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Information On Heavy Metals and Our Body Systems

Heavy metals are neurotoxins. Neurotoxins are substances that are attracted to the mammalian body system.  These substances are in the air we breathe, the pollutants, the pharmaceutical drugs, the water supply, air fresheners, baking soda, household cleaners, pots, pans, silverware and my list could go on and on.  Specifically one might take a look at the metal that may be in their mouth. Amalgam fillings are a huge potential poison to the body.  Each day the amalgam fillings off gas and cause poisonous vapors to pollute the body.

Here are a listing of some heavy metals:

  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Lead
  • Arsenic

These are just a few of the main metals that are found in our day to day environment through various channels.

Body Systems

Next we have Biotoxins.  Biotoxins deteremine the behaviors and the eating habits of the host. .  Biotoxins come from tetanus toxins, internal parasites, botox, fungus, strep, lyme disease and other foreign invaders.

Then there is a class of metals called Xenobiotics. These are man made environmental toxins like formaldehyde and dioxins and PCB’s.  They are dangerous as they mimic estrogen in the body and can cause major disrupts in a woman’s delicate hormone cycle.

Food Preservatives and Cosmetics are loaded with toxic metals.  They come in the form of parabens, msg, fluoride and aspartame.

These substances over time get lodged in the bodies bones and soft tissues. As they settle into the system they accumulate in the long bone, jaw bone and brain as well as the reproductive organs.

These metals can cause serious neurological challenges as well as emotional & physical challenges.

Possible Indicators There is an Over Flow of Metals in the System:

  • Chronic pain throughout the muscles and tendons or any soft tissues of the body
  • Chronic malaise – general feeling of discomfort, fatigue, and illness
  • Brain fog – state of forgetfulness and confusion
  • Chronic infections such as Candida
  • Gastrointestinal complaints, such as diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, heartburn, and indigestion
  • Food allergies
  • Dizziness
  • Migraines and/or headaches
  • Visual disturbances
  • Mood swings, depression, and/or anxiety
  • Nervous system malfunctions – burning extremities, numbness, tingling, paralysis, and/or an electrifying feeling throughout the body

So what can we do to counter act these metals?

    1. Remove amalgam fillings immediately from a qualified drug free dentist. A qualified Dentist will give you a protocol to follow before, during and after the removal of the metal. They will probably give you an IV of Vitamin c and other important vitamins and minerals. The use of a rubber dam and an oxygen mask will ensure the metals are not circulating back into the blood stream.
    2. Get a heavy metal test panel through hair, blood, urine and feces analysis.

I love my Body & I nourish my every cell.

Other tools would be to sweat in an infrared sauna daily while detoxing from the metals.

EDTA ~ If appropriate for your specific challenge can chelate and bind to the metals because of its molecular structure.

Fulvic Acid ~ A safe and key component in detoxing metals.

The kidneys take on a huge burden when detoxing from heavy metals. Pay close attention to caring for your kidneys. They will require castor oil packing to pull out metals and toxins. This gives the kidneys some help as they filter the neurotoxins from the blood.

Another tool I love is the ancient coffee enema.  Utilizing a high caliber coffee that is organic and sustainable is a great choice. Some green coffees also work well like S.A. Wilson.

When metals are present no fungal or candida infection can completely heal. You must clear the body of the metals first and then handle the fungal infection.

Also if you feel discomfort in any area of the body while detoxing from metal it is a phenomenal idea to do a clay pak on that area.  First you must clear the channel pathways of the feet and hands with the special clay and then you will clear the area of discomfort by packing it well. This will pull out deep seated toxins.  The kidneys must be packed to to ensure they are being well cared for. Internal clay pulling is also a wonderful approach.

Finding a clean water spring is a great idea or making sure your water has been tested for metals will ensure you are not putting them right back into the body.

Here are a list of helpful super foods and herbs that assist the body while chelating metal:

  • Skate liver oil
  • Chlorella
  • Medicinal mushrooms such as Chaga.
  • Cilantro
  • He Shou Wu
  • Black foods like wild black bloomed rice, black sesame seeds (soaked and sprouted), chia seeds
  • Rhodiola
  • Passionflower tea ( flush xenobioitcs out of the system)

Those are just to name a few.  Enjoy plenty of green vegetable juices, warm medicinal teas and plenty of coconut kefir water to cleanse the liver too. Other fermented drinks like Kombucha and Jun can aggravate someone’s system whom has not healed and sealed their gut. This means that the wild ferment in these two beverages could cause more trouble until one has cleaned up their fungal infections and ultimately the underlying issues. My thoughts are to stick with Coconut Kefir Water until the immune system is restored and the gut is fully healed. Cultured vegetables can help to digest metals in the system.

