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The Astonishing Truth about Grass Fed Butter


Making Fresh Butter from Raw, Grass Fed Cream

Butter may have gotten a bad reputation in the past and for good reason on some levels. For one when butter is being mass produced and the cows are being fed grains that are often Genetically Modified well that surely is not a super food.  As most of you know Genetically Modified Feed will not only cause major immune related issues but it also does not give someone the many benefits of true pasture fed butter.

So, is Grass Fed Butter one of the most amazing super foods on this planet? I say YES.  And here is why:


Deep, Mineral Rich Color of Grass Fed Butter

I prefer cultured, raw, pasture fed butter. This ensures it has all its’ enzymes intact as well as plenty of probiotic proliferation. If you can’t get that from a local farm, do the best with what is available, but make sure it is grass fed!

Grass Fed Butter has a special Vitamin that is known to help keep the joints happy and healthy. This Vitamin is called, K2. K2 is found in abundance in grass fed butter. It is known as Activator X through the studies of Weston Price.  It helps to place the calcium we absorb into the bones instead of it getting displaced into the soft tissues.  This reverses or prevents calcification when combined with Vitamin D3.

Here is a list of the benefits of Grass Fed Butter:

1. It can be one of the best foods for treating fungal infections, including candida.

***Due to the lauric acid that is in abundance in the butter.

2.  Anti-Tumor & Anti-Cancer Properties

3. Contains Lecithin which is a wonderful emulsifier and oil transport to the brain.

4. It is anti-inflammatory

5. Re-mineralizes the bones and teeth. Can help to reverse tooth decay.

6. Prevents or Reverses calcification of the arteries and joints.

7.  Helps the body absorb minerals.

8.  Is a great source of Iodine

9. Can help women with becoming more fertile.

10. Crucial for a healthy brain and nervous system.

11.  Great source of absorbable Vitamin A (adrenals and thyroid support).

12. Is Rich in Selenium

13. Important immune Booster

14. Helps heal the gut lining

15. Protects from mental illness

16. Creates healthier skin, better bowel movements and a great outlook on life (feeds the brain)!

17. Kids LOVE it

And so much more! Discover the benefits by consuming this superfood on a daily basis.

What are some ways to utilize Grass Fed Butter for maximum nutrition?

Some ideas are to blend it in your hot teas or elixirs. Try it with some steamed brussel sprouts or other dark green cruciferous vegetable. A great idea is to blend some of the butter with the veggie of your choice in the blender and top the rest of the veggies with that creamed super nutrition.

This blog post is in honor of our 4th year Anniversary here at WordPress. wahoooo..we made it to the 4 year mark, Happy Anniversary!

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How to Build Muscle While Maintaining Cellular Integrity

Strength Training is an important piece to any longevity strategy. Without muscle the body relies on the soft tissue, cartilage and bones for structural alignment. This can be dangerous because the body will begin to deteriorate more rapidly via calcification & spinal dis alignment.

With proper muscle proportion and tensile strength the body takes on a lean, strong and aligned posture. With this comes a healthier, happier, younger body.  When muscle is present in the buttocks and hips the lower back is then supported and the posture improves. Back issues often can be resolved with mindfully strengthening the glut’s, hips and abs. Other reasons for spinal dis alignment can be emotional, nutritional or environmental as we strive to look at it from a balanced prospective. There are tiny muscle groups that support the body and these must be kept toned and in tact for the larger muscle groups to thrive and to prevent injury.

If one is eating foods that are not serving the organs they can become swollen or unhealthy causing pressure on the spine.  A healthy cleansing routine can assist this to harmonize. There also can be stored emotions through out the body. A protocol that encompasses the cellular principles we share in this blog can encourage rejuvenation. Radical Forgiveness of one’s past is of paramount importance when it comes to emotional traumas that prevent the body you desire.

