How To Utilize Coffee To Your Advantage

Could Coffee really be something that promotes health and well being?

Well let’s take a look at where coffee comes from and it’s history for a brief moment.  Coffee is a beautiful, lush tree that grows in the tropical climates. It produces a gorgeous red fruit when ripe.  When I lived on a 5 Acre Organic Coffee Farm in South Kona, Hawaii I had the opportunity to care for the coffee trees and learn how to harvest and prepare coffee for consumption.

Coffee Sorting

Coffee Sorting

If we look at the history of the use of Coffee we see it has been utilized for healing the body.  How? Well it is utilized to intake rectally as an enema. Yes, I know some of you are squeamish to this idea however many Doctor’s have had success treating people with Cancer and other dis-eases by utilizing the Holy Coffee Bean! I have written post’s about the coffee enema in the past and those of you whom have been following the blog have learned how to make a powerful coffee/herbal enema liquid. See past posts for guidance.

The main key here is that we experience a blood cleanse when the coffee circulates through our liver every 3 minutes.   We are cleaning the blood of toxins and debris. We are giving the Liver an opportunity to let go of accumulated toxins. The biggest concern is to make sure your coffee is free of mold and mycotoxins. Coffee can easily have mold on it even if it is organic.  You will want to find a company that is conscious of this. When you find this type of coffee it can actually be an incredible anti-inflammatory to the brain and body. This is a huge discovery!

Coffee Fields

Coffee Fields

Regular Coffee even bought at your high end coffee shop may in fact have mycotoxins and mold in undesirable amounts (including wet processed).   We have to be sure that clean coffee is the foundation when using for any application.  The sense of jitters, headaches or feelings of up and down energy is an indicator we have a coffee that has mycotoxins.

So how do you find a superb high quality coffee with low mycotoxin?

  •  You want to ensure a light roast so that the beneficial properties of the coffee bean are left intact.
  •      You want to ask the company if this is something they consider when processing the coffee.
  •  Do they have a solid relationship with the grower?
  •  Is the coffee grown without pesticides and herbicides?
  • Does the coffee test strong to the body, using kinesiology.
  • Is the company sustainable and better yet local.

When you store your coffee be sure to freeze the coffee you will not be using in an airtight container.   When you are ready to use it put it in an air tight glass jar and leave in a cool, dark place.  Bring out no more than a weeks worth portion from the freezer at a time.

So, that is it for today. I trust you will find these uses to be a bit more advantageous in utilizing the Sacred Coffee Bean.

Upgraded Vanilla

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Probiotic Liquid Fasting for Optimal Well Being

I recently completed an 8 day liquid fast. This fast is considerably different than any other that I have done. I feel it could benefit many because it is versatile, nutrient dense & safe for those with Candida. In fact, I feel it assists acid conditions in the body re colonizes the friendly flora in the intestinal tract.

I feel that a traditional juice fast, although it can be quite healing can actually feed candida if it is not properly balanced with plenty of greens and land vegetables. I am a huge advocate of fresh pressed juice with a high caliber juicer such as the Green Star Elite or the Angel Juicer which is stainless steel a juice feast is a lot of fun. It slowly presses the juice extracting as much of the nutrient value as possible while lessening oxidation with its slow gears.

What I have found is utilizing fresh pressed juices with land vegetables (not root veggies-sugar) green apples, lemons, limes, and tons of herbs, wild flowers, & dark greens like spinach etc will be an optimal combo for juicing.  If this is not a concern for someone and they are feeling strong with there intestinal flora then of course go for yummy root veggies like non-hybrid carrots, beets etc.  Green apples are some what sour so if you utilize these you won’t get the sugar rush to the pancreas. Also if someone has diabetes this might be an optimal fast program.

A sample juice might be:

Fresh Lemons with peel (only if organic with peel)

1 green apple

1 large or 2 small cucumbers

2 inches of ginger root

1 bunch spinach

1 bunch wild dandelion greens (usually growing in your backyard)

1/2 of a celery bunch

1 big piece of fresh Aloe leaf (loaded with nutrients like zinc, sulfur, selenium, magnesium, amino acids & enzymes)-blend this into the juice once peeled.

Another liquid I am enjoying and utilizing to rejuvenate my intestines and body is young coconut kefir water from green coconuts and friendly microorganisms. They really have a consciousness and once our body is flooded with billions of friendly microbes are whole outlook can really change on life and how we see things. Try it!

I also have incorporated fresh veggie broth into the fast. What I do is take Cabbage, Dark Greens(collards & kale), Lots of Sea Vegetables for their amazing nutrient content especially iodine, carrot with tops, beets with tops, garlic, 1 whole onion, 1/2 a celery bunch etc… and put into a big pot, fill with filtered or spring water to cover and let simmer for 30 minutes. Then let the broth sit for a while with heat off. Now you have a savory broth for your lunch/dinner meal. I choose to incorporate the kale & collards thru lightly simmering the broth instead of in my fresh raw green juice b/c raw kale & collards have been known to suppress the thyroid. So with a light steaming you still get nutrients just no effect on the thyroid.

If one has a desire or consumes meat you might try getting bones like grass fed red marrow bones and simmering these for 12-24 hours. Skim the fat off the top and enjoy that broth for its ability to nourish the digestive tract and heal the gut walls. The added benefit to a grass fed bone broth is its ability to rebuild collagen in the face and body. I believe it also assists with cellulite concerns. This is something Donna Gates recommends in The Body Ecology Diet.

