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How to Build Muscle While Maintaining Cellular Integrity

Strength Training is an important piece to any longevity strategy. Without muscle the body relies on the soft tissue, cartilage and bones for structural alignment. This can be dangerous because the body will begin to deteriorate more rapidly via calcification & spinal dis alignment.

With proper muscle proportion and tensile strength the body takes on a lean, strong and aligned posture. With this comes a healthier, happier, younger body.  When muscle is present in the buttocks and hips the lower back is then supported and the posture improves. Back issues often can be resolved with mindfully strengthening the glut’s, hips and abs. Other reasons for spinal dis alignment can be emotional, nutritional or environmental as we strive to look at it from a balanced prospective. There are tiny muscle groups that support the body and these must be kept toned and in tact for the larger muscle groups to thrive and to prevent injury.

If one is eating foods that are not serving the organs they can become swollen or unhealthy causing pressure on the spine.  A healthy cleansing routine can assist this to harmonize. There also can be stored emotions through out the body. A protocol that encompasses the cellular principles we share in this blog can encourage rejuvenation. Radical Forgiveness of one’s past is of paramount importance when it comes to emotional traumas that prevent the body you desire.

Working out a few times a week can be a wonderful longevity strategy to create lean muscle. Whether you are in a gym or utilize the great outdoors you can gain muscle and core strength.  Utilizing and working all muscle groups at your best will allow for a healthier, leaner body. The more muscle one has the easier it is to lose weight and stay lean.

After a good solid work out it is important to refuel the body with bio available nutrition from carbohydrates and then protein. The body wants glucose soon after a work out and then protein to repair the ripped muscle tissues. Bio available nutrition is key here so that less work is required by the digestive tract and  nourishment can penetrate the cell wall with ease.

Also  taking a liquid magnesium bicarbonate before and after a work out will help to balance the electrolytes in the body and optimize the ph level. The Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes I have mentioned in the past will also assist the muscles to relax and let go of acids.  Do about 30 minutes of a foot soak in filtered warm/hot water with the magnesium flakes. If you prefer a bath, this will work too.

Keeping the lymphatic system moving and flowing is key to releasing the toxins from the body. We have discussed many ways to do that through out this blog. Here are some examples:

  • Rebounding
  • Hot/Cold Showers,
  • Skin Brushing
  • Walking

Other important tools to utilize when incorporating strength training could be things like deep breathing, tai chi & restorative yoga. These internal exercises calm the mind and body, alkalize the the blood & revive the organ system.

As the body builds muscle and stays alkaline through out the process with green juices, super foods/herbs and bio available nutrition such as cultured yogurt made from sprouted almonds and coconut meat (see past posts for recipe) or a sprouted organic brown rice protein we can deliver the cells amino acids for repair and build the body structure.

Ways I like to chart how well my body is responding to my daily choices is by taking a look at the following:

  1. Are my eyes clear in the morning? If they are not or have redness in them this is a sign of toxins or irritation in the stomach. This would be a sign to fast, eliminate the irritant from the diet or make specific changes to heal the body.
  2. Do I have energy in the morning and feel well rested?
  3. Do I easily have 2 or 3 healthy bowel movements per day?
  4. Is my tongue and breath fresh in the morning and do I wake up with a slightly pink tongue? This is a sign the digestive tract is clean and healthy. If it is not and there is foul breath and a coated white tongue there is undigested matter through out the body that requires enzyme, oxygen, probiotic and fasting therapy.
  5. Are my nasal & throat passages clear and clean of stuffiness, irritation etc. (netti pot daily for this and cleansing the body)
  6. How is my thyroid doing? (take your temperature when u awake around 7 am and then at 4pm for two days in a row, the temp. should rise by 4pm). This indicates a healthy thyroid.
  7. How do I feel before during and after my work outs.

These are just some indicators of how well the body is responding to our daily activities.  It is important to keep the body fit and with some muscle in order to protect it from degenerative diseases.  Enjoy a good stretch before and after and invoke a parasympathetic response from the nervous system.

Super Foods For Super Thoughts:

Today is the Blue Moon/Full Moon lovers!  And my quality question to you all is: How can you be more proactive, empowered and assertive while staying in alignment and integrity with your innocence, purpose & strong auric field?

Answer:  My answer here is to follow inner guidance, stay connected to my higher self and follow the peaceful answers that come within:)   When you are living your Dharma your Karma is fulfilled.

