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Detox Your Scalp for Radiant Hair

Many of us have caught on that the foods we consume produce a certain result in our bodies. For example eating healthy fats like in avocados or fresh coconut produce lustrous hair, wrinkle free skin and a happy body. Where as eating rancid or highly heated fats and oils creates the exact opposite.

Just as we detox our liver, kidneys and colon to function at our best our skin and scalp also require this kind of cleansing. Our skin being the largest organ gives us an opportunity to release toxins through our pores. We can do this with saunas, physical movement and sweat lodges to name a few. This also provides a radiance to the skin and body over a lifetime.

How do we specifically target the scalp for a radiant head of hair?
In order to deeply purify our scalps and create radiantly healthy and full heads of hair we must first bring our awareness to the scalp. Past use of shampoos and conditioners with chemicals, coloring agents, alcohols and preservatives create blockages in our scalps. So the first step is to let go of these crutches. They create instant gratification but over time cause a detriment to our health. If we are creating negative self talk about the condition of our hair this will also cause a negative reaction in our bodies. As we speak kindly to ourselves and create a positive self image we change the health of the scalp. This is foundational and the most important piece of the equation.

Next we want to detox our scalp which pulls out the impurities. We do this like the ancients have done and thankfully Hair Shaman Anthony Morrocco has taken it upon himself to create from the Earth a detoxification clay made from potent proteins, minerals and clays. When applied to the scalp with spring or purified water this naturally cleans and pulls out the toxins. When we clean and clear the area we make way for a healthy, mineral rich and PH balanced environment. Zen Detox is a mild yet effective all natural way to cleanse the scalp. If you are experiencing the following its time for a detox!

  • a dry scalp
  • excessive oily scalp
  • itchiness, dandruff
  • sore scalp
  • brain fog
  • hair loss

From the first use you will notice a lightness of the scalp. If you are suffering from heavy metal challenges you may feel a clarity in the mind or even the feeling of Zen!

This is the Zen Detox working its magic on your crown of glory. Next we want to nourish the scalp with the healthiest most pure shampoo and conditioners to strengthen, rejuvenate and feed the follicles, hair strands and glands in the scalp!

The more nourishment we give our scalp in the form of loving thoughts, plant based shampoos and conditioners and plenty of healthy blood flow through scalp massaging, yoga (inversions) and movement we create our radiant healthy scalp and hair.

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***Note: If you are a writer/blogger and are inspired by my posts feel free to mention my work or ask to reshare my work. Otherwise come up with your own original thoughts and content:) Thanks for expressing your own authentic writings/ideas, you are a amazing!

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The Lymphatic System: Its Importance in Creating Your Radiant Health.

The lymph system is without a pump unlike the heart. The heart pumps and pumps so it can push and move fluid, nutrients and toxins without assistance. Of course if it is plugged up or in some way hindered from fully functioning it too will require some form of detoxification. But the lymph system requires movement on a daily basis.
Let’s learn a little more about the lymph system.
The lymph has double the amount of fluid than the blood running through our veins. In order to keep the immune system at peak performance the lymph fluid must be clear of bacteria, yeast, mold and viruses. The white blood cells are here in this fluid to protect us from foreign invaders. Here are some of our organs that are a apart of the lymphatic system which is also apart of the circulatory system:

1. Thymus
2. Tonsils
3. Spleen

Maybe you have had a surgery and no longer have tonsils. This is all the more reason to keep the lymphatic system strong and healthy. Maybe your digestive fire is not all that you remember it to be. Are we eliminating our bowels 2 or 3 times a day? This is a good indicator of health and well being.  So the lymph assists  the removal of waste from the tissues as well as brings life into our physical bodies.

Lymph System and Nodes

Lymph System and Nodes

What are other indicators our lymph is flowing or not? Well there are points on the body that if we apply pressure to can either be deeply sore or not sore it all. These are the areas of the body where the lymph nodes are. You can look at the diagram in this post to see where the lymph nodes are and press on these spots or have someone do this for you. Our bodies are not meant to be in pain, so if when you push on different parts on the body and you experience any level of pain there is some work that could be done. This is due to build up of calcification, toxins, lack of movement and fluid flow, emotional baggage etc.

