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How to Fly Like a Jedi.

Okay so you are headed on a flight and you are wondering how to best protect yourself from the stressor’s of flying.  A high vibrational cellular environment is crucial to maintaining harmony in our human biofield at all times.  As most of us know flying comes with its cellular challenges and this post is here to provide practical solutions. This post is intended for you to look and feel your best  before, during and after travel.

Human BioField

Human BioField

When we fly we are literally exposing ourselves to radiation not only from the flight but also from the airport scanners, thousands of cellphones, computers and the like in and around our bio field.  Our body also becomes more easily dehydrated when flying as well as not being in a grounded state near the earth’s field. Without fresh air on the plane and being surrounded by lots of people we are exposed to more bacteria and germs.  So what is a super hero flying genius to do?

For starters we want to start preparing for our flight well in advance. Let’s make a list 1 week ahead of time of all the things we will bring on our trip.  Let’s also figure out if we will be checking luggage or not. If we are checking our luggage it makes it easier to handle all the restrictions with what is aloud in our bags.  I like to opt for checking a bag  even though it costs a bit it cuts down on the stress!


sea veggies for thyroid, breasts & uterus

Next we want to prepare our bodies at least a week in advance for the extra radiation we will be exposed to via the airport scanners and airplane. We can do this by taking in high doses of sea vegetables, green tea extract, and broken cell wall chlorella. These three things will be foundational to support our thyroid and organ/gland system. With the body thoroughly saturated in live source iodine & other key nutrients the radiation can reflect off of us.

Another key is to maintain proper hydration before, during and after the flight.  I believe you can take prepard shakes and juices on the plane, especially if you have small children. I suggest before the flight making sure you are well hydrated with quality water and green vegetable juices.  This will keep us alkaline and give us an edge while flying. Airplane food is other than the best ever. Sometimes just fasting for the duration of the flight is the best thing to do. You can even pack a green juice for the flight and my suggestion is to put a bottle or two of spring water in your checked suit case so you have quality water upon landing. Get on the earth as soon as you can after landing to reconnect to the earth and harmonize the biofield.

If you have a challenge sleeping on planes, do your best to take adaptogenic herbs and those that calm the nervous system like chamomile or valerian root. You might try a high quality melatonin supplement so that you can get some quality sleep. Using an organic eye covering during flight will also help your body produce healthy levels of melatonin naturally.



Next we want to talk about the airport scanners.  What are other ways we can create solutions to the exposure of radiation?  For starters we can carry a piece of tektite in our pocket. This particular rock will absorb the negative energy from the surroundings and leave our biofield strong and healthy.  We can also opt for the pat down instead of putting the body through another scanner. Often these scanners can embed into different organs in the body. This causes the organ or gland to go weak. You can remove the embedment with a low level laser if this happens. As far as your luggage is concerned a great idea is to put a small pyramid like a pyramidian in with your luggage. Another idea is to use hemapro nuggets and place them in the four corners of the suitcase.  Another solution is to get yourself a AAA battery and cut a line on the top and bottom of the battery. All of these objects create a protective field. I like to protect my belongings with one or more of these methods  b/c often I bring my mudpacking kit, supplements and superfoods with me wherever I go. This ensures they are protected. You can always take a laser upon arriving at your destination and point it at each object in the suitcase.

My best solution for those jedi’s who want to fly in style and let go of all the stressor’s would be to travel by private jet. TWC Avation is a  great company and is one of the largest in fact. They are changing their name to Earth Air.

So, with this said, I trust this will give you a super hero edge at going through the airports with ease & grace. I look forward to hearing about your experience flying and please do comment below. Share with a friend if you feel inspired.

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Every Encounter is a Holy Encounter.

How do you handle situations in your life? How do you go about engaging with other’s when challenges arise in your communication. Whether in the work place, at home or with your children this subject can bring about all kinds of disheartening feelings. However, in those lower vibratory feelings there is always an opportunity for expansion, growth, forgiveness and unconditional love.

