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Consider The Present Moment

In the stillness of the present moment we have the power to transform our inner and outer world. When we look at challenges in our day to day life we can see that they are related to past or future never the present moment.The mind keeps most individuals in an enslaved state of the past or the future.  The constant mind chatter that goes on in the mind is exactly what I am speaking of.  Most of Western Society is consumed by mind chatter and we allow it to be our identity. This is the false self, our true self abides in the ever present now free of the illusion. The famous Sage, Eckart Tolle gives rise to this subject in his book, “The Power of Now.”

Mind Map

Negativity and Suffering have their roots in time. Freedom and Liberation have their roots in the present moment. How often is your mind controlling your moment to moment experience? Ask yourself in each moment that you are not sure, “How do I feel right now?” Do I have an undercurrent of ease and joy? Or do I have an under current of dis-ease and anxiety?

When we can be aware of the thinker inside ourselves we begin to become conscious. We are now able to witness the chatter of our minds. This is a huge step in living in the present moment. Time is an illusion, it is not a philosophical statement but one of truth. We only have the present moment. Our fears and judgements live in the past and future. When we fully accept the present moment transformation occurs on a deep level within our psyche. No criticism, unease, tension, negativity, fear or grief can penetrate it. The more moments we are fully in the now the more the field around us becomes stronger, we grow in presence power.  Consider saying to yourself often, ” I accept this moment fully.” This affirmation snaps you into the present moment because with acceptance and surrender we give power to the now and not the mind. In the present moment we are able to fully act with clarity and often our actions are much more deliberate, efficient and effective.

The Time Illusion

Some might argue that even in the present moment life “problems” exist.  The truth is the time bound mind itself is the “problem.”   The attachment to the dead past and the imagined future is the under lying challenge.

Resistance is what keeps us stuck in the past. We hold resentment about our life situation not our life. Our life is here NOW in this moment. “Do you have any problems here in this moment?” No, it is your life situation that holds the problems and they are in the past or the imagined future.

Deal with your life situation appropriately or Accept it. We always have a choice. All it takes is for us to make the choice to stop causing ourselves pain or struggle any more. With this comes increased immunity in ourselves. We are no longer polluting our own inner world and then we no longer pollute another’s world.  We have the choice to either:

1.  Accept it.

2. Remove Ourselves from it.

3. Or we Can Change it.

As we become more present to our life we can see the beauty in it and in those things around us. Life becomes a stream of conscious living and one that fulfills human desire for inner prosperity. This prosperity is the most profound prosperity one can achieve in this lifetime.

I pray for you the reader that you may experience internal prosperity now.

Every Moment, Precious Moment. ~

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Keep Up & You will Be Kept Up.

The title of this article is a great quote from Yogi Bhajan. Recently I was at a prosperity Kundalini Yoga class at my teacher’s home in Santa Ana, California, known as The House of Guru Ram Das & the 4th of the 10 Gurus.

The class went on for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. In order for our energetic bodies to be led through the maya, the invisible, the visible, the seen and unseen we must keep up with the mantra’s and all things that assist in maintaining our bodies. As we allow this into our experience we are given the great gifts of prosperity. Prosperity can come in the form of great health, wealth, keen super senses & great friends/family around you.

Super Natural Living for Your Super Senses.~

We are always handsomely rewarded for the little things we do to keep up. For example, the 24 hour water fast is a wonderful way to clean and purify the body from the toxic overload presented to us on a daily basis. When our blood stream is clean we have peace of mind, a stronger will, happy hearts and long lasting energy. It is the key to maintaining cellular integrity. This type of fast is a steady and gradual way to purify the blood stream. It also keeps us connected to the Divine Energy and gives our minds great strength and clarity. Over time doing the 24 hour water fast can lead us to great health and the opportunity to enjoy longer water fasts. All the great Sages of this earth taught and chose fasting as a way to purify the mind, body and spirit. I have found that juice fasting/feasting is a great way to introduce into water fasting. However, when one is ready the water fast is a deep experience that is well worth the sacrifice. If you would like to see physical proof that your fast is working take your first urine each day that you water fast and collect it. Watch as the impurities settle over the next days and weeks and then you will realize what you have accomplished.  Fasting is a time for resting and giving the body time to rejuvenate as we allow Mother Nature to clean us out. Fasting coupled with a healthy non denatured diet in between will be an incredible combination in your journey for optimal health.  Your weekly fast will assist your weight to normalize if this is an issue.

Another great tool is being aware of our posture and the muscles that support our trunk.  These muscles hold up the body including the spine. When the spine is no longer supported due to weak muscles there will be an overall sense of discord through out the body. Energy can not flow properly and some organs or body parts get shut off from the life flow.

