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The Cellular Principles & Spiritual Laws here at the Sacred Back Yard

As I nurture and care for my body, mind and spirit I look at all aspects of the cellular principles & spritual laws shared here within this sacred backyard blog. On a moment to moment basis I tune in to these principles and laws:

  • Cellular Communication ~ My beautiful thoughts are reflected in my external world. I remind myself of the above truth and nourish my mind with loving, healing affirmations and beliefs. It is within the now that I am free from suffering and I choose to hold a space of enlightenment as my greatest service to the world. My greatest gift is inner peace and with this breathtaking connection.   I have fulfilled my mission on this earth. I am one with all life.  Seeing any kind of separation in others is an illusion. Judging, ridiculing, criticizing ourselves or others put us in an acidic state and does nothing to benefit our personal power or growth. Feedback from the heart space is a super hero quality that is a much better approach to communicating than any form of criticism. Asking permission to share feedback allows everyone a free will choice & shows awareness.
  • Cellular Nutrition ~ I choose to love and honor my body. I feed it super nutrient rich foods and liquids. Super Foods, Herbs, The Best Brain Foods, Probiotics and Medicinal mushrooms are in abundance in my life and I claim that now. I  bathe  in the sunshine and drink the living spring water’s of this earth.  I am full of light and the lighter I become the more I am a channel for the highest good to flow through me.  My body is my home and so it is important that I take exceptional care of it. I choose to periodically fast to let it rest just as I get to rest each night.  I love my body and honor each organ and part. Because of this true love my body gives me messages when it requires certain nutrients. It gives me signs through my super senses, situations and magical messages. I listen and tune in.
  • My cellular environment is a crucial key to maintaining and creating the best life ever. I know that my environment not only includes fresh living spring waters, earth crystals, living plants, medicines and loving vibrations from the higher realms but also the most amazing loving beings around me. I see the highest good in them and they see this in me. We are a high vibrational community empowering one another so that each individual shines the collective light. We are open and receptive to feed back and are immune to judgement and criticism of any kind. Our environment is one that is nurturing and fulfilling which includes, Spring water bathing, Infrared Sauna’s, Super Nutrient Rich Kitchen’s, Fire places, Creative art studios and so much more. Our home is a place to share with one another and master mind for the highest good. It is here we create lucrative high vibrational projects and services to offer the world. It is a place of laughter, good times and magic.
  • Cellular Exercise ~ Both Internal and External exercise are crucial. Deep Breathing, Yoga and Rebounding create a healthy internal environment. I enjoy these exercises daily to increase the presence power around my body.  I enjoy moving in all different ways in order to increase the life power within. I stretch it and listen to its call for different forms of movement. Martial arts such as Capoeira is something my body receives incredible fulfillment from. Mastering a martial art in this lifetime is apart of my Dharma and it ensure’s a strong heart~mind connection.

I am in tune to the 7 Spiritual Laws of the Super Hero Archetype and therefore I have harnessed my power to change the world for the greater good.  These spiritual laws give us a guide line of how to be, what to think, say and do.  Within this article we have the keys and codes to maintain cellular integrity, clean, flowing blood, thoughts and lives.

First we take a look at the Law of Balance.  This is a of utmost importance because as we go about our day it is crucial that we remain connected to the higher source of all things. With this deep connection we are unshakeable as the world around us presents challenges, tribulations, thoughts from mass consciousness, environmental pollutions etc.  As we harness our level of being we will keep centered and steady through it all.  With this peace we can move onto the level of feeling. This allows us to tune into our emotional awareness. We want to come from a place of peace and discernment when we make decisions or actions. The need to be right or any type of self importance that is coming through must be surrendered and released in order to rooted in love and peace. Our third level is thinking and we can note that the highest level of thinking here is creativity. We see this amongst our community of artists.  How can we each tap into more creativity with in our own existence? Within creativity all problems have a solution.  I invite the opportunity for more creativity in my life and in your’s if you choose this. And next we actually  take right action. Here we are flowing with all the levels of creativity and things happen magically, effortlessly and instantaneously.