How do we truly move the lymph in order to flush the toxins out of our bodies? If we can keep the lymph moving for 20 minute intervals we will allow it to circulate and flush effectively. What are ways to achieve this?

  • Breath Work  Breathing consciously for a length of time.
  • Hot/Cold Showers or just cold showers…which are a true joy for the physical body especially in the summer heat:) They leave us with a radiant glow to our face and we feel energized. Why?  Because the blood and fluid has now rushed to the external areas of the body creating movement and flow.  The face has color and life. Ever notice people that are very pale, it looks as if no life is pumping thru the brain..no oxygen is getting to the area and stagnant energy and toxins is a result.
  • Hand Stands and Inversions
  • Yoga
  • Systemic Enzymes
  • Skin Brushing
  • Walking up hill for 20 minutes.
  • Rebounding..this is my favorite and quite possibly one of the most effective and youth promoting practices of all! It is such an amazing practice for moving the lymph system. This oscillates all of your cells and truly gets things moving. Rebounding is an incredible practice on so many levels that a whole post must be dedicated to it. My favorite Rebounder is by Bellicon. I have utilized different Rebounders but this one is the Mercedes Benz of the Rebounder industry. Experience it for yourself!

I’m so enthused that you stopped by the Sacred Backyard. Love and Blessings. ~ Dodee

How did this post assist you on your journey? Leave us a comment below. We love to hear from you!

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Nourish Thy Self.

Nourishing thy self is an inside job. Then the manifestation is seen in the outer world.

If you have ever experienced the feelings of self criticism, judgement or resentment then this post might just be for you.  Who has not gone through these feelings at one point or another?  Is it our fault? Placing blame on ourselves or others doesn’t do much good rather the question to ask might be, how can I feel better, how can I change my route in life to a better one?  Well, this question puts the power back into your own hands, this allows you to be the Creator and the Director of your life experience.  This allows you to hold yourself accountable for what you choose to think, feel, say and do. This also holds you accountable for what you put on and into your body.images

In order to experience self nourishment we start from the inside out. We clear away the debris, we might sit in meditation, we might embark on a body cleanse, we might start reading a great book about Self Love and Acceptance. Whatever it is we must take responsibility for the way we treat ourselves.  As we begin to trust ourselves with self love and respect we begin to experience more trust in all its forms. First, we must trust ourselves knowing we speak highly and think highly of our actions, our body, our thoughts. If we make a mistake or do something that we are not happy with we can make adjustments and move forward.  To nourish ourselves with nutrient rich foods, to move our bodies and stretch them in ways that make our minds flexible and spines timeless, and to clean up our environment and make our living space harmonious and joyous are all profound ways to shift our lives into Self Respect & Nourishment.


Buddha & Me

When we nourish ourselves with food that we know deep down are healing and restorative to our body we are practicing a form of self love and respect.   We are giving ourselves nutrient rich food so we can become more powerful, more radiant, more dynamic and more of our true identity. I have mentioned in past posts how incredible it is too forage and eat wild edibles because I feel it brings back a strength to the body that commercially foods just do not possess.  Wild foods must live and thrive in conditions that are always fluctuating and changing.  They become stronger, wiser and more confident for it.  This is self nourishment.

To me a form of Self Sabotage would be eating things that I know are not nourishing and good for me, self sabotage looks like judging myself for a past mistake or criticizing myself for not being good enough.  All of these things to me are forms of self sabotage. We are influenced by programming from advertising and media on a daily basis.  I feel we can powerfully live in our environment and protect ourselves from these acts.  It does take courage and it certainly does take commitment. And as Yogi Ji says, “Keep up and You Will be Kept Up.”  So, with that said, what can we do to protect ourselves from sabotage? We can practice Yoga and Mantra, we can Meditate, we can learn to eat with conscious awareness, we can speak from our heart instead of our head.  All of these things help us to keep up with the changing times. The Aquarian Age is here, the Age of the Soul.  So we must keep up if we want to experience all the joy and fulfillment that comes with this Age.

images-1When we make the decision to look at ourselves in the mirror and remind ourselves of our great beauty, our magical wonder, our authentic spirit we attract more people into our lives that appreciate us for who we really are.  We magnetize those that we are most in alignment with and so the flow goes….. This is Self Nourishment.

