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The Chinese Body Clock

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night wondering why? I know I have. This actually happened to me last night.

As I was enjoying a deep slumber I was awakened around 3 am. I was up for one full hour! I usually don’t have issues sleeping at night however since I am fasting I thought to investigate this a little more. As I layed there twiddling my thumbs;) I asked myself what might be going on? And Voila, the answer came!!

A small amount of pain was present in my left lung. I have learned that in Traditional Chinese Medicine each hour is associated with a different organ. The lungs are associated with 3am-5am. And since I am fasting I was able to put two and two together! The lungs while fasting will work scavenging for scar tissue and work on healing at this time of night. The main reason for sleep is so the body can repair and restore itself. In this case it seems that my lungs were doing some deep cleaning;)

Thankfully I thought to give myself Reiki. Reiki is the universal life energy that flows through us. My Reiki attunements have given me the ability to harness that energy and give my body and other people & pets a treatment when required. I simply put my hand on that lung which had minor pain and it went away within minutes.

Traditonal Chinese Medicine reveals alot about our organs and their cycles. If you often find yourself up at night this might be a great clue to start cleaning house! If the body is not able get deep sleep it has a challenge repairing.

Connecting with our Organs.

As you see here in the chart the early hours of the morning are all about the stomach and intestines. This is why it is such a great idea to keep it light in the morning. Beginning your day with some clean water and lemon or perhaps a fresh pressed green juice. At this time the body is assimilating nutrients from yesterday’s meals. If the body is getting a bunch more food on top of that it will take away from the uptake of its work. When we keep it light we often find we have much more energy. The bowels will move in the morning if we drink plenty of fluids and flush out the system.

When our last meal is 3 or even 4 hours before bed we can get much better sleep. Having a bit of hunger in the stomach as you retire for the evening can be a very good thing. Try this instead of eating before bed and see the difference.

Another insight I have gathered through my research is that if you find yourself awaking alot between the hours of 1am-3am you might consider doing a liver/gallbladder flush. Please see my posts on an optimal flush and give your liver a chance to heal and restore.

Enjoy the chart and share any insights you might have!

Giving thanks!

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Tantric Numerology & The Ten Bodies of Consciousness

Tantric Numerology is an ancient science that was brought to the west by Yogi Bhajan. Yogi Bhajan was a master of Kundalini Yoga & White Tantric Yoga here in the United States.

My Kundalini Yoga teacher Ram Dass Bir Sing Khalsa was one of Yogi Bhajan’s students. He has been working with Tantric Numerology for around 28 years! Because of him I have access to this profound technology and am thankful for the opportunity to share it with you.

It is powerful information and I will give a brief innerstanding of what it represents.

Let’s first go over the Ten Bodies of Consciousness. These are the energy bodies that are a part of us. We are beyond just our physical body, science has proven this. In tantric Numerology 11 numbers are utilized, 11 being the command center. Each of these numbers has a significant meaning to you and your life. It will give you access to whom you were in a past life too, whether it was an entertainer, shaman, healer, king or queen etc.

To provide insight and guidance you can utilize this technology to gather information about your characteristics.

An Ancient Technology

We utilize our Birthday to mathematically solve each of our numbers and how they correspond to the Ten Bodies and the Command Center.

There are in essence 5 characteristics that describe who we are.

Soul- This represents our inward challenge. This number is the connection to inner peace. It is the chain link to the soul and is the soil or foundation in our lives.

Karma- This is our outward challenge and represents the outward conflict we may have with the world. This is important to master in this life in order to over come conlfict.

Gift- Our gift is just as it sounds! It is what the Creator has gifted us with in this lifetime. We must be able to accept in order to receive this gift. I like to think of this as a super power. Each of us is given one.

Destiny- Our Destiny is what we have been working on for many, many lifetimes. This is a strength we can utilize to overcome the other areas of our lives.

Path- For each of us to be fulfilled in this life time we must be living our path. This is where we experience great joy, inner peace and love for this life.

There is so much more information to share on this subject. Each of the Ten Bodies could be described in length but for this article I am just going to list them below.

The Soul Body

The Negative Mental Body

The Positive Mental Body

The Neutral Mental Body

The Physical Body

The ARC Body

The Aura

The Pranic Body

The Subtle Body

The RADIANT body

All Ten Bodies which is the number of 11.

For anyone whom is interested in having me decode their Tantric numbers and give a description of their characteristics I am happy to do so. Please go to products/services page.

I have assisted some of my closest friends and family by decoding their numbers. It has given them connection to whom they really are and insight into their strengths and what challenges they have an opportunity to over come.

In a nutshell Tantric Numerology Illuminates the Soul, the very essence of our being. When the soul is nourished the physical body will thrive!

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Our Power Lies Within

It can be overwhelming at times with all the latest greatest technologies in the health and wellness field. We can find ourselves overloaded with information about grounding technology, emf/radiation protectors, fasting for healing, the “need” to see a healer or psychic, or whatever it is out there that might make you believe that your power lies outside of you.

