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Activate Your Purpose Filled Life.

Have you ever wondered how or what could bring you to truly and fully achieve freedom and attainment of all things you desire?  We can look outside ourselves all we want, until we are blue in the face quite frankly. When will we realize we are the one’s we have been waiting for?


The ego may not want to hear this, but in truth we are the one’s we have been awaiting, we are the souls, the points of light, the Angels…its a matter of listening, tuning in and going deep within.


Most are not up for the challenge, but I believe that if you are reading this you probably are ready to break free of the suffering and move onward, upward and inward to resolve the blocks and see reality for what it really is.


It’s sad to think people choose death before their natural time of moving forward into the soul’s eternal home. Some choose it deliberately taking their life and others utilize drugs, some utilize foods and other addictions to ease the pain & even others starve themselves to ease the pain.  This deep pain is an outer reflection of the state of our world.  The truth is that taking your own life in whatever form will not free ourselves. You are an ever living soul here sent from the light. You are a resident of the Supreme Abode and the way out is thru purification with the One.

You came to claim your birthright and see this world in wonder.  You chose to come here to wake up, embody the attainment of all things and serve as the light you always have been.

As we remember to be the detached observer in our life, always connected to the Supreme Being we will activate our purpose filled life with grace.  The physical body is an instrument for the soul to complete its mission, therefore its important for it to be running optimally. Some are not ready in this lifetime so they come back again and again to wake up and have the courage to be the light.  Whatever it is health, wealth, love, power…it is achieved once we master our self image & cultivate an intimate relation with Source. We then have full dominion over our physical form.

Most people are asleep, if the third eye is shut down the world is and can be a dark place. The only way out is to confront the ego self and expose it with the light of your consciousness. When we admit that our Ego has been attached to suffering we open it up to be reconciled. Keep a notepad with you through out the day and recognize when this is happening. Open up to the light. Any form of sabotage to yourself or another is a judgement and keeps you locked in the low vibrational states that most of the world runs on. Don’t be hard on yourself, just move forward. It is what it is.

One of the most profound things you can do to activate your third eye  (also known as the intellect of the soul) & cultivate your relation with The Supreme Being of God in order to fulfill your dharma is to meditate. Meditate in the stillness of your being, connect with the divine source that is their as your companion constantly and consistently radiating nothing but love, peace, bliss and abundance.  Plug in to the source because that is always where we get our answers.  There is nothing outside of this connection that is more powerful in creating a wonder filled life

We Are All Actors, Kings, Queens of our Own Domain

We are actor’s on the big stage here in life. Distractions are among us in all ways. It is up to us to focus, be the captain of our own ship the King or Queen of our own dominion. Let go and surrender to the Source from which you came. Expose the ego, accept it for what it is.

Let’s admit we fall short sometimes by thinking, acting and saying things that feed the ego.  To end suffering we must admit this and then wake up from our slumber.  We are reflections and our world is a state of our own consciousness. Let’s take responsibility and also recognize we are all points of light, we are souls. See this in your daily actions. Instead of judging others even looking, talking or thinking of others recognize them all and yourself as a star of light.


Take time to listen to high vibrational music like classical music. Listen to meditation with binaural beats, write letters to source/god/the infinite so that your connection becomes one of power and beauty.  The only way to supercharge your soul and gain power in this life is to have such an unwavering connection to source and steadfast faith in the attainment of this freedom.


A courageous soul fears no one or thing it holds a feeling of nizchay or certainty  in the power of the Supreme Connection because daily it plugs in in order to receive guidance on all things.

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Woman’s Prayer

Great Spirit,

I am mother.

I was made by You so that the image of shamanYour love
Could be brought into existence.
May I always carry with me
The sacredness of this honor.
Creator, I am Daughter.
I am the learner of the Traditions.
May I carry them forward
So that the Elders and Ancestors
Will be remembered for all time.
Maker-Of-All-Things, I am Sister.
Through me, may my brothers be shown
The manner in which I am to be respected.
May I join with my sisters in strength and power as a Healing Shield
So that they will no longer bear the stain of abuse.
Niskam, I am Committed Partner:
One who shares her spirit,
But is wise to remember never to give it away,
Lest it become lost,
And the two become less than one.
I am Woman.
Hear me.
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What Will Your Personal Legacy Be?