When we choose to clean up our environment , clean up the clutter, care for our belongings  we are living in a state of Self Nourishment.

Choosing to nourish ourselves is the single most important thing we can do for ourselves and for the world.  We can begin to see the power these acts have on our life as we change our thoughts we change our world. Look at the word WORLD, it has WORD in it. We are influenced by the word we choose to speak. Let us start listening to our chosen words.

As Yogi Ji says:  “Communication is very misunderstood by all human beings.  When you are angry. When you are emotional. When you are hurt, When you are insecure or When you are into an Ego Trip that’s when you feel you must talk. And that is why you mess up.”  Let us Speak with encouragement, upliftment and positivity. ~ From The Flow of Eternal Power.

**And as a Special Side Note here are the The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age as Taught By Yogi Bhajan

1. Recognize that the other person is you.
2. There is a way through every block.
3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.
4.  Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
5. Vibrate the cosmos, and the cosmos shall clear the path.

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The Secret of Connecting with Your Tribe

Dear Friends of the Sacred Backyard Blog ~

Thanks for stopping by. Grab a seat, your favorite Buddha Bar tonic and enjoy the Now.


Amorea’s Art ~ Soul Family

One of the most amazing experiences we can let in to this life is that of our own innate power.

In this day of technology, we often rely on cell phones and computers to communicate and connect with one another.

Although I truly love my Mac and my Iphone I also appreciate the value of psychic perception and telepathy. Once we experience bringing someone into our life without utilizing our electronic devices we have just experienced our natural power.  It’s truly remarkable and something I invite everyone to cultivate.

The more we experience our innate power the more security we have within ourselves to create our life by design. We can lose site of our power if we rely on other people, tools and devices to do this for us. I feel there is a healthy balance here.

Just yesterday I had one of these “holy flow” experiences. I had been focusing on a certain area that I really love here in Southern California. It is a beautiful area in the canyon near Malibu. It was thru a job opportunity that put me right in this particular area I had been focused on. I ended up meeting three wonderful soul family members and had instant connection with each one of them. We went on a peaceful walk thru the woods nearby and spent a few moments meditating together amongst the animal spirits.  Powerful indeed.

I like to invest time each day in meditating and increasing my psychic powers. This may involve staring at a single flame to awaken my imagespineal gland or third eye. I may take in certain tonic herbs to put me in a more spiritual place. I may do certain yoga postures that cultivate strength in my Chakras assisting me to develop my own strengths. We might invest more time in nature so that we plug into that electrical matrix and ground these abilities we have opened up to. The heart beat of the earth is a powerful, solid and stable one.  We can make a phone call to our higher self and then thru that channel connect with our fellow tribe. These tools are out there for anyone to experience. When we tap into them we can experience magical Synchronicities that make life awe inspiring.

There are many things in today’s modern world that could be inhibiting us from opening up this telepathic channel.  If we are full of toxins we are unable to think clearly and would not have keen perception. Cleansing internal and external factors are key here. How I test myself and others is with Quantum Reflex Analysis.  This uses kinesiology to test different points on the body. We can test the points on our brain to let us know if they are strong or weak.  A weak pituitary gland may suggest we are being impacted by environmental stressors. Here we can take action with live source nutrition and something like a vastu pendant that will remediate the field around our body.  We might also start a protocol to decalcify the body so that we know for sure our pineal gland is healthy and receptive like an antennae. images

I have a friend ( a wise old soul whom is a shaman in this lifetime) that lives out in the mountains near the Four Corners,  and he and I connect here and again in ways that are mystical and just apart of that holy flow. We are apart of the same tribe. It is a feeling you just know when you connect in person.  Our connections like this one are very powerful in assisting us with the growth that we came to experience here. Following these signs and signals in life becomes a treasure to behold.   We might think of these feelings we get as clues, clues to take action one way or another. We are here to experience the magnitude of our power. When we humbly harness this power it is something that is more precious than anything.  Take time to remember these skills that are already apart of you.