I choose to believe that our power truly lies within us. We are fortunate to have so many incredible tools, techniques and technologies available to us no doubt about it.  However I feel that projecting a powerful sense of self is what really gives us our well being. It is that innate ability to tap into who we really are.

As I see it we are undying, unborn & are truly infinite souls. We are spiritual, electrical unlimited beings. 

We each have a powerful center in the place of our forehead called the third eye and beyond that if we delve deeper into that area we unleash the pineal gland. The pineal gland has been recognized by ancient civilizations as well as in our modern day “reality.”  Look at a dollar bill the next time you pull out your wallet. What do you see? A pyramid with an eye. This represents the pineal gland and the all seeing eye or the third eye.  When the pineal gland is open, focused, healthy and strong one’s ability to project and create is manifested into the physical world.

Caring and nourishing the pineal gland and having awareness of it is important.  It easily absorbs heavy metals so things like chlorella and cilantro taken together will assist in relieving the body of metals. We also want to take a look at calcification and the pineal gland. It is easily corroded with Fluoride and Calcium Deposits. Things that can assist in releasing this barrier would be sun gazing at sunrise and sunset, consuming Activator X (or vitamin k2) which is found in organic raw grass fed dairy, such as butter and raw grass fed cheese. A vegan source would be natto (a Japanese fermented product).

Shilajit which is a mineral pitch found in the Himalayan Mountains is also a key player in cleaning out this important gland and for the overall health of our bodies. It resembles that of black tar and can be cold water extracted to create a powder. The powder or the tar can be ingested to not only de-calcify the body but also to re-mineralize the body with ionic and dietary minerals. This substance when ingested can in fact help to uptake other nutrients in the body(due to the fulvic acid content) perhaps nourishing the body on a deeper, cellular level.

These are just a few things that can assist to open up this center.  I feel that everyone has the opportunity can to connect with the  “source field” that surrounds us. It is beyond time and space and it is beyond electro magnetic frequencies.

In fact Meditation is a way open this channel. Remember the verse from Matthew Chapter 6 verse 22. “Meditate and Let Thine Eye Be Single and Thy Whole Body Shall Be Full of Light.”  Whether your are Christian or not the point here is  as we open up our divine channel given to us as our birth right we all have this power. Use it wisely and use it with gratitude and humility.

Meditate to Activate.

I feel that recognizing our pure, authentic self will give us greater innerstanding of our infinity. With an attitude of gratitude and sincere humility we begin to open up doorways that were once closed.  As we focus on the good in our lives and consistently stay focused on these things that serve us and the world at large we create a life of holy flow.

I feel a few of the keys to maintaining this attitude above is by having love and compassion for all beings and surrendering your ego to the Creator. When the ego’s desires are given to the Creator we can then become the channel for our highest embodiment of the divine. Surrounding ourselves with those that inspire us is crucial as well as those whom have what we want. When we are open to learning and growing from those that have what we want we open up the channels of the holy flow.  Laughing, not taking ourselves to seriously and having the most fun ever is also I feel a requirement!

So let us encourage and support each other and create from a sense of humility and gratitude for this gift we have all been given.

Note to Self:) Truly our Power Lies within our blessed hearts. May we clean and purify our hearts so we can give and receive more love. Wadada.

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How Does Our Cellular Environment Impact our Well Being?

Cellular Environment is 1 of the 4 Principles shared within the sacred backyard blog.  Lately I have been observing just how important a healthy environment is to our well being.

Imagine one of the cells in your body. When it is fed and nourished with healthy, happy thoughts, actions, foods, juices, fresh, clean air, living spring water, natural surroundings & most of all tremendous self love and enthusiasm for life we are keeping our cells happy.

Happy Baby Cells

Our cells are adaptable but when they become mutated they find it challenging to maintain integrity.

Let’s take your home for example. What are you cleaning it with? Are your products free of toxic chemicals? One way to cut costs and create a happy environment is to make your own natural cleaners. One great combination would be vinegar and aluminum free baking soda. This will create a wonderful cleaner for your bathroom and tile floors. Add a therapeutic grade essential oil of your choice to the cleaning solution and you have now added increased antibacterial properties while enlivening your senses!

How about your own body. What kind of products are you using to enhance your cellular resonancy and environment? Each time a toxin is put on the skin the body sends a message to the brain that there is an invader of sorts. The body will do all it can to keep the cells and the environment healthy. Over time the body can not handle the stressors and toxins and it begins to create hormone disruptions, mutated cells and weak & damaged organs. 

The kidneys are our main filter system as they do their best to clean the blood. When they become overloaded with chemicals they can not preform there natural function.  The liver is where our hormones are produced and the more stagnant energy that builds up in the liver the body can no longer manufacture its own metabolic enzymes and hormones. If you feel lethargic, have lines or wrinkles around the corners of the eyes or experience hormonal imbalance this is a sign the liver requires cleaning.

