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How to Do a Coffee Enema Safely & Effectively.

The purpose of a coffee enema is to clean the fluids that surround our cells.  When the cells are surrounded in toxins and are oxygen deprived they can not function properly.  I think of a coffee enema as a form of blood dialysis along the stomach lining. The reason being that the blood filters through our liver about every 3 minutes. Coffee enemas held for 12-15 minutes at a time offer a therapeutic treatment to the body allowing for the release of blood toxins and the opportunity for clean, oxygenated and purified blood.

When doing a coffee enema it is best that the colon is cleaned out. If you are fasting then you can probably just preform the coffee enema without a challenge, however  if you are not you could start with a simple water enema to make sure feces in the lower colon are expelled so that you can hold the coffee in for a therapeutic amount of time.

I suggest getting some high quality green coffee extract or find a reputable free trade, organic coffee that is not overly roasted. When I worked on a sustainable, organic coffee farm on the islands I experienced the bounty and the healing nature of the coffee tree.  If the coffee is high roasted it can actually have negative effects instead of what nature intended which are the phyto chemicals to be intact in the coffee which makes it a  healing and detoxifying gift from Mother Earth. This makes it possible for the liver and gastro intestinal system to download information from the coffee in order to clean the blood.

So now that you have your high quality coffee you will require an enema bucket or bag. I prefer a bucket so that powerful herbs can be added to the coffee.  Some herbs I enjoy utilizing are parasite herbs or things like wild garlic and noni powder. This allows for a deeper cleaning. The coffee alone is a great cleanser and in time you may want to experiment with herb infusions. Another idea is to add liquid minerals because doing a lot of coffee enemas can cause mineral depletion.  I like to add them in or take some orally after my enema.

Take 2-3 tbs. of Ground Coffee and add to 1/2 quart of water. I let this heat to just about boiling. Then I cover and let sit for 10-20 minutes. Then strain this and add another 1/2 quart of clean water. The reason I do this is the water is then at a warm temp and not too hot or too cold. You want the water to be a comfortable temperature otherwise hot water could damage the colon.

You are now ready to pour the coffee into your bucket or bag. Prepare your bathroom by laying down a bath mat and then a towel.  Set a timer  for 12-15 minutes. If you don’t make it the length of that time it’s okay, over time you will.  You can also do the enema in two portions allowing each portion to sit in the colon for 10 minutes.

I like to lubricate the tip of the hose with coconut oil.  Hang your bucket or bag on the towel rack. You do not want to put your coffee enema bag or bucket too high like in a water enema as this is not a high water enema. We want the coffee to slowly enter the body and so the towel rack height is perfect. Then allow the coffee to enter the colon. With your bum up in the air and your head to the ground you will have a safe and effective fluid flow.  Once all the liquid is in your body lie down with your legs curled up on your right side. Lay there for about 5 minutes, then roll to your left side for about 5 minutes then lay on your back for 5 if you can.

Sometimes you will be able to here the bile gurgle a bit. This is a good sign as the bile ducts are opening and creating more fluid.

If you feel the need to release at anytime or feel any signs of discomfort go ahead, sit on the toilet and let go.  This is not to be a painful experience but a pleasant one. Put on some relaxing music meditate, sing or express yourself however you like.

Enjoy the profound effects of the coffee enema and DOWNLOAD MY BOOK FOR FREE, “The Upgraded Coffee Enema” on ibooks and google play! Enjoy!

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Radical Forgiveness

The 25th day of May 2012

Dear Higher Self:

I, Debbiejoe Schmitt, aka Dodee:), hereby grant you, my Higher Self, my Soul, my Super-Conscious Mind, my DNA, my cellular memory, and all parts of myself that might want to hold onto unforgiveness for whatever reason, permission to release all of the misunderstandings, unfounded beliefs, misinterpretations, and misguided emotions, wherever they may reside, whether in my body, my unconscious mind, my DNA, my conscious mind, my subconscious mind, my chakras, and even my Soul, and I ask all those who want the best for me to assist in this releasing process.

I, Dodee, thank you, my Soul, for creating the experiences that created the unforgiveness, and I realize that on some level they have all been my teachers and have offered opportunities for me to learn and grow. I accept the experiences without judgment and do hereby release them to the nothingness from which they came.

I, Dodee, do hereby forgive myself and any and all beings that I may still be stuck in some unforgiving relation. I now release them to their highest good and set them free. I bless them for having been willing to be my teachers. I sever all unhealthy attachments to these beings and send them unconditional love and support.

