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How To Utilize Coffee To Your Advantage

Could Coffee really be something that promotes health and well being?

Well let’s take a look at where coffee comes from and it’s history for a brief moment.  Coffee is a beautiful, lush tree that grows in the tropical climates. It produces a gorgeous red fruit when ripe.  When I lived on a 5 Acre Organic Coffee Farm in South Kona, Hawaii I had the opportunity to care for the coffee trees and learn how to harvest and prepare coffee for consumption.

Coffee Sorting

Coffee Sorting

If we look at the history of the use of Coffee we see it has been utilized for healing the body.  How? Well it is utilized to intake rectally as an enema. Yes, I know some of you are squeamish to this idea however many Doctor’s have had success treating people with Cancer and other dis-eases by utilizing the Holy Coffee Bean! I have written post’s about the coffee enema in the past and those of you whom have been following the blog have learned how to make a powerful coffee/herbal enema liquid. See past posts for guidance.

The main key here is that we experience a blood cleanse when the coffee circulates through our liver every 3 minutes.   We are cleaning the blood of toxins and debris. We are giving the Liver an opportunity to let go of accumulated toxins. The biggest concern is to make sure your coffee is free of mold and mycotoxins. Coffee can easily have mold on it even if it is organic.  You will want to find a company that is conscious of this. When you find this type of coffee it can actually be an incredible anti-inflammatory to the brain and body. This is a huge discovery!

Coffee Fields

Coffee Fields

Regular Coffee even bought at your high end coffee shop may in fact have mycotoxins and mold in undesirable amounts (including wet processed).   We have to be sure that clean coffee is the foundation when using for any application.  The sense of jitters, headaches or feelings of up and down energy is an indicator we have a coffee that has mycotoxins.

So how do you find a superb high quality coffee with low mycotoxin?

  •  You want to ensure a light roast so that the beneficial properties of the coffee bean are left intact.
  •      You want to ask the company if this is something they consider when processing the coffee.
  •  Do they have a solid relationship with the grower?
  •  Is the coffee grown without pesticides and herbicides?
  • Does the coffee test strong to the body, using kinesiology.
  • Is the company sustainable and better yet local.

When you store your coffee be sure to freeze the coffee you will not be using in an airtight container.   When you are ready to use it put it in an air tight glass jar and leave in a cool, dark place.  Bring out no more than a weeks worth portion from the freezer at a time.

So, that is it for today. I trust you will find these uses to be a bit more advantageous in utilizing the Sacred Coffee Bean.

Upgraded Vanilla

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The Astonishing Truth about Grass Fed Butter


Making Fresh Butter from Raw, Grass Fed Cream

Butter may have gotten a bad reputation in the past and for good reason on some levels. For one when butter is being mass produced and the cows are being fed grains that are often Genetically Modified well that surely is not a super food.  As most of you know Genetically Modified Feed will not only cause major immune related issues but it also does not give someone the many benefits of true pasture fed butter.

So, is Grass Fed Butter one of the most amazing super foods on this planet? I say YES.  And here is why:


Deep, Mineral Rich Color of Grass Fed Butter

I prefer cultured, raw, pasture fed butter. This ensures it has all its’ enzymes intact as well as plenty of probiotic proliferation. If you can’t get that from a local farm, do the best with what is available, but make sure it is grass fed!

Grass Fed Butter has a special Vitamin that is known to help keep the joints happy and healthy. This Vitamin is called, K2. K2 is found in abundance in grass fed butter. It is known as Activator X through the studies of Weston Price.  It helps to place the calcium we absorb into the bones instead of it getting displaced into the soft tissues.  This reverses or prevents calcification when combined with Vitamin D3.

Here is a list of the benefits of Grass Fed Butter:

1. It can be one of the best foods for treating fungal infections, including candida.

***Due to the lauric acid that is in abundance in the butter.

2.  Anti-Tumor & Anti-Cancer Properties

3. Contains Lecithin which is a wonderful emulsifier and oil transport to the brain.

4. It is anti-inflammatory

5. Re-mineralizes the bones and teeth. Can help to reverse tooth decay.

6. Prevents or Reverses calcification of the arteries and joints.

7.  Helps the body absorb minerals.

8.  Is a great source of Iodine

9. Can help women with becoming more fertile.

10. Crucial for a healthy brain and nervous system.

11.  Great source of absorbable Vitamin A (adrenals and thyroid support).

12. Is Rich in Selenium

13. Important immune Booster

14. Helps heal the gut lining

15. Protects from mental illness

16. Creates healthier skin, better bowel movements and a great outlook on life (feeds the brain)!

17. Kids LOVE it

And so much more! Discover the benefits by consuming this superfood on a daily basis.

What are some ways to utilize Grass Fed Butter for maximum nutrition?

Some ideas are to blend it in your hot teas or elixirs. Try it with some steamed brussel sprouts or other dark green cruciferous vegetable. A great idea is to blend some of the butter with the veggie of your choice in the blender and top the rest of the veggies with that creamed super nutrition.

This blog post is in honor of our 4th year Anniversary here at WordPress. wahoooo..we made it to the 4 year mark, Happy Anniversary!

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Every Encounter is a Holy Encounter.

How do you handle situations in your life? How do you go about engaging with other’s when challenges arise in your communication. Whether in the work place, at home or with your children this subject can bring about all kinds of disheartening feelings. However, in those lower vibratory feelings there is always an opportunity for expansion, growth, forgiveness and unconditional love.

