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Raw Superfood Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Some of you probably remember making chocolate chip cookie dough as a child like I do. What a yummy and enjoyable treat! My mom was notorious for her excellent baking skills. I think she timed it perfectly as I would arrive home from school and a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies would be coming out of the oven!

The version I have created is one that promotes health and bio available nutrition to the body. Some of you may wonder about eating raw eggs because of salmonella but honestly there is just as much chance if not more of getting salmonella while cooking foods. Chances of Salmonella are more of an issue for the elderly or someone with a weak immune system. Even so if someone had a challenge with this bacteria a strong and healthy does of probiotics on the hour every hour would balance and harmonize the gut flora.  Always choose the highest quality eggs you can find.


1 fresh organic grass fed egg

1 part colostrum powder

1 part tocotreniols (rice bran solubels non gmo)

A couple of TBS. Maca Powder

2-3 tsp. raw organic cultured butter

1 tsp. of fresh raw ground vanilla bean

2 to 3 tbs of heirloom cacao paste chopped

sprinkle of high quality sea salt

1 tbs. raw & creamy honey warmed to think consistency

1 dropperful of liquid stevia

In a glass pot lightly melt butter on low heat. Crack egg into a glass bowl and add butter, liquid stevia, and honey. Combine with spoon. In a separate bowl add your colostrum, toc’s, maca, salt and ground vanilla bean. Mix well and then add to your wet mixture ingredients. Once combined if you want to add more dry or wet ingredients to your liking go for it. When your happy with the sweetness and overall flavor add the cacao paste chunks. Refrigerate or enjoy right away.

If you do not prefer honey or can not have sugar then omit this and just use stevia. It will however change the overall consistency and flavor. When the honey is incorporated it gives it a creamy texture, well rounded flavor and mega nutrition.  Other sweeteners you might try are coconut palm sugar or yacon syrup.

Raw eggs are an incredible way to get potent nutrition.  Zeaxanthin and Lutein are two incredible nutrients we get from eggs. A great vegan source is Goji Berry Powder, also known as lycium. The amino acids in raw eggs are nourishing for the brain, nervous system, glands and hormones. Once heated and cooked they do start to change their protein structure and harder to digest so it is best to eat them raw at your best. This recipe is a great way to incorporate raw eggs or simply add them to your smoothie. The thyroid is highly nourished from the yolk of the egg.  Eggs are also one of the few food sources where we can obtain Vitamin D.

The reason I add Grass Fed Raw Organic Cultured Butter is because it contains activator x which is also known as the fat soluble vitamin k2.  The brain is highly nourished from this food and it allows for better nutrient absorption. Vitamin K2 is important for bone health as it helps to place Vitamin d3 into the bones and not into the soft tissue. When Vitamin D deposits into the soft tissue the bones become rigid and often times arthritis and calcification become an issue over time.

Colostrum is another incredible super food that supports the bodies renewal process. It gives the body bio available nutrition for improved physical stamina, brain nourishment and healthy skin & hair.  Besides being a key to optimal immune system protection, colostrum gives the cookie dough an incredible taste too.  Recent studies show that Colostrum is more potent than vaccines at preventing flu and other immune system invaders. It is a natural approach to preventing illness that does not cause stress on the organ systems.

Tocotreniols are great for skin repair and have an abundance of coq10 as well as selenium, glutathione peroxidase ( important for DNA repair), and is an overall protector of degenerative disease.

Lucuma is a sub tropical fruit and super food powder that brings nutrient density to foods as well as a maple like flavor. You could add this into the recipe or if wanting to create a vegan cookie dough. Lucuma, toc’s and maca could be used in abundance replacing the colostrum.  You might try raw coconut oil instead of the butter and omit the egg adding in fermented chick pea miso and a bit of coconut water to replace the egg texture!

Anything is possible and it is fun to be open to all kinds of things. The more receptive and flexible we are the more we make way for the higher good to come abounding into our lives.  Making choices requires discernment and utilizing our inner wisdom for the greater good of all. And so it is!

Enjoy this potent medicinal cookie dough and gift yourself with Anti-Aging Factors, Rejuvenation, Regeneration and even some spiritually enlightened insights! Hip Hip Hooray!