One thing that has assisted me greatly with this would be the wise  words of Kevin Trudeau. He shares a few great techniques that I invite you to consider:

  • Have a High Teachability Index
  • A High Willingness to Learn
  • A High Willingness to Except Change

Another Masterful Teaching  by Eckart Tolle is to be “okay” with being wrong in any given situation even if you are right!  Let go and surrender to being wrong. This actually will bring about more inner peace and stillness than you could imagine.  It might take a few tries but after a while it feels good and the outcome in the situation ends up being healthier and more genuine any way.forgiveness-healing-heart

Another great teaching is to forgive yourself and forgive the other person no matter what. In my humble opinion we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We came on earth to remember our true selves.  We came to learn and show the Great Spirit that we can apply the teachings and move up in our ranking here on earth, ultimately fulfilling our purpose on a deeper level.

This does not make us better than other’s it simply brings more fulfillment to our own lives.

Indeed we are spiritual, electrical, unlimited BEINGS.

Our purpose always finds a way to come to fruition if we get ourselves out of the way and operate from the heart. Apply the knowledge and experience the wisdom.  Once we do this we are stronger and wiser. We then graduate to the next level in life.

When we forgive ourselves and others we make room for a major shift in our awareness. There are a couple books I recommend for this by Colin Tipping. He wrote Radical Forgiveness and Radical Self Forgiveness, these are both awesome.

We ask for each of our circumstances whether we realize it or not. Taking full responsibility for our own life situations and what we bring into them is the first step to self realization and a better, more peaceful life.

Next, we have to let go of any judgment or criticism about ourselves or others. Otherwise we continue to cause disharmony to ourselves.  We cause more harm to ourselves by remaining in a state of anger or resentment than it does to the other person involved. By yelling or getting upset only causes our cells to become unhealthy and this negatively effects our external world.

WE are all learning how to communicate more effectively. I have heard that Nonviolent Communication is a great book for adult communications.  I would LOVE to learn about how to effectively communicate with children. Any books that one can recommend to me please share in the comments below. Although I do not have any children I would like to know how to communicate in a loving manner in case one day I do. I see what an impact it has on their consciousness and feel that it can make or break the way they grow up as successful adults.

We want to remain present and move forward. We want to let go of the dead past and learn from our lessons. We want to end the guilt or shame we feel and live in the moment.  Genuinely ask for forgiveness from Great Spirit, make changes and get on with living.

forgivenessOur life situation lives in the dead past and the imaginary future. Our peaceful, loving selves live in this moment.

Whatever disharmony or harmony you create in your life is all your creation.  Acknowledge when you do create good things in your life and take a good look at those things that don’t seem to appealing in your life. Even if it is other people you are watching in your life, This is simply a reflection of your inner world. Ask yourself quality questions of how you could transform these challenges into a better, more fulfilling experience.  Ask a loved one to hold you accountable to stay in your heart when communicating at your best.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post as much as I did. It is an honor to take the lessons from Spirit and apply them as genuine wisdom in our lives.

Please comment below on any insights you might have or leave feedback!

In Health and Peace, Dodhisattva

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A Flexible Spine is A Flexible Mind. ~ Yogi Bhajan

Have you ever watched  a cat or a dog wake up from their night’s slumber? If you have, you have watched them stretch and yawn and move about their bodies.  We have even coined yoga pose names after animals, such as cat/cow in Kundalini Yoga. Image

This simple yet profound movement brings life to our spine. This wakes up our nervous system gently and allows it to move blood flow to all parts of the body including the brain.  When we bring life to the spine and keep it health and strong we are keeping the body strong, healthy and youthful.  The brain also becomes more flexible and flowing with life’s ups and downs.

Yoga especially Kundalini Yoga has the ability to reset the bodies rhythms. It actually balances the brain hemispheres and allows us to go through out our day with a peaceful heart. It gives us the ability to allow a higher self connection in our communications to one another.


Right and Left Nostril Breathing

One of the best qualities we can embody in order to have a prosperous life is that of a calm, polite and peaceful presence. In this space we emanate that of a prosperous being. We can get in this state by deep breathing, left & right nostril breathing, meditating and all forms of yoga.   As we experience this place of centeredness we allow for a great shift to occur in our lives. We suddenly attract prosperity in all its’ forms. We are prosperous in our time, prosperous in our relationships, prosperous with our health and prosperous in all good things.

How can we develop prosperity consciousness? We can begin by becoming more prosperous in our daily lives. We can give someone less fortunate something special, we can tithe to our favorite charity, we can become more present in our relationships and listen to our friends/family.  Even if you are in a position of not having as much as you might like, by giving you will receive far more.