There are 6 other spiritual laws to be addressed and we will do that through out the next blog posts to come!

Remembering we are perfect in our imperfection allows us to have great compassion for ourselves and others. As we truly recognize our shadow self and allow it to be our greatest opportunity for healing and transformation we allow ourselves to awaken to the ever present flowing stream of consciousness. Our shadow self allows us to become better, stronger and wiser. And so it is! Sat Nam. Wahe Guru.

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The Importance of Cellular Movement

Through out this blog we talk about 4 Principles. Cellular Communication, Cellular Environment, Cellular Nutrition & Cellular Movement.

Stretching, moving the body and maintaining elasticity and tensile strength in our body will ensure spinal alignment, organ health & overall fitness is maintained.  Tensile strength focuses on smaller muscle groups of the body. A person that has tensile strength usually has a lean figure and toned muscles.

Yoga, Dance, The 5 Tibetan Rites (see past post for pictures of the rites), Pilates, Deep Breathing, Stretching, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Walking, Biking, Hiking in nature & Rebounding are some of the ways to gain cellular integrity and flexibility within  the mind and body. These mentioned activities would be longevity strategies.

These activities actually help to reduce stress in the body & mind, wash cells with oxygen and oscillate them for improved function.  Tai Chi, The 5 Tibetans and certain forms of Yoga assist to increase the auric field of the body and create an overall state of peace in the mind.

Stretching daily with a simple yet consistent regime will ensure that all the organs get “rung” out, the spine is in alignment and the tendons, muscles and ligaments are all functioning properly. With each stretch and deep breath the body and mind become more flexible and flowing to what life has to offer. The more life we allow to flow through us the more we experience profound positive change in our lives.

Most traditional forms of movement like running in the city, working out in a gym or weight lifting can cause strain on the body creating acidity within our fluids. Running in the city can increase the toxic waste in the system through breathing in smog/pollution, can be harsh on the joints if running on pavement and decrease our bodies sensory abilities due to emf radiation & artificial lighting in gyms.

The cells will age more rapidly and one can feel an overall sense of “burn out” or adrenal fatigue. Signs of this on the face might be bags under the eyes or dark circles, periods of tiredness, headaches, muscle and joint pain.  In this acidic condition the body loses magnesium reserves and the adrenals becomes stressed.

Although I a love a good jog/run in the park and aerobic activity I enjoy supplementing with stabilized oxygen supplement in order to enhance the cells ability to handle the energy output.

I also like to take a magnesium bicarbonate supplement before and/or after working out. Basically Magnesium Bicarbonate is a hydrated salt that protects the cell wall from toxins and stress. It helps to relax the muscles and bring homeostasis back to the muscles.  It actually reduces acid in the body bringing the system back to a healthy 7.0 ph.  Supplementing with a high quality magnesium oil for trans dermal use will help to regulate the body systems.  You might also try bathing in Magnesium Flakes twice a week with your filtered bath water.  If you have the opportunity to soak in the warm, blue waters of the Carribbean sea, the waters around Fiji or somewhere like it you will receive the same benefits if not more so due to the incredible Cellular Environment around you. 

Most people in the u.s. are severely magnesium deficient and I have mentioned in other posts that magnesium is usually the first thing administered into the body when admitted to a hospital. Magnesium Bicarbonate deficiency is most often present in those with any form of Diabetes and most all those with some sort of imbalance.

After proper supplementation with a liquid Magnesium bicarbonate (liquid form is the best to ensure proper utilization in the body) you will experience increased focus, memory function & a sense of relaxation.

With a balanced approach to cellular movement  your body will experience great levels of energy, focus, adaptability & elasticity at any age.
For a simple yet profound set of stretches to do daily you might enjoy this book, Heal Your Life 101.  Beyond the stretches this book has changed my life and the lives of many.

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A Magic Filled Evening Through Cellular Movement

Last night I had the opportunity to attend an Ecstatic Dance class right here in my backyard. Well not literally in the sacred backyard, but down the street.  The way it all happened was a synchronistic event of being in the holy flow for all involved.  What a true blessing it was.