Cultivate awareness by listening to your body and its messages. It always has a message for us.  I love our bodies!

Note: To learn about clay packing you can learn from Dr. Bob Marshall of Premier Research Labs.  He created the medi body pack which I feel is a phenomenal product.

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Divine Relations & Lineage

I am Debra Jo Schmitt (Spiritually known as Dodhisattva)  and  nicknamed Dodee.

I was given the name Prithi Kaur through my Kundalini Yoga Lineage line…it means,

The Lioness of Continuous Love.

I am the daughter of Linda Kathleen Soose and Joseph William Schmitt III

I am the Grand Daughter of Florence Anna Mae Grant and Harry Jon Soose

I am the Grand Daugher of Geraldine Louise Han “Roonie” and Joseph William Schmitt II

I am the Great Granddaughter of  Mary Magdeline Uhler and James O’Grant

I am the Great Granddaughter of  Catherine Mihlfreid and John Soose

I am Great Granddaughter of ______________ and Sylvan Han

Great Granddaughter of Anna Rapaski “Nana” and Joseph William Schmitt I

I recognize and hold reverence for all my lineage and ancestors. I allow them to speak and communicate with me in pure, wise & sacred ways. This includes the great spirits and sages of this land, the trees,  the plants, the crystals, the four directions and all my relations past, present and future. May the Living Library share its wisdom all ways.

Our names and the meanings behind them hold sacred codes for us to innerstand. My name Debra comes from the Great Prophetess of the God of the Israelites.  A great counselor, warrior and wife of Lapidoth. She was a female Prophetess mentioned in the bible as her great courage and feats against the King of Canaan were recognized.

Debra is also Hebrew and means Bee ~ Fertility and The Honey or Nectar of LIFE. I say YES.

I have also been given the gift of being a Muse. I am here to inspire and motivate; to raise the spirits of those around me. I have compassion for us and I honor my name and lineage.  I hold great reverence for us as we journey through this time and space healing and birthing a new earth.

What is your lineage? Where do you come from? And what does your name mean? I invite you to share in the comments below and rejoice in your magnificence.


Recently I attended a beautiful sister ceremony in a sensitive location not far from my home in Southern California. I was graced with the presence of many beautiful  sisters. We held ceremony from evening into the next morn as we sat by the fire, shared story, sang hymns, icara’s and songs of the Most High. We were adorned in holy water’s, danced, played guitars, drums, harmonicas and flutes. We were given the blessings to go forth in this world empowering the female collective consciousness.  I shed tears of my own and those of the collective female pain body. As these warrior tears were shed a cleansing occurred and we birthed a new day and a new way of being.  As each sister was given some sacred tobacco to symbolize things to dissolve and let go of we each had an opportunity to throw these leaves into the flames;  washing away the sorrows and pains and birthing our brand new intentions. I asked to speak my truth from a place of compassion and authenticity in all my relations. It is now so. Thank you, thank you, thank you Great Wise Spirit.

Spend time with your family, your tribe, your sisters and your brothers. Get to know them and honor them as you do yourself.  Create your pure intentions and allow them to be heard. I and I are one in the same. We are all One.  I forgive myself,  I forgive us. I am free, we are free.

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The Cellular Principles & Spiritual Laws here at the Sacred Back Yard

As I nurture and care for my body, mind and spirit I look at all aspects of the cellular principles & spritual laws shared here within this sacred backyard blog. On a moment to moment basis I tune in to these principles and laws:

  • Cellular Communication ~ My beautiful thoughts are reflected in my external world. I remind myself of the above truth and nourish my mind with loving, healing affirmations and beliefs. It is within the now that I am free from suffering and I choose to hold a space of enlightenment as my greatest service to the world. My greatest gift is inner peace and with this breathtaking connection.   I have fulfilled my mission on this earth. I am one with all life.  Seeing any kind of separation in others is an illusion. Judging, ridiculing, criticizing ourselves or others put us in an acidic state and does nothing to benefit our personal power or growth. Feedback from the heart space is a super hero quality that is a much better approach to communicating than any form of criticism. Asking permission to share feedback allows everyone a free will choice & shows awareness.
  • Cellular Nutrition ~ I choose to love and honor my body. I feed it super nutrient rich foods and liquids. Super Foods, Herbs, The Best Brain Foods, Probiotics and Medicinal mushrooms are in abundance in my life and I claim that now. I  bathe  in the sunshine and drink the living spring water’s of this earth.  I am full of light and the lighter I become the more I am a channel for the highest good to flow through me.  My body is my home and so it is important that I take exceptional care of it. I choose to periodically fast to let it rest just as I get to rest each night.  I love my body and honor each organ and part. Because of this true love my body gives me messages when it requires certain nutrients. It gives me signs through my super senses, situations and magical messages. I listen and tune in.
  • My cellular environment is a crucial key to maintaining and creating the best life ever. I know that my environment not only includes fresh living spring waters, earth crystals, living plants, medicines and loving vibrations from the higher realms but also the most amazing loving beings around me. I see the highest good in them and they see this in me. We are a high vibrational community empowering one another so that each individual shines the collective light. We are open and receptive to feed back and are immune to judgement and criticism of any kind. Our environment is one that is nurturing and fulfilling which includes, Spring water bathing, Infrared Sauna’s, Super Nutrient Rich Kitchen’s, Fire places, Creative art studios and so much more. Our home is a place to share with one another and master mind for the highest good. It is here we create lucrative high vibrational projects and services to offer the world. It is a place of laughter, good times and magic.
  • Cellular Exercise ~ Both Internal and External exercise are crucial. Deep Breathing, Yoga and Rebounding create a healthy internal environment. I enjoy these exercises daily to increase the presence power around my body.  I enjoy moving in all different ways in order to increase the life power within. I stretch it and listen to its call for different forms of movement. Martial arts such as Capoeira is something my body receives incredible fulfillment from. Mastering a martial art in this lifetime is apart of my Dharma and it ensure’s a strong heart~mind connection.

I am in tune to the 7 Spiritual Laws of the Super Hero Archetype and therefore I have harnessed my power to change the world for the greater good.  These spiritual laws give us a guide line of how to be, what to think, say and do.  Within this article we have the keys and codes to maintain cellular integrity, clean, flowing blood, thoughts and lives.

First we take a look at the Law of Balance.  This is a of utmost importance because as we go about our day it is crucial that we remain connected to the higher source of all things. With this deep connection we are unshakeable as the world around us presents challenges, tribulations, thoughts from mass consciousness, environmental pollutions etc.  As we harness our level of being we will keep centered and steady through it all.  With this peace we can move onto the level of feeling. This allows us to tune into our emotional awareness. We want to come from a place of peace and discernment when we make decisions or actions. The need to be right or any type of self importance that is coming through must be surrendered and released in order to rooted in love and peace. Our third level is thinking and we can note that the highest level of thinking here is creativity. We see this amongst our community of artists.  How can we each tap into more creativity with in our own existence? Within creativity all problems have a solution.  I invite the opportunity for more creativity in my life and in your’s if you choose this. And next we actually  take right action. Here we are flowing with all the levels of creativity and things happen magically, effortlessly and instantaneously.

There are 6 other spiritual laws to be addressed and we will do that through out the next blog posts to come!

Remembering we are perfect in our imperfection allows us to have great compassion for ourselves and others. As we truly recognize our shadow self and allow it to be our greatest opportunity for healing and transformation we allow ourselves to awaken to the ever present flowing stream of consciousness. Our shadow self allows us to become better, stronger and wiser. And so it is! Sat Nam. Wahe Guru.

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Longevity & Security by Way of the Kidneys

For security and safety we needn’t look anywhere else but within ourselves. The kidneys represent the seat of  longevity, self-security and  inner peace.   When the kidneys are treated with conscious awareness this gives a clear path way to longevity and security.

I am Safe. All is Well.

When the kidneys are being abused lower vibratory emotions often accompany them.  For example: Shame, fear, over criticism & unresolved anger usually are the emotional outlets.  On a physical level kidney stones, urinary issues, dark circles under the eyes and other challenges under the eyes indicate that the kidneys require specific care.

Ways that you can take care of the kidneys could be to:

*Cleanse your kidneys via fresh pressed green juices, clean spring water, medicinal teas & wild coconut kefir for a good 5-7 days, repeated a few times a year. Note: Keeping clean liquids running through the system makes for happy kidneys.

*Enjoy a few liquid meals per day in the form of blended superfood soups, cultured smoothies, liquid elixirs and the like.

*Castor oil pack the kidneys to pull out toxins such as heavy metals. This can especially be useful while fasting or cleansing. Note: The Kidneys sit on the back just above the belly button line.

Castor Plant

*You might also look at the dampness or dryness of the weather and care for your body accordingly. If the body is holding dampness it creates  mold and yeast overgrowth; the body requires foods and liquids that support the warming of the organ system.  These things would be warm/hot medicinal teas like chaga, mormon and pau d arco tea. These teas  modulate the immune system, warm the inner body & neutralize the over growth of anaerobic (existing in an oxygen deprived body) bacteria in the body respectively.