Just yesterday I was filling up at the gas station and noticed a seemingly harmless, homeless man. He looked sun burned, dehydrated and exhausted. I had about 16 ounces of a high quality glacier water from Canada in the car as well as a Super nourishing Yoga Cookie made by my Kundalini Yoga teacher. Those yoga cookies have seriously silly good vibes that I believe bring forth magick! They are even in the shape of a heart. So, I gifted this man with the cookie and the water. This to me was a brilliant exchange of energy that lifted my whole being and allowed my aura to grow stronger. I bet he received something similar. I blessed him with so much love and blessings.

When we begin our day with a little stretching, a little mindful breathing and some prosperity consciousness we are on our way to a life of true happiness.

Let us remember a flexible spine is a flexible mind. The more we can be in a space to give the more we assist another to rise up and be apart of something magical.  Like Bob Marley says, “Help the weak if your are strong.”  Even if you are not strong find the strength thru spirit, ask and pray for this strength. Then allow it to come in and shift your life.

Sending love and blessings to all.

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What are the Crucial Nutrient Needs of the Body?

I feel like this is a great question to ask ourselves? When we think about eating to live not living to eat we can really start to ask our body what it requires for fuel.  For starter’s we require 5 hours of non interrupted sleep per night as well as fresh, clean air to breathe.

With 5 hours of sleep non stop we can be sure our adrenals have gotten to replenish and renew. If we can also get to bed by no later than 10pm we ensure our Growth Hormones have time to get repairing and renewing our cells, replenishing the system and utilizing amino acids to heal the body.

Sleep 5 hours non stop

Sleep 5 hours non stop

I think that one of the first things we can all agree on is the basic need for water. The best water as I have wrote in past posts is that of spring water. Spring water is living and it is full of minerals, it gives us true hydration. It also is holding a cleaner and purer energy signature. Water that goes thru a pipe leading to the kitchen sink is often corroded and moldy. Beyond that tap water is just lethal in my humble opinion. With fluroide, pesticides, herbicides, chemical residues, pharmaceutical drugs being thrown into the water system..yikes! it’s really best to live in a place where you are either on your own well or spring water.

Next would be a good quality Salt. Pink Salt will be your best friend from this day forth! Those that have the preconceived notion that salt is harmful to the body it depends on the type of salt. If you are taking in modern table salt that has been processed well you can bet it will lead to a slew of health challenges. However true mineralize, pink salt will lean the body out, hydrate it and keep your electrolytes in balance. It is an outstanding nutrient for anyone’s health quest. About 1 tsp. a day can do wonders for chronic ailments in the body!

Next we have our beloved Essential Fatty Acids.  EFA’s that are clean and fresh will oil this machine we call our bodies.  We must be very careful when choosing EFA’s to nourish the cells.  Look for oil that is in a dark ultra-violet bottle, glass or non toxic plastic. Most oils out there have gone rancid before you even open the bottle. Be conscious of this to ensure proper fuel for your brain, nerves and tissues. I love DHA oil from algae. It is a vegan source of oil that literally is a God sent. It tastes outstanding and you can just feel how the brain and body suck it up with gratitude!

Pink Salt is Mineral Rich

Pink Salt is Mineral Rich

Let’s now turn to our beloved mineral kingdom. We require minerals from our water and from our foods. But what if our food supply is very depleted of these minerals? What is our next step? Finding an incredible source of coral minerals would be a step in the right direction. If you kidneys are compromised in any way you will want to receive your minerals from green grasses. Find yourself a great source of green powder consisting of barley, alfalfa and wheat grass etc.  A couple tablespoons a day in fresh aloe puree will ensure the minerals get delivered to the cells. This will give you that optimal ph so that your body is in healing mode not fight or flight.  When the body hovers at the ph range of  about 6.4-7.0 we can ensure we have adequate minerals.  At this point we require only a small amount of super nutrition in order to quench the cell’s thirst for proper nutrition.

So this about sums up my post for now. Enjoy and know that You are radiance, you are love, you are light and you are a divine expression of the Creator!

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Conscious Goal Setting

Surrendering to life’s holy flow is a wonderful principle to imbibe.  However, if we do not create our on goals deliberately, we can become lost in a sea of mass consciousness.  Depending on whom you put yourself around this may not be such a bad thing, however if you want to be the Creator and Director of your life experience you might consider conscious goal setting today!

