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Revive Your Soul…..

Some of the best times I remember growing up, are the memories of my sister and I foraging for wild blackberries on a hot summer day in Western Pennsylvania. We would get dressed in long sleeves and pants to protect us from the thorns and bugs. Each of us carried a basket and would fill it affectionately with those berries. The big, plump, black ones that would whisper to us, they were indeed ready for a cold soak in some raw cream delivered by the milk man:) Yes we had a local milk man that delivered straight to the front door and those berries got to swim in a bowl of fresh cream from a glass bottle. As we sat next to each other at the big wooden table we would count our blackberries one by one.

Wild blackberry picking

Wild blackberry picking

After a snack like that we would be back out on the land exploring the neighbors blueberry patches, playing near the stream, or doing whatever our imagination’s conjured up. Our imaginations were a part of what made our childhood the best one ever.

Mom would yell loud from the front stoop it was time to come in for dinner and some how we always heard her call from wherever we were.

Our days were filled with streams, rivers, walking next to the train tracks at Uncle Jeff’s mountain home, chasing the river to the waterfall, playhouses, neighboring farms and soulful journeys.

The innocence, sensitivity, beauty, enthusiasm, purity and playfulness the soul seeks gives deep nourishment to our lives.  As adults it is what brings about the conscious return to innocence.  We then complete our journey & seal the matrix.

A Writer's Inspiration

A Writer’s Inspiration

What is it you did as a child that made you light up? Bring that back to your reality however you can.

For me it is being with nature, the sounds of nature, the beauty of nature, the magick of nature. I find myself now living near a river, waterfall, train tracks and near some of the best spring water a girl could ask for. Living in a small town with big dreams is a joy for the soul and it offers so much. It allows us to see the small details of life yet accomplish our biggest dreams. The stillness a small town offers us let’s us get into a feeling state to revive and nourish the soul, it draws in the most extraordinary and mundane of individuals giving it character and grace. It is a writer’s inspiration.

The train that rolls through allows for so many eccentric, transient individuals to pass through. The other day two kids came through town with their instruments. They started  playing out front of the old theater at 7 in the morning rocking out giving the town character.  The conversations I had with them were inspirational and full of wonder.

Other days I here live, soulful Jazz from the courtyard a block away. Time for a walk down to the free concert and a little dancing for the soul in us all. Oh the wonder of a small town.

There is a little cafe that sits across the street from my window.  It is only open 4 days a week (maybe something more businesses could adopt to save their souls:)), but there is something about the days they are open that is fun to watch.  The fresh greens  and chantrelle’s are brought in from a local forager, the owner sharing his unique gifts to serve the community, the trucks dropping off goods from around the area, travelers from all over the world making reservations to dine at this hidden gem.

My latest harvest of wild plums and blackberries:)

My latest harvest of wild plums and blackberries:)

Whatever it is that nourishes your soul go do that and watch as it becomes super charged fulfilling its’ purpose and mission in life. Let your soul shine as it is what requires the healing..the body always follows suit. Activate your Super Senses, let your soul be the guide. Revive the Soul.



Wild Waters

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The Importance of Our Cellular Environment

The importance of our cellular environment is crucial to our well being and health.  How are we choosing to live this life?  I trust most of you reading this realize the importance of fresh, clean air, less artificial light and more sunlight, an abundance of air flow in your environment as opposed to a home closed up from fresh air, pumping heat or air conditioning.

I also encourage us to take a look at what our walls are painted with, is this eco-friendly or perhaps outdated toxic lead paint that is a potential health hazard to you and your family? What kind of flooring is in your home? Is it carpet? Often carpet is laiden with parasites and is an unsanitary approach to flooring.royalty-free-environment-clipart-illustration-67356

Have you checked for mold growing? This is a serious health concern as many do not have the intuition or sensory perception to tell. If not you can have a professional come to the house and check the walls, carpets and closets.  When mold gets into your lungs it is a serious health challenge and can take a long time to clear. This is something that before you move into a place is of paramount importance to look into.

Let’s take a look at smart meters. These are often on the building where most people in the world dwell. Apartment complexes are even worse b/c there are many for each unit. Yikes! My recommendation here is to move! Get to a place where you can ground daily by walking out your front door, create it first in your psyche and then watch it manifest in your reality. If for the time being you require jedi tools to get you through until you move to a more healthy environment you can acquire Q tape, pyramids and soil to place in and around the home to change the field in the space. Contact me for a consultation to learn more. This is my preferred method of grounding in a city environment.  You could also purchase grounding mats, sheets and so forth however I choose to change the whole field of the home thus creating a powerful resonance everywhere in the house not just in bed or sitting at your computer with grounding technology.

