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How to Improve Eyesight Naturally

We have mentioned the eyes in this sacred blog before speaking of how they are the window’s to the soul.  We want to keep our eyes healthy, holy and happy so they can project and see the truth in all things.

eye-strengthening exercises

eye-strengthening exercises

The eyes require strengthening as they have muscles within them. If these muscles become weak they start to lose strength just like any of the muscles in our bodies. The eyes are also attached to the health of the gut flora. When our gut flora is in harmony our vision is good however if we are suffering from candida or some other form of infection eye sight is slowly lost over time.

Calcification plays a major role in declined eye health. Calcification makes the body hard and stiff. When these barnicles or nanobacteria start to attach to the eyes it will create declined eye sight. This also goes for all areas of the body including the spine, joints, neck etc.

So hear are some solutions to naturally restore eye health:  these arrows in the image are to guide your eyes up, down, left, right etc. Doing these exercises daily will strengthen the eyes.

Glasses can be a “crutch” and can actually make the eyes worse as well as put strain on the neck and spine.  Do your best to ween yourself off of your glasses.

Another awesome exercise is by focusing on a point right in front of you and then shift your focus to something in the distance. Repeat this over and over again while your eyes strengthen.

Other nutrition related suggestions might be to include fermented vegetables into your daily routine and some sort of fermented beverage such as coconut kefir water.  This will assist in balancing out the healthy flora in the gut.  I personally do not recommend Jung or Kombucha on a daily basis if you have any signs of leaky gut, candida or auto immune disease. These wild ferments can be more harm than good. Once the gut wall is sealed and the friendly microflora are thriving then having some of these beverages may be something you choose over time.

When it comes to calcification we want to cleanse the body of these barnicles with body work, movement, fulvic acid, raw grass fed dairy (vitamin k2 asorption) just to name a few. When we take in organic raw grass fed dairy products we can be sure our calcium is being absorbed into the proper places in the body. This type of cleansing and nutrition will cleanse the body of the “non preferred” calcium and put the preferred calcium in the bones instead of the soft tissues. Calcification is predominate in those that are not getting the correct vitamin k2/d3 ratio.  A good dosage of vitamin k2 would look like 4 grass fed eggs per day.

For vegans try natto, a fermented food you can find in Asian Markets. Be sure it is non gmo and organic. How about incorporating cat’s claw tea, this medicinal tea dissolves calcium build up in the body.  One powerful nutrient dense food comes to mind for the eyes and that is the goji berry. These little berries are power packed with nutrients like zeaxanthin and lutein which are super eye foods!

I highly recommend Donna Gates teachings as well as Truth Culkins because they focus on restoring the inner eco system and this will naturally assist your eyes to gain strength.

The eyes can benefit from some herbs like eye bright for one. You can make an eye wash by diluting eye bright in clean water.

Fermented Foods for Healthy Eyes

By doing these exercises combined with a healthy diet and affirmations linked to the eyes we can focus on 20/20 vision.  When we can not see far away it could mean we are afraid of the future. If we can’t see close to us we may not want to look at something in our lives.

Having the courage to embrace these fears and challenges can bring about our best selves.

We can create new and positive affirmations like, ” I see my future as bright, healthy and joyous.”

I support us in our journey to having the healthiest eyes ever! Thanks for your loving and supportive comments and brilliant contributions to this blog. LOVE & GENIUS, Dodhisattva

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Caring for Our Hair, Our Tentacles to the Ether

Our hair is a direct connection to God Consciousness. We can also see our hairs as “feelers” or “tentacles” to the world around us. Our hair can assist us to connect with the life power that surrounds us.

Brushing the hair once or twice a day upside down allows you to brush the natural oils of your hair down to the tips.  Utilize a natural fiber brush and clean your brush once a week with essential oils and a fine comb to get hair out then sun dry it.

To strengthen the hair and the blood that enlivens the scalp you can do several things.  My friend Linda makes gem combs out of highly charged crystals. The different gem combs are created for your specific intentions in mind.  Combing with these highly charged carved combs brings healing energy to the body.  Sacred Geometry hair cutting is a wonderful way to care for you hair. This type of hair cutting gives us a direct connection to Consciousness. It is a form of natural communication. I choose this method of hair cutting as a way to strengthen my field, connect with God and show my level of love and respect for my hair.  You can actually feel the difference.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

You can also do an apple cider vinegar rinse on the scalp after washing the hair. This is a great way to cleanse the scalp and create a shiny head of hair. You might try a clay mask on your scalp to pull out heavy metals. I like zen detox by morroco method and/or Zeoforce by Health Force Nutritionals.  Another beauty treatment to nourish the hair would be to steep herbs like oatstraw, horsetail and nettles. Create a healing tea elixir for the hair and rinse with this mixture once a week. Essential oils combed or massaged through out the hair also give hydration and love to each strand.

When out in the elements especially the wind and sun be sure to cover your hair with a hat or your favorite scarf covering. This will immediately assist in eliminating signs of breakage, brittle hair or split ends. Cold water rinse after washing the hair also seals in the oils and creates shiny hair. At bed time it is wise to brush all the hair to the top of the head then twist it in a bun and sleep like this. It has been found that when you sleep with your hair down it can break easier as you shift around on your pillow.  If it is pulled to tight then loosen it for comfort. This prevents breakage as you sleep at night. Brush it down in the morning and allow it a few minutes of sunbathing in the gentle early morning sun while you ground to the earth bare foot.  This seals the electrical matrix of the bio field and give us a strong energetic field for the day.

However  many times a week you are guided to wash your hair, it is a personal choice. I utilize clays, essential oils, herbs and so forth to wash my hair.  Sometimes I make my own and sometimes I buy eco conscious shampoo from ital companies in my area.  Coconut oil or Castor Oil can be a wonderful treatment for the hair any time of year.

Cleansing the blood and liver by routine fasting, liver flushing, an  ital diet and stimulation of the lymph can assist the hair to stay nourished and healthy.  I have recommended hot/cold showers, rebounding and deep breathing for lymph stimulation. Enzyme therapy can also help to clean the blood of undigested particles in the body.

To keep the hair its beautiful ,rich,  natural color we can be sure to stay well mineralized with sea vegetables (seaweeds) in the form of soups, supplements and other creative ways to add them in your daily ital diet. I like to make sushi wraps with raw nori, soups with dulse and alaria, wakame, kombu and even ferment the sea veggies for ideal digestion.  He Shou Wu is a wonderful Chinese herb that can reverse gray hair.  When too much hair is being lost or balding is occuring their is a disruption in the energy field. Often a nutrition deficiency will correct the hair loss such as lysine or other amino acids, b vitamins, a healthy thyroid through plenty of iodine or changing the diet and cleaning out heavy metals and so forth will heal this imbalance. Balding if not too late can be corrected with proper diet and plenty of seaweed supplementation.

Coloring your hair or using chemical products can strip the hair and cause major dehydration of the follicle and hair strand. The scalp also takes in these chemicals and it goes right to the blood stream. The body then sends signals out that their are invaders present. The body then has to work hard to eliminate these. Over time these impurities can accumulate in the body and cause a great deal of dis ease.  Enjoy high integrity products or make your own.


I Am Beauty

Enjoy your beautiful, rich hair and scalp massage daily.  You can pick up a scalp massager at your local health food store or buy one online. The body loves to be touched, massaged and cared for, every area of the body!  And let us remember sunlight, direct contact with the earth, healing spring waters and plant based nutrients are wonderful healer’s for our bodies. Send loving thoughts to your hair, scalp and body now.

Please feel free to share your hair tips in the comments below. In JOY! Dodhisattva

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