Enjoy your sacred connections, your inborn powers and recognize these truth’s so that you can experience them in this lifetime with your soul family and tribe.

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A Flexible Spine is A Flexible Mind. ~ Yogi Bhajan

Have you ever watched  a cat or a dog wake up from their night’s slumber? If you have, you have watched them stretch and yawn and move about their bodies.  We have even coined yoga pose names after animals, such as cat/cow in Kundalini Yoga. Image

This simple yet profound movement brings life to our spine. This wakes up our nervous system gently and allows it to move blood flow to all parts of the body including the brain.  When we bring life to the spine and keep it health and strong we are keeping the body strong, healthy and youthful.  The brain also becomes more flexible and flowing with life’s ups and downs.

Yoga especially Kundalini Yoga has the ability to reset the bodies rhythms. It actually balances the brain hemispheres and allows us to go through out our day with a peaceful heart. It gives us the ability to allow a higher self connection in our communications to one another.


Right and Left Nostril Breathing

One of the best qualities we can embody in order to have a prosperous life is that of a calm, polite and peaceful presence. In this space we emanate that of a prosperous being. We can get in this state by deep breathing, left & right nostril breathing, meditating and all forms of yoga.   As we experience this place of centeredness we allow for a great shift to occur in our lives. We suddenly attract prosperity in all its’ forms. We are prosperous in our time, prosperous in our relationships, prosperous with our health and prosperous in all good things.

How can we develop prosperity consciousness? We can begin by becoming more prosperous in our daily lives. We can give someone less fortunate something special, we can tithe to our favorite charity, we can become more present in our relationships and listen to our friends/family.  Even if you are in a position of not having as much as you might like, by giving you will receive far more.

Just yesterday I was filling up at the gas station and noticed a seemingly harmless, homeless man. He looked sun burned, dehydrated and exhausted. I had about 16 ounces of a high quality glacier water from Canada in the car as well as a Super nourishing Yoga Cookie made by my Kundalini Yoga teacher. Those yoga cookies have seriously silly good vibes that I believe bring forth magick! They are even in the shape of a heart. So, I gifted this man with the cookie and the water. This to me was a brilliant exchange of energy that lifted my whole being and allowed my aura to grow stronger. I bet he received something similar. I blessed him with so much love and blessings.

When we begin our day with a little stretching, a little mindful breathing and some prosperity consciousness we are on our way to a life of true happiness.

Let us remember a flexible spine is a flexible mind. The more we can be in a space to give the more we assist another to rise up and be apart of something magical.  Like Bob Marley says, “Help the weak if your are strong.”  Even if you are not strong find the strength thru spirit, ask and pray for this strength. Then allow it to come in and shift your life.

Sending love and blessings to all.

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Medicine for the People

We are all Miracles. In JOY…..X

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Building Clean & Healthy Blood

It’s quite fascinating to remember that our blood circulates through our kidneys 400 times a day. We don’t typically feel this action yet it is happening all day long as the kidneys clean and filter the blood. Often times women can have jing leaks which can be a sign of excess bleeding during the menstrual cycle. If this is occuring tonic herbs can help to “plug” the leak and restore balance to the feminine system.  Building blood is essential for both men and women. My focus on this post is on women in particular. When our blood is strong and healthy through out the body it flows with a rhythm and harmony.  Signs of a jing leak can be:

  • Heavy Bleeding
  • Blood Clotting
  • Anemia
  • Fatigue
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Hair loss or thinning

If the blood is weak and leaving the body in excess this can over time create an over all weakness of the body. So how can we build blood? This is a great question and many tonic herbs found in Chinese medicine can be of great assistance. There are many great Chinese Tonic Herb Formulations that can restore healthy & strong blood to the body.  Some of these are:

  • Codonopsis root
  • Astragalus
  • Poria sclerotium,
  • Dong quai
  • Prepared Rhemannia
  • Red Jujube fruit

…to name a few.

