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Living Spring Water, the Great Healer.

I just got back from a magical journey of exploring Northern California and although all parts of the trip were incredible harvesting fresh spring water was at the top of my list! Image

This spring was flowing cool, clean water and it was such a gift to receive the bounty of the earth’s water flow.  This particular spring is gravity fed and pumps up into this spring here. Spring water has levitational qualities due to its ormus (mineral elements with consciousness) content and the magic of its very nature. When we drink spring water we become more in tune to the natural bio rhythms of the earth.

The sacred water’s of the earth can be used to heal people.  Geothermal hot and cold springs exist all over the world. Seek and ye shall find.

Recently I took a journey up to Harbin Hot Springs. The waters there flow from the earth. You can enjoy hot/cold therapy in different pools there. Switching from extreme cold spring water to intense hot spring water strengthens the lymphatic system detoxifying and rejuvenating the organs. This has youthifying and strengthening effects on the entire bio field of the body.  This area also offered incredible hiking trails. I went running on a trail called Spiritual Path and ended up on Ridge Trail where I came upon a male vortex and sacred rock formations. A male vortex works with the physical body. I could feel the magnetic presence of the field as beautiful red barked trees lined the trail.   It was really spectacular and the views from the trail were epic. Grounding on the earth by hiking and being in nature is a wonderful way to reset the body system.

Taking time to harvest spring water and experience the healing waters of the earth is an incredible experience. Find one near you and share your experience in the comment section below! Cheers.

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The Importance of Proper Food Combining

In order to assimilate and utilize our food for fuel proper food combining is a wonderful tool to guide us. When food is broken down into nutrients with ease in our stomach we can be sure that the digestive tract is able to easily break down food converting it into usable energy.  When proper food combining takes place we know that fats are broken down into fatty acids, carbohydrates are converted into Glucose or usable energy and protein transforms into amino acids. With these building blocks we can build lean, clean, strong bodies. They we are able to build muscle, hair, skin and bones and re-manufacture our own metabolic enzymes and hormones.
If you start to incorporate proper food combining you may notice weight loss, more energy, ease of digestion (no constipation, diarhea or gas/bloating) and an overall sense of well-being.

When foods are improperly combined this allows for food to ferment, putrify, and go rancid. This naturally attracts parasites, yeast mold and fungus.

Three wonderful tools to incorporate in your life in order to properly break down your foods and nourish yourself are to:

Take high quality enzymes with your meals.

Add fermented foods into your diet such as kim chi, cultured vegetables & miso.

Add coconut water kefir or dairy kefir into your daily routine depending on your unique body

Enzymes help break down the food in our bodies. Because the soil is mineral and enzyme deficient here in the U.S. we must supplement with enzymes in order to get the most out of the food. If we grow our own food in mineral rich soil well we might not require enzymes.

Cultured vegetables contain highly potent probiotics which help break down the food as well.

Coconut water kefir or milk kefir  are also superfoods that do wonders for cleansing and restoring balance to the inner eco system.  If you choose dairy kefir the best way to do this is buy obtaining raw organic grass fed milk and making it yourself.

Here is a simple food chart for those whom want to get the most out of their foods:

I have provided two charts one focuses more on fruits/nuts/seeds/veg and the other meats/dairy:

Body Ecology Chart

Raw and Vegan Food Combining

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The Spiritual Laws of Wealth & Abundance

As we look at the ways to create lasting abundance and wealth we realize that following our life purpose is our vital key to success. When we are living our life purpose it is all the easier to create lasting channels of wealth and prosperity.  Our lives become a divine synchronicity of the holy flow.

by Eleanor Roosevelt

Creating an abundant flow of money through your life’s work is a beautiful thing. Exchanging for your valuable service to the world is important in order to keep the circular flow of energy moving. If you are just starting out with a project or new services you might barter or create a donation based system. Donation based systems are a great solution for many reasons such as taxes and opening up the channels for more people to experience your gifts. Creating a monetary exchange is valuable at this time so asking yourself questions such as,  “How much are my services worth?” and “What value do I bring to others?”