The body when it is given a natural field surrounding its cells will perform and heal optimally. Remember this as you consider your cellular environment.

Cell Environment

Cell Environment

This is just one aspect of your cellular environment.  We can also get into the people we surround ourselves with and our work enviroment. Is it productive, healthy and fulfilling?  If not its time to think about some changes if we want to experience the best life possible.

Although this next thought is more connected to Cellular Communication I feel it relevant to our environment. Before you speak…THINK

T….is it True?

H…is it Helpful?

I…is it Inspiring?

N…is it Necessary?

K…is it Kind?

This acronym is a tool for us to utilize while creating our Cellular Environment in a powerful way.

What are we putting into our bodies?  Although this is based around Cell Nutrition it still plays a role in our Environment, What we eat in private shows in our presence to others and also how we think about what we eat.   Do we know if what is in our kitchens are toxic or healthy for us and our families?  Let go of the processed foods and turn to a more natural approach to eating. Learn how to forage for foods, grow food or buy from local farmers.  If you cook food make sure it is done with awareness keeping the nutrients intact. How about buying pans and pots that are free of toxic chemicals.  This is a serious health hazard to take a look at.  It might cost you more for a nice ceramic pot but it will save your health and freedom in the long run. Same goes for dishes, silverware etc.  Go for the best and accept it now. Change the kitchen environment so that it is one of cleanliness and health. Create a mineral rich body in order to maintain cellular integrity.

Are your cleaning supplies free of toxins? Making your own non toxic cleaning supplies is better for your wallet and your environment. I share this kind of information in my home cleansing consultations. What about our body care? Are these products free of toxins? I make my own tooth powders and oils to ensure a healthful environment for my mouth…I recommend it.

These are some things to ponder as we create our Cellular Environment and begin to take full responsibility for who and what is surrounding us. Become educated in this area of your life so that you can experience more of your true nature. There is something deeper behind what you are experiencing now. Choose to tap into this and expand your state of reality and consciousness so that you consistently experience heaven on earth.

Cellular LOVE

Cellular LOVE

Each one of us is a powerful crystal here to share our own individual light to become apart of the multi-versal light. Allow your radiance to shine by recognizing your greatness and then changing your environment to one that potentiates your accelerated growth here on earth. Guided meditations where you get into deep theta states can assist you here. For a few months I was meditating on Heaven on Earth and ended up manifesting a place to live called Heaven & Earth….these are true signs of the laws in action.

Other factors to take a look at would be the quality of water you drink, clean and bathe in. Is it city tap water? You are playing with fire if so. I suggest finding a spring and harvesting your water. Find a house on spring/well water.

What is your sleep environment like? Are you grounded at night? Is the room you are sleeping in pitch black? If not your sleep is probably not as deep and fulfilling as it could be.

Thanks for stopping by the Sacred Backyard and if you would like a private consultation on how to cleanse your living space I do offer them via google hang, skype or in person depending on location.

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The Magical Properties of Spring Water

Kayaking this Mystic Spring Fed River

Kayaking this Mystic Spring Fed River in Florida

Over this past holiday (holy day) season I had the joyous experience of kayaking and swimming in a fresh spring water fed river. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences. Not only was I able to jump out and swim around the clear blue waters at any moment, but I was surrounded by the serenity of nature and a few family members as we traveled the river banks.

Those of you whom enjoy harvesting spring water or whom live near springs are familiar with the beauty, the magic and the healing properties that spring water holds.  The new Aquarian Age is upon us and the best way to nourish your cells is to harvest your own spring water. It is truly outside of the matrix and is the foundation of our lives, whether you must drive several hours or it is in your backyard well it is an important first step in true health.

Why you might ask? For many reasons, one of them being the water holds a superior electrical charge compared to other water.  It is running under the earth untouched by man or pollutants.  The water has the signature of the earth’s wisdom. It is natural, cleansing and nourishing.  Water takes on memory as you have seen in Dr. Emoto’s work. So, if we are drinking tap water or using it in anyway we are assuming responsibility for the imprint it has taken on, thus bringing it into our own bodies.   The best thing to do once you have brought yourself to this truth is to seek out a spring.