Forgive and Let it Go. Enjoy Freedom.

I, Dodee, do hereby forgive myself, accept myself just the way I am, and love myself unconditionally just the way I am, in all my power and magnificence.

I, Dodee, do hereby release myself to my highest good and claim for myself feedom, fullfillment of my dreams, wishes, and goals, clarity, love full expression, creativity, health, and prosperity.

Signed: Debbiejoe Schmitt Date: 5.25.12

Witness: Dodhisattva Adonai (my higher self) 5.25.12

(Compassionate Creator)

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Chia Seed Porridge Recipe

Top of the Morning! Yes…that is just how I feel when thinking about having Chia Seed Porridge for breakfast. Chia seeds are considered to be magical for their ability to increase stamina and energy. Chia seeds were apart of the Ancient Aztec civilization and were highly revered amongst them as a medicine for keeping the body healthy and vital.

Chia actually means, Strength in the Mayan language and this makes sense as they have more protein than any other seed.  Chia seeds are a super food as the Omega 3 fats are rich and thriving through out. Eating these power packed seeds in the morning for energy and stamina is a great idea along with the added benefit of being a colon cleanser. The fiber content is outstanding and I can really feel the difference as the colon gets a good “sweeping” each day.

Another wonderful benefit is the fact that the seeds contain boron which is a trace mineral and valuable in calcium absorption. Boron and proper calcium absorption allow for the bones to be strong and healthy. Vitamin D3 is crucial for the uptake of Calcium for with out it Calcium goes into the soft tissue and does not get utilized properly in the bones.  A great source of Vitamin D3 is the sun.

So this morning as I enjoyed a walk on this beautiful May morning in Southern California I was inspired to make Chia Porridge for breakfast.  It is simple and below I have provided the recipe. I choose to make my own fresh almond mylk or hemp seed mylk. Then I slightly warm it either by blending for a while or warming on the stove ever so slightly. I cover the chia seeds with the mylk and allow them to expand. Then I top with Cacao Nibs (another mineral dense super food), Cinnamon and Fresh Ground Vanilla Bean.

1/4 cup of Chia Seeds

1 cup of freshly made nut or seed mylk

1 tsp. Fresh grounded vanilla bean powder

Soak Raw Organic Almonds over night or Hemp Seeds. Then rinse in the morning and add to blender. Now add 3 cups spring water and blend on high. I add a little vanilla stevia for a non glycemic sweetener that virtually anyone could enjoy b/c it has no effect on the blood sugar.  If you like you could add some  tocotreniols or medi-aminos rice from PR labs for extra nutrition and flavor. Then blend well and sift thru a nut mylk bag.  Your mylk is ready if it is warm. If not heat in a glass pot slightly.

Add to chia seeds, cacao nibs and sprinkle with cinnamon & fresh vanilla bean powder.  Oh My Goodness what a blessing this treat is. Enjoy!

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The Amazing Grace of the Pomegranate Tree

Pomegranate is an incredible superfood that you can feel on a cellular level.  When the seeds and juices are pressed and cold water extracted into a powder you have a super healing ayurvedic herb!

Pomegranate Tree, Malibu CA

Pomegranate has been utilized as a medicine for thousands of years in many different cultures. It is highly revered in the Ayurvedic system as a medicine.

It has been noted that Pomegranate is a key strengthener for the arteries and heart. It assists to break up calcification in the arteries and can clear a clean path way for vital blood flow.  If someone has cardiovascular issues, heart attacks or wants to take preventative measures for heart health Pomegranate Extract is a key nutrient and herb.

Pomegranate is also fascinating because it goes after mutated cells and prohibits their proliferation. As clean and healthy cells flourish in the body and the blood flows like a fluid river the vital life force is emanating from the body.  One of the keys to Radiant Health is clean healthy blood.  When the blood is flowing and clean the opposite of sticky and thick blood you can be assured your cells are floating along happily in their river of life.

The Amazing Grace of the Pomegrante Tree

My research has also shown me that it extremely beneficial to clear out intestinal parasites, specifically tape worms.

I enjoy Pomegranate in my aloe drink that I mentioned in a previous post. I also recommend utilizing Pomegranate in facial masks. You can also add a little to your coconut kefir water for a fun and nutrient dense twist.


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Probiotic Liquid Fasting for Optimal Well Being

I recently completed an 8 day liquid fast. This fast is considerably different than any other that I have done. I feel it could benefit many because it is versatile, nutrient dense & safe for those with Candida. In fact, I feel it assists acid conditions in the body re colonizes the friendly flora in the intestinal tract.