With cell phone towers, chem trails, electro magnetic frequencies and other types of brain wash currently surrounding most of the population it is wise to tune into the wise Creator that you are.  If we create a specific set of goals to achieve in our life and meditate on this file daily we can then watch our life line up and create the best path of least resistance for the file to come to fruition.

Spiritual Alchemy

Spiritual Alchemy

No matter where you are on your life journey you can begin a new just by creating this master goal file. The best way to do this is to write it down on paper or if you prefer to type it out that will do. Once you have your goal file created you can simply read it aloud and then take about 10 to 15 minutes per day to meditate on this file.  Choosing a time of day that you have limited distractions is best. It is also important to be in a peaceful state of mind, willing and open to receive your highest good.

If you require help creating your goals just start to ask yourself quality questions. Quality questions often dictate the quality of our life experience. First we want to ask ourselves:

How do I want to think?

How do I want to feel?

How do I want to relate to others and the world?

How do I want create my best life?

Where do I want to live?

What is my true purpose?

These are just a few quality questions we might ask ourselves.  Begin to get clear about your purpose and if you had all the resources in the world how would you live your life, what might you do to give back to the world? Think big, think unlimited, thing effortless creation!

As the universe conspires with you to create your dreams you will begin to trust the universe (multiverese) more. WE can trust the universe now knowing we are always supported and guided.

When we consciously create we let go of the old patterns or karmas we might be holding on to. We also then let go of the mass consciousness surrounding us and deliberately reroute ourselves to create the truth which is our birth right.  True surrender and letting go is the best way to create a life of purpose. This is where the magic flows and life becomes a beautiful stream of miracles!

All is well and So it is!

Please leave a comment below and add any quality questions you might ask yourself while creating your Master Goal File!

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The Power of a Colon Cleanse

For those of you familiar with colon cleansing you know how wonderful it really feels and I appreciate your dedication.  For those that are new to this idea you might learn something from this post.

The colon is about 25 feet of tubing that runs from the mouth to the anus. Over time the digestive tract can become sluggish if we do not give it a break. Just as we get to sleep each night our digestive tract can use a break every now and again to repair itself . Three times a year for 1 week or longer  is great for maintenance but if you have a serious condition going on you might go for longer.  Once or twice a week it is good to fast or cleanse the colon with an oxygen based cleanser due to the toxic overload of modern living.

Over time our colon stores waste in the form of impacted fecal matter which resides on the sides of the small intestine and colon.  Eating the wrong foods or improper food combination causes leaky gut which create holes in the intestinal walls. These holes allow toxins to enter the blood stream and cause dis-ease in the body.  A lot of times the colon walls are so hardened with fecal matter that hardly any nutrients get absorbed by our body. We could take all the supplements we wanted but if the body can not absorb them then what is the use?

Today marks the 5th day of my spring colon cleanse. I use an oxygen based cleanser in the evenings to actually help the process along. The ozonated oxygen turns any hardened impaction into liquid or gas. If you click on the link you can learn more about this product. I feel it is the best out there and highly respect Dr. Group the creator of the product.   I also take probiotics to balance the bodies hormones and immune system.

During this time we can fast on liquid fresh pressed juice, soup broths, teas, or water. Many different types of fasts exist, choose the right one for you.  I am doing a mono-fruit fast right now because there is a plethora of gorgeous fruit at my local farmers market.  This consists of eating 1 type of fruit for each meal. You can eat as much of that fruit as you choose. Then the next meal try a new fruit. This allows for easy digestion and fruits contain so much fiber and water it actually assists the colon in cleansing. If you choose to do this I would suggest only organic and local if possible. If you eat commercial fruits you risk more toxins flooding the body.  Some people actually choose to be fruitarian, only eating fruits all their life.

As the colon gets a thorough washing the body becomes lighter and brighter.

You may notice the following:

  • Breathing more deeply and fully
  • Brain is clear
  • More Vitality
  • Weight loss
  • Creates better dietary habits

This is because as we remove toxins from the body it wakes up and remembers its’ true nature. By design the body enjoys being healthy, happy and whole.   The skin “needs” to breathe.  When it gets plugged up from environmental toxins, synthetic products, xeno estrogens, fungicides and all kinds of other junk our body can not function properly. This is really the root of dis-ease. No pill or super powder will cure it.