In what way will you pass on your Personal Legacy? Having a personal legacy can give you a strong reason to get up in the morning and live your life with passion.  It is something you hand down to the next generation.  It is a gift you bring others so that they remember you for your good works and deeds.HandsandHeartSun

Whatever you choose your personal legacy to be do it with heart and nobility.  No matter how big or small it may seem it is coming from your true essence.   I feel a noble personal legacy to pass on being a woman is to embody a healthy culture. By this I mean an internal culture. An internal culture that is rich in friendly microbes and has strong roots is a gift that will pass down to each generation.  This will allow my children and grandchildren and great grand kids the DNA and Culture to thrive in their lifetime.  This culture we imbibe creates our thoughts, words and deeds.  It is what our mind, body and spirit is composed of.  Creating an internal garden with a flourishing rich soil is an integris personal legacy.

Thriving Internal Garden

Thriving Internal Garden

Women have the unique and honorable gift of bringing life into this world.  With this comes the responsibility of making choices for the household on what we will eat and drink on a day to day basis and how we conduct our selves and our state of affairs. Creating a healthy environment for the family can be the best gift we pass on, so each member of the family has the opportunity to be the best version of themselves.

To me being the woman of the family is being the medicine woman. It is what many tribes and past civilizations recognize in the women, they are often the one’s that have that inherit medicinal nature.  Women can bring the strength and nobility to the family or tribe.

“Native American tribes believed that the women had more healing power and were able to soothe ill souls with their chants and connection to the spirit world. Medicine women gathered herbs to create healing medicines for those who fell sick within the tribe. Additionally, most Native American women were master craftsman who made beautiful blankets, baskets, and pottery. Jewelry was another favorite. There was a feeling of mutual respect between the men and women of the tribes. They cared for their children and husbands, just like the modern woman does today. Without their help, it would have been very difficult for the Native Americans to survive.” –

Sioux WomanIf we can remember this essence of ourselves and bring it back into existence we can recognize the true power of women.  What will your personal legacy be? No matter what it is, do it with a compassionate heart, a neutral mind and an old soul…know that it is a perfect choice for you. If you don’t know what your personal legacy could be just follow the things that make you happy and what you enjoy doing. These are often the things we most want to give to others and leave behind as our personal legacy.  When you have noble or elevated intentions you will dwell in the most beautiful realms of your own creation.


And Most Important, this video below shares the most important part of a woman’s legacy…the realization of our noble spirit!

Injoy and Enjoy!

If you wish, please comment below and let us know what your personal legacy is. Blessings.

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The Four Agreements



Mind Map of the Four Agreements.

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The Secret of Connecting with Your Tribe

Dear Friends of the Sacred Backyard Blog ~

Thanks for stopping by. Grab a seat, your favorite Buddha Bar tonic and enjoy the Now.


Amorea’s Art ~ Soul Family

One of the most amazing experiences we can let in to this life is that of our own innate power.

In this day of technology, we often rely on cell phones and computers to communicate and connect with one another.

Although I truly love my Mac and my Iphone I also appreciate the value of psychic perception and telepathy. Once we experience bringing someone into our life without utilizing our electronic devices we have just experienced our natural power.  It’s truly remarkable and something I invite everyone to cultivate.

The more we experience our innate power the more security we have within ourselves to create our life by design. We can lose site of our power if we rely on other people, tools and devices to do this for us. I feel there is a healthy balance here.

Just yesterday I had one of these “holy flow” experiences. I had been focusing on a certain area that I really love here in Southern California. It is a beautiful area in the canyon near Malibu. It was thru a job opportunity that put me right in this particular area I had been focused on. I ended up meeting three wonderful soul family members and had instant connection with each one of them. We went on a peaceful walk thru the woods nearby and spent a few moments meditating together amongst the animal spirits.  Powerful indeed.

I like to invest time each day in meditating and increasing my psychic powers. This may involve staring at a single flame to awaken my imagespineal gland or third eye. I may take in certain tonic herbs to put me in a more spiritual place. I may do certain yoga postures that cultivate strength in my Chakras assisting me to develop my own strengths. We might invest more time in nature so that we plug into that electrical matrix and ground these abilities we have opened up to. The heart beat of the earth is a powerful, solid and stable one.  We can make a phone call to our higher self and then thru that channel connect with our fellow tribe. These tools are out there for anyone to experience. When we tap into them we can experience magical Synchronicities that make life awe inspiring.