Working out a few times a week can be a wonderful longevity strategy to create lean muscle. Whether you are in a gym or utilize the great outdoors you can gain muscle and core strength.  Utilizing and working all muscle groups at your best will allow for a healthier, leaner body. The more muscle one has the easier it is to lose weight and stay lean.

After a good solid work out it is important to refuel the body with bio available nutrition from carbohydrates and then protein. The body wants glucose soon after a work out and then protein to repair the ripped muscle tissues. Bio available nutrition is key here so that less work is required by the digestive tract and  nourishment can penetrate the cell wall with ease.

Also  taking a liquid magnesium bicarbonate before and after a work out will help to balance the electrolytes in the body and optimize the ph level. The Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes I have mentioned in the past will also assist the muscles to relax and let go of acids.  Do about 30 minutes of a foot soak in filtered warm/hot water with the magnesium flakes. If you prefer a bath, this will work too.

Keeping the lymphatic system moving and flowing is key to releasing the toxins from the body. We have discussed many ways to do that through out this blog. Here are some examples:

  • Rebounding
  • Hot/Cold Showers,
  • Skin Brushing
  • Walking

Other important tools to utilize when incorporating strength training could be things like deep breathing, tai chi & restorative yoga. These internal exercises calm the mind and body, alkalize the the blood & revive the organ system.

As the body builds muscle and stays alkaline through out the process with green juices, super foods/herbs and bio available nutrition such as cultured yogurt made from sprouted almonds and coconut meat (see past posts for recipe) or a sprouted organic brown rice protein we can deliver the cells amino acids for repair and build the body structure.

Ways I like to chart how well my body is responding to my daily choices is by taking a look at the following:

  1. Are my eyes clear in the morning? If they are not or have redness in them this is a sign of toxins or irritation in the stomach. This would be a sign to fast, eliminate the irritant from the diet or make specific changes to heal the body.
  2. Do I have energy in the morning and feel well rested?
  3. Do I easily have 2 or 3 healthy bowel movements per day?
  4. Is my tongue and breath fresh in the morning and do I wake up with a slightly pink tongue? This is a sign the digestive tract is clean and healthy. If it is not and there is foul breath and a coated white tongue there is undigested matter through out the body that requires enzyme, oxygen, probiotic and fasting therapy.
  5. Are my nasal & throat passages clear and clean of stuffiness, irritation etc. (netti pot daily for this and cleansing the body)
  6. How is my thyroid doing? (take your temperature when u awake around 7 am and then at 4pm for two days in a row, the temp. should rise by 4pm). This indicates a healthy thyroid.
  7. How do I feel before during and after my work outs.

These are just some indicators of how well the body is responding to our daily activities.  It is important to keep the body fit and with some muscle in order to protect it from degenerative diseases.  Enjoy a good stretch before and after and invoke a parasympathetic response from the nervous system.

Super Foods For Super Thoughts:

Today is the Blue Moon/Full Moon lovers!  And my quality question to you all is: How can you be more proactive, empowered and assertive while staying in alignment and integrity with your innocence, purpose & strong auric field?

Answer:  My answer here is to follow inner guidance, stay connected to my higher self and follow the peaceful answers that come within:)   When you are living your Dharma your Karma is fulfilled.

Enjoy this Blue/Full Moon ya’ll!

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Friendly Microbes and the Link to Consciousness

World Peace

Our bodies are made up of microbes and whether these are the friendly type of microbes or unfriendly is entirely up to us. This does and will translate into what we see for our planet in the years to come & what we choose to create for our future. The changes we make within ourselves are ultimately what will and can create major shifts in what we see in the mass consciousness today.

Things that promote a healthy inner ecosystem will re populate the friendly flora of the stomach. There are literally pounds of bacteria there. Once this is established or regained it will coat the exterior of the body and create a healthy human bio field. This raises our energy levels, our connection with all life & our ability to be a contribution in the world as each bacteria holds a consciousness whether high or low in vibration.