As the world continues to change it is good to have services that you can provide for exchange and barter. If things in our economy change to more of a barter type system you will be well equipped for those types of shifts. It is good to have connections with the right people in your fields of service too. It is who you know most of the time that brings in more success. For me I continue to learn and study my field so I can expand my knowledge and obtain high quality information to spread into the world at my best.  As we gain more experiences, knowledge and practice we create more and more worth.

What is your worth? What do you have to offer and contribute to the world for the highest good of all? Creating win win situations on all levels with all beings is apart of the spiritual laws of money. When we ask ourselves this  question while going about our work we invite the opportunity to create more wealth by abiding with this law.

One thing that may hold some people back from following their higher path is feeling like it’s already been done or too many people do that particular thing. In the past I have limited myself with this type of perspective. As you overcome this way of thinking and release whatever karma you have towards lack and limitation you will realize your authenticity is what the world requires. There could be a million people doing the same thing but it is their message and presence that people are after. Instead of a competing attitude one can hold a contending attitude, one that holds a much higher vibration.

What is your perception of your fellow friends doing similar works? Cooperation is a beautiful thing to incorporate in your work as you follow the spiritual laws of wealth.  As we hold our fellow workers in the light and bless their success ten fold we bring back to ourselves our wealth. We each have a free will choice, when we allow others to experience that free will choice we free up our own energy to creative, prosper and achieve the best life ever.

We can form allies with those in our related field, supporting one another and possibly merging visions to create something powerful. Coming from an abundant perspective, their is unlimited amounts of people that require your services so let it in fully.

As we surrender to the flow and current of our life we watch it become an art piece. We know when to take action and when to let go of the things that are no longer serving us. Right action is an incredible tool to utilize. When you get an idea to call someone or go somewhere take action now! When we allow the mind to over think things we often talk ourselves out of the very things that will create our monumental successes in life.

Living with integrity, commitment, trust, loyalty and joy within ourselves will keep our lives attuned to the Creator and thus allow for a smoother ride in this thing called life;)

More important than anything is finding your life’s work. This above all is where the magic starts. You will know that you are doing what you are here to do when you love what you do, you would do it for free and in some way you are contribution to the world.

What did you do as a child that made you laugh, dance and sing?  I can see myself at 6, 7 & 8 years of age. I was dancing wildly in the kitchen for my parents eating chocolate in my silk night gown letting my body move and fully being in the flow!

Surrender to the Flow of Your Greatest Life.

And now as I find myself at the golden age of 33 I am creating nutrient rich chocolate for others and giving myself permission to authentically move my body at classes like Ecstatic Dance. These are clues we are on our highest path!  May this post inspire you to dance like nobody is watching. I love you.

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The Path to Lasting Wealth and Abundance

I propose that question to you.  What is the path to lasting wealth and abundance? As I journeyed off to the local farmer’s market this morning I was amazed at the abundance of fresh food surrounding me.

The Farmer’s Market Abundance

Our outer world is directly related to our inner world. Everything is connected. I just recently completed a 21 day juice, coconut kefir water and herbal tea fast supplementing with vitamineral green, chlorella and barley grass powders. I also included wild teas such as nettle, rose hips, chaparal & others.  High quality teas like gynostemma, dandy blend and he shou wu were extremely beneficial in supporting the immune system ( along with chaga tea). The more wild food & mineral rich  our food is the better our body will feel. These substances give our bodies more life and strength.