Enjoy this Blue/Full Moon ya’ll!

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Friendly Microbes and the Link to Consciousness

World Peace

Our bodies are made up of microbes and whether these are the friendly type of microbes or unfriendly is entirely up to us. This does and will translate into what we see for our planet in the years to come & what we choose to create for our future. The changes we make within ourselves are ultimately what will and can create major shifts in what we see in the mass consciousness today.

Things that promote a healthy inner ecosystem will re populate the friendly flora of the stomach. There are literally pounds of bacteria there. Once this is established or regained it will coat the exterior of the body and create a healthy human bio field. This raises our energy levels, our connection with all life & our ability to be a contribution in the world as each bacteria holds a consciousness whether high or low in vibration.

When we are birthed into the world and coated with the fluids from our mother we are given a protective shield of probiotics. If we were either born by c-section or  our mother had an overgrowth of candida (yeast over growth) we did not get the proper coating of these bacterias. This allows for us to be more susceptible to viruses and dis-eases in the body. As a result an unhealthy inner ecosystem is created resulting in challenges with the immune system through out one’s life.  Pharmaceutical Drugs, Vaccines and a Processed Food Diet contribute to the weakness.

By taking action and full responsibility for creating the experience there are many things that can be done to take care of this imbalance. One is to stop feeding the unfriendly bacteria which thrive on sugar, yeast, and processed/denatured foods.

Inner Eco System

Start to incorporate a living, cultured foods diet with plenty of alkaline foods such as salads, blended sea weed soups, cultured vegetables & cultured superfood smoothies (for nutrient rich food absorption).  When you culture foods with probiotics you allow the friendly microbes to multiply or proliferate.  Examples are coconut water kefir, cultured nut cheeses, fermented vegetables, organic grass fed raw milk kefir, cultured butter (grass fed) along with others. When consumed daily these friendly microbes coat the entire digestive tract & intestinal walls assisting to detoxify the cells, regenerate new tissue & cleanse the colon from matter that has been fermenting in the system for years. A great time to take a probiotic supplement is with cultured foods. I also like to take probiotics on an empty stomach before bed and first thing in the morning.

Find natural ways to re build the immune system and educate yourself on the repercussions of vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs. Ask yourself quality questions such as: Are these drugs building cellular integrity? What harm if any could they be doing to my vital organ system? Could they be the cause of my inflammation, constipation, candida, auto-immune disease, eye health, tumors etc.? What could I do to take full responsibility for my health now? Ask yourself and you will always get a higher guidance answer. The answer that comes forth that is peaceful, loving and non judgemental is likely the answer from your Higher Self.

It can take as little as 3 months or years to re-establish a healthy inner ecosystem. It requires a life style change and the inspiration to be a world server so that the future remains bright for generations to come.

What can we do for the youth or young children coming into the world? We can be an example of the solution for one. By creating a healthy inner eco system we transfer these immune factors to the generations to come. By breast feeding children we give them an extra boost of probiotics daily to nourish their bodies. This builds a strong structure and foundation.

If one is open to taking colostrum in their adult life this can assist in building lean muscle mass, strengthen the immune system, create new cells and produce growth hormones that keep us youthful and balance the hormone system. A high integrity colostrum is of utmost importance here. Colostrum can and has been used in place of flu vaccines as a safe, natural alternative.

Consider taking medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, cordyceps, chaga, agaricus blazai, to increase immune strength. Theses fungal bodies also have a consciousness and act as immune modulators in the inner ecosystem.

As the consciousness shifts in each person with a diet rich in friendly microbes and a combination of the cellular principles shared within this blog, the frequency of our population raises in vibration and attracts the higher visions we seek for humanity.

Rich Soil

Start today by cleansing and rejuvenating the body with a green juice. Add cayenne pepper and ginger root for its incredible anti-parasitic, anti-fungal & hormone balancing factors.

Cleansing and at the same time as  rebuilding the body is a crucial key to maintaining cellular integrity. This can be achieved with living cultured foods as they are bio-available to the cell wall and provide nourishment at a deep level.

Creating a nutrient rich garden in the internal soil of the body gives you tensile strength cellular integrity, radiance, and sustained energy. This will ultimately reflect in the world around you.

