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How to Do a Heavy Metal Detox

This heavy metal protocol is one that I have implemented into my own health strategy.  Always consulting with your own Health Practitioner is best.  This protocol would best be for someone that is generally healthy, has had all amalgam fillings removed properly and is not experiencing extreme heavy metal toxicity. Otherwise, you would want to go slower and more gentle because the body can only take a certain amount of stress from the detox. On that same note getting your heavy metal levels checked would be your first step to gathering the valuable information required to see where you are at. Ways to do this would be through Hair, Blood and Urine Analysis. There are some cutting edge tools being shared through out the alternative medical field on alternative ways to check the body for accurate heavy metal load. As these develop we will share them here at the Sacred Backyard.

One foundational piece of information is to  make sure your Urine PH is b/t 6.4-7.0 while doing a heavy metal detox. This ensures the metals are being released and excreted properly. Otherwise if the body is in an acid state it can cause more issues and actually drive the metals further into the fatty tissues. The metals hold on tight, the body has intelligence and when it is properly supported with nutrition it will release the metals in a graceful flow.

For now let’s start with the first detoxification pathway which is the skin. Being our largest organ we have to eliminate toxins we can utilize this to our advantage in a heavy metal detox protocol. Here are some great ways to do this:

Far Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared Sauna

  • Far Infrared Sauna – very important done at least twice a week for about 50 minutes each session.
  • Rebounding (until the point of exerting a sweat. usually over 30 minute session)
  • Hot/Cold Showers with skin brush stimulation
  • Activities where we perspire like yoga, tai chi etc.

Next we want to ingest plant materials that help the body get rid of metals. Which plant substances are most beneficial here?

  • Broken Cell Wall Chlorella (from a clean reputable source) – One of your best allies in detoxing metals. The nutrition profile of chlorella is off the charts with bio-available proteins, beta-carotene and nucleic acids. Do some research to learn more.images
  • A Quality Greens mix with Grasses in it like Barley and Wheat Grasses
  • Noni Fruit Powder
  • Green Tea extracts (preferably one with the least fluoride contamination)

Next we want to introduce chelating agents to the body to gently and effectively mobilize the metals from the tissues and pull it out through the bowels.  Here we can use:

  • EDTA suppositories such as Medicardium
  • Cilantro juiced or blended in a shake
  • High quality clay like Bentonite or Zeolite
  • Supplements with FOS and other green powder supplements specific for heavy metal chelating to pull metals out safely

Before, During and After a Heavy Metal Cleanse we can supplement and support the body with nourishing  nutrition/tools such as:

  • B Vitamins in a bioavailable format
  • Minerals like Quinton, Phour Salts and other Greens mixtures
  • Coffee enemas with two days b/t each to flush out the metals and move any stagnant bile. Two days b/t for electrolyte homeostasis
  • Vitamin C
  • Castor oil packing areas that feel weak during this cleanse is a great idea. For example if the kidneys require support or perhaps the liver. Sometimes the large intestine can be targeted and you would keep the pack in place for a solid 60 minutes with a heating pad.
  • Mudpacking the dowload areas and the major key organs is essential. Best to do this over a weeks span or longer. Each day a mudpack is done a mineral foot bath is important for getting rid of released toxins.

images-2Making sure the bowels are moving and clear is very important. A great way to ensure this is with colonics or a colon cleanse prior to the heavy metal detox.

A gradual pace over several years is the best way to alleviate the body of heavy metal exposure. It takes time for the body to release these without causing stress on the system.  Other ways to protect ourselves from radiation and daily metal exposure is to:

  1. Wear some type of pendant that protects you from harmful emf’s.
  2. Green Tea ND ( a formulation by Dr. Marshall) This taken in water each day especially before flying will protect the cells from radiation.
  3. Supplement with high quality sea weeds daily to protect the thyroid.
  4. Consume your Green Drink Daily
  5. Ingest high quality clays daily
  6. Supplement with glutathione

As far as nutrition goes it is important to not fast during a heavy metal cleanse but rather get bio-available protein into the system. The body requires protein at this time to repair and support the body processes. Good quality fats from DHA is a great adjunct as well as cultured vegetables to keep the immune system strong and well.

**By clearing heavy metals from the body you will be getting to the root of certain issues. Things like circulation, inflammation, candida can all be heavy influenced by a burden of too many metals in the body.  Mercury is one of the most dangerous metals and their is an abundance of information on the internet about mercury poisoning. Getting rid of your amalgam fillings if you have ever had them is foundational before clearing metals. It must be done using a certain protocol such as The Huggins Protocol so that your body is not exposed further to mercury.