This fast was a wonderful experience of self growth, commitment, clarity, and a profound knowing that our inner world is directly related to what we experience externally. This holds true for our abundance as well. When we clean out the body and let go of the things that no longer service we  reset the body systems and allow for a healing to take place. If we let the body heal and rejuvenate on it’s own miraculous things happen within our mind, body and spirit. The energy around our body strengthens as well.  I feel like I just hit the reset button on my body.  My mind is very clear and strong. I have lots and lots of energy. At this point I have moved into green smoothies which consist of a little bit of fruit and alot of greens with some water and superfoods. Green smoothies are great way to ease back into food because they are broken down already so little work is done by the digestive system. The miracle of green smoothies is the fiber content and their ability to strengthen our natural hydrochloric acid so we may have the stomach acid to break down our foods properly.  Green smoothies are alkalinizing and are a great way to sweep the intestines after an extended fast. If one has an imbalance in their intestinal flora too much fruit will pose a challenge. It is a good idea to stick to green apples and possibly berries in smoothies otherwise candida can be an issue. A wonderful smoothie recipe for anyone would be something like this:

2 cups coconut kefir water (friendly bacteria)

1 cup of coconut meat

3/4 cup of berries

2 huge bunches of lettuce

1 tbs. barley grass powder – full of Nourishing vitamins including k

1 tsp. chlorella powder – Vital Nutrients and metal chelator – find the best source you can.

Blend all ingredients in your Vitamix and bam you have yourself and award winning super hero smoothie!

So as I went through this cleanse and experienced so many magical moments of synchronicity and inspiration I thought more deeply about the path to lasting wealth and abundance. Many people make money to lose it all shortly there after. Maybe they are not comfortable with the idea of making lots of money. To break through your glass ceiling or your barrier of whatever lies between you and your abundance is something worth pondering.  Abundance to me is to be fulfilling your life’s work, when all of the things required to fulfill your life’s work come into alignment and show up in your reality through people, places, experiences,  & clues this to me is true wealth.

In order to experience long lasting abundance the spiritual laws of money must be recognized and utilized. Another tool to utilize is before taking action be in the right state of mind. If you are feeling good and inspired chances are you are in alignment with your higher self and the Creator. This would be a wise time to take action. By working with energy and magnetism before you take right action things will flow a bit more effortlessly.  More is then accomplished and little effort is required. I look forward to writing a post soon about the spiritual laws of money. Until then! Caio Friends!

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A Magic Filled Evening Through Cellular Movement

Last night I had the opportunity to attend an Ecstatic Dance class right here in my backyard. Well not literally in the sacred backyard, but down the street.  The way it all happened was a synchronistic event of being in the holy flow for all involved.  What a true blessing it was.

Cellular Movement to Enhance Consciousness

The class took place at a building where music lessons on drumming are held. It is nestled in Thousand Oaks near a spiritual center, meditation gardens, an akashic book store called The Hummingbird and Honey bee. I believe those are the owner’s totem guides.  It feels that this particular area of Thousand Oaks has more mana or power than other parts.

As I entered the building on what was  a humid, overcast night in Thousand Oaks (very unique and rare for this area and truly a blessing as rain felt near). my new friend Suzanne and I were greeted by a lovely blue eyed goddess with a rare pink gemstone necklace. The vibes were warm and real.

The building was clean and had a free energy about it. What was so incredibly lovely is it was just 4 of us that night. It was like we had this private class of myself, Suzanne, Lisa and  David. As the music began we had so much to explore as there were many instruments in different parts of the room to play and experiment during the class. From a double bass to gongs, pianos, drums, Tibetan bowls etc.

Ecstatic dance allows you the freedom to move your body and all its parts in a way that you may have never done before. There is a super connection to the breath and the life running through the body which allows for a complete alignment with your source. In that space you can then journey into a meditation of whatever you choose. For me I was enjoying so many incredible feelings and taking myself to a good feeling place in order to manifest those things I would like most in my life. The essence of Ecstatic dance is that it allows you to free yourself from blockages. Although there are many ways to do this dancing for me is one of THE best ways ever. I feel we overcome limitations of all kinds through this type of experience. We give ourselves permission to be free.