It is what we eliminate and let go of in our bodies, minds and spirits which create the health, wealth and abundance. Try it and see for yourself. Empower yourself with the truth of who you really are.

Colon cleansing is really a maintenance activity that I feel should be done on a regular basis through out the year. Even if someone’s diet is “perfect” they are still susceptible to stress, environmental toxins, water pollution and so much more.  We are living in a  toxic world so we can look at ways to create solutions and adapt to the environment. Colon cleansing is just one of these solutions.

Radiant Health by Angela

Radiant Health by Angela

If you have never done a colon cleanse start with the  beginner type of cleanse that Dr. Group suggests and work your way to the advanced level for a deep cleaning. Find a good colon hydro therapist to jump start your cleansing. To be honest I have fasted for extended amounts of time on coconut water kefir and green juices but when coupled with this oxygen based cleanser it makes a serious difference as far as results are concerned.

Ultimately, you want to then create a healthy lifestyle afterward by incorporating the most nutrient rich foods on the planet, the most loving thoughts on the planet and all things that support us as a whole. (This is much easier once the body is cleaned out and can remember its’ identity).

Once the colon is cleaned the lining of the gut can begin to repair with nourishing foods like cultured foods and liquids, bone broths (for those that choose) and blended soups, smoothies and so forth. Probiotics play a key role in nourishing the gut walls.

The colon cleanse can cause a healing crisis where you actually feel worse than when you started. This is an accumulation of toxins and if you rest and let it pass by drinking lots of clean, structured, electrolyte filled water you will come out feeling better than ever. Massage, Sunbathing, Infrared Saunas and Structural Alignment from a qualified body worker can be a great thing during a cleanse. As toxins are released from the skin, bowels, lungs, kidneys (urine) and liver blockages are being removed.

These blocks are not just physical but emotional too. When we are ready these emotional and psychological blocks are the greatest teachers. They actually allow for great transformation in our lives.

Personally, I feel that cleansing out the body is a way to create more compassion for ourselves and others. As we take responsibility for our own health and learn the discipline of this practice we are sure to reap the rewards in our lives. I encourage everyone to do some sort of cleanse to begin to peel the onion towards our true self, our true identity.  After a colon cleanse a series of liver/gallbladder flushes is essential as well as the following:

For those interested in support during their cleansing as well as ancient techniques to incorporate for deeper healing I offer skype sessions. Please contact me for more details. 

Sat Nam. Wahe Guru.

Happy cleansing and let us enjoy great health!

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The Cellular Principles & Spiritual Laws here at the Sacred Back Yard

As I nurture and care for my body, mind and spirit I look at all aspects of the cellular principles & spritual laws shared here within this sacred backyard blog. On a moment to moment basis I tune in to these principles and laws:

  • Cellular Communication ~ My beautiful thoughts are reflected in my external world. I remind myself of the above truth and nourish my mind with loving, healing affirmations and beliefs. It is within the now that I am free from suffering and I choose to hold a space of enlightenment as my greatest service to the world. My greatest gift is inner peace and with this breathtaking connection.   I have fulfilled my mission on this earth. I am one with all life.  Seeing any kind of separation in others is an illusion. Judging, ridiculing, criticizing ourselves or others put us in an acidic state and does nothing to benefit our personal power or growth. Feedback from the heart space is a super hero quality that is a much better approach to communicating than any form of criticism. Asking permission to share feedback allows everyone a free will choice & shows awareness.
  • Cellular Nutrition ~ I choose to love and honor my body. I feed it super nutrient rich foods and liquids. Super Foods, Herbs, The Best Brain Foods, Probiotics and Medicinal mushrooms are in abundance in my life and I claim that now. I  bathe  in the sunshine and drink the living spring water’s of this earth.  I am full of light and the lighter I become the more I am a channel for the highest good to flow through me.  My body is my home and so it is important that I take exceptional care of it. I choose to periodically fast to let it rest just as I get to rest each night.  I love my body and honor each organ and part. Because of this true love my body gives me messages when it requires certain nutrients. It gives me signs through my super senses, situations and magical messages. I listen and tune in.
  • My cellular environment is a crucial key to maintaining and creating the best life ever. I know that my environment not only includes fresh living spring waters, earth crystals, living plants, medicines and loving vibrations from the higher realms but also the most amazing loving beings around me. I see the highest good in them and they see this in me. We are a high vibrational community empowering one another so that each individual shines the collective light. We are open and receptive to feed back and are immune to judgement and criticism of any kind. Our environment is one that is nurturing and fulfilling which includes, Spring water bathing, Infrared Sauna’s, Super Nutrient Rich Kitchen’s, Fire places, Creative art studios and so much more. Our home is a place to share with one another and master mind for the highest good. It is here we create lucrative high vibrational projects and services to offer the world. It is a place of laughter, good times and magic.
  • Cellular Exercise ~ Both Internal and External exercise are crucial. Deep Breathing, Yoga and Rebounding create a healthy internal environment. I enjoy these exercises daily to increase the presence power around my body.  I enjoy moving in all different ways in order to increase the life power within. I stretch it and listen to its call for different forms of movement. Martial arts such as Capoeira is something my body receives incredible fulfillment from. Mastering a martial art in this lifetime is apart of my Dharma and it ensure’s a strong heart~mind connection.