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The Spiritual Laws of Wealth & Abundance

As we look at the ways to create lasting abundance and wealth we realize that following our life purpose is our vital key to success. When we are living our life purpose it is all the easier to create lasting channels of wealth and prosperity.  Our lives become a divine synchronicity of the holy flow.

by Eleanor Roosevelt

Creating an abundant flow of money through your life’s work is a beautiful thing. Exchanging for your valuable service to the world is important in order to keep the circular flow of energy moving. If you are just starting out with a project or new services you might barter or create a donation based system. Donation based systems are a great solution for many reasons such as taxes and opening up the channels for more people to experience your gifts. Creating a monetary exchange is valuable at this time so asking yourself questions such as,  “How much are my services worth?” and “What value do I bring to others?”

As the world continues to change it is good to have services that you can provide for exchange and barter. If things in our economy change to more of a barter type system you will be well equipped for those types of shifts. It is good to have connections with the right people in your fields of service too. It is who you know most of the time that brings in more success. For me I continue to learn and study my field so I can expand my knowledge and obtain high quality information to spread into the world at my best.  As we gain more experiences, knowledge and practice we create more and more worth.

What is your worth? What do you have to offer and contribute to the world for the highest good of all? Creating win win situations on all levels with all beings is apart of the spiritual laws of money. When we ask ourselves this  question while going about our work we invite the opportunity to create more wealth by abiding with this law.

One thing that may hold some people back from following their higher path is feeling like it’s already been done or too many people do that particular thing. In the past I have limited myself with this type of perspective. As you overcome this way of thinking and release whatever karma you have towards lack and limitation you will realize your authenticity is what the world requires. There could be a million people doing the same thing but it is their message and presence that people are after. Instead of a competing attitude one can hold a contending attitude, one that holds a much higher vibration.

What is your perception of your fellow friends doing similar works? Cooperation is a beautiful thing to incorporate in your work as you follow the spiritual laws of wealth.  As we hold our fellow workers in the light and bless their success ten fold we bring back to ourselves our wealth. We each have a free will choice, when we allow others to experience that free will choice we free up our own energy to creative, prosper and achieve the best life ever.

We can form allies with those in our related field, supporting one another and possibly merging visions to create something powerful. Coming from an abundant perspective, their is unlimited amounts of people that require your services so let it in fully.

As we surrender to the flow and current of our life we watch it become an art piece. We know when to take action and when to let go of the things that are no longer serving us. Right action is an incredible tool to utilize. When you get an idea to call someone or go somewhere take action now! When we allow the mind to over think things we often talk ourselves out of the very things that will create our monumental successes in life.

Living with integrity, commitment, trust, loyalty and joy within ourselves will keep our lives attuned to the Creator and thus allow for a smoother ride in this thing called life;)

More important than anything is finding your life’s work. This above all is where the magic starts. You will know that you are doing what you are here to do when you love what you do, you would do it for free and in some way you are contribution to the world.

What did you do as a child that made you laugh, dance and sing?  I can see myself at 6, 7 & 8 years of age. I was dancing wildly in the kitchen for my parents eating chocolate in my silk night gown letting my body move and fully being in the flow!

Surrender to the Flow of Your Greatest Life.

And now as I find myself at the golden age of 33 I am creating nutrient rich chocolate for others and giving myself permission to authentically move my body at classes like Ecstatic Dance. These are clues we are on our highest path!  May this post inspire you to dance like nobody is watching. I love you.

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Creator’s Cacao

You know what gives me tremendous joy?  Creating Nutrient Rich Gourmet Living foods in the Ital Kitchen. OH Yes it is what sends me to the blissful abyss~!  I  often imagine my dream kitchen and think of how it will be the most epic kitchen ever. A commercial kitchen set up so that anything I make could be sold at market whether it is cultured vegetables, almond coconut yogurt with fresh ground vanilla bean, rainbow sushi  wraps or super galactic chocolates! It is such a pleasure to create in the kitchen.

I remember when I was in Jamaica and as I was walking home from dinner with my friends, A lovely woman was selling pies right out of
her beach front kitchen window. It was cozy and soulful. I just loved
the whole vibe. Once while visiting Costa Rica I met a woman whom had
a small restaurant at her home and every night she made fresh
cuisine. The menu changed daily! The kitchen was open for you to see
in and you sat at bar stools while she created. The aromas, the
clanking of pots,the steam arising from the dish station, the tropical foliage surrounding you, It was quite magical for the senses. She invited me to make some food with her one night. It was
truly inspiring.
My ideal kitchen is indoor/outdoor with tropical breezes and
occasionally a fun storm brews up so that I get to make incredible
creations to sit, sip and watch the storm.