When we are birthed into the world and coated with the fluids from our mother we are given a protective shield of probiotics. If we were either born by c-section or  our mother had an overgrowth of candida (yeast over growth) we did not get the proper coating of these bacterias. This allows for us to be more susceptible to viruses and dis-eases in the body. As a result an unhealthy inner ecosystem is created resulting in challenges with the immune system through out one’s life.  Pharmaceutical Drugs, Vaccines and a Processed Food Diet contribute to the weakness.

By taking action and full responsibility for creating the experience there are many things that can be done to take care of this imbalance. One is to stop feeding the unfriendly bacteria which thrive on sugar, yeast, and processed/denatured foods.

Inner Eco System

Start to incorporate a living, cultured foods diet with plenty of alkaline foods such as salads, blended sea weed soups, cultured vegetables & cultured superfood smoothies (for nutrient rich food absorption).  When you culture foods with probiotics you allow the friendly microbes to multiply or proliferate.  Examples are coconut water kefir, cultured nut cheeses, fermented vegetables, organic grass fed raw milk kefir, cultured butter (grass fed) along with others. When consumed daily these friendly microbes coat the entire digestive tract & intestinal walls assisting to detoxify the cells, regenerate new tissue & cleanse the colon from matter that has been fermenting in the system for years. A great time to take a probiotic supplement is with cultured foods. I also like to take probiotics on an empty stomach before bed and first thing in the morning.

Find natural ways to re build the immune system and educate yourself on the repercussions of vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs. Ask yourself quality questions such as: Are these drugs building cellular integrity? What harm if any could they be doing to my vital organ system? Could they be the cause of my inflammation, constipation, candida, auto-immune disease, eye health, tumors etc.? What could I do to take full responsibility for my health now? Ask yourself and you will always get a higher guidance answer. The answer that comes forth that is peaceful, loving and non judgemental is likely the answer from your Higher Self.

It can take as little as 3 months or years to re-establish a healthy inner ecosystem. It requires a life style change and the inspiration to be a world server so that the future remains bright for generations to come.

What can we do for the youth or young children coming into the world? We can be an example of the solution for one. By creating a healthy inner eco system we transfer these immune factors to the generations to come. By breast feeding children we give them an extra boost of probiotics daily to nourish their bodies. This builds a strong structure and foundation.

If one is open to taking colostrum in their adult life this can assist in building lean muscle mass, strengthen the immune system, create new cells and produce growth hormones that keep us youthful and balance the hormone system. A high integrity colostrum is of utmost importance here. Colostrum can and has been used in place of flu vaccines as a safe, natural alternative.

Consider taking medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, cordyceps, chaga, agaricus blazai, to increase immune strength. Theses fungal bodies also have a consciousness and act as immune modulators in the inner ecosystem.

As the consciousness shifts in each person with a diet rich in friendly microbes and a combination of the cellular principles shared within this blog, the frequency of our population raises in vibration and attracts the higher visions we seek for humanity.

Rich Soil

Start today by cleansing and rejuvenating the body with a green juice. Add cayenne pepper and ginger root for its incredible anti-parasitic, anti-fungal & hormone balancing factors.

Cleansing and at the same time as  rebuilding the body is a crucial key to maintaining cellular integrity. This can be achieved with living cultured foods as they are bio-available to the cell wall and provide nourishment at a deep level.

Creating a nutrient rich garden in the internal soil of the body gives you tensile strength cellular integrity, radiance, and sustained energy. This will ultimately reflect in the world around you.

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The Importance of Proper Food Combining

In order to assimilate and utilize our food for fuel proper food combining is a wonderful tool to guide us. When food is broken down into nutrients with ease in our stomach we can be sure that the digestive tract is able to easily break down food converting it into usable energy.  When proper food combining takes place we know that fats are broken down into fatty acids, carbohydrates are converted into Glucose or usable energy and protein transforms into amino acids. With these building blocks we can build lean, clean, strong bodies. They we are able to build muscle, hair, skin and bones and re-manufacture our own metabolic enzymes and hormones.
If you start to incorporate proper food combining you may notice weight loss, more energy, ease of digestion (no constipation, diarhea or gas/bloating) and an overall sense of well-being.