Green leafy vegetables as well as sea vegetables help to build strong blood. Plants like dandelion can help to clean and purify the blood.  Taking in a couple liters of clean water a day can help to flush the system and purify the blood. If one’s diet is based on a healthy blood diet it might look something like this:

Clean Blood

Clean Blood

The plant & herb kingdom can help maintain clean and strong blood. We can blend, juice or create soups with these incredible power packed foods.   When we have a goal in mind for optimal health I feel clean and strong blood is a wonderful goal. Removing harmful organisms, metals, fungi and so forth is first and foremost when working towards a goal of clean and healthy blood. We can accomplish this by going through a series of cleansing protocols and after ward continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Something like this would be a great start:

  • Colon Cleanse
  • Liver/Gallbladder Flush
  • Heavy Metal Cleanse
  • Parasite Cleanse

And next mastering detoxification. How do we do this? For one we can perform exercises and principles daily to maintain our new strong and healthy blood. We might consider these things listed below:

  • healthy thought patterns
  • hot/cold shower
  • coffee enemas – filter the blood every 3 minutes.
  • rebound – get toxins out of the blood and into the lymph fluid to be flushed thru the main channels of elimination
  • take our tonic herbs daily to build Jing or Essence in the Kidneys
  • drink raw apple cider vinegar – to alkalize and increase hcl production in the stomach
  • drink plenty of clean, alkaline waters, juices and tonics
  • breathe long, slow and deep
  • yoga – meditation – tai chi
  • grounding – has profound effects on the rhythm of the fluids in the body
  • The 5 tibetan rites

And our list could go on.

As we begin to become aware of how important strong, clean blood is we can see the outward manifestation of strong, healthy and clean lives.   Mastering Detoxification takes commitment and discipline. It takes innerstanding of how the body systems function and conscious awareness to its daily requirements.

As we create strong healthy blood the outward signs will look like:

  1. powerful energy
  2. inner and outer radiance
  3. core strength
  4. over all well being
  5. strong and shiny hair – the last part of the body to be fed and nourished
  6. clear eyes
  7. strong nails
  8. a regular menstrual cycle of about 3 days with moderate clean, healthy flow.
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Top Ten Favorite Things To Do In Dodhisattva’s Sacred Backyard

  1. Gratitude for the Miracle of LIFE.

    Sacred Backyard ART

    Sacred Backyard ART

  2. Affirm each morning our love and approval of thy self. ~ This allows us the opportunity to create internal abundance which then brings external abundance. It also attracts love in our external world. When we love ourselves and create self worth we can then receive respect from others.  Let go and FORGIVE yourself and others. Smile and Laugh often.
  3. Meditate ~ We like to meditate in different ways in order to experience the ever present stillness of our true identity. This then flows into our day to day experience and it feels really good.
  4. Yoga ~ All different forms of yoga especially Kundalini and Vinyasa. The Kundalini really allows us to feel the radiance of our true essence and the Vinyasa brings strength and power to our bodies while aligning our spines and strengthening our muscles and skeletal system.
  5. Drink 32 ounces of Pristine Water first thing in the morning and/or make a fresh pressed Green juice with plenty of Habanero and wild Dark Greens to build new blood and clean the blood from viruses, fungus, yeast and bacteria. Parasites do not enjoy spice! Besides juicing is a form of enzyme therapy baby. Get JUICY.
  6. Rebound and Get Moving. Whether it be walking, running, rebounding, dancing or some form of strength training it is essential to stimulate the lymphatic system and get the fluid moving.
  7. Take a hot/cold shower in either spring water or filtered water. The tap water today is extremely radioactive, toxic and NOT acceptable. Hot/Cold therapy is key to improving the adrenal glands, the youthful tone of one’s skin and is an overall health strategy.



