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Why Affirmations Don’t Always Work

If you are reading this you’ve probably been in a similar situation that I have experienced. You have learned or even created your own affirmations to repeat them over and over and well some how they didn’t create what you wanted. Do affirmations not really work? Well the truth of the matter is way deeper than just saying an affirmation. There has to be a sure and deep belief that these affirmations are in fact true.

Here are some things to consider on making affirmations honestly come to life in your life!

1. Mirror work: One of our most challenging and yet rewarding tasks is to look in the mirror while saying our affirmations. And why not say something kind to yourself every time you pass the mirror? This will build self confidence and love while reprogramming us to think beautiful thoughts. Inner beauty becomes outer beauty. It is a fundamental law.

2. Let go of the Resistance to Change: How much are you holding on to the dead past? Can you honestly let go of the passed? What from the past is creating a pattern in your life?

I had a huge revelation when I realized an event in my teens had created a pattern in me that was other than self serving. When I was able to identify that, I felt sad at first and then I was so happy that I figured it out with the assistance of my companion/source/god.I was then able to do the work to move forward.

When I was able to RELEASE this and FORGIVE all involved including myself, I no longer was holding myself back and then was able to create a new successful pattern. Thank Goddess! Take Action Now.

And here is the most profound reason why affirmations don’t always work.
We must be willing to release the need to suffer, to be unworthy, to self sabotage etc. Until we unravel the ball of yarn we don’t open up to these affirmations on a deep sub conscious level. We must first release the need to allow these patterns to control us, let go and open up to the divine truth. We created this for our own good so we could take back our soul power.  Here is a way to start doing this NOW.  When you feel resistance or anger or any “negative” feeling/self talk. Say to yourself in that moment, I release the NEED to hold on to this pain or I release the NEED to engage in self defeating actions etc. Whatever it is just release it in the moment and come into your power as a soul.  You will feel the difference and immediately start to shift out of victim mode into conscious mode.

Next, to receive positive affirmations we must be in a peaceful and open space. Let’s take a moment to get in this space together.

First let your body relax, take a deep breath and watch as everything begins to soften. Start at the crown of your head and take time to go through each area of the body to relax it deeply. Most people have major tension in the face, jaw, neck, shoulders, heart & belly. Just surrender and let go. Give yourself the love right now and this is the time to open up to these beautiful, life changing affirmations.  Keep breathing long, slow and deep. Release the body and the mind automatically begins to release and soften. Whatever tension is in the body is always going on in the mind. Let it go and Shine.

It all begins with a seed, a seed in your consciousness.  When you start growing something in your garden lets say hibiscus flowers for example. How do they begin? They begin as a seed. Do they look anything like the beautiful, deep and rich colored flowers they become? No, but yet you still have faith and you think and say: “oh wow I am so excited to see the flowers in a few weeks, there will be many of them and they will be beautiful.” It’s the same with whatever you desire, have faith in your seeds.

I really am grateful for the work of Louise Hay as this post was inspired by her. Let me know in the comments below how you have allowed positive affirmations to rock your world! Comment below, let me know how you are doing! With Love and Blessings to you. And once again, thanks for stopping by the Sacred Backyard!

Note: Worry is Fear…don’t let this control your life. Realize you are an authentic creator. Rejoice in your uniqueness. Unleash your soul power and start unraveling the yarn. Then open up to the truth of your greatness. Take the reigns of your beautiful mind.    There are many ways to create your amazing life, this is just one way that really spoke to me. Love you!

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Detox Your Scalp for Radiant Hair

Many of us have caught on that the foods we consume produce a certain result in our bodies. For example eating healthy fats like in avocados or fresh coconut produce lustrous hair, wrinkle free skin and a happy body. Where as eating rancid or highly heated fats and oils creates the exact opposite.

Just as we detox our liver, kidneys and colon to function at our best our skin and scalp also require this kind of cleansing. Our skin being the largest organ gives us an opportunity to release toxins through our pores. We can do this with saunas, physical movement and sweat lodges to name a few. This also provides a radiance to the skin and body over a lifetime.

How do we specifically target the scalp for a radiant head of hair?
In order to deeply purify our scalps and create radiantly healthy and full heads of hair we must first bring our awareness to the scalp. Past use of shampoos and conditioners with chemicals, coloring agents, alcohols and preservatives create blockages in our scalps. So the first step is to let go of these crutches. They create instant gratification but over time cause a detriment to our health. If we are creating negative self talk about the condition of our hair this will also cause a negative reaction in our bodies. As we speak kindly to ourselves and create a positive self image we change the health of the scalp. This is foundational and the most important piece of the equation.