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Staying Connected to the Earth & the Aethers

We are all familiar with the Earth and its ability to ground our bodies. This basically “plugs” us into the earth’s electrical field. This is where we have come from and this is where we will feel most grounded and in alignment. Why? Because simply by getting on the earth bare foot or with non rubber soled shoes we actually stabilize the bio field and rhythms of the body. It promotes a sense of well being and shields us from electro magnetic pollution in the air. It increases our energy and it significantly reduces inflammation in the body.

Recently I had a meeting with someone in a library where I could sense the disconnect because of several factors:

  • Artificial Light
  • Cement Flooring/Carpet
  • Electro Magnetic Frequencies from Computers/Smart Phones etc.


This cut me off significantly from connecting with the Earth & The Aethers.

The Aether is an Ancient Greek term that translates to the upper air and clean sky. What I experienced in that room was a loss of connection to the universal life power energy that invokes creativity (Creator’s Energy Flow). What I did intuitively to reconnect was put my hat on my crown to shield the upper chakras or scientifically speaking my pineal gland and brain hemispheres. This brought balance back into my body somewhat.  When we have an open channel to receive from the Aether our Creative energy is much more powerful.

The building was closing at 6pm and so we continued our meeting outside where there were tables on the earth. Feeling the magnetic plug in to the earth’s energy  I was connected once again to the electrical network of the earth. This in combination with the Aether created a whole flow of energy and my creativity was back and the meeting was at the point much more productive.  With a sense of grounded energy balanced with the Infinite Aether energy things take form with ease.

It may not be feasible to always have meetings outside and so forth but there are ways stay connected while in a building.  Here are some worth considering:

  • Staying well hydrated
  • Covering your Crown/Head/Upper Chakras
  • Wearing an emf pendant or piece of jewelry to strengthen your aura
  • Ground on the earth before and afterwards (this is also a great idea when traveling on planes or in cars
  • Drinking Alkaline Green Juices or Immune Strength Tea’s
  • Carry a small piece of tektite stone to absorb any emf’s
  •   Be aware of what ever insight comes to you & if any and take action.
  • Wear or bring with you high vibrational essential oils such as Palo Santo, Frankincense & Myrrh, & Rose Otto.

As we are in the holy flow with our world service or higher purpose we are much more tuned in, tapped in and turned on to our Higher Selves. As we ask for the illusion to be lifted from our view we can see with the truth in all that surrounds us. We are able to get insights and clarity much more rapidly & contribute to the highest vision in a powerful way.

A couple of Notes:

When Your Attitude is Right the Facts Don’t Count. ~ Kevin Trudeau


Spirit does not always give us the detailed step by step scenario as to what we are to do to stay in the flow of our highest purpose. These steps are given to us as we stay centered, calm and balanced by listening and being a sort of vessel for the information to come. When we find ourselves out of alignment in any way it is good to bring ourselves back into alignment with whatever activity or non activity (just being) will facilitate this shift in us. ~ Dodhisattva

The Earth & The Aethers are our portals into the great known and unknown, the seen and unseen. This is the magic and the beauty of our lives here on Earth.

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The Importance of Cellular Movement

Through out this blog we talk about 4 Principles. Cellular Communication, Cellular Environment, Cellular Nutrition & Cellular Movement.

Stretching, moving the body and maintaining elasticity and tensile strength in our body will ensure spinal alignment, organ health & overall fitness is maintained.  Tensile strength focuses on smaller muscle groups of the body. A person that has tensile strength usually has a lean figure and toned muscles.

Yoga, Dance, The 5 Tibetan Rites (see past post for pictures of the rites), Pilates, Deep Breathing, Stretching, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Walking, Biking, Hiking in nature & Rebounding are some of the ways to gain cellular integrity and flexibility within  the mind and body. These mentioned activities would be longevity strategies.

These activities actually help to reduce stress in the body & mind, wash cells with oxygen and oscillate them for improved function.  Tai Chi, The 5 Tibetans and certain forms of Yoga assist to increase the auric field of the body and create an overall state of peace in the mind.

Stretching daily with a simple yet consistent regime will ensure that all the organs get “rung” out, the spine is in alignment and the tendons, muscles and ligaments are all functioning properly. With each stretch and deep breath the body and mind become more flexible and flowing to what life has to offer. The more life we allow to flow through us the more we experience profound positive change in our lives.