On a practical level this is an incredible way to get the lymphatic system pumping and to break a real sweat. Our bodies are live breathing organisms. As we connect with the breath it give it our full awareness it can be a deeply connected experience. Some might compare it to a shamanic journey.

As the class ended we came together in a circle and held hands. The circuit of energy was very strong for quite some time. We laughed and acknowledged it closely. It was a true feeling of satori, expansion and inner peace.  It felt like a real connection to the cosmos with a grounded sense of awareness. Some get there through deep prayer and meditation or perhaps through a powerful kundalini yoga class. Whatever is the most fun and gets you connected is where you will find that place. For me ecstatic dance is one of the places I can go to receive this attunement.

We have the power to create magical and mystical lives. As I drove home a wonderful sense of calmness overcame. As I lay in bed I thought,  “how could the evening get any better”? And it did, in that moment a light rain began to fall. Rain is so powerful as it calms the brain waves and gives us a feeling of relaxation. What a way to embrace a Magic Filled Evening as the rain kissed the earth good night.

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Creator’s Cacao

You know what gives me tremendous joy?  Creating Nutrient Rich Gourmet Living foods in the Ital Kitchen. OH Yes it is what sends me to the blissful abyss~!  I  often imagine my dream kitchen and think of how it will be the most epic kitchen ever. A commercial kitchen set up so that anything I make could be sold at market whether it is cultured vegetables, almond coconut yogurt with fresh ground vanilla bean, rainbow sushi  wraps or super galactic chocolates! It is such a pleasure to create in the kitchen.

I remember when I was in Jamaica and as I was walking home from dinner with my friends, A lovely woman was selling pies right out of
her beach front kitchen window. It was cozy and soulful. I just loved
the whole vibe. Once while visiting Costa Rica I met a woman whom had
a small restaurant at her home and every night she made fresh
cuisine. The menu changed daily! The kitchen was open for you to see
in and you sat at bar stools while she created. The aromas, the
clanking of pots,the steam arising from the dish station, the tropical foliage surrounding you, It was quite magical for the senses. She invited me to make some food with her one night. It was
truly inspiring.
My ideal kitchen is indoor/outdoor with tropical breezes and
occasionally a fun storm brews up so that I get to make incredible
creations to sit, sip and watch the storm.

My little nephew Beau inspired this post because he recently went into the cupboards and found my heart molds for making chocolate. He handed it to me and made a few baby words that I know mean, “Can we make Chocolate?”  What a love muffin he is. Beau loves when I make chocolates. He reminds me of myself as a kid.  I LOVED chocolate back then and I love it now.

As my love for health grew I gravitated towards yummy creations made from real, wholesome cacao that had not been processed, instead a fermentation takes place and keeps the nutrients intact making a super food.  I look forward to making chocolate in the Ital kitchen as well as things like cheesy endives filled with paprika cultured cashew cheese served warm from the dehydrator  Or how about a raw vegan chocolate filled croissant! (I am still awaiting to receive the download on how to make). The Angel Juicer will sit on my thick, wooden cutting block station where pressed juices can create the base for recipes or just to simply drink and hydrate.  Dinner gatherings and cocktail parties with health promoting elixirs will be a joy to facilitate and create.

At the time when I began really enjoying the chocolate making  I was studying under a Shaman and we did a lot of talking about the Creator of life and all things. It is then that I had the magical idea to name the Chocolates. I chose Creator’s Cacao because it made perfect sense. I am in the holy flow while creating in the Ital Kitchen.  It is like I am on autopilot just enjoying and laughing and tasting while Creator flows through.

Creator’s Cacao
Art Work by Joshua Madrid

Have you ever seen the movie Ratatouille? If you have you will know what I mean.  In the movie the Chef gets all of his skills from a little mouse that sits in his Chef’s  hat on his Crown Chakra, but of Course!

My niece calls me the Chef and often when I make her food we pretend we are at an imaginary restaurant.

