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Driving the Canyon Road to Malibu on a Beautiful Summer Morning.

I was headed to Malibu yesterday and  what an incredible experience it is every time I get the chance to leisurely drive Kanan Road to the coast in Malibu.

It is always such a healing experience. From the canyon views to hitting that one point where you finally see the big ocean blue it is truly awe inspiring.  Yesterday I saw wild fennel growing as well as wild celery and flowers. I think there is probably a good amount of Chaparral growing back there too.  Chaparral grows in abundance in desert climates and is great brewed as a sun tea to cleanse and purify the blood of uric acid and toxins. I am going to make some today. Simply place about 3 tbs. of dried Chaparral in a mason jar and fill with spring water. Let this sit out in the sun for a few hours. Even better put it on the earth and let it out for a full 24 hours to also receive the moon’s energy. This is a great time to do this here in California as the full moon is upon us. The full moon’s energy is powerful and magical. Make a combination of different herbs that you feel will assist your body and brew a full moon tea.

Powerful Wild Sun Tea

Once you get a handle on what plants and herbs are safe to eat you can enjoy going on hikes where wild foods are abundant and enjoy them as sun teas or in fresh pressed juice or chopped into salads.  I have mentioned in a previous post about the healing nature of wild foods. Remember wild foods create an energy signature in the body that exudes authenticity, adaptability and true nourishment. The thing is those wild foods are not helped along by man and so they must find a way to survive. There roots grow long, strong and deep. Enjoy them and thank them for it!

They are also not sprayed with pesticides or chemicals and do not get watered regularly by tap water. This is really good news for us.

Chicken Crossing:)

So, the rest of my journey to my friend’s home in Malibu was wonderful. And along the way I got to check out the neighbor’s farm.

It is gorgeous and this family is completely living sustainably. It is a full on organic and thriving farm equipped with chickens, tangerines, lemons, salad greens, pomegranate and the list goes on!

I find that it takes a little investigation and being open to search to find the true hidden gems in any area. Don’t you? I am glad that I was willing to go on an adventure yesterday to find new places, people and even a few chickens!

Our infinite nature is always available to us and guides us to incredible places, people and events.  Here is the view from my final resting stop yesterday in Malibu.

Relaxing at the infinity pool and giving thanks for the magic of our infinite nature, the mana (power)  of this area  and the beauty of the hidden coves and canyons of Malibu.

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The Chinese Body Clock

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night wondering why? I know I have. This actually happened to me last night.

As I was enjoying a deep slumber I was awakened around 3 am. I was up for one full hour! I usually don’t have issues sleeping at night however since I am fasting I thought to investigate this a little more. As I layed there twiddling my thumbs;) I asked myself what might be going on? And Voila, the answer came!!

A small amount of pain was present in my left lung. I have learned that in Traditional Chinese Medicine each hour is associated with a different organ. The lungs are associated with 3am-5am. And since I am fasting I was able to put two and two together! The lungs while fasting will work scavenging for scar tissue and work on healing at this time of night. The main reason for sleep is so the body can repair and restore itself. In this case it seems that my lungs were doing some deep cleaning;)

Thankfully I thought to give myself Reiki. Reiki is the universal life energy that flows through us. My Reiki attunements have given me the ability to harness that energy and give my body and other people & pets a treatment when required. I simply put my hand on that lung which had minor pain and it went away within minutes.

Traditonal Chinese Medicine reveals alot about our organs and their cycles. If you often find yourself up at night this might be a great clue to start cleaning house! If the body is not able get deep sleep it has a challenge repairing.

Connecting with our Organs.

As you see here in the chart the early hours of the morning are all about the stomach and intestines. This is why it is such a great idea to keep it light in the morning. Beginning your day with some clean water and lemon or perhaps a fresh pressed green juice. At this time the body is assimilating nutrients from yesterday’s meals. If the body is getting a bunch more food on top of that it will take away from the uptake of its work. When we keep it light we often find we have much more energy. The bowels will move in the morning if we drink plenty of fluids and flush out the system.

When our last meal is 3 or even 4 hours before bed we can get much better sleep. Having a bit of hunger in the stomach as you retire for the evening can be a very good thing. Try this instead of eating before bed and see the difference.

Another insight I have gathered through my research is that if you find yourself awaking alot between the hours of 1am-3am you might consider doing a liver/gallbladder flush. Please see my posts on an optimal flush and give your liver a chance to heal and restore.

Enjoy the chart and share any insights you might have!

Giving thanks!

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How to Do a Coffee Enema Safely & Effectively.

The purpose of a coffee enema is to clean the fluids that surround our cells.  When the cells are surrounded in toxins and are oxygen deprived they can not function properly.  I think of a coffee enema as a form of blood dialysis along the stomach lining. The reason being that the blood filters through our liver about every 3 minutes. Coffee enemas held for 12-15 minutes at a time offer a therapeutic treatment to the body allowing for the release of blood toxins and the opportunity for clean, oxygenated and purified blood.

When doing a coffee enema it is best that the colon is cleaned out. If you are fasting then you can probably just preform the coffee enema without a challenge, however  if you are not you could start with a simple water enema to make sure feces in the lower colon are expelled so that you can hold the coffee in for a therapeutic amount of time.

I suggest getting some high quality green coffee extract or find a reputable free trade, organic coffee that is not overly roasted. When I worked on a sustainable, organic coffee farm on the islands I experienced the bounty and the healing nature of the coffee tree.  If the coffee is high roasted it can actually have negative effects instead of what nature intended which are the phyto chemicals to be intact in the coffee which makes it a  healing and detoxifying gift from Mother Earth. This makes it possible for the liver and gastro intestinal system to download information from the coffee in order to clean the blood.