My little nephew Beau inspired this post because he recently went into the cupboards and found my heart molds for making chocolate. He handed it to me and made a few baby words that I know mean, “Can we make Chocolate?”  What a love muffin he is. Beau loves when I make chocolates. He reminds me of myself as a kid.  I LOVED chocolate back then and I love it now.

As my love for health grew I gravitated towards yummy creations made from real, wholesome cacao that had not been processed, instead a fermentation takes place and keeps the nutrients intact making a super food.  I look forward to making chocolate in the Ital kitchen as well as things like cheesy endives filled with paprika cultured cashew cheese served warm from the dehydrator  Or how about a raw vegan chocolate filled croissant! (I am still awaiting to receive the download on how to make). The Angel Juicer will sit on my thick, wooden cutting block station where pressed juices can create the base for recipes or just to simply drink and hydrate.  Dinner gatherings and cocktail parties with health promoting elixirs will be a joy to facilitate and create.

At the time when I began really enjoying the chocolate making  I was studying under a Shaman and we did a lot of talking about the Creator of life and all things. It is then that I had the magical idea to name the Chocolates. I chose Creator’s Cacao because it made perfect sense. I am in the holy flow while creating in the Ital Kitchen.  It is like I am on autopilot just enjoying and laughing and tasting while Creator flows through.

Creator’s Cacao
Art Work by Joshua Madrid

Have you ever seen the movie Ratatouille? If you have you will know what I mean.  In the movie the Chef gets all of his skills from a little mouse that sits in his Chef’s  hat on his Crown Chakra, but of Course!

My niece calls me the Chef and often when I make her food we pretend we are at an imaginary restaurant.

Creating in the kitchen and making nourishing, living foods is an honor, a gift and a wonderful contribution to the world. I do it out of love, appreciation and for the joy of it.

Stop by the Ital Kitchen any time.  Soon I will post an incredible chocolate recipe. Live Aloha!

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Chia Seed Porridge Recipe

Top of the Morning! Yes…that is just how I feel when thinking about having Chia Seed Porridge for breakfast. Chia seeds are considered to be magical for their ability to increase stamina and energy. Chia seeds were apart of the Ancient Aztec civilization and were highly revered amongst them as a medicine for keeping the body healthy and vital.

Chia actually means, Strength in the Mayan language and this makes sense as they have more protein than any other seed.  Chia seeds are a super food as the Omega 3 fats are rich and thriving through out. Eating these power packed seeds in the morning for energy and stamina is a great idea along with the added benefit of being a colon cleanser. The fiber content is outstanding and I can really feel the difference as the colon gets a good “sweeping” each day.

Another wonderful benefit is the fact that the seeds contain boron which is a trace mineral and valuable in calcium absorption. Boron and proper calcium absorption allow for the bones to be strong and healthy. Vitamin D3 is crucial for the uptake of Calcium for with out it Calcium goes into the soft tissue and does not get utilized properly in the bones.  A great source of Vitamin D3 is the sun.

So this morning as I enjoyed a walk on this beautiful May morning in Southern California I was inspired to make Chia Porridge for breakfast.  It is simple and below I have provided the recipe. I choose to make my own fresh almond mylk or hemp seed mylk. Then I slightly warm it either by blending for a while or warming on the stove ever so slightly. I cover the chia seeds with the mylk and allow them to expand. Then I top with Cacao Nibs (another mineral dense super food), Cinnamon and Fresh Ground Vanilla Bean.

1/4 cup of Chia Seeds

1 cup of freshly made nut or seed mylk

1 tsp. Fresh grounded vanilla bean powder

Soak Raw Organic Almonds over night or Hemp Seeds. Then rinse in the morning and add to blender. Now add 3 cups spring water and blend on high. I add a little vanilla stevia for a non glycemic sweetener that virtually anyone could enjoy b/c it has no effect on the blood sugar.  If you like you could add some  tocotreniols or medi-aminos rice from PR labs for extra nutrition and flavor. Then blend well and sift thru a nut mylk bag.  Your mylk is ready if it is warm. If not heat in a glass pot slightly.

Add to chia seeds, cacao nibs and sprinkle with cinnamon & fresh vanilla bean powder.  Oh My Goodness what a blessing this treat is. Enjoy!