When foods are improperly combined this allows for food to ferment, putrify, and go rancid. This naturally attracts parasites, yeast mold and fungus.

Three wonderful tools to incorporate in your life in order to properly break down your foods and nourish yourself are to:

Take high quality enzymes with your meals.

Add fermented foods into your diet such as kim chi, cultured vegetables & miso.

Add coconut water kefir or dairy kefir into your daily routine depending on your unique body

Enzymes help break down the food in our bodies. Because the soil is mineral and enzyme deficient here in the U.S. we must supplement with enzymes in order to get the most out of the food. If we grow our own food in mineral rich soil well we might not require enzymes.

Cultured vegetables contain highly potent probiotics which help break down the food as well.

Coconut water kefir or milk kefir  are also superfoods that do wonders for cleansing and restoring balance to the inner eco system.  If you choose dairy kefir the best way to do this is buy obtaining raw organic grass fed milk and making it yourself.

Here is a simple food chart for those whom want to get the most out of their foods:

I have provided two charts one focuses more on fruits/nuts/seeds/veg and the other meats/dairy:

Body Ecology Chart

Raw and Vegan Food Combining

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The Path to Lasting Wealth and Abundance

I propose that question to you.  What is the path to lasting wealth and abundance? As I journeyed off to the local farmer’s market this morning I was amazed at the abundance of fresh food surrounding me.

The Farmer’s Market Abundance

Our outer world is directly related to our inner world. Everything is connected. I just recently completed a 21 day juice, coconut kefir water and herbal tea fast supplementing with vitamineral green, chlorella and barley grass powders. I also included wild teas such as nettle, rose hips, chaparal & others.  High quality teas like gynostemma, dandy blend and he shou wu were extremely beneficial in supporting the immune system ( along with chaga tea). The more wild food & mineral rich  our food is the better our body will feel. These substances give our bodies more life and strength.

This fast was a wonderful experience of self growth, commitment, clarity, and a profound knowing that our inner world is directly related to what we experience externally. This holds true for our abundance as well. When we clean out the body and let go of the things that no longer service we  reset the body systems and allow for a healing to take place. If we let the body heal and rejuvenate on it’s own miraculous things happen within our mind, body and spirit. The energy around our body strengthens as well.  I feel like I just hit the reset button on my body.  My mind is very clear and strong. I have lots and lots of energy. At this point I have moved into green smoothies which consist of a little bit of fruit and alot of greens with some water and superfoods. Green smoothies are great way to ease back into food because they are broken down already so little work is done by the digestive system. The miracle of green smoothies is the fiber content and their ability to strengthen our natural hydrochloric acid so we may have the stomach acid to break down our foods properly.  Green smoothies are alkalinizing and are a great way to sweep the intestines after an extended fast. If one has an imbalance in their intestinal flora too much fruit will pose a challenge. It is a good idea to stick to green apples and possibly berries in smoothies otherwise candida can be an issue. A wonderful smoothie recipe for anyone would be something like this:

2 cups coconut kefir water (friendly bacteria)

1 cup of coconut meat

3/4 cup of berries

2 huge bunches of lettuce

1 tbs. barley grass powder – full of Nourishing vitamins including k

1 tsp. chlorella powder – Vital Nutrients and metal chelator – find the best source you can.

Blend all ingredients in your Vitamix and bam you have yourself and award winning super hero smoothie!

So as I went through this cleanse and experienced so many magical moments of synchronicity and inspiration I thought more deeply about the path to lasting wealth and abundance. Many people make money to lose it all shortly there after. Maybe they are not comfortable with the idea of making lots of money. To break through your glass ceiling or your barrier of whatever lies between you and your abundance is something worth pondering.  Abundance to me is to be fulfilling your life’s work, when all of the things required to fulfill your life’s work come into alignment and show up in your reality through people, places, experiences,  & clues this to me is true wealth.