I am in tune to the 7 Spiritual Laws of the Super Hero Archetype and therefore I have harnessed my power to change the world for the greater good.  These spiritual laws give us a guide line of how to be, what to think, say and do.  Within this article we have the keys and codes to maintain cellular integrity, clean, flowing blood, thoughts and lives.

First we take a look at the Law of Balance.  This is a of utmost importance because as we go about our day it is crucial that we remain connected to the higher source of all things. With this deep connection we are unshakeable as the world around us presents challenges, tribulations, thoughts from mass consciousness, environmental pollutions etc.  As we harness our level of being we will keep centered and steady through it all.  With this peace we can move onto the level of feeling. This allows us to tune into our emotional awareness. We want to come from a place of peace and discernment when we make decisions or actions. The need to be right or any type of self importance that is coming through must be surrendered and released in order to rooted in love and peace. Our third level is thinking and we can note that the highest level of thinking here is creativity. We see this amongst our community of artists.  How can we each tap into more creativity with in our own existence? Within creativity all problems have a solution.  I invite the opportunity for more creativity in my life and in your’s if you choose this. And next we actually  take right action. Here we are flowing with all the levels of creativity and things happen magically, effortlessly and instantaneously.

There are 6 other spiritual laws to be addressed and we will do that through out the next blog posts to come!

Remembering we are perfect in our imperfection allows us to have great compassion for ourselves and others. As we truly recognize our shadow self and allow it to be our greatest opportunity for healing and transformation we allow ourselves to awaken to the ever present flowing stream of consciousness. Our shadow self allows us to become better, stronger and wiser. And so it is! Sat Nam. Wahe Guru.

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Rooted and Grounded in Love

Being Rooted in Love takes presence power.

When you live in the moment you gain presence power when you live in the dead past you weaken the aura.  What happens when the aura is weakened?  We are susceptible to allowing in dis-ease within the body and other unwanted guests and our life can become a product of a mass consciousness instead of our own creative consciousness.

What can you do to be here now?

  • Do Something that Makes You Happy ( It often brings you to the here and now)
  • Breathe Long, Slow & Deep (the breath is a full on miracle!)
  • Feel your Inner Body while doing any task especially when connecting with another sentient being. (this allows for you to stay connected and rooted to the moment while still keeping your awareness with that person or task.

On a physical level you can cleanse your body & do certain exercises to strengthen your field (the 5 tibetan rites and kundalini yoga exercises).

Building Presence Power

Consuming high vibrational foods increases your presence power and you can enjoy foods that represent the colors of your chakras in order to strengthen a certain area. For example orange foods such as squash & yams are healing for the root chakra and can strengthen the reproductive organs as well. Respectively black foods nourish and strengthen the kidneys. The kidneys must be kept safe, cozy and warm. As they become strong and are at optimal performance the body takes on a loving, confident energy.

Balance your four body system so that you can be more in the present moment. This means checking in with yourself. The four body system includes:

  1. Mental
  2. Emotional
  3. Spiritual
  4. Physical

Maybe today you are more in the spiritual plane then the physical plane. We might take a look at that and take action to balance this energy so that we are fully present. We might in this case do an exercise to root ourselves into the ground. Create a visualization of this action to seed it into your consciousness. We could also go out in nature or do some grounding activities around your home like the dishes.