Most traditional forms of movement like running in the city, working out in a gym or weight lifting can cause strain on the body creating acidity within our fluids. Running in the city can increase the toxic waste in the system through breathing in smog/pollution, can be harsh on the joints if running on pavement and decrease our bodies sensory abilities due to emf radiation & artificial lighting in gyms.

The cells will age more rapidly and one can feel an overall sense of “burn out” or adrenal fatigue. Signs of this on the face might be bags under the eyes or dark circles, periods of tiredness, headaches, muscle and joint pain.  In this acidic condition the body loses magnesium reserves and the adrenals becomes stressed.

Although I a love a good jog/run in the park and aerobic activity I enjoy supplementing with stabilized oxygen supplement in order to enhance the cells ability to handle the energy output.

I also like to take a magnesium bicarbonate supplement before and/or after working out. Basically Magnesium Bicarbonate is a hydrated salt that protects the cell wall from toxins and stress. It helps to relax the muscles and bring homeostasis back to the muscles.  It actually reduces acid in the body bringing the system back to a healthy 7.0 ph.  Supplementing with a high quality magnesium oil for trans dermal use will help to regulate the body systems.  You might also try bathing in Magnesium Flakes twice a week with your filtered bath water.  If you have the opportunity to soak in the warm, blue waters of the Carribbean sea, the waters around Fiji or somewhere like it you will receive the same benefits if not more so due to the incredible Cellular Environment around you. 

Most people in the u.s. are severely magnesium deficient and I have mentioned in other posts that magnesium is usually the first thing administered into the body when admitted to a hospital. Magnesium Bicarbonate deficiency is most often present in those with any form of Diabetes and most all those with some sort of imbalance.

After proper supplementation with a liquid Magnesium bicarbonate (liquid form is the best to ensure proper utilization in the body) you will experience increased focus, memory function & a sense of relaxation.

With a balanced approach to cellular movement  your body will experience great levels of energy, focus, adaptability & elasticity at any age.
For a simple yet profound set of stretches to do daily you might enjoy this book, Heal Your Life 101.  Beyond the stretches this book has changed my life and the lives of many.

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Healing Varicose Veins & Spider Veins

When the vein walls become weak and/or the blood flow going through the veins becomes restricted in some way the blood can clot or thicken and create spider veins. These veins are purple and usually visible to the eye. They are more common in women than men.

A way to prevent or reverse this condition would be to clean the blood first of all by utilizing a combination of green juice therapy, super herbs & foods, rebounding & lymphatic movement through acupuncture, skin brushing with essential oils & hot/cold therapy.

First we want to target the blood by cleaning it out with juice fasting & powerful herbs. Herbal Blood Formula is a potent blood detoxifier and contains grape seed extract which is known to strengthen the elasticity of the vein walls. The powerful synergy of herbs in this blend assists in cleaning the blood and maintaining a healthy circulatory system. This is key in reversing varicose veins & spider veins.

Juice Feasting can also cleanse and purify the blood and circulatory system. Combining the following together is a powerful choice when juice cleansing:

  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Lemon
  • Ginger
  • Habanero Pepper
  • Leafy Greens such as amaranth, dandelion, cilantro & parsley
  • Green Tart Apple

Juice Cleansing coupled with drinking Raw Organic Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar will play an important role in cleaning up the vein walls from calcification and blockages in the circulatory network. Apply the Apple Cider Vinegar topically to the veins day and night.

Next we want to look at what super foods & herbs can greatly assist the cleansing and healing process.

Gotu Kola is powerful tonic herb used in the treatment of varicose veins. It seems to decrease blood pressure in the vein walls and assists with lessening inflammation. It is a powerful brain tonic as well and has been said to be great for memory, meditation and longevity.

Next we want to take a look at Pine Bark Extract or Pycnogenol. This also strengthens the walls of the veins which is crucial in keeping them healthy and thriving. Look for a high quality source of Pine Bark without any fillers or excipients. Quality versus Quantity is key.

The other two herbs that work synergistically together are the Chinese herbs Ginseng & Astragalus. In women it is common to see a leaking of the chi energy of the body and there for the blood sinks into the legs so to speak. In order to gain upright chi and better blood circulation this powerful herbal blend can do wonders. It must be taken consistently and over a 3 month period to see real results.

Lymphatic movement through rebounding will naturally helps to strengthen the vein walls. A good rule of thumb would be to rebound 15-20 minutes per day or on a more therapeutic level you might try rebounding 20 minutes 3 times per day to dissolve calcification, tumors or cysts.