I feel that a traditional juice fast, although it can be quite healing can actually feed candida if it is not properly balanced with plenty of greens and land vegetables. I am a huge advocate of fresh pressed juice with a high caliber juicer such as the Green Star Elite or the Angel Juicer which is stainless steel a juice feast is a lot of fun. It slowly presses the juice extracting as much of the nutrient value as possible while lessening oxidation with its slow gears.

What I have found is utilizing fresh pressed juices with land vegetables (not root veggies-sugar) green apples, lemons, limes, and tons of herbs, wild flowers, & dark greens like spinach etc will be an optimal combo for juicing.  If this is not a concern for someone and they are feeling strong with there intestinal flora then of course go for yummy root veggies like non-hybrid carrots, beets etc.  Green apples are some what sour so if you utilize these you won’t get the sugar rush to the pancreas. Also if someone has diabetes this might be an optimal fast program.

A sample juice might be:

Fresh Lemons with peel (only if organic with peel)

1 green apple

1 large or 2 small cucumbers

2 inches of ginger root

1 bunch spinach

1 bunch wild dandelion greens (usually growing in your backyard)

1/2 of a celery bunch

1 big piece of fresh Aloe leaf (loaded with nutrients like zinc, sulfur, selenium, magnesium, amino acids & enzymes)-blend this into the juice once peeled.

Another liquid I am enjoying and utilizing to rejuvenate my intestines and body is young coconut kefir water from green coconuts and friendly microorganisms. They really have a consciousness and once our body is flooded with billions of friendly microbes are whole outlook can really change on life and how we see things. Try it!

I also have incorporated fresh veggie broth into the fast. What I do is take Cabbage, Dark Greens(collards & kale), Lots of Sea Vegetables for their amazing nutrient content especially iodine, carrot with tops, beets with tops, garlic, 1 whole onion, 1/2 a celery bunch etc… and put into a big pot, fill with filtered or spring water to cover and let simmer for 30 minutes. Then let the broth sit for a while with heat off. Now you have a savory broth for your lunch/dinner meal. I choose to incorporate the kale & collards thru lightly simmering the broth instead of in my fresh raw green juice b/c raw kale & collards have been known to suppress the thyroid. So with a light steaming you still get nutrients just no effect on the thyroid.

If one has a desire or consumes meat you might try getting bones like grass fed red marrow bones and simmering these for 12-24 hours. Skim the fat off the top and enjoy that broth for its ability to nourish the digestive tract and heal the gut walls. The added benefit to a grass fed bone broth is its ability to rebuild collagen in the face and body. I believe it also assists with cellulite concerns. This is something Donna Gates recommends in The Body Ecology Diet.

Another option for your liquid fast are herbal teas. I enjoy mixing different herbs like Gynostemma tea, with Lycium, Schizandra & some vanilla bean. Then I might add Chanca Piedra for its ability to decalcify the liver and tissues. I simmer different herbs and create a decoction with the roots, stems & herbs.

Another tea you might try is one made from Nettle Leaf. The B vitamins and Protein in nettle is incredible not to mention its silica content. I like to take a glass jar and at night time fill 2 ounces of Nettle Leaf and an 1 ounce of the Root, then I might add some Rose hips and Astragalus.. I let that sit over night in water and then the next day I simmer it for just a bit then let it soak.  This is a beauty tea for sure! The whole body will get a chlorophyl rich treat from the nettle leaf. The hair and skin will shine.

As a sweetener for your tea you might try a high quality stevia. I like sweet leaf stevia. This will not be a challenge for those with candida. If candida is not an issue than try a local raw honey for the nutrient value & taste.

So through out the day I am enjoying, fresh pressed juices, young green coconut kefir water, broths, & teas. I am also incorporating other nutrient superfoods and cleansing products.

Dr. Shulze Intestinal formula 1 & 2: So awesome and wildcrafted/organic too! This will actually go in and pull any hardened mucoid plaque that is challenging to remove with just a green juice fast.

Health Force Nutritional’s Vitamineral Green: This product not only has greens and herbs from the land like Tulsi, Horsetail, Nettle, Barley grass, Dandelion leaf juice, Moringa but also Spirulina & Chlorella from the waters. It has tons of sea veggies, enzymes, shilajit & billions of friendly microbes! IT is hands down so awesome to incorporate in the fast for high energy.