Wild Water

Spring water has the ability to re-mineralize the tissues of the body and provide a magical healing effect on us as hydration is gained. Because the water is naturally structured thru a vortex motion it hydrates the cells flushing, regulating and cleaning the cells.  After 7 days of drinking nothing but spring water the body’s fluids are now replenished and we have re-set the fluids.  As the body gains true hydration it can come alive in a way that may have not been achieved before. The acid wastes & calcification begin to flush out of the body and a new clean innocent perception can come through.  The body’s electrical charge is strengthened and if you were to test the bio-field of the body with kinesiology you might find the energetic field around the body is increasing in strength.

This week I am headed out to harvest spring water from a local spring. I will share the video below.  The magical properties of spring water are for you to find as you experience it for yourself. What does it do for your overall well being, your consciousness, your state of mind? For me gives me a sense of true freedom, liberation, health and joy in my heart. It gives me peace of mind knowing I am self sufficient in hydrating myself.

When you collect spring water watch the natural vortex that occurs as it pumps out from the earth, this alone allows the water to clean itself. I prefer to gather water from a very cold spring with a moderately low tds (total dissolved solids) and one that has been tested for contaminants.  Below is a video from today’s spring water harvest out at Lake Hemet, CA.  Just watch as the water freely pours out and seeks to hydrate us on a cellular level! Happy Harvesting. Find Yourself a Spring to drink from.   😉

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How to Fly Like a Jedi.

Okay so you are headed on a flight and you are wondering how to best protect yourself from the stressor’s of flying.  A high vibrational cellular environment is crucial to maintaining harmony in our human biofield at all times.  As most of us know flying comes with its cellular challenges and this post is here to provide practical solutions. This post is intended for you to look and feel your best  before, during and after travel.

Human BioField

Human BioField

When we fly we are literally exposing ourselves to radiation not only from the flight but also from the airport scanners, thousands of cellphones, computers and the like in and around our bio field.  Our body also becomes more easily dehydrated when flying as well as not being in a grounded state near the earth’s field. Without fresh air on the plane and being surrounded by lots of people we are exposed to more bacteria and germs.  So what is a super hero flying genius to do?

For starters we want to start preparing for our flight well in advance. Let’s make a list 1 week ahead of time of all the things we will bring on our trip.  Let’s also figure out if we will be checking luggage or not. If we are checking our luggage it makes it easier to handle all the restrictions with what is aloud in our bags.  I like to opt for checking a bag  even though it costs a bit it cuts down on the stress!


sea veggies for thyroid, breasts & uterus

Next we want to prepare our bodies at least a week in advance for the extra radiation we will be exposed to via the airport scanners and airplane. We can do this by taking in high doses of sea vegetables, green tea extract, and broken cell wall chlorella. These three things will be foundational to support our thyroid and organ/gland system. With the body thoroughly saturated in live source iodine & other key nutrients the radiation can reflect off of us.

Another key is to maintain proper hydration before, during and after the flight.  I believe you can take prepard shakes and juices on the plane, especially if you have small children. I suggest before the flight making sure you are well hydrated with quality water and green vegetable juices.  This will keep us alkaline and give us an edge while flying. Airplane food is other than the best ever. Sometimes just fasting for the duration of the flight is the best thing to do. You can even pack a green juice for the flight and my suggestion is to put a bottle or two of spring water in your checked suit case so you have quality water upon landing. Get on the earth as soon as you can after landing to reconnect to the earth and harmonize the biofield.

If you have a challenge sleeping on planes, do your best to take adaptogenic herbs and those that calm the nervous system like chamomile or valerian root. You might try a high quality melatonin supplement so that you can get some quality sleep. Using an organic eye covering during flight will also help your body produce healthy levels of melatonin naturally.



Next we want to talk about the airport scanners.  What are other ways we can create solutions to the exposure of radiation?  For starters we can carry a piece of tektite in our pocket. This particular rock will absorb the negative energy from the surroundings and leave our biofield strong and healthy.  We can also opt for the pat down instead of putting the body through another scanner. Often these scanners can embed into different organs in the body. This causes the organ or gland to go weak. You can remove the embedment with a low level laser if this happens. As far as your luggage is concerned a great idea is to put a small pyramid like a pyramidian in with your luggage. Another idea is to use hemapro nuggets and place them in the four corners of the suitcase.  Another solution is to get yourself a AAA battery and cut a line on the top and bottom of the battery. All of these objects create a protective field. I like to protect my belongings with one or more of these methods  b/c often I bring my mudpacking kit, supplements and superfoods with me wherever I go. This ensures they are protected. You can always take a laser upon arriving at your destination and point it at each object in the suitcase.