Rooted in LOVE

So these are just a few ideas. When we truly let go and forgive the dead past or even the imagined future of our mind’s creation we are back in the here and now, grounded and rooted in love.

Forgive yourself right now for not being fully present, give yourself permission to be here now.  You are love and you are presence. Within this space you allow for great transformation.  It is here the power of your gifts are unleashed yet rooted and grounded in love.

It is nice to remember we all have a free will choice, the more we honor other sentient beings free will choices the more we ourselves grow and evolve. We are then given more opportunity and free will choice by the universe. It essentially lightens our body.  Try it, allow everything and everyone around you the free will choice to do, be and say what they are doing. Do it with presence & a whole heart. Once this is integrated into your daily practice your authenticity shines and you are free.

Let Go, Forgive and be rooted in LOVE.

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The Art & Alchemy of Coffee

It is so amazing how our lives interweave and intertwine events to create the most incredible life experience we could ever imagine!  As we expect the unexpected miracles we will continually see them in our lives.

About 10 years ago I embarked on a really awesome journey to learn as much as I could about coffee, from the harvesting, suckering and caring for the trees themselves to the end product of creating that beautiful hand crafted cup for the connoisseur.

Direct Trade

My passion began while attending college at Clarion University in Pennsylvania.  There were only a handful of jobs to be had in that little mountain town in North Western Pennsylvania & only 1 or 2 of them seemed like any fun. There was one barista position available at the quaint coffee house called Kiva Han on the main street in town. I drove an hour and a half for that interview and got the job because of my passion for the position.  Out of all the coffee houses I have visited in the U.S. this one had the most authenticity and character. With creaky hard wood floors, a fireplace, a huge oak bar, couches, chairs and windows that were perfect for watching the snow fall in the winter months it was truly a Mountain Town Coffee House. I told the owner my dreams of one day having my own Elixir & Tonic House where fellow travelers could come and sip on a medicinal brew, read their favorite book next to the fire, listen to the live banjo player or marvel at the artist’s creations that would line the walls.

Oh the fun I had playing at this coffee shop. My friday nights were consumed with pouring perfect espresso shots, playing DJ at the bar, gaining insights from the customer’s that would grace the space & late night guitar/banjo sessions with my co-workers after hours.

My passion grew and grew for the subtleties and the art about coffee alchemy and the crowd’s it drew. When I graduated college and moved to Baltimore I met an Espresso Entrepreneur that had learned the craft and the business side very well.  He trained me and before I knew it I was creating art through the portals of the coffee bean;)

Organic Pasture Fed Raw Cream & Single Origin Espresso from Ethiopia

After that experience it seemed like the natural next step was to actually get my hands in the soil and dirt and learn about nurturing and caring for the coffee trees.  I decided to venture to the Island of Hawaii where I would work and live on a sustainable 5 acre organic coffee & avocado farm. It is here that I learned that patience, dedication and intense daily labor is where it all begins. Early to rise and early to bed was the scenario on this rugged, insect & rooster crowing farm:) My solar cabin was screened in & made of wood and the showers were cold ones and yet so needed after a long day out on the farm.

When late afternoon hit the rain storms would nourish the soil there and that was our chance to read a book, shower, make some yummy guacamole from our farm fresh avocados or just listen to the rain pour onto the tin roof’s. What a blessing it was.

We built a Hoshidana roof on that land which is a Traditional Japanese coffee drying structure. Here is where the coffee berries would be put to dry out before roasting. We created labyrinth gardens where all kinds of vegetables were thriving. The couple I worked with were incredible people and so were their children Kaia & Spruce. These children had the daily enjoyment of climbing trees, foraging for food in their backyard and living the island life where warm ocean breezes were just a few moments away.

Ethiopian Coffee Farmer’s

Later I would open up my own Authentic Espresso bar on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It was rewarding to share my love and passion for the business with others.  Creating personal experiences is one of the best forms of gaining wisdom. I learned so much about myself and what I was truly after. Although this was not the coffee house that I dreamed of one day it was a small quaint bar that was a perfect start up business.

As my life took on new interests and desires I knew that everything had its perfect time and place. My passion for health was a great catalyst to move where the juice bars, health gurus and environmental activists abound, Southern California.