Fasting is a great idea to clear blockages and heal the gut walls. I would suggest consulting with a health care practitioner if this is new for you.

My results were  wonderful with 8 days of liquid fasting.   My digestion and elimination has improved. If you eat 3 times a day that is how many bowel movements you should be having.  A good habit to get into is about 20 or 30 minutes after a meal go into the bathroom and prop your feet up on a small stool. Then lift your arms up  in the air. This will assist a bowel movement and is very similar to the effects of squatting which is a natural way to evacuate.  It should be easy and effortless. If not drink more healthy fluids and do a colon cleansing fast now:)  If we get into the habit of going into the bathroom and eliminating our bodies will retrain to make time for it. Otherwise life and activities take over and we find ourselves not digesting life! We get uptight or upset etc..

As we can digest, assimilate, utilize and absorb foods and get rid of the waste gracefully so too we can handle life in this way. We notice our ability to digest life and take what is good and eliminate what is no longer serving us.  I feel that 3 or 4, 7 day fasts per year will yield great results.

Enjoy! Once you have completed a colon cleansing fast you might consider a weekly 24 hour Water fast to maintain your work.  This way toxins do not accumulate as much and the digestive tract takes a break once a week. Try it with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, some Herbal tea and Coconut Kefir Water….now the digestive tract is getting coated with probiotics and healing liquids.

Utilize Spring Water or the best water you can find free of plastics, chemicals and hardened mineral deposits. Too much calcium in the water cements the body and creates calcification.

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Digestive Healing Tonic

1 large piece of Aloe peeled (2-3 inches)

1 tart green apple with skin

1 large lemon with peel

1 tsp-tbs. Chlorella Powder

1/4-1tsp. Moringa Powder (incredible nutrient dense super food)

1 or 2 ounces of Coconut Kefir water from Green Coconuts

1 to 2 inches of fresh peeled ginger

1 large cucumber

Handful of Wild Greens like Japanese Spinach or Wild Celery. Or whatever green you prefer.

Now here are two options. You can take all ingredients and blend. If you do this just squeeze in the lemon.  Other wise juice the whole lemon and half of the cucumber and all the ginger. Now you have some concentrated lemon/ginger juice with structured water from the cucumber as a base to mix the rest. Now blend in chunks of the apple (using the green tart to lessen sugar content while keeping the fiber to slow the sugar absorption), aloe, remaining cucumber, chlorella, moringa and Kefir.

This is so wonderfully refreshing and healing to the entire digestive tract from the mouth all the way to the colon.  The prebiotics from the aloe as well as the healing abilities of the friendly microbes from the kefir will proliferate in the tract. When enjoyed on an empty stomach it will soothe and heal any digestive issues over time.  It is also a bowel movement aid and highly alkaline.  Enjoy!

Enjoy this Tonic

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What is at the Root of All Disease?

What an interesting post and what a bold statement to say the ROOT of ALL disease, right?

Well my research, study and experience has led me to have a sincere belief that the Root of our diseases lie within our ability to FORGIVE. To forgive and let go of the dead past & be non attached to the future so we live fully in the PRESENT moment.  To do this is to achieve a state of true inner peace, radiance, strength, courage & fulfillment.

As we look deeper into this idea of Forgiveness being at the root of our dis-eases in the body we find that Self Acceptance, Self Acknowledgement & Self LOVE are at the forefront of healing our wounds.

Let’s take a look at a long standing grudge you may have with yourself or another person. If this weighs on your mind night and day or if it at least often times comes up for you in your mind how can you fully live in the moment? How can you really create a great life?

To fully accept where you are without judgement and to embrace the emotions and feelings you have over this grief is a wonderful thing to do. This allows you to accept and acknowledge your feelings. You can also in that moment realize you are responsible (able to respond) for how you feel. In fact we are responsible for all that we feel, think, say and do. No one but ourselves has control over that.

When we can see past the judgement and criticism and see that our Souls give us our experiences, especially the moments of grief for our deeper innerstanding of who we really are we can come to get more connected with our spiritual selves. We really are spiritual beings having spiritual experiences in human form.

Each time we go through an uncomfortable situation our soul is crying out for love. If your uncomfortable situation happens to include another person in the scenario there soul too is crying out for love. This individual has agreed to do a dance with you on a soul level here in this life time.  It is bringing you greater innerstanding on what aspect of your self needs and requires love from YOU.  Thank that person energetically for giving you the opportunity to see your patterns more clearly, to recognize your true nature, to heal on a soul level.  Now that is the truth. This is now getting you past the more dense energy of the physical world and connecting you with a more spiritually centered yet powerfully rooted experience here on earth.

