are often frowned upon b/c they take over people’s yards and gardens.  Weeds like any plant have intelligence and more than likely are growing near you because your body could utilize the medicine inside them.

For instance, if you have an abundance of dandelion greens growing on your land it might be a good idea to juice or incorporate this plant medicine into your diet. Dandelion greens are powerful blood cleansers and they assist in building the blood of the body.   Clean & Integral blood is foundational for overall health and longevity. Or how about Mugwort; with its sage like smell it is antibacterial, mood up lifting and a nervous system relaxer. This may just be growing in your back yard.  It has been known to alleviate diarrhea, vomiting, gas, constipation & colic. Try creating some herbal tea with it. Wild Stinging Nettle Leaf is a wonderful wild plant that has an abundant silica content which builds the hair, skin and bone structure. Nettles can be infused into all of your body care products or try a hair rinse made up of nettle sun tea and raw apple cider vinegar.

Wild Plants must have confidence, strength, creativity and authenticity to be able to expound, flourish & thrive in their living environment.  Because they are not fed daily they must grow their roots long and deep in order to extract nutrients. This task alone requires the plant to consciously be adaptable, present & creative on how it will implement its strategy.  When we regularly take in these plants our bodies and consciousness will also build strength, creativity, adaptability and authenticity.  We can see what a huge impact wild food has on our lives.

 Organic food because it is grown systematically creates a certain energy signature. Organic food grown in mass quantities is regularly fed and watered on a day to day basis.  It is not as mineral rich as wild food. One of the reasons is most likely it is being fed with municipal tap water. In tap water we know that fluoride and other chemicals are present.  The roots are not as strong or deep like that of a wild plant.  B/c of this the plants are weak, less creative and not as adaptable to their environment.

When you grow your own food you have the ability to find the highest quality soil and also feed that soil nourishing foods. You might try feeding the soil ionic minerals, super foods & spring water. All of these technologies will support and nourish the soil giving the plant a strong energy signature. Another wonderful idea in growing your own food would be to collect some of your saliva and/or urine and feed this into the soil. This will allow the plants to pick up your DNA signature and it will then create the nutrients your body requires to thrive. When you eat these foods you can really sense they are true medicine.

If you choose to collect wild foods and incorporate them in your lifestyle find a wonderful and educated mentor to learn from. This way you will find out what plants are poisonous and which are edible.

Markus Rothkranz is a great teacher. His video above is one of many he has created for our empowerment.  Sergei Boutenko is another individual whom has learned and thrived on wild foods.  Check out his work as well.

Enjoy! Happy Wild Living.

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Enzymes: The Vital Keys to Radiant Health

An Enzyme is a protein molecule with electricity running through it. Enzymes are required for all functions in the body system. Some of these functions are blinking, thinking, muscle contraction and the wear and tear on your cells.

When I think of an enzyme rich person I see someone whom is radiating lots of energy & light.  The aura around this person may have a glow to it.

In order for our bodies to function optimally we require:

  1. Oxygen
  2. Living Water
  3. Enzymes

When our bodies are enzyme rich we have a lot of life flowing through our cells.  The four main types of enzymes are amylase, lipase, protease & cellulose.  Then we have two categories of enzymes which are digestive and metabolic.

Amylase enzyme turns carbohydrates into usable energy. When the body is rich in Amylase we have energy and vitality.

Protease enzymes digest protein into amino acids and in turn create healthy hair, skin and bones.

Lipase enzyme converts into essential fatty acids to feed the brain and body with healthy fat at the cellular level.

Cellulose enzyme digests fiber in our bodies assisting the movement of fiber through the colon.

The beautiful thing about enzymes is they actually move stagnant energy out of the body. If one were to fast and cleanse and wanted to accelerate the cleansing and healing process a great idea would be enzyme therapy. Enzymes go into the blood stream when taken on an empty stomach and clean out the undigested carbohydrates, fats & proteins that have caused disease in the body. These undigested food particles ferment go rancid & putrify attracting  parasites, yeast, mold & fungus.