My best solution for those jedi’s who want to fly in style and let go of all the stressor’s would be to travel by private jet. TWC Avation is a  great company and is one of the largest in fact. They are changing their name to Earth Air.

So, with this said, I trust this will give you a super hero edge at going through the airports with ease & grace. I look forward to hearing about your experience flying and please do comment below. Share with a friend if you feel inspired.

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The Cellular Principles & Spiritual Laws here at the Sacred Back Yard

As I nurture and care for my body, mind and spirit I look at all aspects of the cellular principles & spritual laws shared here within this sacred backyard blog. On a moment to moment basis I tune in to these principles and laws:

  • Cellular Communication ~ My beautiful thoughts are reflected in my external world. I remind myself of the above truth and nourish my mind with loving, healing affirmations and beliefs. It is within the now that I am free from suffering and I choose to hold a space of enlightenment as my greatest service to the world. My greatest gift is inner peace and with this breathtaking connection.   I have fulfilled my mission on this earth. I am one with all life.  Seeing any kind of separation in others is an illusion. Judging, ridiculing, criticizing ourselves or others put us in an acidic state and does nothing to benefit our personal power or growth. Feedback from the heart space is a super hero quality that is a much better approach to communicating than any form of criticism. Asking permission to share feedback allows everyone a free will choice & shows awareness.
  • Cellular Nutrition ~ I choose to love and honor my body. I feed it super nutrient rich foods and liquids. Super Foods, Herbs, The Best Brain Foods, Probiotics and Medicinal mushrooms are in abundance in my life and I claim that now. I  bathe  in the sunshine and drink the living spring water’s of this earth.  I am full of light and the lighter I become the more I am a channel for the highest good to flow through me.  My body is my home and so it is important that I take exceptional care of it. I choose to periodically fast to let it rest just as I get to rest each night.  I love my body and honor each organ and part. Because of this true love my body gives me messages when it requires certain nutrients. It gives me signs through my super senses, situations and magical messages. I listen and tune in.
  • My cellular environment is a crucial key to maintaining and creating the best life ever. I know that my environment not only includes fresh living spring waters, earth crystals, living plants, medicines and loving vibrations from the higher realms but also the most amazing loving beings around me. I see the highest good in them and they see this in me. We are a high vibrational community empowering one another so that each individual shines the collective light. We are open and receptive to feed back and are immune to judgement and criticism of any kind. Our environment is one that is nurturing and fulfilling which includes, Spring water bathing, Infrared Sauna’s, Super Nutrient Rich Kitchen’s, Fire places, Creative art studios and so much more. Our home is a place to share with one another and master mind for the highest good. It is here we create lucrative high vibrational projects and services to offer the world. It is a place of laughter, good times and magic.
  • Cellular Exercise ~ Both Internal and External exercise are crucial. Deep Breathing, Yoga and Rebounding create a healthy internal environment. I enjoy these exercises daily to increase the presence power around my body.  I enjoy moving in all different ways in order to increase the life power within. I stretch it and listen to its call for different forms of movement. Martial arts such as Capoeira is something my body receives incredible fulfillment from. Mastering a martial art in this lifetime is apart of my Dharma and it ensure’s a strong heart~mind connection.

I am in tune to the 7 Spiritual Laws of the Super Hero Archetype and therefore I have harnessed my power to change the world for the greater good.  These spiritual laws give us a guide line of how to be, what to think, say and do.  Within this article we have the keys and codes to maintain cellular integrity, clean, flowing blood, thoughts and lives.

First we take a look at the Law of Balance.  This is a of utmost importance because as we go about our day it is crucial that we remain connected to the higher source of all things. With this deep connection we are unshakeable as the world around us presents challenges, tribulations, thoughts from mass consciousness, environmental pollutions etc.  As we harness our level of being we will keep centered and steady through it all.  With this peace we can move onto the level of feeling. This allows us to tune into our emotional awareness. We want to come from a place of peace and discernment when we make decisions or actions. The need to be right or any type of self importance that is coming through must be surrendered and released in order to rooted in love and peace. Our third level is thinking and we can note that the highest level of thinking here is creativity. We see this amongst our community of artists.  How can we each tap into more creativity with in our own existence? Within creativity all problems have a solution.  I invite the opportunity for more creativity in my life and in your’s if you choose this. And next we actually  take right action. Here we are flowing with all the levels of creativity and things happen magically, effortlessly and instantaneously.