  8. Massage and/or Body work~ at our best we either give self massages with a tool called a rumble roller which breaks up fibrotic tissue and restores the soft tissue or we go get a thai massage. Body work is a fundamental tool to releasing stored blockages, emotional challenges and other traumas.
  9. Stretch ~ Our bodies are living, breathing organisms that require stretch daily. Acquire a yoga swing or just learn to stretch without tools. It allows us to become more flexible in our minds.
  10. Ground on the earth barefoot or get out in nature.
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How to Improve Eyesight Naturally

We have mentioned the eyes in this sacred blog before speaking of how they are the window’s to the soul.  We want to keep our eyes healthy, holy and happy so they can project and see the truth in all things.

eye-strengthening exercises

eye-strengthening exercises

The eyes require strengthening as they have muscles within them. If these muscles become weak they start to lose strength just like any of the muscles in our bodies. The eyes are also attached to the health of the gut flora. When our gut flora is in harmony our vision is good however if we are suffering from candida or some other form of infection eye sight is slowly lost over time.

Calcification plays a major role in declined eye health. Calcification makes the body hard and stiff. When these barnicles or nanobacteria start to attach to the eyes it will create declined eye sight. This also goes for all areas of the body including the spine, joints, neck etc.

So hear are some solutions to naturally restore eye health:  these arrows in the image are to guide your eyes up, down, left, right etc. Doing these exercises daily will strengthen the eyes.

Glasses can be a “crutch” and can actually make the eyes worse as well as put strain on the neck and spine.  Do your best to ween yourself off of your glasses.

Another awesome exercise is by focusing on a point right in front of you and then shift your focus to something in the distance. Repeat this over and over again while your eyes strengthen.

Other nutrition related suggestions might be to include fermented vegetables into your daily routine and some sort of fermented beverage such as coconut kefir water.  This will assist in balancing out the healthy flora in the gut.  I personally do not recommend Jung or Kombucha on a daily basis if you have any signs of leaky gut, candida or auto immune disease. These wild ferments can be more harm than good. Once the gut wall is sealed and the friendly microflora are thriving then having some of these beverages may be something you choose over time.

When it comes to calcification we want to cleanse the body of these barnicles with body work, movement, fulvic acid, raw grass fed dairy (vitamin k2 asorption) just to name a few. When we take in organic raw grass fed dairy products we can be sure our calcium is being absorbed into the proper places in the body. This type of cleansing and nutrition will cleanse the body of the “non preferred” calcium and put the preferred calcium in the bones instead of the soft tissues. Calcification is predominate in those that are not getting the correct vitamin k2/d3 ratio.  A good dosage of vitamin k2 would look like 4 grass fed eggs per day.

For vegans try natto, a fermented food you can find in Asian Markets. Be sure it is non gmo and organic. How about incorporating cat’s claw tea, this medicinal tea dissolves calcium build up in the body.  One powerful nutrient dense food comes to mind for the eyes and that is the goji berry. These little berries are power packed with nutrients like zeaxanthin and lutein which are super eye foods!

I highly recommend Donna Gates teachings as well as Truth Culkins because they focus on restoring the inner eco system and this will naturally assist your eyes to gain strength.

The eyes can benefit from some herbs like eye bright for one. You can make an eye wash by diluting eye bright in clean water.

Fermented Foods for Healthy Eyes

By doing these exercises combined with a healthy diet and affirmations linked to the eyes we can focus on 20/20 vision.  When we can not see far away it could mean we are afraid of the future. If we can’t see close to us we may not want to look at something in our lives.

Having the courage to embrace these fears and challenges can bring about our best selves.

We can create new and positive affirmations like, ” I see my future as bright, healthy and joyous.”

