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We’re All Learning to Love Again:)

A little inspiration on this blessed day. If you like this version check out his studio version. BeaUtiful.

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Beyond the Ego….

Have you ever thought about who you are beyond your physical body? I bet you have, if you are here at the sacred backyard blog.  We are a conscious group of beings! We realize the truth is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  So when we see things from this vantage point we have the ability to go beyond time and space.

Spirit Girl

Spirit Girl

Join me for a moment and close your eyes. Take some long, slow, deep breath’s.  Unzip your skin suit and give your soul the opportunity to zip around the room wild and free.  Watch your spirit flutter around like a glowing butterfly or firefly. Feel the brilliance that you are.

The Ego is not in itself a bad thing. It is neither good or bad. It can help us in sticky situations and offer us instinct which can be healthy in situations. However it is important to be very aware of the Ego and what power we give it. It’s kinda like a riding a horse. When you ride a horse do you let the horse take you wherever or go or do you steer and lead the way?

Creating more peace and contentment is a sign you are taming the Ego.  One great way to do this is to keep an attitude of gratitude in all circumstances.  This literally changes your perspective and trains the mind to focus on the positive. Even if you have negative thoughts but can catch them and find something in the situation to be grateful for you have succeeded.  What we want to avoid is letting the negative thought take us on some crazy ride that only dis-empowers and keeps us further peace and happiness.  The more gratitude we have the more we attract the life we truly want.  When we hold gratitude in our hearts we are closer to our true nature.

An Attitude of Gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude

Having gratitude is simple yet profound! It brings more abundance and more wonderful things into our lives.

So unzip from your skin suit as often as you like. This little exercise can allow you to go beyond the Ego and be lighter about the circumstances of life.   Remember your true identity goes beyond this physical body and you have a huge purpose here. Let go, Forgive yourself and others. Let your heart shine and your soul sing. One of the BEST ways to move through huge barriers in your life is to practice forgiveness and unconditional love. Whether it is towards yourself or another it is powerful work.  I have found that forgiving your parents is a powerful way to get to the root of much non forgiveness in your current life. Having forgiveness for your parents opens the portal to your lineage line and can heal lifetime’s of pain and dis-ease. You might look into the Hawaiian atonement and reconciliation practice of Hoʻoponopono.  This can do wonders on your soul and the psyche. 

The more inner beauty we have by cleaning up our negative thoughts, false beliefs and identities we can begin to experience peace, contentment and our true identity. We know this has happened when we see more outer beauty in our selves and the world.   When we are being authentic in our expression we have arrived beyond the Ego into the realm of magic, humble power and we then open up our gifts to the world.  May this post inspire you to recognize your true identity and flourish. Many blessings and Much LOVE.

Please comment in the section below about this post and share your heart.

So..Chillax, Forgive, Let It Go…:)

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How Do You Repair the Body After Birth Control, Antibiotics or Hormone Replacement Therapy?

So what do you do now? These different antibiotics and synthetic drugs can create detrimental effects on the body.  The good news is every problem has a solution.

One of the main challenges with birth control is it seriously depletes the bodies Vitamin B6 levels.  This is a huge player when it comes to the health and well being of your gallbladder which translates to healthy digestion, skin and hair.

When the body is depleted of its Vitamin B6 levels because of birth control, antibiotics, HRT  and even recreational drugs the gallbladder can no longer hold the bile salts in suspension. B6 is required in order to assist insulin resistance. It is involved in many metabolic functions such as amino acid metabolism. With out healthy bile flow our bodies can not perform optimally.

If you experience:

  • Burping
  • Gas
  • Dry Hair
  • Bumps on skin
  • Unhealthy skin

Then this could be a great protocol for you. In 4-6 months you will have the most radiant hair and skin!

This protocol was created by Dr. Bob Marshall of Premier Research Labs. Below is a way to clear the debris from the gallbladder and saturate the body with Vitamin B6 in a clean, excipient free form.  If you no longer have a gallbladder this is still a very important protocol to take on.

Step 1:

Begin by taking 1-2 tsp. of Gallbladder ND each day for about 4-6 months.

This will saturate the cells with vitamin b6 and make up for lost times:)  The highly revered Gold Coin Grass will help to dissolve any stones that are in the gallbladder amongst other potent herbs. Depending on your size you will take 1-3 tsp. per day.