There are 6 other spiritual laws to be addressed and we will do that through out the next blog posts to come!

Remembering we are perfect in our imperfection allows us to have great compassion for ourselves and others. As we truly recognize our shadow self and allow it to be our greatest opportunity for healing and transformation we allow ourselves to awaken to the ever present flowing stream of consciousness. Our shadow self allows us to become better, stronger and wiser. And so it is! Sat Nam. Wahe Guru.

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The Awakened Heart Reality

The purpose of this article is to inspire creating a reality that is from your awakened heart. The awakened heart reality is one that brings your dreams to life & brings win-win situations to the world at large.

The Awakened Heart

While others might be speaking about their trials and tribulations you can be busy creating a reality of your highest vision free of those things that are not serving you.  Create a mind map or write down how you see yourself and your life in a few years from now. Recognize the feelings, the people, the environment that surrounds you there. Bringing this into  your space now activates this in your DNA and ultimately brings events and people into your life to make this awakened heart reality possible.

There is a lot of change taking place on Earth at this time. As higher energies orchestrate in the infinite realms and we become more tuned into the earth grid much is revealed to us. With reverence and an attitude of gratitude we can work together to create great change.

The Living Library includes the earth, stars, sun, moon, rain, ocean, sand, flowers,dew drops, trees,  plants, herbs & all those things that live and breathe around us which hold and store information. The answers we seek are stored in these living things until we ask permission for access to knowledge held within them.  When we become aware of that which surrounds us and decode our very own DNA we will activate our own mission and purpose here on earth. Then we will see massive shifts and changes take place for the higher good of all.

Like a Shaman studies the animal, earth, plant & herbal kingdoms we too can look at this as an opportunity to do the same.

As our minds focus on the new, exciting & positive creations that we hold true to be our reality we leave behind the things that no longer serve us.

Expand Your Super Senses.

If those around you are caught up in Maya or the lower vibratory thoughts let it be a reminder to you. If we are able to come from our heart we can give those around us a gentle nudge to take responsibility for these lower energies. If we find ourselves in this state we can follow our highest excitement in the moment in order to feel good now and shift our reality. Feeling good now will lead us on the path to our awakened heart where we feel courage, commitment, integrity, purpose, kindness, generosity and ultimately create our best life ever.

Our prosperity lies in knowing the unknown and seeing the unseen. As we gain access to this technology and information our lives are governed by a holy flow of energy.

We have access to the keys, codes & awakened heart space; it is up to us to remember our future.


  • Be Authentic In All Your Relations.
  • Respect Plants, Animals, Herbs & All Living things.
  • Treat those around you like family all ways.
  • Give those in front of you your full awareness.
  • Have confidence in your insights and act upon them.
  • Hold an attitude of gratitude.

….And watch your Best Life Ever Arrive Now. 🙂

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Harvesting Wild Blackberries & Sage with the Full Moon

Yesterday the full moon was very powerful. As some of you know I enjoy full moon ceremonies and rituals. Some of these rituals include brewing herbal teas out on the earth for a full 24 hour period when the moon is full.  This increases the energy of my herbal tea mixtures. I also feel it is powerful to put your larger crystals or geod’s under the full moon to recharge and clear them.

Each full moon brings a unique and dynamic experience and this one was truly magical. The day before the full moon a few friends and I went sage picking along the dirt trails here in Southern California. The senses are enlivened as you walk these dirt trails and experience the earthy essences of the herbs that grow wildly along the trails. Anise, Thyme, Sage are just some of the beautiful wild plants that grow in abundance here. As we enjoyed our walk and graciously received the sage offerings our hemp bags were full of moist sage branches.

The night of the full moon we gathered these dried out sage piles into smudge sticks and then wrapped hemp twine around the bundles to create beautiful hand harvested sage sticks.  Sage has been known to be a masculine herb increasing psychic awareness and promoting longevity in those that utilize it for medicine. It is also a wonderful herb for cleansing your home, yourself or other objects. Sage resonates with the air element and is ruled by the planet Jupiter. It is considered the herb of wisdom and can call in your spirit guides to assist you along your long and healthful existence here. 

