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Nourish Thy Self.

Nourishing thy self is an inside job. Then the manifestation is seen in the outer world.

If you have ever experienced the feelings of self criticism, judgement or resentment then this post might just be for you.  Who has not gone through these feelings at one point or another?  Is it our fault? Placing blame on ourselves or others doesn’t do much good rather the question to ask might be, how can I feel better, how can I change my route in life to a better one?  Well, this question puts the power back into your own hands, this allows you to be the Creator and the Director of your life experience.  This allows you to hold yourself accountable for what you choose to think, feel, say and do. This also holds you accountable for what you put on and into your body.images

In order to experience self nourishment we start from the inside out. We clear away the debris, we might sit in meditation, we might embark on a body cleanse, we might start reading a great book about Self Love and Acceptance. Whatever it is we must take responsibility for the way we treat ourselves.  As we begin to trust ourselves with self love and respect we begin to experience more trust in all its forms. First, we must trust ourselves knowing we speak highly and think highly of our actions, our body, our thoughts. If we make a mistake or do something that we are not happy with we can make adjustments and move forward.  To nourish ourselves with nutrient rich foods, to move our bodies and stretch them in ways that make our minds flexible and spines timeless, and to clean up our environment and make our living space harmonious and joyous are all profound ways to shift our lives into Self Respect & Nourishment.


Buddha & Me

When we nourish ourselves with food that we know deep down are healing and restorative to our body we are practicing a form of self love and respect.   We are giving ourselves nutrient rich food so we can become more powerful, more radiant, more dynamic and more of our true identity. I have mentioned in past posts how incredible it is too forage and eat wild edibles because I feel it brings back a strength to the body that commercially foods just do not possess.  Wild foods must live and thrive in conditions that are always fluctuating and changing.  They become stronger, wiser and more confident for it.  This is self nourishment.

To me a form of Self Sabotage would be eating things that I know are not nourishing and good for me, self sabotage looks like judging myself for a past mistake or criticizing myself for not being good enough.  All of these things to me are forms of self sabotage. We are influenced by programming from advertising and media on a daily basis.  I feel we can powerfully live in our environment and protect ourselves from these acts.  It does take courage and it certainly does take commitment. And as Yogi Ji says, “Keep up and You Will be Kept Up.”  So, with that said, what can we do to protect ourselves from sabotage? We can practice Yoga and Mantra, we can Meditate, we can learn to eat with conscious awareness, we can speak from our heart instead of our head.  All of these things help us to keep up with the changing times. The Aquarian Age is here, the Age of the Soul.  So we must keep up if we want to experience all the joy and fulfillment that comes with this Age.

images-1When we make the decision to look at ourselves in the mirror and remind ourselves of our great beauty, our magical wonder, our authentic spirit we attract more people into our lives that appreciate us for who we really are.  We magnetize those that we are most in alignment with and so the flow goes….. This is Self Nourishment.

When we choose to clean up our environment , clean up the clutter, care for our belongings  we are living in a state of Self Nourishment.

Choosing to nourish ourselves is the single most important thing we can do for ourselves and for the world.  We can begin to see the power these acts have on our life as we change our thoughts we change our world. Look at the word WORLD, it has WORD in it. We are influenced by the word we choose to speak. Let us start listening to our chosen words.

As Yogi Ji says:  “Communication is very misunderstood by all human beings.  When you are angry. When you are emotional. When you are hurt, When you are insecure or When you are into an Ego Trip that’s when you feel you must talk. And that is why you mess up.”  Let us Speak with encouragement, upliftment and positivity. ~ From The Flow of Eternal Power.

**And as a Special Side Note here are the The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age as Taught By Yogi Bhajan

1. Recognize that the other person is you.
2. There is a way through every block.
3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.
4.  Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
5. Vibrate the cosmos, and the cosmos shall clear the path.

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The Four Agreements



Mind Map of the Four Agreements.

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A Few Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You.

How can we take responsibility for our own health? What are some things we can do at home that will keep us healthy and thriving. With fall here and winter approaching we want to make sure our immune system is operating optimally.

Most Conventional Doctor’s treat the symptoms not the root of the dis-ease. With this being said, we are usually given an antibiotic to treat the symptom.  What I have found since studying 21st Century Medicine or QRA is that once we get to the root cause we can live an incredible life.images

So, what if instead our Doctor’s first checked our urine PH? Now that’s a concept for ya to ponder.  If an infection is present we can be sure our ph will be off. This PH is a huge clue as to the state of health or dis-ease of our human body. Even more importantly is the first morning’s urine PH and our bodies ability to hold that consistently each and every morning.

~Fun Fact: Ph stands for Potential or the Power of Hydrogen.