Skin brushing with high quality oils that target vein healing is a great part of this protocol. You might try oils like cypress, germanium and juniper berry for alleviating fluid retention, lymphatic flow and strengthening connective tissue. Simply place a small amount of these oils in the palm of your hand and take your skin brush and coat the brush with the oil. Begin skin brushing. Please see my post on skin brushing for more assistance. Clean your skin brush once a week with hot water and castille soap. Dry in the sun.

Aloe Vera is a wonderful super plant for healing the vein walls. Take this internally by adding to your juices and elixirs.

Last but certainly not least hot/cold therapy will strengthen the lymph system and vein walls. Do this for 10 minutes a day if you can alternating b/t super hot and then cold water. It is invigorating and has youthful effects on the skin.


**** My latest findings tell me that Bone Broth is an incredible way to reverse cellulite. Cellulite is simply lack of collagen, it is not just on people who are considered over weight, many thin people have it too. So Grass Fed Bone Broth can help restore collagen levels, also check out Dave Asprey’s Bullet Proof Exec site for a product called “Upgraded Collagen”.

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The Medicine Woman & Her Super Natural Abilities

A Medicine Woman was known in her community to have a special link to the spirit world and with this link was able  to utilize plants and herbs for medicinal healing.

Today we still hold these super natural powers to heal with our hands by creating in the kitchen.  Creating medicinal foods, potions, elixirs, tonics, teas, essential oils, body & skin care products  we become empowered to be Medicine Woman for our tribe/community/family.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to share two of my medicinal elixir creations.  I first created a medicinal hot tea to nourish the spirit, strengthen the immune system & give a feeling of satiety. Infusing a hot drink with a high quality oil such as coconut or pumpkin seed oil will give a feeling of satiety as well as nourish the cells. I created this drink with Gynostemma tea as the base for its ability to slow down aging & strengthen the body. I  mixed it with potent herbs like Bilberry, Self Heal, Chinese Goldthread, Guggul, Hyssop & Tumeric, Green coffee bean extract and Pine pollen. I had great intention as I hand crafted this infusion. It was highly effective and a potent beginning to a day of fun in Malibu and L.A.

I experienced other Medicine Men & Women through out LA that day as I visited Cafe Gratitude and the incredible gourmet raw foods. Just the intention alone that is put into the food here is profound in it’s effects on the body and aura. Blessing our food and clearing the karma from it can be a key to proper food assimilation.

Next was a trip to Beverly Hills Erewhon’s Tonic & Elixir Bar. The “Medicine Woman” (Annmarie) behind the bar whipped me up some Jing Ice Cream. I tell her she is a medicine woman because she truly is. Most people want her to create their drinks because she makes them so well. For me it has to do with her overall presence and seeing her innate super power!

Later in the day I wanted to stop at Dragon Herbs for a refill of Gynostemma tea as I mentioned above.  When I got there I had enough points at the store to get a free package of Gynostemma, a true abundant blessing of the day:)

Of course no trip to LA would be complete for me with out stopping by Juliano’s (Planet Raw)  gourmet raw restaurant. Since I began my journey of living foods back in Maryland I have always been a fan of this place. I remember the first time I came here about 9 or 10 years ago.   Juliano opened the restaurant simply to have a place to for himself to enjoy raw cuisine and then it turned into a high class gourmet restaurant. Medicinal seaweed salads, silica shakes, potent soups,  super sushi rolls and my favorite the herbal enzyme elixir are just some of the offerings here. The Ambience and music is always a huge plus & you can find Juliano at the restaurant most often!

The area of Malibu that I am staying in is nestled in the Canyon with spectacular views of the land and ocean. Malibu was home to the Chumash Indian Tribe for 4,000 years. This post is inspired by the natives whom hold a high presence here. I have been hiking a couple hours a day and am grateful to experience the majesty and inspiration from the natural surroundings.

Indians would use the herbal plants and berries from the area to incorporate in ritual ceremony celebrating life as a gift from the earth. As the super natural abilities of the medicine women or man were recognized they then were considered Shaman’s of their tribes. Shamans utilize songs, inherited formulas, & their own creations to cure diseases, control weather & see the future.