Incorporate Yoga & Strength Training for Great Posture

This also holds true for crossing the legs. When we cross the legs we cut off blood flow from the main arteries streaming through to our feet. This causes increased calcification in the feet and varicose veins of the legs. Do your best to sit up straight and keep your feet flat on the floor. You can create an energy circuit between yourself and the ground in this grounded state as well. With your feet flat on the ground or floor imagine being plugged into the neural network of the earth and imagine a stream of electricity going in through your leg up through your groin back down your other leg into the ground. This creates a solid ground to connect with the earth and allows for more energy flow. You can also in this state spin your chakras by imagining each of them beginning with the root chakra and turning it clockwise. Imagine the color red and go up through each of your chakras until you have reached the crown.  As these centers are activated and your crown chakra connects with the ether you have created a heavenly circuit through out the body.

Other ways to keep up would be deep breathing in a well oxygenated environment as this releases built up toxins and carbon dioxide and allows for increased vital power to flow in the blood stream.

Stretching and moving the body daily will stimulate increased life power and give us mental strength & confidence.  When you maintain a strong core you are more likely to experience a healthy over all body and your bowel movements will be regular. When the muscles are allowed to weaken in this area the bowels can become plugged up creating a swollen stomach. To maintain healthy bowel movements your 24 hour purified water fast, along with great posture and strengthening the core muscles will assist this whole process greatly.

Deep Breathing Increases Our Life Power

When we are cleaned out and operating from a place of optimal health our minds are at peace and we are left with pure thoughts and good intentions. Alot of times people feel they must resort to alcohol, drugs or other forms of stimulant to get the feeling they so desire.  If only we could realize all those states we so wish to achieve could be created with a will and a desire to keep up the greatest gift we have been given, our bodies!  Keep up with your practice and ask for assistance from your Great Creator, allow in the abundance and give yourself recognition when it makes sense. Judging or criticizing ourselves or others never gets us anywhere so its best to just continue to make room for the positive and focus on that. As this becomes the norm the lower thoughts and energies no longer have a place to dwell.

So Keep Up & We Will All Be Kept Up! And So IT IS!

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Fire My Spirit

Earth My Body,

Water My Blood,

Air My Breath,

Fire My Spirit.

~ From the book, “Songs For Earthlings.”

The Earth, The Air, The Fire, The Water, May they Return to Earth.

This is a video from a recent trip to Napa Valley, California. Enjoy the spirit of the fire and may you also connect with the elements to extract their information.

This particular Post gives a special correlation to that of our Cellular Environment. Keeping our bodies in an environment where it thrives is crucial to our well being. May you find your best cellular environment ever.

Love & Blessings,


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The Awakened Heart Reality

The purpose of this article is to inspire creating a reality that is from your awakened heart. The awakened heart reality is one that brings your dreams to life & brings win-win situations to the world at large.

The Awakened Heart

While others might be speaking about their trials and tribulations you can be busy creating a reality of your highest vision free of those things that are not serving you.  Create a mind map or write down how you see yourself and your life in a few years from now. Recognize the feelings, the people, the environment that surrounds you there. Bringing this into  your space now activates this in your DNA and ultimately brings events and people into your life to make this awakened heart reality possible.

There is a lot of change taking place on Earth at this time. As higher energies orchestrate in the infinite realms and we become more tuned into the earth grid much is revealed to us. With reverence and an attitude of gratitude we can work together to create great change.

The Living Library includes the earth, stars, sun, moon, rain, ocean, sand, flowers,dew drops, trees,  plants, herbs & all those things that live and breathe around us which hold and store information. The answers we seek are stored in these living things until we ask permission for access to knowledge held within them.  When we become aware of that which surrounds us and decode our very own DNA we will activate our own mission and purpose here on earth. Then we will see massive shifts and changes take place for the higher good of all.

Like a Shaman studies the animal, earth, plant & herbal kingdoms we too can look at this as an opportunity to do the same.

As our minds focus on the new, exciting & positive creations that we hold true to be our reality we leave behind the things that no longer serve us.

Expand Your Super Senses.

If those around you are caught up in Maya or the lower vibratory thoughts let it be a reminder to you. If we are able to come from our heart we can give those around us a gentle nudge to take responsibility for these lower energies. If we find ourselves in this state we can follow our highest excitement in the moment in order to feel good now and shift our reality. Feeling good now will lead us on the path to our awakened heart where we feel courage, commitment, integrity, purpose, kindness, generosity and ultimately create our best life ever.

Our prosperity lies in knowing the unknown and seeing the unseen. As we gain access to this technology and information our lives are governed by a holy flow of energy.

We have access to the keys, codes & awakened heart space; it is up to us to remember our future.