Doctor’s do often take urine samples but not necessarily to check this valuable indicator of our health. Our PH mean so many things to the optimal functioning of our human vessel.

First and foremost our goal is a PH between 6.4-7.0 each morning upon rising for the day. This would be after 5am or when we wake for the day, not when we awake in the middle of the night.  Before we have put anything in our bodies we check our first morning urine ph to discover the health of our mineral levels.  We take a small piece of PH paper that you can get at just about any health food store and put it in the stream of your urine. You could also collect your urine and dip the strip this way.

Next you check the ph chart against your urine sample to see where you are at.

Too Acid: Below 6.4, and usually yellow in color on the test strip, which means we do not have sufficient minerals in the system to keep our ph in healthy range. We are in a deficit which puts us in a state of Acidosis.  In an acid state we are not functioning to our highest ability and create lots of stress and work for our body system.

Too Alkaline: This means we are buffering our own mineral reserves and is a sign that we are taking mineral from our own tissue and could be in bone loss.

When the first morning urine ph is acidic our bodies may not have the ability to take in minerals effectively. This means when we eat we could eat all the most mineral rich foods but until we correct this imbalance many of these nutrients go right though us. Once we correct this challenge instead of loads of nutrition we will only require a thimble full of nutrition to keep the body happy and healthy.

images-1How can we correct our first morning Urine PH? There are many things to consider here. The number 1 consideration is our outlook on life and our thoughts. If we have a peaceful way about us our PH is naturally more alkaline. Similarly acidic thoughts bring acidic results.  We can also consider our environment. We are made up of the same minerals that the sun and moon are made up of. The Moon is very alkalinizing for the body. As you can see on the left side bar of the blog I keep a log of how far or close we are to the full moon. The Hunter’s Full Moon is soon upon us. This is a great way to absorb alkaline minerals in our body.  Sleeping outside and facing the moon can benefit a woman’s reproductive system greatly. Or just enjoy being outdoors on the night of the full moon. The sun is acidic between the hours of 11am-3pm. Do your best to get the natural rays of the sun before or after this time. Either way a good zinc lotion can protect you midday. Enjoy the Sun.

Next we can ask ourselves,  “Are we getting enough mineral rich foods?” Do we have quality super food sources to ensure high resonant nutrition? What can help my PH?

One of my favorite drinks to make and consume is Electrolyte Lemonade. This beverage will assist in alkalinizing your body and replenish minerals.

  1. Fresh Squeezed OG Lemons
  2. Fresh Pressed OG Ginger Juice
  3. 1 tsp. Pink Salt
  4. 1 to 2 ounces Raw Cold Pressed Aloe with no fillers or Fresh Aloe Fillet
  5. Unheated Truly Raw Honey or Stevia to taste. Many honeys will say raw but unless it says unheated it is just like eating sugar.
  6. 32 ounces spring water/high quality water or coconut water kefir.

Take these ingredients and blend in blend tec. Add ice if desired and ENJOY!images-2

Other Helpful Tools for Optimal PH: Super Foods such as Chlorella & Spirulina, Raw OG Apple Cider Vinegar, Microgreens, Vegetables and Marine Coral Calcium from Whole Minerals such as those from Premier Research Labs or a product called Phoursalts can be very useful.

What if we are doing this and we still can not achieve an alkaline morning urine ph?

We can try supplementing with Magnesium Glycinate and Transdermal Magnesium. Often we as a people are deficient in this crucial mineral. If we still have a challenge with our PH we might look at our teeth next. Here we would test our teeth with Quantum Reflex Analysis or see a Natural Drug Free Dentist to find any interference fields with our teeth. We could have a dead tooth and not know it, mercury fillings or infected teeth or gums could play a major role in hindering the first morning urine ph.  A great protocol for healthy teeth has been mentioned in past posts. However in short my recommendation is the following:

  • Probiotics specific to the teeth (a few times a week open probioitcs in mouth and let innoculate for 10 minutes before drinking or eating anything, best if you brush your teeth first).
  • Use a tongue scraper daily
  • Brush gums with a dry natural toothbrush each morning. Utilize a high quality combo of essential oils for gum health on brush.
  • Floss twice daily with unwaxed floss and coat floss with antibacterial essential oils.
  • Brush gently with clays, natural tooth powders made of bicarbonite
  • Rinse mouth with sea salt daily
  • Store tooth brush and tooth tools in a glass cup of hydrogen peroxide. Change liquid every 24 hours
  • Coconut oil or Sesame oil pulling a few times a week will pull bacteria out. Discard in trash.

If you have an interference field in the mouth sedating optimal ph you may benefit from a dental mud pack. This would help to clear the IF field.  Neem oil and Neem bark could also help to recover energy flow to the tooth. Sometimes a Dentist is required but being as self sufficient as possible when it comes to our health is best. Preventative care is best.images

Next we might have another scar or trauma on the body sedating the healthy ph of our bodies. This is best checked by a QRA Practitioner.