I support us in our journey to having the healthiest eyes ever! Thanks for your loving and supportive comments and brilliant contributions to this blog. LOVE & GENIUS, Dodhisattva

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The Cellular Principles & Spiritual Laws here at the Sacred Back Yard

As I nurture and care for my body, mind and spirit I look at all aspects of the cellular principles & spritual laws shared here within this sacred backyard blog. On a moment to moment basis I tune in to these principles and laws:

  • Cellular Communication ~ My beautiful thoughts are reflected in my external world. I remind myself of the above truth and nourish my mind with loving, healing affirmations and beliefs. It is within the now that I am free from suffering and I choose to hold a space of enlightenment as my greatest service to the world. My greatest gift is inner peace and with this breathtaking connection.   I have fulfilled my mission on this earth. I am one with all life.  Seeing any kind of separation in others is an illusion. Judging, ridiculing, criticizing ourselves or others put us in an acidic state and does nothing to benefit our personal power or growth. Feedback from the heart space is a super hero quality that is a much better approach to communicating than any form of criticism. Asking permission to share feedback allows everyone a free will choice & shows awareness.
  • Cellular Nutrition ~ I choose to love and honor my body. I feed it super nutrient rich foods and liquids. Super Foods, Herbs, The Best Brain Foods, Probiotics and Medicinal mushrooms are in abundance in my life and I claim that now. I  bathe  in the sunshine and drink the living spring water’s of this earth.  I am full of light and the lighter I become the more I am a channel for the highest good to flow through me.  My body is my home and so it is important that I take exceptional care of it. I choose to periodically fast to let it rest just as I get to rest each night.  I love my body and honor each organ and part. Because of this true love my body gives me messages when it requires certain nutrients. It gives me signs through my super senses, situations and magical messages. I listen and tune in.
  • My cellular environment is a crucial key to maintaining and creating the best life ever. I know that my environment not only includes fresh living spring waters, earth crystals, living plants, medicines and loving vibrations from the higher realms but also the most amazing loving beings around me. I see the highest good in them and they see this in me. We are a high vibrational community empowering one another so that each individual shines the collective light. We are open and receptive to feed back and are immune to judgement and criticism of any kind. Our environment is one that is nurturing and fulfilling which includes, Spring water bathing, Infrared Sauna’s, Super Nutrient Rich Kitchen’s, Fire places, Creative art studios and so much more. Our home is a place to share with one another and master mind for the highest good. It is here we create lucrative high vibrational projects and services to offer the world. It is a place of laughter, good times and magic.
  • Cellular Exercise ~ Both Internal and External exercise are crucial. Deep Breathing, Yoga and Rebounding create a healthy internal environment. I enjoy these exercises daily to increase the presence power around my body.  I enjoy moving in all different ways in order to increase the life power within. I stretch it and listen to its call for different forms of movement. Martial arts such as Capoeira is something my body receives incredible fulfillment from. Mastering a martial art in this lifetime is apart of my Dharma and it ensure’s a strong heart~mind connection.

I am in tune to the 7 Spiritual Laws of the Super Hero Archetype and therefore I have harnessed my power to change the world for the greater good.  These spiritual laws give us a guide line of how to be, what to think, say and do.  Within this article we have the keys and codes to maintain cellular integrity, clean, flowing blood, thoughts and lives.

First we take a look at the Law of Balance.  This is a of utmost importance because as we go about our day it is crucial that we remain connected to the higher source of all things. With this deep connection we are unshakeable as the world around us presents challenges, tribulations, thoughts from mass consciousness, environmental pollutions etc.  As we harness our level of being we will keep centered and steady through it all.  With this peace we can move onto the level of feeling. This allows us to tune into our emotional awareness. We want to come from a place of peace and discernment when we make decisions or actions. The need to be right or any type of self importance that is coming through must be surrendered and released in order to rooted in love and peace. Our third level is thinking and we can note that the highest level of thinking here is creativity. We see this amongst our community of artists.  How can we each tap into more creativity with in our own existence? Within creativity all problems have a solution.  I invite the opportunity for more creativity in my life and in your’s if you choose this. And next we actually  take right action. Here we are flowing with all the levels of creativity and things happen magically, effortlessly and instantaneously.

There are 6 other spiritual laws to be addressed and we will do that through out the next blog posts to come!

Remembering we are perfect in our imperfection allows us to have great compassion for ourselves and others. As we truly recognize our shadow self and allow it to be our greatest opportunity for healing and transformation we allow ourselves to awaken to the ever present flowing stream of consciousness. Our shadow self allows us to become better, stronger and wiser. And so it is! Sat Nam. Wahe Guru.

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