When I experienced my apprenticeship with my Shaman Elder in Missouri I camped out on her land and was able to witness this first hand.  She would utilize songs, ceremonies and her guides to orchestrate the events of the day.

As I mentioned this area of Malibu to Shaman Maggie she often says what high resonance it holds due to the Native’s that once lived here. The hikes I have found near the house I am staying have been absolutely incredible. The sage growing is quite medicinal in its ability to purify a space & provide inspiration for creating medicinal elixirs, teas & tonics.

Other infusions I have made here are nettle leaf and hibiscus tea allowing it to sit for 24-48 hours in the sunshine. I like this mixture because it softens the chlorophyll taste of the nettles and gives it a  tart essence with a deep red hue. This infusion gives an abundance of silica & vitamin c to the cells.

At the end of the day I made a homemade Coconut Kefir Water elixir infused with Goji Berry Powder & Wild Blueberries. I chose Blueberries for the anti-oxidant effects on the body, coconut kefir water for its ability to populate the stomach with friendly bacteria enlivening the bodies cells and goji berry powder to keep the eyes strong.  What a blend of synergy this elixir was.

As I write this post a light rain falls here in Malibu and the sun is peaking out. I am so grateful for what this area offers. One minute you can be in the beautiful canyons hiking connected to the ancient vibrations and the next you can be dining at your favorite gourmet raw restaurant.

Make yourself a yummy tea or dinner tonight with something local to your land. Or go out and harvest some fresh sage, dry it and then allow it to purify your space. Enjoy the subtle essence of the Super Natural World around you and give thanks for life.

Holding a High Vision for You & All!

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Raw Superfood Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Some of you probably remember making chocolate chip cookie dough as a child like I do. What a yummy and enjoyable treat! My mom was notorious for her excellent baking skills. I think she timed it perfectly as I would arrive home from school and a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies would be coming out of the oven!

The version I have created is one that promotes health and bio available nutrition to the body. Some of you may wonder about eating raw eggs because of salmonella but honestly there is just as much chance if not more of getting salmonella while cooking foods. Chances of Salmonella are more of an issue for the elderly or someone with a weak immune system. Even so if someone had a challenge with this bacteria a strong and healthy does of probiotics on the hour every hour would balance and harmonize the gut flora.  Always choose the highest quality eggs you can find.


1 fresh organic grass fed egg

1 part colostrum powder

1 part tocotreniols (rice bran solubels non gmo)

A couple of TBS. Maca Powder

2-3 tsp. raw organic cultured butter

1 tsp. of fresh raw ground vanilla bean

2 to 3 tbs of heirloom cacao paste chopped

sprinkle of high quality sea salt

1 tbs. raw & creamy honey warmed to think consistency

1 dropperful of liquid stevia

In a glass pot lightly melt butter on low heat. Crack egg into a glass bowl and add butter, liquid stevia, and honey. Combine with spoon. In a separate bowl add your colostrum, toc’s, maca, salt and ground vanilla bean. Mix well and then add to your wet mixture ingredients. Once combined if you want to add more dry or wet ingredients to your liking go for it. When your happy with the sweetness and overall flavor add the cacao paste chunks. Refrigerate or enjoy right away.

If you do not prefer honey or can not have sugar then omit this and just use stevia. It will however change the overall consistency and flavor. When the honey is incorporated it gives it a creamy texture, well rounded flavor and mega nutrition.  Other sweeteners you might try are coconut palm sugar or yacon syrup.

Raw eggs are an incredible way to get potent nutrition.  Zeaxanthin and Lutein are two incredible nutrients we get from eggs. A great vegan source is Goji Berry Powder, also known as lycium. The amino acids in raw eggs are nourishing for the brain, nervous system, glands and hormones. Once heated and cooked they do start to change their protein structure and harder to digest so it is best to eat them raw at your best. This recipe is a great way to incorporate raw eggs or simply add them to your smoothie. The thyroid is highly nourished from the yolk of the egg.  Eggs are also one of the few food sources where we can obtain Vitamin D.

The reason I add Grass Fed Raw Organic Cultured Butter is because it contains activator x which is also known as the fat soluble vitamin k2.  The brain is highly nourished from this food and it allows for better nutrient absorption. Vitamin K2 is important for bone health as it helps to place Vitamin d3 into the bones and not into the soft tissue. When Vitamin D deposits into the soft tissue the bones become rigid and often times arthritis and calcification become an issue over time.