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Chocolate Ice Cream Sauce for Avalanche Ice Cream

I found this recipe while I was watching a Truth Caulkins and David Wolfe video. If you have ever been to Erewhon in Hollywood you know there is a wonderful tonic bar. They make ice cream that is packed with nutrition and is so delicious. You need a high quality blender like the blend tec or vita mix to make it and you will need the plunger that is bought separately.

Any way I made the chocolate sauce topping today to test it out and WOW..its incredible. My nephew Beau loved it, as you can see;)

So here is the recipe below:

Super Rich Galactic Chocolate Sauce by Truth Caulkins

5 tbs. cacao powder

5 tbs. tocotreniols

2 tbs. udo’s dha oil -(I use coconut oil) you could use flax too. Make sure it is unrefined and cold pressed.

4-6 squirts chocolate stevia (use less if you like it a bit bitter like me)

2 oz. gynostemma tea nice and hot..chocolate sauce is served warm over the avalanche ice cream.

Mix these together and enjoy. I actually just had mine with some cultured almond coconut yogurt and it was the bomb! I think Beau would agree:)

Here’s the Video with Truth Caulkins and David Wolfe on how to make the ice cream:  Cheers:)


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Grounding with the Earth and our Teacher the Sun

Greetings! I only have a few moments for a quick post and I wanted to get this message out today.

Remember one of the greatest things we can do for the natural bio rhythm of our bodies is to get on the Earth. How many times do we really do this per day? I mean take off your shoes and socks and go barefoot.  Today my nephew would not fall asleep…you know what i did I held him barefoot out in the grass.  I even took him on the mini rebounder to help get him to sleep. It really calmed him down.

When we connect with the earth or hug a tree, go out in nature our bodies naturally come back into balance.  Do it and see how you feel! If you live where it is winter you can still get outside for a walk out in nature.

The other thing I wanted to mention is how the Sun is truly our teacher. It is such a beautiful day here in Southern California and I am headed to the Women’s Wellness Conference in Orange County. David Wolfe, Donna Gates, Tera Warner, Truth Caulkins along with many other health enthusiast’s will be there! As I was embracing the sun I realized wow…the sun just shines easy and effortlessly touching every single thing on the planet to give it warmth and light. What a great reminder of how we can also embody the sun’s wisdom and apply it in our own lives.  Even if the sun isn’t shining in your neck of the woods it is still there underneath those clouds.

After a great walk and some rebounding I am about ready to start my drive.  A few other tips for getting yourself properly grounded before driving thru LA;) could be:

  • Green Juice or a quality green superfood drink.
  • Where a water imploded pendant to keep aura strong.
  • keep a tektite stone on you to harmonize your field.
  • pranayama
  • when you get to your destination do some yoga and get on the earth.
  • inner smile to the body system

I look forward to sharing my experiences soon! Until then, shine like the sun:)

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Raw Green Smoothie Benefits

Raw Green Smoothies are an essential part of a holistic raw vegan lifestyle. Once the body has been properly cleansed with green juice therapy, probiotics, superherbs and enzymes we can begin to eat nutritious smoothies! These smoothies will further the cleansing and healing of the body as well as feed you on a cellular level. One of the key benefits to the green smoothie is the natural fiber you are getting by only blending and NOT juicing in your high power blender. This allows for better bowel movements and a healthy colon. We can also recognize that the green smoothie is a valuable way to increase or rebuild our HCL levels (hydro chloric acid) naturally with out supplements. Another way to build HCL is raw apple cider vinegar before or in b/t meals, this also assists in alkalinizing the system. There is a great book called Green For Life by Viktoria Boutenko. I highly recommend it, inside are wonderful recipes for green smoothies. Below is a favorite smoothie of mine in the summer time when peaches are ripe. I got inspired to make this one day and I trust you will enjoy it too:)

Cheers To Radiant Living!

Peachy Girl Smoothie
1/2 a bunch or organic romaine lettuce
1 large organic peace without the seed
1/4 to 1/2 of a habanero pepper (depending on how much you enjoy spice)
1 big handful of organic celery
Just enough clean water to blend

Blend on High and Enjoy out in the summer sunshine barefoot on the earth after running through a sprinkler:) Enjoy life!

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