Cellular Movement to Enhance Consciousness

The class took place at a building where music lessons on drumming are held. It is nestled in Thousand Oaks near a spiritual center, meditation gardens, an akashic book store called The Hummingbird and Honey bee. I believe those are the owner’s totem guides.  It feels that this particular area of Thousand Oaks has more mana or power than other parts.

As I entered the building on what was  a humid, overcast night in Thousand Oaks (very unique and rare for this area and truly a blessing as rain felt near). my new friend Suzanne and I were greeted by a lovely blue eyed goddess with a rare pink gemstone necklace. The vibes were warm and real.

The building was clean and had a free energy about it. What was so incredibly lovely is it was just 4 of us that night. It was like we had this private class of myself, Suzanne, Lisa and  David. As the music began we had so much to explore as there were many instruments in different parts of the room to play and experiment during the class. From a double bass to gongs, pianos, drums, Tibetan bowls etc.

Ecstatic dance allows you the freedom to move your body and all its parts in a way that you may have never done before. There is a super connection to the breath and the life running through the body which allows for a complete alignment with your source. In that space you can then journey into a meditation of whatever you choose. For me I was enjoying so many incredible feelings and taking myself to a good feeling place in order to manifest those things I would like most in my life. The essence of Ecstatic dance is that it allows you to free yourself from blockages. Although there are many ways to do this dancing for me is one of THE best ways ever. I feel we overcome limitations of all kinds through this type of experience. We give ourselves permission to be free.

On a practical level this is an incredible way to get the lymphatic system pumping and to break a real sweat. Our bodies are live breathing organisms. As we connect with the breath it give it our full awareness it can be a deeply connected experience. Some might compare it to a shamanic journey.

As the class ended we came together in a circle and held hands. The circuit of energy was very strong for quite some time. We laughed and acknowledged it closely. It was a true feeling of satori, expansion and inner peace.  It felt like a real connection to the cosmos with a grounded sense of awareness. Some get there through deep prayer and meditation or perhaps through a powerful kundalini yoga class. Whatever is the most fun and gets you connected is where you will find that place. For me ecstatic dance is one of the places I can go to receive this attunement.

We have the power to create magical and mystical lives. As I drove home a wonderful sense of calmness overcame. As I lay in bed I thought,  “how could the evening get any better”? And it did, in that moment a light rain began to fall. Rain is so powerful as it calms the brain waves and gives us a feeling of relaxation. What a way to embrace a Magic Filled Evening as the rain kissed the earth good night.

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Enzymes: The Vital Keys to Radiant Health

An Enzyme is a protein molecule with electricity running through it. Enzymes are required for all functions in the body system. Some of these functions are blinking, thinking, muscle contraction and the wear and tear on your cells.

When I think of an enzyme rich person I see someone whom is radiating lots of energy & light.  The aura around this person may have a glow to it.

In order for our bodies to function optimally we require:

  1. Oxygen
  2. Living Water
  3. Enzymes

When our bodies are enzyme rich we have a lot of life flowing through our cells.  The four main types of enzymes are amylase, lipase, protease & cellulose.  Then we have two categories of enzymes which are digestive and metabolic.

Amylase enzyme turns carbohydrates into usable energy. When the body is rich in Amylase we have energy and vitality.

Protease enzymes digest protein into amino acids and in turn create healthy hair, skin and bones.

Lipase enzyme converts into essential fatty acids to feed the brain and body with healthy fat at the cellular level.

Cellulose enzyme digests fiber in our bodies assisting the movement of fiber through the colon.

The beautiful thing about enzymes is they actually move stagnant energy out of the body. If one were to fast and cleanse and wanted to accelerate the cleansing and healing process a great idea would be enzyme therapy. Enzymes go into the blood stream when taken on an empty stomach and clean out the undigested carbohydrates, fats & proteins that have caused disease in the body. These undigested food particles ferment go rancid & putrify attracting  parasites, yeast, mold & fungus.

When we clear and clean out the system of this unwanted waste we can reach integrity on a cellular level. Enzymes greatly assist the cleansing and healing process.