In order to experience long lasting abundance the spiritual laws of money must be recognized and utilized. Another tool to utilize is before taking action be in the right state of mind. If you are feeling good and inspired chances are you are in alignment with your higher self and the Creator. This would be a wise time to take action. By working with energy and magnetism before you take right action things will flow a bit more effortlessly.  More is then accomplished and little effort is required. I look forward to writing a post soon about the spiritual laws of money. Until then! Caio Friends!

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How to Nourish the Body on a Cellular Level

One of the keys to assimilating our nutrients is of course how well we digest the food we consume. Many people whom are interested in obtaining nourishment from nuts, seeds, wild rice etc. realize that in order to get the most benefit from these foods soaking them for at least 12 hours will ensure releasing any enzyme inhibitors.

Now if you want to take things to the next level of Cellular integrity you might consider taking those nuts, seeds or rice and culturing them. This means it is time to blend in a powerful probiotic so that the nuts/seeds/rice ferment and NOW the food is activated and easy to digest. Now you have Bio-Available Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrate that converts into Amino Acids, Fatty Acids & Usable Energy. Now your body can create beautiful hair, skin & bones and re-manufacture its’ own metabolic enzymes & hormones. This is really a lifestyle and a way to get the most out of the food you consume. Many people try eating raw or vegan and miss this step! This is the ultimate step as it gives the body an easy way to get nutrition that converts quickly.

Try the recipe below and let me know what you think:

1 cup soaked Raw Organic Almonds (24 hour soak and rinse water regularly)

4 young thai coconuts (open with a cleaver and scoop out white meat. reserve coconut water for blending).

1 cup of NON GMO Rice Bran Solubles (Tocotreniols)

1 -2 tsp of high quality plant based probiotics or instead of coconut water use Coconut Kefir water

Now put the meat and almonds into the blender. Maybe blend in intervals a little bit at a time. Add some rice bran and coconut water to the consistency of yogurt. Now add your probiotics or if you are using kefir water just add that instead.  I just save the coconut water and make kefir with my own probiotics. Then I have tons of kefir water to utilize.

Now strain the mixture thru a sieve.  Let sit on the counter with a lid unsealed (leave air to breath). Maybe check it after 6 hours. Could take a whole 24 hours depending on the probiotics and tempratures. It will puff up and have a slight zing to it. It is now activated.

To create variety of all your high quality nuts/seeds rotate what you culture. Try hemp yogurt, chia seed yogurt, brazil nut yogurt. Ferment wild rice! Have fun and enjoy nutrition on a true cellular level!!!!!!!!!!

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One of Nature’s Most Powerful Healers Are Closer than You May Think. What are Probiotics and How Do They Contribute to a Strong & Healthy Body?

Our bodies are living cultures. When we take responsibility (meaning the ability to respond) to nourish and care for our bodies they give back to us ten fold! Everything is connected, once we re-establish the healthy flora in our bodies they will thrive in our bodies providing powerful and healing qualities that reflect into our physical world.

One of our first exposures to this micro flora is through our mother’s birth canal; we are coated with a layer of bacteria. If our mother was healthy she blessed us with a nice shield of friendly armor. If she may have been dealing with Candida at the time of birth or an unhealthy lifestyle than this too was transferred to the baby. This along with pharmaceutical drugs & tap water often destroy or suppress our own immune response thus killing off many of our friendly bacteria and contributing to disease in the body. An over-growth of unfriendly bacteria can easily create imbalances such as Acne, Allergies, Autism, Immune Disorders & the list goes on.

If this was the case for you as a child – you are not to worry! Our bodies are miraculous and come bouncing back with an abundance of energy when given natural care. The body wants to heal itself by its very nature. If you are starting a family this is something to consider for your own child’s health. We build our world one child at a time.