As the evening of the full moon progressed myself and some wonderful friends gathered by a fire pit for a wonderful evening of music and singing. We had guitars, conga drums, a harmonica, wooden flute and the beautiful voices of the soul’s that came to gather.  The land where we held this beautiful full moon ceremony felt insulated by the clouds and the freshly watered earth  and trees that garnished the space. Lime, tangelo, banana, avocado and other fruit trees lined the property as we felt nourished by the magnificence of the sacred full moon.

Today, the day after this ceremony I felt a magical flow of energy with me. As I drove north up to Thousand Oaks from Orange County I was graced with a thunder storm as I neared the exit to my sister’s home here. A beautiful gift to receive a message from the sky and a cleansing of rain just like that of the sage stick, cleansing our aura’s and enlivening our inner senses.

After the fresh rain fell and I made my super food colostrum ice cream (see the ital kitchen for recipe) I went for a walk to find the blackberries going off all over the path!  I brought them home with me by the handful and cleaned them so everyone could share the fruits of the earth!

Thankful am I for this magical life.

Note: I look forward to the blue moon that will soon be upon us. The date of the blue moon is August 31st 2012, enjoy this rare event with a ritual, ceremony or just a simple evening brewing your favorite herbal tea. I think a wonderful mix of  sage and schizandra berries would be a fine brew for the blue moon!

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Living Spring Water, the Great Healer.

I just got back from a magical journey of exploring Northern California and although all parts of the trip were incredible harvesting fresh spring water was at the top of my list! Image

This spring was flowing cool, clean water and it was such a gift to receive the bounty of the earth’s water flow.  This particular spring is gravity fed and pumps up into this spring here. Spring water has levitational qualities due to its ormus (mineral elements with consciousness) content and the magic of its very nature. When we drink spring water we become more in tune to the natural bio rhythms of the earth.

The sacred water’s of the earth can be used to heal people.  Geothermal hot and cold springs exist all over the world. Seek and ye shall find.

Recently I took a journey up to Harbin Hot Springs. The waters there flow from the earth. You can enjoy hot/cold therapy in different pools there. Switching from extreme cold spring water to intense hot spring water strengthens the lymphatic system detoxifying and rejuvenating the organs. This has youthifying and strengthening effects on the entire bio field of the body.  This area also offered incredible hiking trails. I went running on a trail called Spiritual Path and ended up on Ridge Trail where I came upon a male vortex and sacred rock formations. A male vortex works with the physical body. I could feel the magnetic presence of the field as beautiful red barked trees lined the trail.   It was really spectacular and the views from the trail were epic. Grounding on the earth by hiking and being in nature is a wonderful way to reset the body system.

Taking time to harvest spring water and experience the healing waters of the earth is an incredible experience. Find one near you and share your experience in the comment section below! Cheers.

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Driving the Canyon Road to Malibu on a Beautiful Summer Morning.

I was headed to Malibu yesterday and  what an incredible experience it is every time I get the chance to leisurely drive Kanan Road to the coast in Malibu.

It is always such a healing experience. From the canyon views to hitting that one point where you finally see the big ocean blue it is truly awe inspiring.  Yesterday I saw wild fennel growing as well as wild celery and flowers. I think there is probably a good amount of Chaparral growing back there too.  Chaparral grows in abundance in desert climates and is great brewed as a sun tea to cleanse and purify the blood of uric acid and toxins. I am going to make some today. Simply place about 3 tbs. of dried Chaparral in a mason jar and fill with spring water. Let this sit out in the sun for a few hours. Even better put it on the earth and let it out for a full 24 hours to also receive the moon’s energy. This is a great time to do this here in California as the full moon is upon us. The full moon’s energy is powerful and magical. Make a combination of different herbs that you feel will assist your body and brew a full moon tea.

Powerful Wild Sun Tea

Once you get a handle on what plants and herbs are safe to eat you can enjoy going on hikes where wild foods are abundant and enjoy them as sun teas or in fresh pressed juice or chopped into salads.  I have mentioned in a previous post about the healing nature of wild foods. Remember wild foods create an energy signature in the body that exudes authenticity, adaptability and true nourishment. The thing is those wild foods are not helped along by man and so they must find a way to survive. There roots grow long, strong and deep. Enjoy them and thank them for it!

They are also not sprayed with pesticides or chemicals and do not get watered regularly by tap water. This is really good news for us.