It took a long time to put the body in a state of Acidosis so it will take some time to re-build mineral reserves and keep a steady, consistent ph. The reward once achieved is like a new lease on life. Your outlook, your health and your life in general will greatly improve. I believe that the health and wellness of our body will correlate to the health and richness we experience in our external world. As we become nutrient rich creatures we experience a rich, fulfilling life externally.

So, to recap the most foundational thing we can do for ourselves is check our first morning’s urine ph, do what it takes to correct imbalances and take responsibility for our lives.  This will give us an indicator if we are running acidic or alkaline. Beyond this it tells us if we have plenty of minerals to allow our body to work its miracles and stay healthy throughout the seasons.

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How to Do a Safe & Effective Liver Gallbladder Flush.

Yes, we are back to the subject of our beloved Liver’s and Gallbladders. Yes it is that time of year again for me and maybe for you too.

I have experimented with different liver flushes and I can say that this past one was one of the smoothest ever. Here are the reasons:

1. I prepared with a couple months of Gold Coin Grass Herb Tincture.images

2. I did my castor oil packs on the kidneys, liver and then repeated over the kidneys after the flush.

3. I made sure I was well hydrated and I had plenty of minerals and transdermal magnesium throughout the process.

4. I performed several coffee enemas leading up to the flush and after the oil. I will explain this key part in just a bit! This did a world of good for making sure I did not feel sick later in the night.

5. I made sure the bile ducts of the gallbladder were open by taking Billiven so that the stones could pass thru with ease.

6. I made sure to eat a clean simple diet with out fat the day before and day of with only peeled organic apples on the flush day. Blended room temperature foods are a great idea at least 1 week prior to flushing. Ex: Raw/Organic Green Superfood Smoothies and Blended Nutrient Rich Soups at room temp keep the liver warm.

Okay, so let’s go thru each of these steps. First things first when you prepare adequately for the flush you can be sure to receive the most bang for your flush.  I recommend Gallbladder ND which you can order from me if you’d like.   This can be taking for 4-6 weeks prior to your flush. I actually did 2 tsps for 3 months and wow I feel it was a huge help. This has the potent Gold Coin Grass Herb in it. This does alot to soften up the stones.


Castor Oil Plant

Next we want to get some high quality castor oil that is from a clean source.  You will utilize the organic flannel and saturate the flannel with the oil. Then you will put this over the kidneys for 1 hour. Wrap with an old towel and heating pad.  Keeping the kidneys happy and healthy before during and after the flush is a must.  I also recommend cleaning the kidneys out with something like RenaVen. Renaven will take care of parasites, heavy metals and other unwanted toxins that may be stuck in the kidney. We want these valuable organs to be functioning properly before the flush.

We also want to castor oil pack the liver a couple times before the flush. I especially like to do this the day before the actual flush.  Leave it on for an hour as well with the heating pad.  Skip a day in between each organ when doing castor oil packs. It is a highly effective procedure although it seems simple and like much is not happening. It can be very detoxifying. Be sure to throw out the used flannel after each use.

Next we want to be doing our coffee enemas with high integrity coffee and some bile opening herbs. We can open a few caps of billiven into the enema. Do a couple enemas leading up to the days of the flush. Make sure your electrolyte balance is in check with fresh coconut water kefir, bio availiable minerals and mineral rich juices. This will make things much easier as you go thru the flush. I also recommend getting a bottle of transdermal magnesium and spray on through out the flushing experience to keep magnesium levels up.

Before the oil we want to take in some epsom salts to clear the GI tract. Some say this is important others say it is a burden on the kidneys. I do 1 tbs. an hour before the flush starts in 1/2 cup warm water. I also take a high water enema to make sure all is clear for the stones.

Coffee for Enema

Coffee for Enema

Next I like to follow the protocol that Dr. Marshall suggest of 4 spaced doses of oil at 15 minute increments(3-4tbs depending on your body size). This will allow for more stones to exit stage left:)  Or at least that is the idea.  You will add herbs, first two doses get something called hyssop and the last two doses get hyssop with parastat. The first to oil sessions have probably started to get some parasites out of hiding and then we come in with parastat on the next two oil doses. You will use lemon or grapefruit to take with each oil dose. I took two enzymes with the last oil dose to ensure the fat was digested. That is a lot of oil for one person.

