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Jing Tonifying Porridge and The Great Blue Heron

Hi Sacred Backyard Readers! This porridge recipe I am going to share with you is super vital.  Fall is here in the beautiful Northern California Mountains and I have been enjoying some amazing walks along the river. Instead of snow fall its leaf fall for now and many days of the week I am greeted by the Great Blue Heron perched on a rock in the river.  My connection with the heron has been going on for over a year now and its a really special one.  It’s a bit of a story so I will save it for another post.  I also have been visited by the snake medicine, owls, a lady bug; this amazing totem literally crawled up next to me on the couch while I was listening to an Eckart Tolle video, how serendipitous.  And of course the blue jays sing and make their presence well known here.


The Heron’s Sacred Pond

Nature loves to be seen for its true essence and nature is a place where we can all feel secure, held and inspired if we are present to its sacredness. The Great Blue Heron is such an auspicious and potent medicine for me.  The heron symbolizes having one foot in the manifest word and one in the unmanifest realm. The form realm and formless realm. It is a great reminder to live up to what we are, Human Beings. Human is the form aspect and the Being is the formless aspect that truly grounds us into the here and now and connects to the flow of life.

The 80/20 Principle is a great one to apply here. If we put 80% of our attention into being, literally feeling our true nature through presence and 20% attention on our goals and tasks in life we allow the great primordial intelligence to flow through us and create lives of deeper meaning and purpose.

So as the fall has set in I am enjoying warm porridge before my walk, which is jing building and anti-inflammatory too.

First: Make your coconut mylk, i choose coconut over any nut mylk b/c it is anti-inflammatory and really does not have a high omega 6 ratio like nuts which can create inflammation.   So there a couple ways to do the coconut mylk; 1. you could buy young thai coconuts and blend them with water then heat that on the stove until warm. I add stevia and sea salt to taste and hold the coconut water for making kefir. Or pick up some organic coconut cream. Mine comes in a little box.  Its so delicious and all you need to do is blend it with 3 or 4 cups of hot water.

Note: If you are using fresh coconuts utilize the coconut water to make kefir and opt to just use fresh water in your porridge and sweeten with stevia to keep this ketogenic, especially earlier in the day you don’t want to spike insulin.  If you can not find thai coconuts go to the freezer section and see if they carry organic young thai coconut meat. Or sometimes you can get pure og coconut cream and make mylk from that if need be.

Next: Grind 2 tablespoons of flax seeds and set aside. These are high in omega 3 and great for reducing inflammation keeping your fatty acids in balance(as are the chia seeds that make up the most of your porridge). Put the desired amount of chia seeds in your mylk that’s warming on the stove. If I am making two portions I usually do about 1/2 cup chia as it will swell up a good bit. Now let the chia start to swell and stir, add the ground flax. Chia-pudding-2

Then: Once its warm to the touch and the chia seeds have swelled up a bit pour into bowls. Top with Jing tonifying Goji Berries and a few fresh pomegranate seeds. Fatty acids from this breakfast are also jing tonifying and this supports a ketogenic body ecology diet approach. These fats are so healthy for the brain and give our kidneys nourishment.

Lastly: Top with fresh organic cinnamon to seal the matrix of the the porridge allowing our organs to test on to the food. Enjoy in presence. Love!

What do you feel about this recipe or the medicine we gain from nature? Share your experiences with animal totems, jing building foods or how you enjoyed the recipe below. And do share this post if you feel inspired.

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How to Preserve Or Regain Your Jing (Essence)

During the ambrosial hours of the morning I often get insights from the sweet stillness of the morning. When our minds are most at peace and can tap into something greater. The insights may be a new idea, or what to take action on in the day or like last night what to write about on my blog. So this blog is thanks to that super power behind the scenes that drives us to create the most magical experiences.

What is Jing? Well Jing is a word used in Chinese medicine to describe your essence. It is stored in the kidneys and you are born with a certain amount of pre-heaven essence that you downloaded from your parents.

Some of us have more than others, some of us have to work smarter for it later in life to cultivate more post natal jing. For example a man in his 80’s that smokes cigarettes on the daily and can still climb to the top of a mountain and has super strong energy through out the day without any crashes may have inherited strong jing. On the other hand let’s take a look at someone whom seemingly is aging rapidly in their mid 30’s or even 40’s and does not have the energy they once had. There body feels worn out in a sense. This is the lack of jing or will to carry us in life. Chi is the movement of energy within the body, it keeps the blood and lymph fluids moving while Shen creates a peaceful spirit. We will focus on Jing in this article because from what I have learned Jing really feeds and nurtures the other Treasures, Chi & Shen. If you have strong jing it will be much easier to cultivate a peaceful spirit and life flow.

Many factors can cause our jing to run out, stress is a big one. Living in a modern world with busy schedules can create a loss of jing. Having children also requires lots of jng and so a woman would do well to nourish her jing before birth and then after the baby is born it is time to re-build. Illnesses can deplete jing and lifestyle choices can either positively or negatively impact your jing.

So here we are going to go through a simple list of things you can start doing today to increase your Jing wherever you are in life young or “old”.

1. Stay Present as often as you can. Begin to cultivate presence in your daily life. When you are in the present moment it is hard to leak jing. Jing is leaked when we are in the thinking mind worrying about the dead past or hoping for future results. The present moment offers insight and wisdom from beyond the illusion of time. It is here where you access to creative expression and life works with you because you are accepting and living in the only moment there is, the now. The more we resist the now the more life resists us. The more we accept and live in the now life lines up for us. Suggestions are to read Eckart Tolle’s books and attend a meet up group on the subject. This will keep you in a steady flow of Jing creation.

2. Incorporate the The 5 Tibetan Rites in your daily exercise regime. This practice will open up the 7 energy centers in your body and help to reverse the aging process. It will balance your hormones and assist you to strengthen your Jing. Keep it up and after 1,000 sets of this practice your energy bands will likely shift and you will be activated. This practice is ancient and to be applied with reverence. Read books about the practice such as the Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder.  Find a mentor that really knows this art and master it with their help.

3. Master Cellular Nutrition – We are all experimenting on foods and what works for our bodies. I have found that a nutritional protocol that feeds the good bacteria such as the Body Ecology Diet can be a great starting point. Using ketogenic diet principles you can burn long and clean using quality fuel for your body and not spike insulin and sugar levels.

4. Create time for tea each day that incorporates herbs to build jing such as He Shou Wu, Cordyceps, & Goji Berries ( about 1 tsp per day). Create a ritual of this and rebuild your body with mineral rich substances such as this. Make teas and broths that give your body warm nourishment.

5. Fast once a week with liquid nourishment (for beginners that require deep cleansing from standard diet). Utilize broth, warm tonic teas, a green vegetable juice and  a blended green soup in the evening. The greens will work in synergy with the chinese herbs.

6. Cultivate several other practices like magnesium therapy to counter act any calcification in the body and rebuild your hormones through the process. Transdermal Magnesium absorbs the best.

These are just a few beginner steps that can be taken. For more detailed info on cleansing and rebuilding contact me personally for a personalized program.


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