When we clear and clean out the system of this unwanted waste we can reach integrity on a cellular level. Enzymes greatly assist the cleansing and healing process.

The most important part of the healing process is our cellular communication. How we choose to think and feel in each moment will determine the rate of our bodies rapid recovery. The enzymes in our bodies are affected by emotional energy. When we are thinking negatively we are depleting our enzyme reserves. When we are in a positive optimal state of mind we are enriching our enzyme potential. Is your enzyme bank account rich and thriving? 🙂

Next we might take a look at our cellular environment. This is a crucial key to our health and freedom. When we give our cells a healthy environment to communicate and play in they thrive. Enzymes are helpful in handling the stress in our environment. If we are living in a city environment it is a good idea to have enzyme reserves in order to handle the smog, pollution, electromagnetic frequencies, the mass consciousness etc. The environment in which we live includes all that we allow ourselves to experience on a day to day basis. Questions we might ask ourselves could be; what kind of living environment would empower me the most? What changes could I make today in order to have the best cellular environment ever?

Cellular Nutrition is how we are feeding ourselves on the cellular level. When we take in structured living spring water to hydrate our cells well and give our body enzyme rich food to be nourished with we have great potential to live a Vital Life. With enzyme rich food we are assisting our body to run clean and efficient and keep energy flowing through the body system.

Cellular Exercise would include internal and external movement. When we breathe long, slow and deep, rebound and do yoga these things give our internal environment a cleansing bath and nourish us at the cellular level. Internal exercise washes our cells from within and creates a healthy, radiant body without sickness and disease.  This type of movement gives our cells oxygen and allows our body to produce its very own metabolic enzymes and hormones. External movement is a tool to keep the body fluid and moving through life with ease and grace. Both internal and external movement has the ability to give the body tensile strength. Tensile strength is when the smaller muscles & ligaments are elastic and thriving which is vital to cellular integrity.  When this group of muscles and ligaments are strong and healthy the individual creates a lean and healthy body structure.

Enzymes create a cellular resonance of harmony, love & light. They allow stagnant energy to move out and release emotional blockages.

Here are some guidelines to choosing the correct enzyme for different imbalances in the body:

Protease Enzyme Deficiency is linked to Putrefication:

–Bacterial, viral, yeast, fungal infections
–Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Lupus
–PMS, BMS, IBS, MS, Muscular Dystrophy, Crohn’s, Endometriosis, Acne
–Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s
–Depression, Anxiety attacks
–Cancer and tumors
Amylase Enzyme Deficiency is linked to Fermentation:
–Respiratory disorders
–Inflammation and joint problems (e.g., arthritis)
–Gas, Bloating, Weight gain
–Sinus conditions
–Skin eruptions
–Reactions to insect bites and stings
Lipase Enzyme Deficiency Linked to Rancidification:
–Chronic inflammatory conditions
–Cardiovascular conditions and plaque in the arteries
–High blood pressure
–High Cholesterol & Triglycerides
–Fatty Tumors

If one was going through a sickness therapeutic doses of enzymes would be a great idea.  A therapeutic dose would be 5 enzymes, 4 times a day on an empty stomach. An empty stomach would be 1 or more hours before a meal and 2 or more hours after a meal.  Digestive enzymes would be taken with meals to ensure proper digestion.  If one is already feeling vibrant and full of life they may choose to take enzymes with meals whether cooked or raw. They might also take enzymes during a fast or cleanse to reach deep within the cells.

When choosing enzyme supplementation things to be aware of are filler ingredients such as magnesium stearate or talcum. Also are the enzymes proteolysis (meaning will they break down the proteins into amino acids)? Will they thrive in an acid or alkaline environment? What medium were they grown on? Are they plant based and free of pesticides & checked for fungal contamination? Medical Grade Enzymes that are plant based and full spectrum are an optimal choice.

Enzymes give our body electrical energy so that we may thrive and live abundantly through this life. Drink the clean structured water, create a positive living environment, breathe in the life force energy around you, take in the nourishing enzyme rich foods given to us from mother earth, bathe your cells internally with cellular movement & qualify your thoughts so that you may radiate the light you are.

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