Great freedom and liberation are a result of your work as well as deep fulfillment and inner peace.

It is with great innerstanding for ourselves and others that we can transpire our deepest pains and challenges.

If you are excited and inspired by this post I suggest reading Colin Tipping’s work on Radical Forgiveness. To be able to really forgive in the way described above requires a Radical type of Forgiveness. This means to do it from not your human body but from your Higher Self. When we release from this higher realm we let in such a flow of divinity and good that our lives can become more fulfilling, centered and peaceful.

I radically forgive myself and all beings so that we may live without attachment if it is for the HIGHEST GOOD of ALL. And So IT IS.

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Aloe Leaf is Nature’s First Food

Aloe leaf is an incredible healing super food to add to your arsenal if you are not consuming and using it on your skin already. I believe it is one of Nature’s foundational foods for our bodies. When internally taken it soothes and heals the digestive tract with all of its enzymes and nutrients intact it will ease and coat the intestinal walls acting like a gentle sweep of old matter stuck in the system.  It also gives us healthy and glowing skin when applied after bathing. Just fillet open the leaf and apply to your skin.  The lubricating effects of aloe are so great because of the polysacchrides that make up the plant. It is actually beneficial for your joints, brain and the entire nervous system.

Aloe contains sulfur, zinc, selenium, chromium, amino acids and Vitamins A, C, & E.  It is such an incredibly healing food for the body.

Most health food stores have fresh Aloe leafs or look for some growing near you.

Fillet the skin off and blend into juices & smoothies.

It also is a prebiotic which means it assists the friendly bacteria to grow in our guts. This is crucial b/c our gut is really like a “second brain.”  If the friendly microbes are flourishing and the bowels are moving adequately our bodies and minds are truly at peace.

If you have any kind of digestive disorder or have a history of consuming processed and denatured foods enjoy aloe daily to heal the tract.

It also aids in weight loss b/c it promotes lean muscle building and the burning of fat cells.

It has the ability to heal or prevent skin damage. I like to use it as a natural sun skin protectant. B/C of its natural zinc content it is great for this. Avoid the high heat times of the day and enjoy sunbathing in the early part of the day or late afternoon.

Well enjoy your Aloe and Keep On Glowing!!!!!

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How to Nourish the Body on a Cellular Level

One of the keys to assimilating our nutrients is of course how well we digest the food we consume. Many people whom are interested in obtaining nourishment from nuts, seeds, wild rice etc. realize that in order to get the most benefit from these foods soaking them for at least 12 hours will ensure releasing any enzyme inhibitors.

Now if you want to take things to the next level of Cellular integrity you might consider taking those nuts, seeds or rice and culturing them. This means it is time to blend in a powerful probiotic so that the nuts/seeds/rice ferment and NOW the food is activated and easy to digest. Now you have Bio-Available Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrate that converts into Amino Acids, Fatty Acids & Usable Energy. Now your body can create beautiful hair, skin & bones and re-manufacture its’ own metabolic enzymes & hormones. This is really a lifestyle and a way to get the most out of the food you consume. Many people try eating raw or vegan and miss this step! This is the ultimate step as it gives the body an easy way to get nutrition that converts quickly.

Try the recipe below and let me know what you think:

1 cup soaked Raw Organic Almonds (24 hour soak and rinse water regularly)

4 young thai coconuts (open with a cleaver and scoop out white meat. reserve coconut water for blending).

1 cup of NON GMO Rice Bran Solubles (Tocotreniols)

1 -2 tsp of high quality plant based probiotics or instead of coconut water use Coconut Kefir water

Now put the meat and almonds into the blender. Maybe blend in intervals a little bit at a time. Add some rice bran and coconut water to the consistency of yogurt. Now add your probiotics or if you are using kefir water just add that instead.  I just save the coconut water and make kefir with my own probiotics. Then I have tons of kefir water to utilize.

Now strain the mixture thru a sieve.  Let sit on the counter with a lid unsealed (leave air to breath). Maybe check it after 6 hours. Could take a whole 24 hours depending on the probiotics and tempratures. It will puff up and have a slight zing to it. It is now activated.

To create variety of all your high quality nuts/seeds rotate what you culture. Try hemp yogurt, chia seed yogurt, brazil nut yogurt. Ferment wild rice! Have fun and enjoy nutrition on a true cellular level!!!!!!!!!!

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