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Surrender to Your Super Senses

Although the Super Senses or Inner Senses are not often talked about they are the most simple and yet profound guidance system we have. We each have them,  it is whether or not we listen to them that creates our world.  Our super senses have to do with our surrendered action, intuition and present moment awareness. When we have still presence to the  unseen and unknown we awaken the dormant super senses. Let me give you a few examples.

Super Senses for Super Living

Have you ever had a taste in your mouth that just came about without eating anything? This is a super sense activation. As I asked my body what it was seeking today, I got the taste of Iodine in my mouth. The presence of this taste was in fact what aloud me to realize I may want to eat more sea veggies or supplement with some high quality iodine (perhaps nascent). The good iodine we get from sea veggies  protects the thyroid from radiation and therefore allows the body to repel toxic radiation. In this case I listened to my super sense.  How?

  1. I asked a question
  2. I was present, I became still and waited.
  3. And I took action with gratitude.

Our super senses are available to us at anytime. It is up to us to activate them with pure awareness. We can do this by practicing the present moment more often. As we practice surrender to the present moment more often we switch on our super sense ability.  It is exciting because it gives us our power back without ego involvement.  How do we know we are not operating from the ego? When we are acting from the present moment the ego is not involved. The ego lives in the dead past and the imagined future.

As we have embarked into the Aquarian Age recognizing and following our super senses carry us through the maya. It is the age of intuition and inner guidance and following this guidance will make the shift much easier. Those that are cut off from these senses can and may experience intense distress, resistance and lower vibratory emotions.

As I was rebounding in the sacred backyard I saw a mushroom cloud. It could not have been more clear!  This message was delivered to me in the form of a cloud.  I took this as a sure sign to up my medicinal mushroom intake. Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, Agaricus, these particulary mushrooms act as immune modulators in the system and give our immune systems increased strength. Did I take action? Yes, since then I have been more diligent about making my Chaga and Reishi Teas.

Gaia (Earth) Presence

Your messages come with crystal clear insight. This is a sure sign to take action. It is like following the white bunny in the movie Alice in Wonderland. When it feels right, do it. As you become adapted to listening to your Super Senses life becomes much more clear and simple. I feel that cleansing, eating nutrient rich foods, consuming medicinal teas are all things that assist to fine tune your super senses.

Our Super Senses can be accessed through nature as well. Remember the living library around us (sun, moon, trees, dew drops, grass, rocks etc) is their with stored information for us to utilize.  Just as a Shaman will tell you, all things have a consciousness, even that rock and that tree, even that pencil and that tea mug beside you.  Observing nature and the presence of other sentient beings brings more presence power to your own life thus activating your super senses.

We can utilize our super senses in all areas of our life: Communication, Environment, Nutrition, Movement. When we take action from a clear and present state we will be operating with present moment awareness and this will greatly benefit our life experience.
***Surrender to what is, except this moment fully. You do not need to except your life situation to accept this moment, this moment is your life!

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The Importance of Stomach Acid for Optimal Well Being

Okay Lovers, I want us to consider our stomach acid levels and just how important these levels truly are to our well being.

Our stomach acid assists us to break down our foods properly especially proteins. The hydrochloric acid becomes activated when we begin to see or smell food. It starts with our outer senses as the body begins to prepare for the intake of food. The hcl assists to break down the protein you ingest into amino acids thus feeding the body on a cellular level.

Stomach Acid is Vital

If this is not occurring you may experience the following:

  1. weight gain
  2. bloating
  3. gas
  4. indigestion
  5. acne
  6. candida
  7. auto immune diseases
  8. digestive disorders
  9. hair loss
  10. dry skin and brittle hair
  11. unhealthy bowel movements

Stomach Acid assists our pancreas and small intestine to create digestive enzymes. This is so crucial for without our enzyme reserves we are not fully assimilating our foods. And because our foods are lacking in enzymes whether raw or cooked b/c  of depleted soil reserves supplementing with enzymes is a great idea!  This acid also kills of pathogens and parasites. If our stomach is too alkaline it creates an environment for yeast, mold and fungus to thrive.

Simple and inexpensive ways to increase your hcl levels are below:

  • Consume atleast 1 green smoothie per day.
  • Consume Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon Water (sip through out the day)
  • Eat Cultured Vegetables with Meals
  • When Juicing incorporate fresh pressed ginger root into your juice.
  • Eat garlic
  • Chew slowly
  • Eat only when truly hungry
  • Drink Young Coconut Water Kefir
  • Eliminate Sugar from the diet including brown sugar, evaporated cane juice…etc. replace with stevia.

With age and a processed food diet HCL levels decrease.  This makes it challenging for a lot of people whom are interested in starting to eat more raw, living foods. They simply do NOT have the HCL to break down the raw food or plant fibers due to lack of acid levels. Our bodies do not create cellulase to break down the plant fibers so we can either blend our fibrous veggies or take enzymes.

If one considers following the guidelines above the acid levels will increase thus allowing one to fully digest and absorb more raw foods.

Green Smoothies help build HCL in the Stomach

Mineral deficiencies are common when the acid levels are low in the stomach and parasites are often present.  This low hcl level causes premature aging because the blood sugar levels get thrown off and it depletes our adrenal gland energy or jing. What happens is we create acidic, toxic blood and hence dis-ease becomes prevalent.

By creating a healthy inner eco system we can nourish the body with nutrients and create clean, healthy flowing blood!
Start today buy purchasing a $3.- bottle of Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, place 1 tsp in your clean drinking water with a squeeze of lemon juice.  Sip through out the day and increase your overall health experience!

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