There are many things in today’s modern world that could be inhibiting us from opening up this telepathic channel.  If we are full of toxins we are unable to think clearly and would not have keen perception. Cleansing internal and external factors are key here. How I test myself and others is with Quantum Reflex Analysis.  This uses kinesiology to test different points on the body. We can test the points on our brain to let us know if they are strong or weak.  A weak pituitary gland may suggest we are being impacted by environmental stressors. Here we can take action with live source nutrition and something like a vastu pendant that will remediate the field around our body.  We might also start a protocol to decalcify the body so that we know for sure our pineal gland is healthy and receptive like an antennae. images

I have a friend ( a wise old soul whom is a shaman in this lifetime) that lives out in the mountains near the Four Corners,  and he and I connect here and again in ways that are mystical and just apart of that holy flow. We are apart of the same tribe. It is a feeling you just know when you connect in person.  Our connections like this one are very powerful in assisting us with the growth that we came to experience here. Following these signs and signals in life becomes a treasure to behold.   We might think of these feelings we get as clues, clues to take action one way or another. We are here to experience the magnitude of our power. When we humbly harness this power it is something that is more precious than anything.  Take time to remember these skills that are already apart of you.

Enjoy your sacred connections, your inborn powers and recognize these truth’s so that you can experience them in this lifetime with your soul family and tribe.

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Every Encounter is a Holy Encounter.

How do you handle situations in your life? How do you go about engaging with other’s when challenges arise in your communication. Whether in the work place, at home or with your children this subject can bring about all kinds of disheartening feelings. However, in those lower vibratory feelings there is always an opportunity for expansion, growth, forgiveness and unconditional love.

One thing that has assisted me greatly with this would be the wise  words of Kevin Trudeau. He shares a few great techniques that I invite you to consider:

  • Have a High Teachability Index
  • A High Willingness to Learn
  • A High Willingness to Except Change

Another Masterful Teaching  by Eckart Tolle is to be “okay” with being wrong in any given situation even if you are right!  Let go and surrender to being wrong. This actually will bring about more inner peace and stillness than you could imagine.  It might take a few tries but after a while it feels good and the outcome in the situation ends up being healthier and more genuine any way.forgiveness-healing-heart

Another great teaching is to forgive yourself and forgive the other person no matter what. In my humble opinion we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We came on earth to remember our true selves.  We came to learn and show the Great Spirit that we can apply the teachings and move up in our ranking here on earth, ultimately fulfilling our purpose on a deeper level.

This does not make us better than other’s it simply brings more fulfillment to our own lives.

Indeed we are spiritual, electrical, unlimited BEINGS.

Our purpose always finds a way to come to fruition if we get ourselves out of the way and operate from the heart. Apply the knowledge and experience the wisdom.  Once we do this we are stronger and wiser. We then graduate to the next level in life.

When we forgive ourselves and others we make room for a major shift in our awareness. There are a couple books I recommend for this by Colin Tipping. He wrote Radical Forgiveness and Radical Self Forgiveness, these are both awesome.

We ask for each of our circumstances whether we realize it or not. Taking full responsibility for our own life situations and what we bring into them is the first step to self realization and a better, more peaceful life.

Next, we have to let go of any judgment or criticism about ourselves or others. Otherwise we continue to cause disharmony to ourselves.  We cause more harm to ourselves by remaining in a state of anger or resentment than it does to the other person involved. By yelling or getting upset only causes our cells to become unhealthy and this negatively effects our external world.

WE are all learning how to communicate more effectively. I have heard that Nonviolent Communication is a great book for adult communications.  I would LOVE to learn about how to effectively communicate with children. Any books that one can recommend to me please share in the comments below. Although I do not have any children I would like to know how to communicate in a loving manner in case one day I do. I see what an impact it has on their consciousness and feel that it can make or break the way they grow up as successful adults.

We want to remain present and move forward. We want to let go of the dead past and learn from our lessons. We want to end the guilt or shame we feel and live in the moment.  Genuinely ask for forgiveness from Great Spirit, make changes and get on with living.

forgivenessOur life situation lives in the dead past and the imaginary future. Our peaceful, loving selves live in this moment.

Whatever disharmony or harmony you create in your life is all your creation.  Acknowledge when you do create good things in your life and take a good look at those things that don’t seem to appealing in your life. Even if it is other people you are watching in your life, This is simply a reflection of your inner world. Ask yourself quality questions of how you could transform these challenges into a better, more fulfilling experience.  Ask a loved one to hold you accountable to stay in your heart when communicating at your best.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post as much as I did. It is an honor to take the lessons from Spirit and apply them as genuine wisdom in our lives.

Please comment below on any insights you might have or leave feedback!

In Health and Peace, Dodhisattva

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Backwards Down the Number Line…Phish

If you ever want to give a phriend and incredible gift on their Bearthday, I offer you this song>oh the lyrics are just so spot on!

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We’re All Learning to Love Again:)

A little inspiration on this blessed day. If you like this version check out his studio version. BeaUtiful.

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Beyond the Ego….