Cleansing these organs yearly is crucial. I choose to clean my liver about 3 times a year in order to keep it running efficiently. Beyond that we can eat bitter herbs and plants to clean the liver daily. The kidneys enjoy fasts from solid foods and hydration from spring water, medicinal super herb teas & fresh pressed organic vegetable juices. The kidneys enjoy parsley tea and the juice of it.

So when we choose products that are from wild herbs & plants we can be sure our cells are happy and functioning properly.  Otherwise we can create disease in the body.

Please be sure to check the product labels for ingredients and do  your own research. Educate and empower yourself so you can make educated decisions about what you put on your body.  We offer a great selection of 100% wild and organically crafted beauty products here.

Making powerful decisions about your cellular environment will allow you to become a more fulfilled, peaceful and adaptable individual.  Choosing to think powerfully and creating harmony in your living environment is essential to cellular integrity and health.

The modern lifestyle has given us the opportunity to be creative on how we handle this aspect of life. Find ways to bring nature inside your home. Why not take some beautiful glass jars and fill them with soil and grow your own herbs. You can even mount them to a wall in the house that is near fresh air and sunlight. This creates an aesthetically pleasing environment too!

Connect with Mama Earth

The more we connect with the earth and live harmoniously with nature the more our cells will thrive. I have seen the research and scientific evidence that when the human body is connected to the earth our blood flow is healthy, clean and smooth. We are connecting with the natural bio rhythm of our mother. All of us have a mother and that is the earth. So, go out for a hike, create a labyrinth in your yard or a herbal garden and spend time in it.

The more we enjoy nature and connect with it the more our cells are healthy, permeable and full of integrity. Last weekend I had the opportunity to go sailing with my dear friend Michael in Newport Beach. He has been a Sailor for many, many years. As we enjoyed the sail we took in the majesty and the beauty of the ocean, the negative ions from the salty waters, great company and most importantly the connection and magical power of nature.

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Value & Self Worth

Often we look at value and worth and immediately look at our bank accounts. Our Worth & Value ultimately comes from our own self nourishment. How do we think & feel about ourselves? Value & Worth come from your knowledge, wisdom (knowledge that has been applied), experiences, & skills. All of these things we can exchange for money.  Everyday you work, learn or experience something new you add value to your net worth and creative Power.  My definition of Creative Power is essentially Creator’s energy flowing through our bodies and then allowing that energy to flow out into the world as  your “super” human gift or purpose.

Our fears can often get in the way of creating from our experiences, skills & knowledge.  We are not our fears however we do  allow fearful thoughts and emotions to come through us at times.   It is good to recognize this as to not get attached to these fearful thoughts.  We can send love to our fears and ask our higher selves if there is something we are to pay attention to at this time? What is the fear telling us? Often we are wanting to learn a great lesson. Once the lesson is learned we graduate and move on in our lives.

“I send LOVE to my Fears. My Fears are the Places Within Me that Await My Love.”

I believe that as we recognize our fears and ask for higher self guidance we always receive a message on what to do. Often times we struggle with fear because we not only look outside of ourselves for the answer but we live in the future.  Instead we can try living in the flow of life and see how that feels. To me it is a continuous stream of being awake in the moment to the wonder, beauty and fulfilling magic that is in front of us. It holds the treasure trove we all look for in so many other places. Yet it really is right there in each moment. With gratitude, grace and offering our authentic potential we can sit in the flow with out much effort.

Our creativity often times is hidden by fears.  We are all born Creative. We are creative channels for our highest potential. The Creator of this Earth wants us to be Creative Channels and so with that I leave this post with The Aritist’s Prayer:

O Great Creator,

We are gathered together in your name

That we may be of greater service to you

And to our fellows.

We offer ourselves to you as instruments.

We open ourselves to your creativity in our lives.

We surrender to you our old ideas.

We welcome your new and more expansive ideas.

We trust that you will lead us.

We trust that it is safe to follow you.

We know you created us and that creativity

Is your nature and our own.

We ask you to unfold our lives

According to your plan, not our low self-worth.

Help us to believe that it is not too late

And that we are not too small or too flawed

To be healed-

By you and through each other-and made whole.

Help us to love one another,

To nurture each other’s unfolding,

To encourage each other’s growth,

And understand each other’s fears.

Help us to know that we are not alone,

That we are loved and lovable.

Help us to create as an act of worship to you.

This beautiful Prayer is  from the book, The Artist’s Way. My intention of sharing it is to inspire you the reader and myself into our best selves ever.  May you take it and learn it by heart….carry this with you as a tool and little piece of Net Worth:)

Note: Form a Sacred Circle of believing mirrors (people) to potentiate each others growth, to mirror a “yes” to each others creativity.  As artists, we belong to an ancient holy tribe. We are the carriers of the truth that spirit moves through us all.  -Julia Cameron, The Artists Way

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