Colostrum is another incredible super food that supports the bodies renewal process. It gives the body bio available nutrition for improved physical stamina, brain nourishment and healthy skin & hair.  Besides being a key to optimal immune system protection, colostrum gives the cookie dough an incredible taste too.  Recent studies show that Colostrum is more potent than vaccines at preventing flu and other immune system invaders. It is a natural approach to preventing illness that does not cause stress on the organ systems.

Tocotreniols are great for skin repair and have an abundance of coq10 as well as selenium, glutathione peroxidase ( important for DNA repair), and is an overall protector of degenerative disease.

Lucuma is a sub tropical fruit and super food powder that brings nutrient density to foods as well as a maple like flavor. You could add this into the recipe or if wanting to create a vegan cookie dough. Lucuma, toc’s and maca could be used in abundance replacing the colostrum.  You might try raw coconut oil instead of the butter and omit the egg adding in fermented chick pea miso and a bit of coconut water to replace the egg texture!

Anything is possible and it is fun to be open to all kinds of things. The more receptive and flexible we are the more we make way for the higher good to come abounding into our lives.  Making choices requires discernment and utilizing our inner wisdom for the greater good of all. And so it is!

Enjoy this potent medicinal cookie dough and gift yourself with Anti-Aging Factors, Rejuvenation, Regeneration and even some spiritually enlightened insights! Hip Hip Hooray!

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There are Always a Few Diamonds in the Ruff

Recently I took a trip to Sacramento and was so glad to find a few Diamonds in the Ruff.  Parts of Sacramento are a bit disheveled just like any city really.  It reminded me of Baltimore in that way. You can find the Diamonds there too, just takes some intention to find what you want.

Funny enough the two places I found have been on my “to do list” for the last year now and I actually made it happen last month.  The trip turned out even better than planned which is always a blessing.

My first point of interest was the lovely Green Boheme Restaurant nestled in Sacramento on Del Paso Boulevard.Image

I had been wanting to try the Raw Vegan French Toast ever since I came across it while searching the internet. Not only was there french toast on the menu but Crepes as well. Quelle Doucer! And I mean that was sweet and yummy and wow, wow, wow!  Not only did I totally love the vibes of the place and the painting on the wall but also the radio station they were playing was reggae all day.  They had all kinds of choices from sprouted rice dishes to Mexican Tostadas.  The Dessert of the Day  was a raw vegan ice cream cookie sandwich Are you kidding?! A  small amount was plenty as this was a super rich and decadent treat. What  a fun experience on a hot summer day.

The other place I wanted to check out in Sacramento was the Green’s Hotel.  The Greens Hotel was literally a block away from the Green Boheme, so just a fun stroll away.  Unlike other hotels this unique and dynamic spot had hard wood floors in the room, a large private patio, an outside common area to hang out, play music, relax amidst tons of lively plants and flowers and  plenty of funky art in the form of installations & wall hangings.  With overall good vibes  Jeff the groundsman was an artist and had a great down to earth presence. I was so stoked on the whole place and am happy to go back and bring friends next time.   The patio was lined with unique desert cacti and gnarly looking succulents; a great spot to play our guitars on a warm summer’s eve.

While staying at The Green’s we also found some awesome trails that lined the river.  I really enjoyed running those trails as they were covered with wild foliage and full of earthly energy. The bike path’s around the college in Sacramento are pretty awesome too.  As we left to head to Napa we stopped by the Sacramento Co-op for some yummy treats like cultured veggies, cultured cashew cheese and local blueberries.  Good times & Great Vibes in Sacramento.

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Nutrient Rich Living with Medicine from the Sea.

Recently my family and I went to the beach in Malibu for surfing and fun in the sun. We came upon some huge pieces of sea weed as the waves crashed onto the shore!

Just seeing all of that sea weed reminded me of the nutrient qualities of sea weed!

I feel one of the best ways to receive nourishment is through super nutrient rich foods. One of these incredible foods would be sea vegetables!  With supplements being a way of life for many I choose to look at my foods and elixirs and ask the question, “How can I up the nutrient value of this dish and/or raise its vibration so that I can get the most nourishment while making sure it tastes good?” With this kind of question I feel I cover my bases giving all my senses (including my inner senses) satisfaction and fulfillment.  Instead of taking supplements why not just find nutrient rich foods that the body can recognize and absorb easily?