The best thing to do in order to re culture our gut is to feed it the friendly micro flora.

When the friendly bacteria proliferate we experience healthy skin, weight loss, increased immune response, better digestion & healthy bowel movements because these little sentient beings are constantly producing enzymes, B vitamins and other nutrients that support a healthy internal environment.

Internally our “gut” or intestinal system is our line of defense in keeping the skin healthy, vibrant & our immune system strong. Skin issues are often related to what is going on inside our gut. The ratio to healthy & unhealthy bacteria in the intestine is said to be best at 80/20. When this is in check rest assured the body will thrive.

Lipophilli Bacteria are fat-soluble microbes that live on the exterior of our skin. They keep viruses, infections and fungal issues at bay. This protective layer is required for our body to maintain a radiant & youthful glow. It is the harsh soaps & cleansers out there that strip these oils from the skin opening our immune system up to invaders.

Probiotics will also acidify the colon (maintaining a proper pH between 6.7 and 6.9); normalize our bowel movements; produce key minerals & vitamins; produce lactase (for lactose intolerance); & remove toxic waste from the body.

If you choose to supplement with Probiotics a good idea might be to take a teaspoon in the morning, on an empty stomach, and a teaspoon at night before bed. This way we coat the digestive tract and allow the organisms to proliferate without interruption. Choosing a high quality probiotic that is proteolytic, which means they break down the proteins into amino acids is crucial. This will allow the amino acids to convert in the body to create strong healthy bones, skin & hair. This allows us the ability to manufacture our own metabolic enzymes and hormones. Probiotics are key to vibrant health!

Other ways to get your Probiotics could be coconut kefir water, cultured vegetables & cultured nut seeds & cheeses. Colostrum is also full of probiotics.

As we modify the terrain the unfriendly bacteria will no longer have the environment to thrive. This really goes hand and hand with our world. We are learning to reinvent and recreate our world to be a happier, healthier place. As we clean up our own terrain we will see the manifestation in our physical world.

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How To Make Cultured Coconut Hempseed Yogurt & Benefits

This morning I made a non dairy yogurt that is absolutely incredible and the health benefits are really outstanding.  It is fairly simple to make and because we let it culture for a few hours on the counter it creates a powerhouse of healthy bacteria to support your immune function, build a beautiful inner eco system and assist in breaking down:

  1. Fats into fatty acids
  2. Protein into amino acids
  3. Carbohydrates into energy.

Essentially the micro-nutrients are now available for use in the body making it extremely easy to digest.


3 Young Coconuts (water and meat)

1 cup of Raw Organic Hemp Seeds

1 cup or so of coconut water kefir OR a Probiotic liquid or Powder

1/4 cup Raw Organic Ecuadorian Banana Flakes (Optional) – I like to add these to create a banana pudding.

1/2 -1 cup Rice Bran Solubles (Optional) -This is a super anti-oxidant and adds a creamy texture.  Another choice would be to add a Non-GMO Lecithin Powder

To Create: Place your kefir water in the blender add the meat of the coconuts and the hemp seeds. Put in a little at a time to blend well. Add more liquid as needed. You can add some of the fresh young coconut water b/c as it sits the friendly bacteria will feed from that sugar. If you do NOT have kefir simply add a nice teaspoon full of probiotic powder to the coconut water and you will get great results.

Add banana flakes and Rice Bran if desired. This should be a nice thick & creamy texture.

Scoop out into a glass container and sit the lid on top but do not fully close.  Let sit for around 8 hours. Check occasionally depending on temperature. It will smell slightly tangy and puff up.  Now enjoy or store in the refrigerator up to 3 days or so.

You can purchase the Kefir Starter on my blog by going to “Build Your Immnity Tab” on the right column or Products Page

To buy Probiotic Powder that is available under “Probiotcs & Enzymes Tab” or Products Page.