  • Be Authentic In All Your Relations.
  • Respect Plants, Animals, Herbs & All Living things.
  • Treat those around you like family all ways.
  • Give those in front of you your full awareness.
  • Have confidence in your insights and act upon them.
  • Hold an attitude of gratitude.

….And watch your Best Life Ever Arrive Now. 🙂

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Hemp, The Superfood of the Nation

Hemp is an incredible life supporting and giving plant. It can grow in virtually any climate well and does not require the chemicals, pesticides and herbicides that most plants require to grow in abundance. Hemp is closer to a wild food in my opinion b/c of  its strength and durability where as most plants lack the strength and cellular integrity to grow on their own.

Hemp dry-retting

The uses for hemp are multi-fold.  Some of the applications are:

  • Paper
  • Food
  • Rope
  • Building Materials
  • Plastics
  • Body Care
  • Fabric/Textiles
  • Fuel

The utilization of hemp can literally save our forests.  This is crucial because our forests are where the fresh water dwells & oxygen supplies are found in abundance. Where it takes about 20 years for a tree to reach maturity it only takes a Hemp plant about 4 months.  With an abundant hemp crop flourishing we can reduce deforestation considerably while producing quality soil due to it’s nutrient content.

Building with hemp began in the 40’s when Henry Ford’s vehicle was made from the Hemp Plant. The body of the vehicle was created from the hemp resin. Because it was lighter in weight than a metal vehicle it got better gas mileage. The safety of the vehicle was also much higher than that of steel as it could handle about 10 times more pressure from an accident.

Experimental Hemp Car

Hemp seeds are an incredible source of protein and contain all of the essential amino acids that our bodies require from food sources.  The nutrient profile of hemp seed is:

  • 12 % carbohydrate
  • 35 % protein
  • 47 % fat

It also contains all the essential fatty acids required by the body and is super easily digested by the human body.

Hemp Protein Powder can be utilized in smoothies for an incredibly nourishing plant protein meal, or the hemp seeds can be made into fresh raw hempseed mylk.  I have also found that hempseed butter is delicious on sliced apples.  The silica content in the leaves of the plant is very high. This is super important for healthy bones, hair, skin, teeth & joints. The leaves can be blended, juiced or ground into a fine powder.

These are just a few important facts about the hemp plant and its astounding benefits to this planet.  I could write and write about this subject and probably will continue to share more information with you in regards to hemp. I utilize hemp in my clothing mainly and one day intend to utilize hemp for fueling my vehicle & creating insulation for my home.  I consume raw hemp seed, protein powder & the oil for creating delicious and nourishing creations in the kitchen.


Becoming aware of this plant and utilizing it in some way in your home assists with creating a paradigm shift on this planet. Whether it is for clothing, curtains, superfood nutrition, a rope ladder for your hemp house:) or whatever it may be, enjoy learning about hemp today and assist our world in remembering  the best future ever. Visit our hemp website here:

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Youthful Glow Salad Recipe

Lately there is much talk about human growth hormones, stem cells and other super foods that assist the body in releasing human growth hormones such as elk antler & colostrum.  What the growth hormone factor brings us is lean muscle, repair of connective tissue, longevity and increased stamina at any age.

This salad is a vegan/vegetarian way to go from underneath one’s body system and reset the hormones to a natural balanced state. Eating this salad in the evening is best because we release growth hormones in the first few hours of sleep. These are released b/t 10pm and 12pm. That is why it is crucial to get on a sleep rhythm that is in harmony with natural cycles.  Keeping the body alkaline as night approaches is crucial so avoiding acidic foods is important.  This allows the body to heal and repair itself instead of working to counter act the acid formation and get the blood sugar back into balance. If you want to look good when you wake up keep it light and alkaline before your 10 bed time!

G H Salad with Cultured Veg

Here it is:

1/4 tsp. Coriander Seed – helpful for myelin & sheeth over the proliferal nerve. It strengthens, builds muscle and aids in fat loss

1/4 tsp. Cinnamon This will balance out the sugar levels in the body. Help to lose weight.

1/4 tsp. Horseradish Root IC3 – Anti-Estrogen

1/4 tsp fresh ginger root or powder- supports the prostal gland series 3

Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive oil or if you like…Pumpkin seed oil (my favorite) -prostal gland series 3 – essential fatty acids for hormone balance effect.

Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar – alkaline and supports the friendly bacteria



Cultured Veggies (optional but a staple for me!:)

Spinach as the salad base for the calcium (helps to sleep) or Fresh Cilantro (metal chelation & helps to sleep)

If you are vegan have Spirulina on the salad for protein, fermented spirulina is superior. Otherwise a raw grass fed cheese can be your protein if you choose.

This is building muscle,  repairing connective tissue, resetting the hormones, a life extender and lower’s body fat.