One thing that has assisted me greatly with this would be the wise  words of Kevin Trudeau. He shares a few great techniques that I invite you to consider:

  • Have a High Teachability Index
  • A High Willingness to Learn
  • A High Willingness to Except Change

Another Masterful Teaching  by Eckart Tolle is to be “okay” with being wrong in any given situation even if you are right!  Let go and surrender to being wrong. This actually will bring about more inner peace and stillness than you could imagine.  It might take a few tries but after a while it feels good and the outcome in the situation ends up being healthier and more genuine any way.forgiveness-healing-heart

Another great teaching is to forgive yourself and forgive the other person no matter what. In my humble opinion we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We came on earth to remember our true selves.  We came to learn and show the Great Spirit that we can apply the teachings and move up in our ranking here on earth, ultimately fulfilling our purpose on a deeper level.

This does not make us better than other’s it simply brings more fulfillment to our own lives.

Indeed we are spiritual, electrical, unlimited BEINGS.

Our purpose always finds a way to come to fruition if we get ourselves out of the way and operate from the heart. Apply the knowledge and experience the wisdom.  Once we do this we are stronger and wiser. We then graduate to the next level in life.

When we forgive ourselves and others we make room for a major shift in our awareness. There are a couple books I recommend for this by Colin Tipping. He wrote Radical Forgiveness and Radical Self Forgiveness, these are both awesome.

We ask for each of our circumstances whether we realize it or not. Taking full responsibility for our own life situations and what we bring into them is the first step to self realization and a better, more peaceful life.

Next, we have to let go of any judgment or criticism about ourselves or others. Otherwise we continue to cause disharmony to ourselves.  We cause more harm to ourselves by remaining in a state of anger or resentment than it does to the other person involved. By yelling or getting upset only causes our cells to become unhealthy and this negatively effects our external world.

WE are all learning how to communicate more effectively. I have heard that Nonviolent Communication is a great book for adult communications.  I would LOVE to learn about how to effectively communicate with children. Any books that one can recommend to me please share in the comments below. Although I do not have any children I would like to know how to communicate in a loving manner in case one day I do. I see what an impact it has on their consciousness and feel that it can make or break the way they grow up as successful adults.

We want to remain present and move forward. We want to let go of the dead past and learn from our lessons. We want to end the guilt or shame we feel and live in the moment.  Genuinely ask for forgiveness from Great Spirit, make changes and get on with living.

forgivenessOur life situation lives in the dead past and the imaginary future. Our peaceful, loving selves live in this moment.

Whatever disharmony or harmony you create in your life is all your creation.  Acknowledge when you do create good things in your life and take a good look at those things that don’t seem to appealing in your life. Even if it is other people you are watching in your life, This is simply a reflection of your inner world. Ask yourself quality questions of how you could transform these challenges into a better, more fulfilling experience.  Ask a loved one to hold you accountable to stay in your heart when communicating at your best.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post as much as I did. It is an honor to take the lessons from Spirit and apply them as genuine wisdom in our lives.

Please comment below on any insights you might have or leave feedback!

In Health and Peace, Dodhisattva

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Backwards Down the Number Line…Phish

If you ever want to give a phriend and incredible gift on their Bearthday, I offer you this song>oh the lyrics are just so spot on!

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A Flexible Spine is A Flexible Mind. ~ Yogi Bhajan

Have you ever watched  a cat or a dog wake up from their night’s slumber? If you have, you have watched them stretch and yawn and move about their bodies.  We have even coined yoga pose names after animals, such as cat/cow in Kundalini Yoga. Image

This simple yet profound movement brings life to our spine. This wakes up our nervous system gently and allows it to move blood flow to all parts of the body including the brain.  When we bring life to the spine and keep it health and strong we are keeping the body strong, healthy and youthful.  The brain also becomes more flexible and flowing with life’s ups and downs.

Yoga especially Kundalini Yoga has the ability to reset the bodies rhythms. It actually balances the brain hemispheres and allows us to go through out our day with a peaceful heart. It gives us the ability to allow a higher self connection in our communications to one another.


Right and Left Nostril Breathing

One of the best qualities we can embody in order to have a prosperous life is that of a calm, polite and peaceful presence. In this space we emanate that of a prosperous being. We can get in this state by deep breathing, left & right nostril breathing, meditating and all forms of yoga.   As we experience this place of centeredness we allow for a great shift to occur in our lives. We suddenly attract prosperity in all its’ forms. We are prosperous in our time, prosperous in our relationships, prosperous with our health and prosperous in all good things.

How can we develop prosperity consciousness? We can begin by becoming more prosperous in our daily lives. We can give someone less fortunate something special, we can tithe to our favorite charity, we can become more present in our relationships and listen to our friends/family.  Even if you are in a position of not having as much as you might like, by giving you will receive far more.

Just yesterday I was filling up at the gas station and noticed a seemingly harmless, homeless man. He looked sun burned, dehydrated and exhausted. I had about 16 ounces of a high quality glacier water from Canada in the car as well as a Super nourishing Yoga Cookie made by my Kundalini Yoga teacher. Those yoga cookies have seriously silly good vibes that I believe bring forth magick! They are even in the shape of a heart. So, I gifted this man with the cookie and the water. This to me was a brilliant exchange of energy that lifted my whole being and allowed my aura to grow stronger. I bet he received something similar. I blessed him with so much love and blessings.

When we begin our day with a little stretching, a little mindful breathing and some prosperity consciousness we are on our way to a life of true happiness.

Let us remember a flexible spine is a flexible mind. The more we can be in a space to give the more we assist another to rise up and be apart of something magical.  Like Bob Marley says, “Help the weak if your are strong.”  Even if you are not strong find the strength thru spirit, ask and pray for this strength. Then allow it to come in and shift your life.

Sending love and blessings to all.

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