So now that you have your high quality coffee you will require an enema bucket or bag. I prefer a bucket so that powerful herbs can be added to the coffee.  Some herbs I enjoy utilizing are parasite herbs or things like wild garlic and noni powder. This allows for a deeper cleaning. The coffee alone is a great cleanser and in time you may want to experiment with herb infusions. Another idea is to add liquid minerals because doing a lot of coffee enemas can cause mineral depletion.  I like to add them in or take some orally after my enema.

Take 2-3 tbs. of Ground Coffee and add to 1/2 quart of water. I let this heat to just about boiling. Then I cover and let sit for 10-20 minutes. Then strain this and add another 1/2 quart of clean water. The reason I do this is the water is then at a warm temp and not too hot or too cold. You want the water to be a comfortable temperature otherwise hot water could damage the colon.

You are now ready to pour the coffee into your bucket or bag. Prepare your bathroom by laying down a bath mat and then a towel.  Set a timer  for 12-15 minutes. If you don’t make it the length of that time it’s okay, over time you will.  You can also do the enema in two portions allowing each portion to sit in the colon for 10 minutes.

I like to lubricate the tip of the hose with coconut oil.  Hang your bucket or bag on the towel rack. You do not want to put your coffee enema bag or bucket too high like in a water enema as this is not a high water enema. We want the coffee to slowly enter the body and so the towel rack height is perfect. Then allow the coffee to enter the colon. With your bum up in the air and your head to the ground you will have a safe and effective fluid flow.  Once all the liquid is in your body lie down with your legs curled up on your right side. Lay there for about 5 minutes, then roll to your left side for about 5 minutes then lay on your back for 5 if you can.

Sometimes you will be able to here the bile gurgle a bit. This is a good sign as the bile ducts are opening and creating more fluid.

If you feel the need to release at anytime or feel any signs of discomfort go ahead, sit on the toilet and let go.  This is not to be a painful experience but a pleasant one. Put on some relaxing music meditate, sing or express yourself however you like.

Enjoy the profound effects of the coffee enema and DOWNLOAD MY BOOK FOR FREE, “The Upgraded Coffee Enema” on ibooks and google play! Enjoy!

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Bathe and Nourish Yourself in a Sea of Chi & Give Yourself an Energy Wash

Most of us are familiar with the idea and truth that everything is energy. We are swimming in energy all day long. When we begin to recognize this energy as something we can nourish our bodies with we really can see and feel the subtle energy shifts within our cells.

We can gain strength, stamina, youthfulness, deeper and restful sleep, clear mind, warm and comfortable body, positive attitude, clear skin and bright eyes.

A few key things to remember as you take in this chi or life power energy is that we receive this chi from the heavens and from the earth. We receive from the crown of our head and the perineum (this is the area located b/t the anus and the vulva in women or in men the scrotum).

You actually feed yourself like a tree does its roots thru the perineum as long as you are aware of the energy that you bring into your body. A great exercise is stand bear foot on the earth and lift your toes up at your best. Now you will notice that the ball of your foot or what is known as your “bubbling spring point” is now activated and ready to receive earth energy. As this energy meets in your belly area or power center with that of your crown’s energy coming from the heavens you then have a powerful presence that unites these vortexes of chi. You can do this indoors to but it is especially nice to be grounded on the earth.

Now you can sit with legs spread, spine straight and lift your toes up off the ground to activate the bubbling spring point. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Now you can open them and begin to rub your hands vigorously together. Separate your hands a few inches apart and feel the warmth and power b/t your hands. This is chi, this is your life power. In Reiki we utilize this energy to direct into the body to harmonize and restore the cells to wholeness. However, anyone can access this universal life energy.

Now start to tap the top of your head with your finger tips. This activates the pineal & pituitary gland. You can go to the base of your neck and begin to tap there, then massage your neck.

You can now start to massage your fingers and in between them. You will want to massage your hands and then pull on each finger. Do this with your feet too! Try to put each finger in b/t your toes. If you can not do that then just simply massage in b/t the toes and start to move them about then pull on each. This gets the water flowing in your body as well as the energy.

Massage the bottom of your feet. Here is where pressure points are that connect with all of our organs. You will want to take the fist of your hand and kneed in the base of your foot. Massage the ankle and up the calves. Now cup your hand it tap the bottoms of your feet.

You can now move to the legs. Cup the palm of your hand and begin to go up and down your legs. Slap the legs on the sides, back and front. You will want to get your hip joints really well and please make sure to tap on the area around your scrotum or vulva plus the inside of the leg area. This area can accumulate stagnant energy so be sure to tap this area with your finger tips.

Now let your back flex and take fisted hands and tap on the kidneys and larger muscles of the buttocks. You can go up and down the spine with these fists as you move the energy in these area.

After this is complete with a straight spine raise both hands above the head and clasp together moving from side to side while breathing. You can now gather the energy around your body and bring it into the power center. Move your hands clockwise in a circular motion while massaging your stomach. This will activate the digestive juices and recognize your stomach for a moment, which we often forget how important it is.

Then go counter clockwise with the opposite hand on top.

Take a moment to enjoy the free flowing energy now circulating thru your body.

I would like to soon create a video so that you will have an actual image to go by and learn. In the mean time you can go to your local library and find Jennifer Kries Life Force Power Work out in order to get a full download of this practice.


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