Creating in the kitchen and making nourishing, living foods is an honor, a gift and a wonderful contribution to the world. I do it out of love, appreciation and for the joy of it.

Stop by the Ital Kitchen any time.  Soon I will post an incredible chocolate recipe. Live Aloha!

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Innocent Perception, A True State of Mind.

Today as I decided to take a new trail run through the Wild California Foliage and admire nature in so many forms I was reminded of Innocent Perception.

Los Robles Trail

Simply put innocent perception is wisdom. It is not misperceiving, it’s seeing truly. It is seeing only what really exists.   With the knowing that light always overcomes darkness we can begin to embrace this concept even further.

What are some ways we can innocently perceive? Through direct experience for one. How about through meditating, dreaming, channeling, playing, thru experimentation and Kinesthetics. All of these will give us insights to know our truth.

For me being around children is a great way to remember our innocence. Listen to a child speak and you will know what I mean. They are full of innocence.  Child like innocence and Mature Like Patterning go hand and hand as we grow up.  Mature like patterning is like having discernment for things. To be able to make decisions with out emotional attachment for the highest good.

I also find hiking and running the trails near my home gives me an incredible sense of innocent perception.  What could you do today to bring that into your experience?  Admiring nature is a wonderful way to bring back our true nature.

“Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a feather bed.” – Terence Mckenna

When we give only blessings and let go of harmful thinking and ways of being our radiant light will shine brighter and brighter. 

It is only our minds that keep us from experiencing innocent perception. We must free them from there limited nature and allow them to explore confidence, mystery, clues, beauty and perfection.

I remember a couple summers ago I spent a few weeks up in Oregon. It was quite a wonderful experience. As I helped my friends on there farm we got to spend plenty of time in nature. In that time frame I feel apart of me was washed away and born anew.  I had the chance to really connect with nature, sit under the stars, take in the moon, eat dinner with my friends, laugh and laugh until I was crying, juicing fresh vegetables and greens from the garden, and plenty of yoga and movement.

What a wonderful experience sleeping in a tent on the land every night truly brought back a sense of wonderment, beauty and innocence.

As I was researching the idea of Innocent Perception I came across this in the book A Course in Miracles.  I leave you with the quote from the book below.

“When you lack confidence in what someone will do, you are attesting to your belief that he is not in his right mind. 2 This is hardly a miracle-based frame of reference. 3 It also has the disastrous effect of denying the power of the miracle. 4 The miracle perceives everything as it is. 5 If nothing but the truth exists, right-minded seeing cannot see anything but perfection. 6 I have said that only what God creates or what you create with the same Will has any real existence. 7 This, then, is all the innocent can see. 8 They do not suffer from distorted perception.”

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Optimal Health for the Teeth & Gums

Our teeth and gums reflect the entire health of our body. It actually gives us a sort of road map to what might be happening inside our bodies. Just like the face gives us signs as to the health of our organs.

There are 32 teeth and 32 vertebrae in the spine. The teeth and the spine are connected just like our entire body is connected to all of life. The nerves from the head actually go through the spine like electricity out to our body parts. If there is any tooth challenge you can be sure there is an organ challenge somewhere.

As you can see here in this epic drawing the organs are correlated to the teeth.

As most of us are well aware of the dangers of amalgam fillings and the use of fluoride we can make educated decisions on how to care for our teeth. You might choose a drug-free Dentist like I have. Or you might take full responsibility for your teeth like a lot of people I know and maintain your own health. Here is a great protocol for caring for the teeth and gums to ensure the environment in your mouth is thriving.

First of all we want friendly bacteria proliferating in our saliva and mouth. Commercial toothpastes make one feel like there mouth is becoming clean with the “sudsing” agents however what is really happening is all the good bacteria is dying off and whatever chemicals, fluoride or other unnatural ingredients seeps into the blood stream via the gums.