A Big Thank You to my trainer and business partner Jay Burkett, a.k.a Mr. Universe for sharing this recipe with me. He is passionate about longevity and assisting others to reach their highest potential. Tremendous!

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The Art & Alchemy of Coffee

It is so amazing how our lives interweave and intertwine events to create the most incredible life experience we could ever imagine!  As we expect the unexpected miracles we will continually see them in our lives.

About 10 years ago I embarked on a really awesome journey to learn as much as I could about coffee, from the harvesting, suckering and caring for the trees themselves to the end product of creating that beautiful hand crafted cup for the connoisseur.

Direct Trade

My passion began while attending college at Clarion University in Pennsylvania.  There were only a handful of jobs to be had in that little mountain town in North Western Pennsylvania & only 1 or 2 of them seemed like any fun. There was one barista position available at the quaint coffee house called Kiva Han on the main street in town. I drove an hour and a half for that interview and got the job because of my passion for the position.  Out of all the coffee houses I have visited in the U.S. this one had the most authenticity and character. With creaky hard wood floors, a fireplace, a huge oak bar, couches, chairs and windows that were perfect for watching the snow fall in the winter months it was truly a Mountain Town Coffee House. I told the owner my dreams of one day having my own Elixir & Tonic House where fellow travelers could come and sip on a medicinal brew, read their favorite book next to the fire, listen to the live banjo player or marvel at the artist’s creations that would line the walls.

Oh the fun I had playing at this coffee shop. My friday nights were consumed with pouring perfect espresso shots, playing DJ at the bar, gaining insights from the customer’s that would grace the space & late night guitar/banjo sessions with my co-workers after hours.

My passion grew and grew for the subtleties and the art about coffee alchemy and the crowd’s it drew. When I graduated college and moved to Baltimore I met an Espresso Entrepreneur that had learned the craft and the business side very well.  He trained me and before I knew it I was creating art through the portals of the coffee bean;)

Organic Pasture Fed Raw Cream & Single Origin Espresso from Ethiopia

After that experience it seemed like the natural next step was to actually get my hands in the soil and dirt and learn about nurturing and caring for the coffee trees.  I decided to venture to the Island of Hawaii where I would work and live on a sustainable 5 acre organic coffee & avocado farm. It is here that I learned that patience, dedication and intense daily labor is where it all begins. Early to rise and early to bed was the scenario on this rugged, insect & rooster crowing farm:) My solar cabin was screened in & made of wood and the showers were cold ones and yet so needed after a long day out on the farm.

When late afternoon hit the rain storms would nourish the soil there and that was our chance to read a book, shower, make some yummy guacamole from our farm fresh avocados or just listen to the rain pour onto the tin roof’s. What a blessing it was.

We built a Hoshidana roof on that land which is a Traditional Japanese coffee drying structure. Here is where the coffee berries would be put to dry out before roasting. We created labyrinth gardens where all kinds of vegetables were thriving. The couple I worked with were incredible people and so were their children Kaia & Spruce. These children had the daily enjoyment of climbing trees, foraging for food in their backyard and living the island life where warm ocean breezes were just a few moments away.

Ethiopian Coffee Farmer’s

Later I would open up my own Authentic Espresso bar on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It was rewarding to share my love and passion for the business with others.  Creating personal experiences is one of the best forms of gaining wisdom. I learned so much about myself and what I was truly after. Although this was not the coffee house that I dreamed of one day it was a small quaint bar that was a perfect start up business.

As my life took on new interests and desires I knew that everything had its perfect time and place. My passion for health was a great catalyst to move where the juice bars, health gurus and environmental activists abound, Southern California.

With a colorful background behind me I see a beautiful Elixir House & Tonic Bar in the future. Whether it is in my home where I can serve friends, family and community or an incredible Eco-Friendly House sitting nestled on a mountain side of the hills of Costa Rica I see it with an open heart and high vision.

Holding the Highest Vision For All ~ Dodhisattva

What a blessing it is to see how your life interweaves your experiences. What a blessing it will be to visit different parts of the world to source the highest quality herbs, superfoods, community & environment.  One of the best parts of it all is to travel, meet those who passionately live and create long lasting relations with them. With this in heart and a vision of true health we can optimize the coffee house experience by turning it into an elixir bar where the drinks, tonics & teas are created in such a way to increase health & longevity.

For instance when the Chaga Mushroom is poured over a coffee drink it takes away from the acid component making it a tonic for nourishment. We can utilize quality coffees, free of mycotoxins for cleaning the liver through enemas too.  And we can create drinks that taste just like coffee or close to it as well as cappucino’s with health promoting herbs and super herbs.
The environment that we put ourselves in is fundamental to health and longevity above all. I envision clean air, beautiful views and the best water & foods, community and serene environment ever to nourish the body, mind & soul.

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