Next we want to detox our scalp which pulls out the impurities. We do this like the ancients have done and thankfully Hair Shaman Anthony Morrocco has taken it upon himself to create from the Earth a detoxification clay made from potent proteins, minerals and clays. When applied to the scalp with spring or purified water this naturally cleans and pulls out the toxins. When we clean and clear the area we make way for a healthy, mineral rich and PH balanced environment. Zen Detox is a mild yet effective all natural way to cleanse the scalp. If you are experiencing the following its time for a detox!

  • a dry scalp
  • excessive oily scalp
  • itchiness, dandruff
  • sore scalp
  • brain fog
  • hair loss

From the first use you will notice a lightness of the scalp. If you are suffering from heavy metal challenges you may feel a clarity in the mind or even the feeling of Zen!

This is the Zen Detox working its magic on your crown of glory. Next we want to nourish the scalp with the healthiest most pure shampoo and conditioners to strengthen, rejuvenate and feed the follicles, hair strands and glands in the scalp!

The more nourishment we give our scalp in the form of loving thoughts, plant based shampoos and conditioners and plenty of healthy blood flow through scalp massaging, yoga (inversions) and movement we create our radiant healthy scalp and hair.

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***Note: If you are a writer/blogger and are inspired by my posts feel free to mention my work or ask to reshare my work. Otherwise come up with your own original thoughts and content:) Thanks for expressing your own authentic writings/ideas, you are a amazing!

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The Lymphatic System: Its Importance in Creating Your Radiant Health.

The lymph system is without a pump unlike the heart. The heart pumps and pumps so it can push and move fluid, nutrients and toxins without assistance. Of course if it is plugged up or in some way hindered from fully functioning it too will require some form of detoxification. But the lymph system requires movement on a daily basis.
Let’s learn a little more about the lymph system.
The lymph has double the amount of fluid than the blood running through our veins. In order to keep the immune system at peak performance the lymph fluid must be clear of bacteria, yeast, mold and viruses. The white blood cells are here in this fluid to protect us from foreign invaders. Here are some of our organs that are a apart of the lymphatic system which is also apart of the circulatory system:

1. Thymus
2. Tonsils
3. Spleen

Maybe you have had a surgery and no longer have tonsils. This is all the more reason to keep the lymphatic system strong and healthy. Maybe your digestive fire is not all that you remember it to be. Are we eliminating our bowels 2 or 3 times a day? This is a good indicator of health and well being.  So the lymph assists  the removal of waste from the tissues as well as brings life into our physical bodies.

Lymph System and Nodes

Lymph System and Nodes

What are other indicators our lymph is flowing or not? Well there are points on the body that if we apply pressure to can either be deeply sore or not sore it all. These are the areas of the body where the lymph nodes are. You can look at the diagram in this post to see where the lymph nodes are and press on these spots or have someone do this for you. Our bodies are not meant to be in pain, so if when you push on different parts on the body and you experience any level of pain there is some work that could be done. This is due to build up of calcification, toxins, lack of movement and fluid flow, emotional baggage etc.

How do we truly move the lymph in order to flush the toxins out of our bodies? If we can keep the lymph moving for 20 minute intervals we will allow it to circulate and flush effectively. What are ways to achieve this?

  • Breath Work  Breathing consciously for a length of time.
  • Hot/Cold Showers or just cold showers…which are a true joy for the physical body especially in the summer heat:) They leave us with a radiant glow to our face and we feel energized. Why?  Because the blood and fluid has now rushed to the external areas of the body creating movement and flow.  The face has color and life. Ever notice people that are very pale, it looks as if no life is pumping thru the oxygen is getting to the area and stagnant energy and toxins is a result.
  • Hand Stands and Inversions
  • Yoga
  • Systemic Enzymes
  • Skin Brushing
  • Walking up hill for 20 minutes.
  • Rebounding..this is my favorite and quite possibly one of the most effective and youth promoting practices of all! It is such an amazing practice for moving the lymph system. This oscillates all of your cells and truly gets things moving. Rebounding is an incredible practice on so many levels that a whole post must be dedicated to it. My favorite Rebounder is by Bellicon. I have utilized different Rebounders but this one is the Mercedes Benz of the Rebounder industry. Experience it for yourself!

I’m so enthused that you stopped by the Sacred Backyard. Love and Blessings. ~ Dodee

How did this post assist you on your journey? Leave us a comment below. We love to hear from you!

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