Super foods once apart of your daily lifestyle will give you more energy, clarity and nourishment than you could get from any supplement.  Some sea vegetables that will increase the nutrient value of your meals would be Alaria, Digtata (Kombu), Kelp, Dulse, Wakame & Nori.  Image

What do these super foods provide the body? A wealth of minerals and vitamins, they help to nourish the organs, normalize the hormones, keep the hair healthy and preserve its natural color. If your hair is gray  you can begin to reverse that by introducing sea vegetables to your daily diet.  Sea veggies are iron rich,  anti-inflammatory and contain bio available iodine.

This has been a concern for many with the levels of radiation increasing do to nuclear fall out. As we take responsibility for our health and supplement daily with nourishing iodine from sea vegetables we can ensure our thyroid is thriving.

The abundance of polysaccharides in sea vegetables help kill off yeast and dissolve mucus in the intestinal walls (also true for Aloe Vera Plant). They then strengthen the immune system and provide anti-viral qualities.

Enhance the flavor of savory dishes or enjoy miso soup with lots of added sea veggies.  How about trying a black bean dish with sea vegetables through out the mixture for flavor and medicinal nourishment.  I think of hearty sea vegetables as a meat because the protein and iron levels in these veggies are incredibly high.  Pair a plate of purple dulse with thick sliced heirloom tomatoes drizzled with pumpkin seed oil, fresh minced basil and mineral salt spray or Himalayan salt!

By soaking the sea veggies in water prior to consuming you will soften them up considerably. Try making blended soups with these veggies for ease of use.

You can even utilize sea veggies in your favorite desserts.  Irish Moss is a species of red algae that grows in abundance through out North America. This popular algae is utilized in raw vegan desserts as it as a wonderful texture to pies, cakes and parfaits.

Be mindful of where your sea vegetables come from and seek sea veggies from the cleanest ocean waters possible. I prefer to by bulk packages of sea veggies so that I have plenty for daily consumption!

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Fireflies, The Tiny Light Bearer’s with a Magical Message.

If you are fortunate enough to live in an area of the world where fire flies abound you are familiar with their beautiful glow and presence. Although the fire fly looks like an ordinary creature by day at night it shares its light and super power by illuminating a summer’s evening admist the sound of crickets and hot air.   Perhaps a spiritual message lies in this creature? It could be a reminder that although we look ordinary we all have a super inner power that awaits to be awakened and shared with the world.   It is what is on the inside that gives each one of us illumination and inspiration.

I remember as a child running around in the yard on hazy summer’s night collecting fire flies in my glass mason jar. I would fill the bottom with grass, catch a few fire flies and watch them glow in the jar. This is a magical awakening for a child to experience.

Through their glow they send us yet another message to consider.  As the fire fly  shine ‘s the light it’s intention is to attract the perfect mate, it is with precision and specific timing that the insect communicates to another fire fly. Ah ha, another insight from the light bearer.  As we lay down a foundation and precisely affirm what we want to see in our experience we resemble the firefly. As it attracts its perfect mate through intentional illumination we can see that the power of intention is real and indeed apart of a super natural lifestyle.

Often times some of us tend to get “burnt out” or feel like the process of creating what we want takes a lot of effort. We can learn from the fire fly as the light they shine requires no heat and not much energy to emanate.  It is simply a natural glow and effortless choice. It is a reminder that our natural free will choices are our birth right. As we truly surrender to the holy flow and ask only for the highest good and order of things we become a magnet for our best experiences and lives.

As the fire fly shares its wisdom it also provides clues on nutritional choices. These magical light bearer’s eat only small amounts of food to gain nourishment. They are fed from the Prana or life power that surrounds them. They teach us efficiency and creativity on how we replenish ourselves. As we adopt a nutrient rich life style we realize with high quality air, water herbs & foods our bodies only require small amounts of premium quality fuel.  They may also be showing us to become more efficient with our current resources and how to live harmonious within nature.

As fire flies grace our space we can be assured they are sending us illuminated messages for our soul growth. They give us the subtle message to become more earth friendly and listen to our inner guidance for the answers. The more we allow the light into our lives the more harmonious things occur thus allowing more beauty to weave into our daily experience.

Thanks be to the fireflies and there illuminated messages.  And be sure to stop by the Liquid Light Lounge & The Ital Kitchen for the latest greatest creations. Cheers!

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