Enjoy this nutrient dense superfood.

Note: Hemp seeds are a TRUE super food Here is why:

  • Bio available Amino Acids
  • Mineral Dense
  • Omega 3’s & Omega 6 Rich
  • Beautifying due to healthy fat ratios
  • Immune system building
  • Provides Long Lasting Energy
  • Regulates Cholesterol Levels
By the Dodhisattva's Farmhouse Kitchen

Nutrient Dense Food for Your Living Body!

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How to Make Cultured Vegetables/Salsa and Coconut Kefir Water

Today I made a batch of cultured salsa & some coconut kefir water.

Fermenting or Culturing veggies is a great way to enhance the nutritional value of the vegetables.  The friendly bacteria in the culture starter proliferates and after it sits for 3-7 days (or longer is great) at about 70 degrees you have a nutrient dense food.  This is extremely easy on the digestive system and is great paired with all of your meals for better assimilation and utilization of your foods. So that you can build strong & healthy hair, skin and bones. Beyond that it keeps the immune system strong!

The recipe I made today is a cultured salsa.  I took organic veggies like cabbage, red bell pepper, jalapenos, onions, dandelion greens, cilantro, beets, carrots, tomatos, mineral salt, lemon juice and fresh pressed garlic.  I minced & cut the items as desired and mix them all together.

Then I take the Body Ecology Culture Starter (you can get this on my website by clicking on the tab, “Build Strong Immunity”) and mix it with 1/2 cup of 90 degree water and some form of sugar. I used organic sun dried coconut crystals.  I let this sit for 20 minutes to let the probiotics feed off of the sugar.

Next you make a brine. You take several cups of your veggie mixture and put in your high power blender. After this is well blended like a thick soup you take the culture starter and pour that into the brine.  Now pour this over the veggies.

Next take your clean glass jars and begin to pack the mixture into each jar leaving 2 inches at the top.  Now roll up a few cabbage leaves and place at the top of the jar. Seal and let sit for a 1 week or more.

Coconut Kefir Water is very healthy too. It is a probiotic drink.  This to me is like the finest champagne and good for you!  You can make this from the Kefir Starter that I offer on my website under the same tab, “Build Strong Immunity.”  What I do a lot of the time is take a small amount of kefir I have already made and add it to fresh organic young coconut water. I let this sit on the counter with a lid for 24-36 hours or until fizzy.  You can also use the Kefir starter, add the powder to the coconut water and sit in glass jar with lid for same amount of time.  Adjust time depending on temperature.

Please feel free to interact or ask questions/leave comments. Cheers to building strong immunity~ Love, The Sacred Farm House Kitchen of the Dodhisattva:)

A Wonderful Nutrient Dense Super Food

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Why Culture My foods?

Since my website includes cultured food recipes I wanted to give a brief explanation as to why this is of utmost importance in your daily routine as you create wholesome living foods.

Culturing your foods allows for the food to be “activated.” It allows friendly bacteria to proliferate and actually digest itself. This is much easier on our digestive system as we go to eat. It is a great idea to eat cultured foods with every meal to make sure you are digesting everything you consume.

So…as we ferment and culture our foods the health and friendly bacteria is created and it allows for bio-available food to enter the body. When our food is bio-available we are able to build strong muscle, hair, skin and bones. We can then start to manufacture our own metabolic enzymes and hormones. This will ultimately lead us to radiance!

Some foods that you can culture are: Coconut water, Nut and seed milks, vegetables to make sauerkraut, seed and nut yogurts, seed and nut cheeses. The list goes on and on. Enjoy cultured foods today and try our Probiotic Blend Powder which is Proteolytic, which means it breaks down the proteins into amino acids. Not all probiotics are proteolytic or medical grade. Get these probiotics and consume them morning and evening to re establish friendly flora in the intestinal tract.  Use this probiotic to create your nut and seed cheeses and yogurts as well.  For recipes please go to my website:

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