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Chocolate Ice Cream Sauce for Avalanche Ice Cream

I found this recipe while I was watching a Truth Caulkins and David Wolfe video. If you have ever been to Erewhon in Hollywood you know there is a wonderful tonic bar. They make ice cream that is packed with nutrition and is so delicious. You need a high quality blender like the blend tec or vita mix to make it and you will need the plunger that is bought separately.

Any way I made the chocolate sauce topping today to test it out and WOW..its incredible. My nephew Beau loved it, as you can see;)

So here is the recipe below:

Super Rich Galactic Chocolate Sauce by Truth Caulkins

5 tbs. cacao powder

5 tbs. tocotreniols

2 tbs. udo’s dha oil -(I use coconut oil) you could use flax too. Make sure it is unrefined and cold pressed.

4-6 squirts chocolate stevia (use less if you like it a bit bitter like me)

2 oz. gynostemma tea nice and hot..chocolate sauce is served warm over the avalanche ice cream.

Mix these together and enjoy. I actually just had mine with some cultured almond coconut yogurt and it was the bomb! I think Beau would agree:)

Here’s the Video with Truth Caulkins and David Wolfe on how to make the ice cream:  Cheers:)


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Cupid Cacao Super Food Elixir and Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Well I have to say, no Valentine’s Day would be complete with out chocolate and strawberries!  And so today we are creating some yummy goodness that is nutrient dense and easy to digest for this LOVE day.

First I have created a wonderful elixir and here is the instruction on that.  This elixir keeps you going for hours without any sign of hunger b/c you will be fed on a cellular level.

Chaga & Gynostemma Herb Tea Base (Also added Pau D Arco)

Brew this on a very light simmer for about 20 minutes. I like to keep some going all day on the stove top.  You might want to add a vanilla bean and let that simmer into the Tea infusion. This is extra good!

Now you want to create a nut mylk as apart of this base. I took soaked raw almonds ( to release the enzyme inhibitors) and placed a handful in the blender with some pristine water. I added some cinnamon.  Then some Tocotreniols to give it texture and cut the mixture creating a wonderful texture. I then blend and strain this.

Now you strain your tea base and pour this into your blender with the nut mylk . Another option for mylk would be hemp seed mylk.

Next I add another Tablespoon of Tocotreniols and some drops of Stevia.  Stevia will not spike your blood sugar and that is why I choose this sweetener. Xylitol would work or the actual stevia leaf could be steeped with your tea. Another option is Licorice Root Powder and Lucuma.  All of these together would round out a beautiful sweet taste. If you are not concerned with blood sugar and the healthy bacteria in your stomach is strong then go for some great wild raw honey as your sweetener. The nutrient content in honey is extensive.

Next lets add some superfoods like Shilajit, Incan Spirulina, Maca, Ho Shou Wu, Cacao Powder (generous portion), Whole Cacao Beans ( a few), Holy Basil, Ashwaganda, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly (1/4 tsp.)

Be sure to not hit it too hard with Shilajit or Spirulina, you want the drink to taste round, full and complex with subtle hints of the superfoods and predominantly a hot chocolate taste and texture!

Wow It is really tasty and keeps you sustained for hours and hours. Enjoy this!

Next I made some cultured almond coconut yogurt & garnished my plate with a few strawberries!

To create this you can purchase the kefir starter on my blog here. Just go to

build strong immunity and get the kefir starter. If you go to one of my past posts you can find the recipe for making the yogurt. Its simple!

Enjoy with strawberries! Our strawberries are still fruiting here in Thousand Oaks!

Benefits of the Elixir:

Chaga- Healthy Immune System

Gyno Stemma-Immunity, Adaptogen, Strength, Endurance

Pau D Arco- Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammitory  NOTE- This stuff is incredible if you feel a cold coming on do a foot bath with 6 steeped tea bags of Pau D Arco tea and wow!!! You will be amazed at its’ power.  You will now hold it in high reverance.

You can read more about all the incredible super foods I put into the elixir but just know they are feeding you and helping to keep the body in great health. Ho Shou Wu is incredible for the blood vessels. Shilajit mineralizes the body, Maca balances the hormones, high quality Spirulina gives us protein for use in the body…better yet get it fermented and wow..this is a powerhouse of nutrients!

Cacao is the highest food in Magnesium on the planet.  It is a weight loss food! It nurtures the jing, qi and shen (in Chinese Medicine). Enjoy it for its longevity benefits in moderation.

Especially enjoy it today…Valentine’s Day!!!

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