1. First and foremost we want to wash out the mouth in the morning with a sea salt water solution. You can easily make this on your own by getting a bag of sea salt at the store and mixing  solution with your spring or filtered, structured water. We also want to clean the tongue. Here a tongue scraper is vital and should be used daily. The tongue does not lie. It will show us where mucus or toxins are in the body.

2. Next we want a high quality tooth cleaning solution. I recommend  utilizing clay or sodium bicarbonate powder free of aluminum. You can make your own or buy one.  Lightly cleaning the surface of the teeth with this powder and a dry tooth brush will gently clean the teeth. Utilizing an ionic tooth brush will assist in removal of plaque.

3. Our third step is to gently clean and nourish the gums. We want a high fi essential oil and a standard tooth brush here. Apply the essential oil. A good choice in your blend is neem oil as it kills the unfriendly bacteria and does not disrupt the friendly bacteria. As you brush move in a downward stroke toward the teeth gently touching the gums. If you have an issue with your gums you can take a tool with a rubber end and apply some of the oil and gently go around each u shape where the gum attaches to the tooth.

4. Now you are ready to floss. It is best to use unwaxed floss so that your gums toughen up. Waxed floss does not do as good a job. Going in each crevice and up and down each side is important. Now you can rinse your mouth with sea salt solution and enjoy a clean mouth!

In short our teeth and gums are foundational in the health of our entire bodies. As we can see they are related and connected to what is going on in the entire body system.

Empower yourself with information on Drug Free Dentistry and most importantly taking full responsibility for the health of your teeth and gums.

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Driving the Canyon Road to Malibu on a Beautiful Summer Morning.

I was headed to Malibu yesterday and  what an incredible experience it is every time I get the chance to leisurely drive Kanan Road to the coast in Malibu.

It is always such a healing experience. From the canyon views to hitting that one point where you finally see the big ocean blue it is truly awe inspiring.  Yesterday I saw wild fennel growing as well as wild celery and flowers. I think there is probably a good amount of Chaparral growing back there too.  Chaparral grows in abundance in desert climates and is great brewed as a sun tea to cleanse and purify the blood of uric acid and toxins. I am going to make some today. Simply place about 3 tbs. of dried Chaparral in a mason jar and fill with spring water. Let this sit out in the sun for a few hours. Even better put it on the earth and let it out for a full 24 hours to also receive the moon’s energy. This is a great time to do this here in California as the full moon is upon us. The full moon’s energy is powerful and magical. Make a combination of different herbs that you feel will assist your body and brew a full moon tea.

Powerful Wild Sun Tea

Once you get a handle on what plants and herbs are safe to eat you can enjoy going on hikes where wild foods are abundant and enjoy them as sun teas or in fresh pressed juice or chopped into salads.  I have mentioned in a previous post about the healing nature of wild foods. Remember wild foods create an energy signature in the body that exudes authenticity, adaptability and true nourishment. The thing is those wild foods are not helped along by man and so they must find a way to survive. There roots grow long, strong and deep. Enjoy them and thank them for it!

They are also not sprayed with pesticides or chemicals and do not get watered regularly by tap water. This is really good news for us.

Chicken Crossing:)

So, the rest of my journey to my friend’s home in Malibu was wonderful. And along the way I got to check out the neighbor’s farm.

It is gorgeous and this family is completely living sustainably. It is a full on organic and thriving farm equipped with chickens, tangerines, lemons, salad greens, pomegranate and the list goes on!

I find that it takes a little investigation and being open to search to find the true hidden gems in any area. Don’t you? I am glad that I was willing to go on an adventure yesterday to find new places, people and even a few chickens!

Our infinite nature is always available to us and guides us to incredible places, people and events.  Here is the view from my final resting stop yesterday in Malibu.

Relaxing at the infinity pool and giving thanks for the magic of our infinite nature, the mana (power)  of this area  and the beauty of the hidden coves and canyons of Malibu.

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