Have you ever thought about who you are beyond your physical body? I bet you have, if you are here at the sacred backyard blog.  We are a conscious group of beings! We realize the truth is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  So when we see things from this vantage point we have the ability to go beyond time and space.

Spirit Girl

Spirit Girl

Join me for a moment and close your eyes. Take some long, slow, deep breath’s.  Unzip your skin suit and give your soul the opportunity to zip around the room wild and free.  Watch your spirit flutter around like a glowing butterfly or firefly. Feel the brilliance that you are.

The Ego is not in itself a bad thing. It is neither good or bad. It can help us in sticky situations and offer us instinct which can be healthy in situations. However it is important to be very aware of the Ego and what power we give it. It’s kinda like a riding a horse. When you ride a horse do you let the horse take you wherever or go or do you steer and lead the way?

Creating more peace and contentment is a sign you are taming the Ego.  One great way to do this is to keep an attitude of gratitude in all circumstances.  This literally changes your perspective and trains the mind to focus on the positive. Even if you have negative thoughts but can catch them and find something in the situation to be grateful for you have succeeded.  What we want to avoid is letting the negative thought take us on some crazy ride that only dis-empowers and keeps us further peace and happiness.  The more gratitude we have the more we attract the life we truly want.  When we hold gratitude in our hearts we are closer to our true nature.

An Attitude of Gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude

Having gratitude is simple yet profound! It brings more abundance and more wonderful things into our lives.

So unzip from your skin suit as often as you like. This little exercise can allow you to go beyond the Ego and be lighter about the circumstances of life.   Remember your true identity goes beyond this physical body and you have a huge purpose here. Let go, Forgive yourself and others. Let your heart shine and your soul sing. One of the BEST ways to move through huge barriers in your life is to practice forgiveness and unconditional love. Whether it is towards yourself or another it is powerful work.  I have found that forgiving your parents is a powerful way to get to the root of much non forgiveness in your current life. Having forgiveness for your parents opens the portal to your lineage line and can heal lifetime’s of pain and dis-ease. You might look into the Hawaiian atonement and reconciliation practice of Hoʻoponopono.  This can do wonders on your soul and the psyche. 

The more inner beauty we have by cleaning up our negative thoughts, false beliefs and identities we can begin to experience peace, contentment and our true identity. We know this has happened when we see more outer beauty in our selves and the world.   When we are being authentic in our expression we have arrived beyond the Ego into the realm of magic, humble power and we then open up our gifts to the world.  May this post inspire you to recognize your true identity and flourish. Many blessings and Much LOVE.

Please comment in the section below about this post and share your heart.

So..Chillax, Forgive, Let It Go…:)

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Conscious Goal Setting

Surrendering to life’s holy flow is a wonderful principle to imbibe.  However, if we do not create our on goals deliberately, we can become lost in a sea of mass consciousness.  Depending on whom you put yourself around this may not be such a bad thing, however if you want to be the Creator and Director of your life experience you might consider conscious goal setting today!

With cell phone towers, chem trails, electro magnetic frequencies and other types of brain wash currently surrounding most of the population it is wise to tune into the wise Creator that you are.  If we create a specific set of goals to achieve in our life and meditate on this file daily we can then watch our life line up and create the best path of least resistance for the file to come to fruition.

Spiritual Alchemy

Spiritual Alchemy

No matter where you are on your life journey you can begin a new just by creating this master goal file. The best way to do this is to write it down on paper or if you prefer to type it out that will do. Once you have your goal file created you can simply read it aloud and then take about 10 to 15 minutes per day to meditate on this file.  Choosing a time of day that you have limited distractions is best. It is also important to be in a peaceful state of mind, willing and open to receive your highest good.

If you require help creating your goals just start to ask yourself quality questions. Quality questions often dictate the quality of our life experience. First we want to ask ourselves:

How do I want to think?

How do I want to feel?

How do I want to relate to others and the world?

How do I want create my best life?

Where do I want to live?

What is my true purpose?

These are just a few quality questions we might ask ourselves.  Begin to get clear about your purpose and if you had all the resources in the world how would you live your life, what might you do to give back to the world? Think big, think unlimited, thing effortless creation!

As the universe conspires with you to create your dreams you will begin to trust the universe (multiverese) more. WE can trust the universe now knowing we are always supported and guided.

When we consciously create we let go of the old patterns or karmas we might be holding on to. We also then let go of the mass consciousness surrounding us and deliberately reroute ourselves to create the truth which is our birth right.  True surrender and letting go is the best way to create a life of purpose. This is where the magic flows and life becomes a beautiful stream of miracles!

All is well and So it is!

Please leave a comment below and add any quality questions you might ask yourself while creating your Master Goal File!

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