Another option for your liquid fast are herbal teas. I enjoy mixing different herbs like Gynostemma tea, with Lycium, Schizandra & some vanilla bean. Then I might add Chanca Piedra for its ability to decalcify the liver and tissues. I simmer different herbs and create a decoction with the roots, stems & herbs.

Another tea you might try is one made from Nettle Leaf. The B vitamins and Protein in nettle is incredible not to mention its silica content. I like to take a glass jar and at night time fill 2 ounces of Nettle Leaf and an 1 ounce of the Root, then I might add some Rose hips and Astragalus.. I let that sit over night in water and then the next day I simmer it for just a bit then let it soak.  This is a beauty tea for sure! The whole body will get a chlorophyl rich treat from the nettle leaf. The hair and skin will shine.

As a sweetener for your tea you might try a high quality stevia. I like sweet leaf stevia. This will not be a challenge for those with candida. If candida is not an issue than try a local raw honey for the nutrient value & taste.

So through out the day I am enjoying, fresh pressed juices, young green coconut kefir water, broths, & teas. I am also incorporating other nutrient superfoods and cleansing products.

Dr. Shulze Intestinal formula 1 & 2: So awesome and wildcrafted/organic too! This will actually go in and pull any hardened mucoid plaque that is challenging to remove with just a green juice fast.

Health Force Nutritional’s Vitamineral Green: This product not only has greens and herbs from the land like Tulsi, Horsetail, Nettle, Barley grass, Dandelion leaf juice, Moringa but also Spirulina & Chlorella from the waters. It has tons of sea veggies, enzymes, shilajit & billions of friendly microbes! IT is hands down so awesome to incorporate in the fast for high energy.

Fasting is a great idea to clear blockages and heal the gut walls. I would suggest consulting with a health care practitioner if this is new for you.

My results were  wonderful with 8 days of liquid fasting.   My digestion and elimination has improved. If you eat 3 times a day that is how many bowel movements you should be having.  A good habit to get into is about 20 or 30 minutes after a meal go into the bathroom and prop your feet up on a small stool. Then lift your arms up  in the air. This will assist a bowel movement and is very similar to the effects of squatting which is a natural way to evacuate.  It should be easy and effortless. If not drink more healthy fluids and do a colon cleansing fast now:)  If we get into the habit of going into the bathroom and eliminating our bodies will retrain to make time for it. Otherwise life and activities take over and we find ourselves not digesting life! We get uptight or upset etc..

As we can digest, assimilate, utilize and absorb foods and get rid of the waste gracefully so too we can handle life in this way. We notice our ability to digest life and take what is good and eliminate what is no longer serving us.  I feel that 3 or 4, 7 day fasts per year will yield great results.

Enjoy! Once you have completed a colon cleansing fast you might consider a weekly 24 hour Water fast to maintain your work.  This way toxins do not accumulate as much and the digestive tract takes a break once a week. Try it with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, some Herbal tea and Coconut Kefir Water….now the digestive tract is getting coated with probiotics and healing liquids.

Utilize Spring Water or the best water you can find free of plastics, chemicals and hardened mineral deposits. Too much calcium in the water cements the body and creates calcification.

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What is Calcification and How Can We Reverse it?

Calcification in the body is a hardening of the body parts that interfere with normal functioning of our system. It causes pain and weakness in the body. When joints feel stiff and we have any inflammation we can be sure that calcification is rapidly taking over the body.

In the beginning of our lives we have abundance Hydrogen in our bodies; into our adult life Calcium tends to take over the body, we have the choice to take responsibility and educate ourselves on what calcification is and how to regain our birthright of a healthy body.

Have you ever seen someone whom is hunched over and using a cane? They are highly calcified. The body no longer has the flexibility nor the structure to hold itself up properly. This condition is a huge factor into why we age.

Calcification is essentially a build up of nano-bacteria that gravitate to the weak parts of the body. One way you know your weak areas might be during a fast. If a certain area of the body hurts like your hip joints or your neck this is a great indicator that the calcification is localized in this area.

Other forms of calcification in the body are gallstones and kidney stones.

We do require good calcium and while cleansing the body green leafy vegetables gives the body the appropriate calcium required.

Below is a list of things that are caused by Calcification:

Brain Tumor
Gum Disease
Breast Cancer
Ovarian Cysts

And these are just a few.

Here are some great tools to reverse a Calcified Body:

Cellular Communication:
Get Clear and Complete with the Past
Positive Affirmations
EFT work
Emotional Balancing
Affirm and Declare your Freedom for a wonderful life with health and vitality.

Cellular Exercise
Breath Work

Cellular Nutrition
Spring Water or a well structured/vortexed and purified water.
Fulvic Acid
DMSO (topically)
Zeolites liquid or powder

Cellular Environment
Grounding with the Earth for a minimum of 10-15 minutes a day. 1-2 hours is ideal.
Lessen EMF exposure (electro magnetic frequencies come from televisions, phone towers, electrical outlets, wireless devices etc).

A note on Fluoride– Fluoride is incredibly toxic. It calcifies the body especially the pineal gland that is where our intuition and ability to think clearly lies. Make sure your drinking water and the water you clean and bathe in is free of this lethal substance. Most commercial toothpastes have fluoride.

These above recommendations coupled with a live plant based diet rich in chlorophyll and magnesium will keep the body alkaline and the blood flowing clean and free. Keeping the immune system strong and healthy during this time is crucial so cultured vegetables; Probiotics, Enzymes, Medicinal Mushrooms and Bio- Available Vitamin C are crucial Try Camu Camu power or Lycium (Goji) Powder.

There is so much more on this subject. I recommend reading or listening to David Wolfe’s protocol for decalcifying. Much of what I have shared here is from studying and researching his longevity program.

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