We suggest taking this slowly over several hours. The best way to do this is create a morning cocktail. Put the Gallbladder Nano Detox into 16 oz. of water and sip over several hours. This will act like an immune drip and give better results.

Step 2:

Then after about 3-4 weeks you will start doing two coffee enemas per week. This will help to clear the gallbladder and dislodge anything sedating energy flow to the gallbladder. You will continue this protocol for the next 4 months.

After you have done this protocol we highly recommend taking a reliable Vitamin B6 supplement. 1/2 tsp a day if using our excipient free vitamin b6  to ensure the body is nourished with this vitamin.

For more info on the coffee enema please see my related post here: I suggest utilizing only our premiere coffee to do the enemas as it tests on all 4 polarities of the body and is free of pesticides and mycotoxins.

I suggest taking your enema in in two rounds. Do half of it for 10 minutes and then the second half for the next 10 minutes.

Enjoy the power of this protocol and post your results in the comments section below.  I recommend spacing out your coffee enemas so that your electrolyte balance is not disturbed. I also recommend making sure your hydrate properly and ensure you are getting your minerals through green grass powders after your enema.  A great supplement after an enema is magnesium oil. Spray this on the skin about 7-14 pumps to re-mag the body!

Below is the link to purchase the kit. Please private message me so I can give you instructions for your particular body size.

Gallblader Detox PackageClick Here to Get Your Gallbladder Detox Package Today!

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What are the Crucial Nutrient Needs of the Body?

I feel like this is a great question to ask ourselves? When we think about eating to live not living to eat we can really start to ask our body what it requires for fuel.  For starter’s we require 5 hours of non interrupted sleep per night as well as fresh, clean air to breathe.

With 5 hours of sleep non stop we can be sure our adrenals have gotten to replenish and renew. If we can also get to bed by no later than 10pm we ensure our Growth Hormones have time to get repairing and renewing our cells, replenishing the system and utilizing amino acids to heal the body.

Sleep 5 hours non stop

Sleep 5 hours non stop

I think that one of the first things we can all agree on is the basic need for water. The best water as I have wrote in past posts is that of spring water. Spring water is living and it is full of minerals, it gives us true hydration. It also is holding a cleaner and purer energy signature. Water that goes thru a pipe leading to the kitchen sink is often corroded and moldy. Beyond that tap water is just lethal in my humble opinion. With fluroide, pesticides, herbicides, chemical residues, pharmaceutical drugs being thrown into the water system..yikes! it’s really best to live in a place where you are either on your own well or spring water.

Next would be a good quality Salt. Pink Salt will be your best friend from this day forth! Those that have the preconceived notion that salt is harmful to the body it depends on the type of salt. If you are taking in modern table salt that has been processed well you can bet it will lead to a slew of health challenges. However true mineralize, pink salt will lean the body out, hydrate it and keep your electrolytes in balance. It is an outstanding nutrient for anyone’s health quest. About 1 tsp. a day can do wonders for chronic ailments in the body!

Next we have our beloved Essential Fatty Acids.  EFA’s that are clean and fresh will oil this machine we call our bodies.  We must be very careful when choosing EFA’s to nourish the cells.  Look for oil that is in a dark ultra-violet bottle, glass or non toxic plastic. Most oils out there have gone rancid before you even open the bottle. Be conscious of this to ensure proper fuel for your brain, nerves and tissues. I love DHA oil from algae. It is a vegan source of oil that literally is a God sent. It tastes outstanding and you can just feel how the brain and body suck it up with gratitude!

Pink Salt is Mineral Rich

Pink Salt is Mineral Rich

Let’s now turn to our beloved mineral kingdom. We require minerals from our water and from our foods. But what if our food supply is very depleted of these minerals? What is our next step? Finding an incredible source of coral minerals would be a step in the right direction. If you kidneys are compromised in any way you will want to receive your minerals from green grasses. Find yourself a great source of green powder consisting of barley, alfalfa and wheat grass etc.  A couple tablespoons a day in fresh aloe puree will ensure the minerals get delivered to the cells. This will give you that optimal ph so that your body is in healing mode not fight or flight.  When the body hovers at the ph range of  about 6.4-7.0 we can ensure we have adequate minerals.  At this point we require only a small amount of super nutrition in order to quench the cell’s thirst for proper nutrition.

So this about sums up my post for now. Enjoy and know that You are radiance, you are love, you are light and you are a divine expression of the Creator!

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