Chicken Crossing:)

So, the rest of my journey to my friend’s home in Malibu was wonderful. And along the way I got to check out the neighbor’s farm.

It is gorgeous and this family is completely living sustainably. It is a full on organic and thriving farm equipped with chickens, tangerines, lemons, salad greens, pomegranate and the list goes on!

I find that it takes a little investigation and being open to search to find the true hidden gems in any area. Don’t you? I am glad that I was willing to go on an adventure yesterday to find new places, people and even a few chickens!

Our infinite nature is always available to us and guides us to incredible places, people and events.  Here is the view from my final resting stop yesterday in Malibu.

Relaxing at the infinity pool and giving thanks for the magic of our infinite nature, the mana (power)  of this area  and the beauty of the hidden coves and canyons of Malibu.

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How Does Our Cellular Environment Impact our Well Being?

Cellular Environment is 1 of the 4 Principles shared within the sacred backyard blog.  Lately I have been observing just how important a healthy environment is to our well being.

Imagine one of the cells in your body. When it is fed and nourished with healthy, happy thoughts, actions, foods, juices, fresh, clean air, living spring water, natural surroundings & most of all tremendous self love and enthusiasm for life we are keeping our cells happy.

Happy Baby Cells

Our cells are adaptable but when they become mutated they find it challenging to maintain integrity.

Let’s take your home for example. What are you cleaning it with? Are your products free of toxic chemicals? One way to cut costs and create a happy environment is to make your own natural cleaners. One great combination would be vinegar and aluminum free baking soda. This will create a wonderful cleaner for your bathroom and tile floors. Add a therapeutic grade essential oil of your choice to the cleaning solution and you have now added increased antibacterial properties while enlivening your senses!

How about your own body. What kind of products are you using to enhance your cellular resonancy and environment? Each time a toxin is put on the skin the body sends a message to the brain that there is an invader of sorts. The body will do all it can to keep the cells and the environment healthy. Over time the body can not handle the stressors and toxins and it begins to create hormone disruptions, mutated cells and weak & damaged organs. 

The kidneys are our main filter system as they do their best to clean the blood. When they become overloaded with chemicals they can not preform there natural function.  The liver is where our hormones are produced and the more stagnant energy that builds up in the liver the body can no longer manufacture its own metabolic enzymes and hormones. If you feel lethargic, have lines or wrinkles around the corners of the eyes or experience hormonal imbalance this is a sign the liver requires cleaning.

Cleansing these organs yearly is crucial. I choose to clean my liver about 3 times a year in order to keep it running efficiently. Beyond that we can eat bitter herbs and plants to clean the liver daily. The kidneys enjoy fasts from solid foods and hydration from spring water, medicinal super herb teas & fresh pressed organic vegetable juices. The kidneys enjoy parsley tea and the juice of it.

So when we choose products that are from wild herbs & plants we can be sure our cells are happy and functioning properly.  Otherwise we can create disease in the body.

Please be sure to check the product labels for ingredients and do  your own research. Educate and empower yourself so you can make educated decisions about what you put on your body.  We offer a great selection of 100% wild and organically crafted beauty products here.

Making powerful decisions about your cellular environment will allow you to become a more fulfilled, peaceful and adaptable individual.  Choosing to think powerfully and creating harmony in your living environment is essential to cellular integrity and health.

The modern lifestyle has given us the opportunity to be creative on how we handle this aspect of life. Find ways to bring nature inside your home. Why not take some beautiful glass jars and fill them with soil and grow your own herbs. You can even mount them to a wall in the house that is near fresh air and sunlight. This creates an aesthetically pleasing environment too!

Connect with Mama Earth

The more we connect with the earth and live harmoniously with nature the more our cells will thrive. I have seen the research and scientific evidence that when the human body is connected to the earth our blood flow is healthy, clean and smooth. We are connecting with the natural bio rhythm of our mother. All of us have a mother and that is the earth. So, go out for a hike, create a labyrinth in your yard or a herbal garden and spend time in it.

The more we enjoy nature and connect with it the more our cells are healthy, permeable and full of integrity. Last weekend I had the opportunity to go sailing with my dear friend Michael in Newport Beach. He has been a Sailor for many, many years. As we enjoyed the sail we took in the majesty and the beauty of the ocean, the negative ions from the salty waters, great company and most importantly the connection and magical power of nature.

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