I like to do the oil flush in the middle of the day around 2pm.  Then 30 minutes after your last dose of oil have a coffee enema already prepared in the bathroom awaiting your arrival. This is so key to maximize the flush benefits. I used to wait till the day after to do this step but wow does this assist the whole process to go much more smooth. After this I get a hot bath going with Medi body Bath or whatever mineral rich salt soak you have available. This will replenish minerals lost during the coffee enema. Once you get out of the bath apply more magnesium oil to the body and whatever essential oil most suits you. This time it was blue chamomile for me.  Next get back into bed and continue to rest.  Apply a castor oil pack to the liver if you wish.

If you feel okay to start drinking fluids after several hours go for it. If not remain resting. The next day you can do more epsom salts if you feel you require it. I always like to do a coffee enema to make sure all has moved out.  Next you can take a cleansing beverage of  the following:

Heirloom Tomato or Premier Tomato Concentrate in Water3529-1

Organic Celery stalks -2

1-2 tbs of the premiere olive oil

1 -2 capsule of premier turmeric

1-2 caps allicidin or fresh raw garlic

Blend well in your vitamix.

This can help further clear putrid matter from the GI tract.

You can then go about your day and rest as you require it.

Note: Best to do the flush around the new moon. The Full Moon can be quite intense as this is the time where the moon has a magnified effect on us.  It also is the time parasites come out more than the new moon.  It can be intense on the full moon. Use your own intuition here.

All I can say is the feeling I felt after this flush was pretty remarkable. Although I had no stones, I am sure toxins were released and removed via the kidneys and bowels.  Gratitude, Peace, Joy and Present Moment Awareness are the feelings after you do a flush like this.

If you are interested in this flush I can send you the kit with all the ingredients you require. This is pretty much the best of the best.  Please contact me for details! Happy Flushing Family:)

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The Secret of Connecting with Your Tribe

Dear Friends of the Sacred Backyard Blog ~

Thanks for stopping by. Grab a seat, your favorite Buddha Bar tonic and enjoy the Now.


Amorea’s Art ~ Soul Family

One of the most amazing experiences we can let in to this life is that of our own innate power.

In this day of technology, we often rely on cell phones and computers to communicate and connect with one another.

Although I truly love my Mac and my Iphone I also appreciate the value of psychic perception and telepathy. Once we experience bringing someone into our life without utilizing our electronic devices we have just experienced our natural power.  It’s truly remarkable and something I invite everyone to cultivate.

The more we experience our innate power the more security we have within ourselves to create our life by design. We can lose site of our power if we rely on other people, tools and devices to do this for us. I feel there is a healthy balance here.

Just yesterday I had one of these “holy flow” experiences. I had been focusing on a certain area that I really love here in Southern California. It is a beautiful area in the canyon near Malibu. It was thru a job opportunity that put me right in this particular area I had been focused on. I ended up meeting three wonderful soul family members and had instant connection with each one of them. We went on a peaceful walk thru the woods nearby and spent a few moments meditating together amongst the animal spirits.  Powerful indeed.

I like to invest time each day in meditating and increasing my psychic powers. This may involve staring at a single flame to awaken my imagespineal gland or third eye. I may take in certain tonic herbs to put me in a more spiritual place. I may do certain yoga postures that cultivate strength in my Chakras assisting me to develop my own strengths. We might invest more time in nature so that we plug into that electrical matrix and ground these abilities we have opened up to. The heart beat of the earth is a powerful, solid and stable one.  We can make a phone call to our higher self and then thru that channel connect with our fellow tribe. These tools are out there for anyone to experience. When we tap into them we can experience magical Synchronicities that make life awe inspiring.

There are many things in today’s modern world that could be inhibiting us from opening up this telepathic channel.  If we are full of toxins we are unable to think clearly and would not have keen perception. Cleansing internal and external factors are key here. How I test myself and others is with Quantum Reflex Analysis.  This uses kinesiology to test different points on the body. We can test the points on our brain to let us know if they are strong or weak.  A weak pituitary gland may suggest we are being impacted by environmental stressors. Here we can take action with live source nutrition and something like a vastu pendant that will remediate the field around our body.  We might also start a protocol to decalcify the body so that we know for sure our pineal gland is healthy and receptive like an antennae. images

I have a friend ( a wise old soul whom is a shaman in this lifetime) that lives out in the mountains near the Four Corners,  and he and I connect here and again in ways that are mystical and just apart of that holy flow. We are apart of the same tribe. It is a feeling you just know when you connect in person.  Our connections like this one are very powerful in assisting us with the growth that we came to experience here. Following these signs and signals in life becomes a treasure to behold.   We might think of these feelings we get as clues, clues to take action one way or another. We are here to experience the magnitude of our power. When we humbly harness this power it is something that is more precious than anything.  Take time to remember these skills that are already apart of you.

Enjoy your sacred connections, your inborn powers and recognize these truth’s so that you can experience them in this lifetime with your soul family and tribe.

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