With a colorful background behind me I see a beautiful Elixir House & Tonic Bar in the future. Whether it is in my home where I can serve friends, family and community or an incredible Eco-Friendly House sitting nestled on a mountain side of the hills of Costa Rica I see it with an open heart and high vision.

Holding the Highest Vision For All ~ Dodhisattva

What a blessing it is to see how your life interweaves your experiences. What a blessing it will be to visit different parts of the world to source the highest quality herbs, superfoods, community & environment.  One of the best parts of it all is to travel, meet those who passionately live and create long lasting relations with them. With this in heart and a vision of true health we can optimize the coffee house experience by turning it into an elixir bar where the drinks, tonics & teas are created in such a way to increase health & longevity.

For instance when the Chaga Mushroom is poured over a coffee drink it takes away from the acid component making it a tonic for nourishment. We can utilize quality coffees, free of mycotoxins for cleaning the liver through enemas too.  And we can create drinks that taste just like coffee or close to it as well as cappucino’s with health promoting herbs and super herbs.
The environment that we put ourselves in is fundamental to health and longevity above all. I envision clean air, beautiful views and the best water & foods, community and serene environment ever to nourish the body, mind & soul.

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Staying Connected to the Earth & the Aethers

We are all familiar with the Earth and its ability to ground our bodies. This basically “plugs” us into the earth’s electrical field. This is where we have come from and this is where we will feel most grounded and in alignment. Why? Because simply by getting on the earth bare foot or with non rubber soled shoes we actually stabilize the bio field and rhythms of the body. It promotes a sense of well being and shields us from electro magnetic pollution in the air. It increases our energy and it significantly reduces inflammation in the body.

Recently I had a meeting with someone in a library where I could sense the disconnect because of several factors:

  • Artificial Light
  • Cement Flooring/Carpet
  • Electro Magnetic Frequencies from Computers/Smart Phones etc.


This cut me off significantly from connecting with the Earth & The Aethers.

The Aether is an Ancient Greek term that translates to the upper air and clean sky. What I experienced in that room was a loss of connection to the universal life power energy that invokes creativity (Creator’s Energy Flow). What I did intuitively to reconnect was put my hat on my crown to shield the upper chakras or scientifically speaking my pineal gland and brain hemispheres. This brought balance back into my body somewhat.  When we have an open channel to receive from the Aether our Creative energy is much more powerful.

The building was closing at 6pm and so we continued our meeting outside where there were tables on the earth. Feeling the magnetic plug in to the earth’s energy  I was connected once again to the electrical network of the earth. This in combination with the Aether created a whole flow of energy and my creativity was back and the meeting was at the point much more productive.  With a sense of grounded energy balanced with the Infinite Aether energy things take form with ease.

It may not be feasible to always have meetings outside and so forth but there are ways stay connected while in a building.  Here are some worth considering:

  • Staying well hydrated
  • Covering your Crown/Head/Upper Chakras
  • Wearing an emf pendant or piece of jewelry to strengthen your aura
  • Ground on the earth before and afterwards (this is also a great idea when traveling on planes or in cars
  • Drinking Alkaline Green Juices or Immune Strength Tea’s
  • Carry a small piece of tektite stone to absorb any emf’s
  •   Be aware of what ever insight comes to you & if any and take action.
  • Wear or bring with you high vibrational essential oils such as Palo Santo, Frankincense & Myrrh, & Rose Otto.

As we are in the holy flow with our world service or higher purpose we are much more tuned in, tapped in and turned on to our Higher Selves. As we ask for the illusion to be lifted from our view we can see with the truth in all that surrounds us. We are able to get insights and clarity much more rapidly & contribute to the highest vision in a powerful way.

A couple of Notes:

When Your Attitude is Right the Facts Don’t Count. ~ Kevin Trudeau


Spirit does not always give us the detailed step by step scenario as to what we are to do to stay in the flow of our highest purpose. These steps are given to us as we stay centered, calm and balanced by listening and being a sort of vessel for the information to come. When we find ourselves out of alignment in any way it is good to bring ourselves back into alignment with whatever activity or non activity (just being) will facilitate this shift in us. ~ Dodhisattva

The Earth & The Aethers are our portals into the great known and unknown, the seen and unseen. This is the magic and the beauty of our lives here on Earth.

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