*Warming foods such as root vegetable soups with a medicinal tea base would also be a wonderful choice and one could utilize hot peppers and cayenne to stimulate the warmth in the body as well.

Super Herb Teas

*If the body is overly abundant with heat, things such as fresh pressed bitter juices with wild greens, wild kefir water and other cooling medicinal super herb teas will clear out the heat.  Cucumber juice is an excellent choice here.

The Kidneys also enjoy external warmth and pressure. They are most at home when kept tightly wrapped in organic fibers if exposed to cold & wet weather. The slight pressure and the coziness of a kidney warmer wrapped around this area  can create heat through the entire body including the hands, feet & head.  When the center area of your body is kept warm, cozy and happy this circulates blood flow and keeps the body functioning optimally.

The 5 tibetan rites and certain kundalini yoga postures aim at strengthening the kidneys.  See past posts for more on the tibetan rites. Even a simple posture such as child pose allows our kidneys a peaceful rest while downloading information from the ethers as they are vulnerably exposed in this posture. Other kundalini yoga movements such as frog pose strengthen the kidneys quite well.

Body work on the kidney meridian lines can be of great benefit. There is a meridian line that runs on the inside of our legs.  If one has ever received acupuncture you will know this meridian line well. If not check out a diagram if you are curious and start to massage this area. If it is tender this indicates the kidneys require assistance to heal.  You will also find the kidney point or bubbling spring point on your foot.   This spot is crucial as it allows the fluids to flow properly through the body.  It also grounds us to the earth while performing tai chi and the like.

Bubbling Spring Point

Hot/Cold Therapy in the form of clean water showers or hot and cold spring plunges make for a great kidney tonic. Here what happens is blood flow is forced to the outer layer of the skin. This purifies the blood and creates circulation. This is a longevity  and youthful skin strategy that works.

As strength, confidence, love and deep compassion for the kidneys are consistently maintained we harvest an abundance of free flowing chi throughout the body.  This gives a sense of deep inner peace, self confidence, & security.
The body then can surrender and flow with the natural rhythms.  It is then in a place to enjoy longevity,  inner prosperity and a cozy feeling place of all ways being at home.

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Rooted and Grounded in Love

Being Rooted in Love takes presence power.

When you live in the moment you gain presence power when you live in the dead past you weaken the aura.  What happens when the aura is weakened?  We are susceptible to allowing in dis-ease within the body and other unwanted guests and our life can become a product of a mass consciousness instead of our own creative consciousness.

What can you do to be here now?

  • Do Something that Makes You Happy ( It often brings you to the here and now)
  • Breathe Long, Slow & Deep (the breath is a full on miracle!)
  • Feel your Inner Body while doing any task especially when connecting with another sentient being. (this allows for you to stay connected and rooted to the moment while still keeping your awareness with that person or task.

On a physical level you can cleanse your body & do certain exercises to strengthen your field (the 5 tibetan rites and kundalini yoga exercises).

Building Presence Power

Consuming high vibrational foods increases your presence power and you can enjoy foods that represent the colors of your chakras in order to strengthen a certain area. For example orange foods such as squash & yams are healing for the root chakra and can strengthen the reproductive organs as well. Respectively black foods nourish and strengthen the kidneys. The kidneys must be kept safe, cozy and warm. As they become strong and are at optimal performance the body takes on a loving, confident energy.

Balance your four body system so that you can be more in the present moment. This means checking in with yourself. The four body system includes:

  1. Mental
  2. Emotional
  3. Spiritual
  4. Physical

Maybe today you are more in the spiritual plane then the physical plane. We might take a look at that and take action to balance this energy so that we are fully present. We might in this case do an exercise to root ourselves into the ground. Create a visualization of this action to seed it into your consciousness. We could also go out in nature or do some grounding activities around your home like the dishes.

Rooted in LOVE

So these are just a few ideas. When we truly let go and forgive the dead past or even the imagined future of our mind’s creation we are back in the here and now, grounded and rooted in love.

Forgive yourself right now for not being fully present, give yourself permission to be here now.  You are love and you are presence. Within this space you allow for great transformation.  It is here the power of your gifts are unleashed yet rooted and grounded in love.

It is nice to remember we all have a free will choice, the more we honor other sentient beings free will choices the more we ourselves grow and evolve. We are then given more opportunity and free will choice by the universe. It essentially lightens our body.  Try it, allow everything and everyone around you the free will choice to do, be and say what they are doing. Do it with presence & a whole heart. Once this is integrated into your daily practice your authenticity shines and you are free.

Let Go, Forgive and be rooted in LOVE.

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