The most important part of the healing process is our cellular communication. How we choose to think and feel in each moment will determine the rate of our bodies rapid recovery. The enzymes in our bodies are affected by emotional energy. When we are thinking negatively we are depleting our enzyme reserves. When we are in a positive optimal state of mind we are enriching our enzyme potential. Is your enzyme bank account rich and thriving? 🙂

Next we might take a look at our cellular environment. This is a crucial key to our health and freedom. When we give our cells a healthy environment to communicate and play in they thrive. Enzymes are helpful in handling the stress in our environment. If we are living in a city environment it is a good idea to have enzyme reserves in order to handle the smog, pollution, electromagnetic frequencies, the mass consciousness etc. The environment in which we live includes all that we allow ourselves to experience on a day to day basis. Questions we might ask ourselves could be; what kind of living environment would empower me the most? What changes could I make today in order to have the best cellular environment ever?

Cellular Nutrition is how we are feeding ourselves on the cellular level. When we take in structured living spring water to hydrate our cells well and give our body enzyme rich food to be nourished with we have great potential to live a Vital Life. With enzyme rich food we are assisting our body to run clean and efficient and keep energy flowing through the body system.

Cellular Exercise would include internal and external movement. When we breathe long, slow and deep, rebound and do yoga these things give our internal environment a cleansing bath and nourish us at the cellular level. Internal exercise washes our cells from within and creates a healthy, radiant body without sickness and disease.  This type of movement gives our cells oxygen and allows our body to produce its very own metabolic enzymes and hormones. External movement is a tool to keep the body fluid and moving through life with ease and grace. Both internal and external movement has the ability to give the body tensile strength. Tensile strength is when the smaller muscles & ligaments are elastic and thriving which is vital to cellular integrity.  When this group of muscles and ligaments are strong and healthy the individual creates a lean and healthy body structure.

Enzymes create a cellular resonance of harmony, love & light. They allow stagnant energy to move out and release emotional blockages.

Here are some guidelines to choosing the correct enzyme for different imbalances in the body:

Protease Enzyme Deficiency is linked to Putrefication:

–Bacterial, viral, yeast, fungal infections
–Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Lupus
–PMS, BMS, IBS, MS, Muscular Dystrophy, Crohn’s, Endometriosis, Acne
–Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s
–Depression, Anxiety attacks
–Cancer and tumors
Amylase Enzyme Deficiency is linked to Fermentation:
–Respiratory disorders
–Inflammation and joint problems (e.g., arthritis)
–Gas, Bloating, Weight gain
–Sinus conditions
–Skin eruptions
–Reactions to insect bites and stings
Lipase Enzyme Deficiency Linked to Rancidification:
–Chronic inflammatory conditions
–Cardiovascular conditions and plaque in the arteries
–High blood pressure
–High Cholesterol & Triglycerides
–Fatty Tumors

If one was going through a sickness therapeutic doses of enzymes would be a great idea.  A therapeutic dose would be 5 enzymes, 4 times a day on an empty stomach. An empty stomach would be 1 or more hours before a meal and 2 or more hours after a meal.  Digestive enzymes would be taken with meals to ensure proper digestion.  If one is already feeling vibrant and full of life they may choose to take enzymes with meals whether cooked or raw. They might also take enzymes during a fast or cleanse to reach deep within the cells.

When choosing enzyme supplementation things to be aware of are filler ingredients such as magnesium stearate or talcum. Also are the enzymes proteolysis (meaning will they break down the proteins into amino acids)? Will they thrive in an acid or alkaline environment? What medium were they grown on? Are they plant based and free of pesticides & checked for fungal contamination? Medical Grade Enzymes that are plant based and full spectrum are an optimal choice.

Enzymes give our body electrical energy so that we may thrive and live abundantly through this life. Drink the clean structured water, create a positive living environment, breathe in the life force energy around you, take in the nourishing enzyme rich foods given to us from mother earth, bathe your cells internally with cellular movement & qualify your thoughts so that you may radiate the light you are.

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