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The Prayer of Freedom

For Me, My Family And All Humanity
Throughout All Time, Past, Present And Future
Please Help Us All Forgive All People
Help All People Forgive Us
And Help Us All Forgive Ourselves
Please God, Thank You God, Amen

Help Us All Love Each Other And Love Ourselves
Be At Peace With Each Other And Be At Peace With Ourselves
Please God, Thank You God, Amen

God, We Give You Our Love
And Thank You For Your Constant Love And Blessings
We Respect And Appreciate All Your Creations
And We Fill All Your Creations With Our Love

Please God, Thank You God, Amen

God, We Give You Our Love
And Thank You For Your Constant Love And Blessings
We Respect And Appreciate All Your Creations
And We Fill All Your Creations With Our Love

God, Please Open, Bless, Empower, Expand
Lead, Guide, Direct And Protect
Me, My Family And All Humanity
Throughout All Time
Now And Forever
Please God, Thank You God

Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen

~Howard Wills
*Thank you Howard for some of the most profound prayers your offer to us as your purposeful gift. To be recited morning and evening.

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The Four Agreements



Mind Map of the Four Agreements.

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Beyond the Ego….

Have you ever thought about who you are beyond your physical body? I bet you have, if you are here at the sacred backyard blog.  We are a conscious group of beings! We realize the truth is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  So when we see things from this vantage point we have the ability to go beyond time and space.

Spirit Girl

Spirit Girl

Join me for a moment and close your eyes. Take some long, slow, deep breath’s.  Unzip your skin suit and give your soul the opportunity to zip around the room wild and free.  Watch your spirit flutter around like a glowing butterfly or firefly. Feel the brilliance that you are.

The Ego is not in itself a bad thing. It is neither good or bad. It can help us in sticky situations and offer us instinct which can be healthy in situations. However it is important to be very aware of the Ego and what power we give it. It’s kinda like a riding a horse. When you ride a horse do you let the horse take you wherever or go or do you steer and lead the way?

Creating more peace and contentment is a sign you are taming the Ego.  One great way to do this is to keep an attitude of gratitude in all circumstances.  This literally changes your perspective and trains the mind to focus on the positive. Even if you have negative thoughts but can catch them and find something in the situation to be grateful for you have succeeded.  What we want to avoid is letting the negative thought take us on some crazy ride that only dis-empowers and keeps us further peace and happiness.  The more gratitude we have the more we attract the life we truly want.  When we hold gratitude in our hearts we are closer to our true nature.

An Attitude of Gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude

Having gratitude is simple yet profound! It brings more abundance and more wonderful things into our lives.

So unzip from your skin suit as often as you like. This little exercise can allow you to go beyond the Ego and be lighter about the circumstances of life.   Remember your true identity goes beyond this physical body and you have a huge purpose here. Let go, Forgive yourself and others. Let your heart shine and your soul sing. One of the BEST ways to move through huge barriers in your life is to practice forgiveness and unconditional love. Whether it is towards yourself or another it is powerful work.  I have found that forgiving your parents is a powerful way to get to the root of much non forgiveness in your current life. Having forgiveness for your parents opens the portal to your lineage line and can heal lifetime’s of pain and dis-ease. You might look into the Hawaiian atonement and reconciliation practice of Hoʻoponopono.  This can do wonders on your soul and the psyche. 

The more inner beauty we have by cleaning up our negative thoughts, false beliefs and identities we can begin to experience peace, contentment and our true identity. We know this has happened when we see more outer beauty in our selves and the world.   When we are being authentic in our expression we have arrived beyond the Ego into the realm of magic, humble power and we then open up our gifts to the world.  May this post inspire you to recognize your true identity and flourish. Many blessings and Much LOVE.

Please comment in the section below about this post and share your heart.

So..Chillax, Forgive, Let It Go…:)

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Rooted and Grounded in Love

Being Rooted in Love takes presence power.

When you live in the moment you gain presence power when you live in the dead past you weaken the aura.  What happens when the aura is weakened?  We are susceptible to allowing in dis-ease within the body and other unwanted guests and our life can become a product of a mass consciousness instead of our own creative consciousness.

What can you do to be here now?

  • Do Something that Makes You Happy ( It often brings you to the here and now)
  • Breathe Long, Slow & Deep (the breath is a full on miracle!)
  • Feel your Inner Body while doing any task especially when connecting with another sentient being. (this allows for you to stay connected and rooted to the moment while still keeping your awareness with that person or task.

On a physical level you can cleanse your body & do certain exercises to strengthen your field (the 5 tibetan rites and kundalini yoga exercises).

Building Presence Power

Consuming high vibrational foods increases your presence power and you can enjoy foods that represent the colors of your chakras in order to strengthen a certain area. For example orange foods such as squash & yams are healing for the root chakra and can strengthen the reproductive organs as well. Respectively black foods nourish and strengthen the kidneys. The kidneys must be kept safe, cozy and warm. As they become strong and are at optimal performance the body takes on a loving, confident energy.

Balance your four body system so that you can be more in the present moment. This means checking in with yourself. The four body system includes:

  1. Mental
  2. Emotional
  3. Spiritual
  4. Physical

Maybe today you are more in the spiritual plane then the physical plane. We might take a look at that and take action to balance this energy so that we are fully present. We might in this case do an exercise to root ourselves into the ground. Create a visualization of this action to seed it into your consciousness. We could also go out in nature or do some grounding activities around your home like the dishes.

Rooted in LOVE

So these are just a few ideas. When we truly let go and forgive the dead past or even the imagined future of our mind’s creation we are back in the here and now, grounded and rooted in love.

Forgive yourself right now for not being fully present, give yourself permission to be here now.  You are love and you are presence. Within this space you allow for great transformation.  It is here the power of your gifts are unleashed yet rooted and grounded in love.

It is nice to remember we all have a free will choice, the more we honor other sentient beings free will choices the more we ourselves grow and evolve. We are then given more opportunity and free will choice by the universe. It essentially lightens our body.  Try it, allow everything and everyone around you the free will choice to do, be and say what they are doing. Do it with presence & a whole heart. Once this is integrated into your daily practice your authenticity shines and you are free.

Let Go, Forgive and be rooted in LOVE.

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What is at the Root of All Disease?

What an interesting post and what a bold statement to say the ROOT of ALL disease, right?

Well my research, study and experience has led me to have a sincere belief that the Root of our diseases lie within our ability to FORGIVE. To forgive and let go of the dead past & be non attached to the future so we live fully in the PRESENT moment.  To do this is to achieve a state of true inner peace, radiance, strength, courage & fulfillment.

As we look deeper into this idea of Forgiveness being at the root of our dis-eases in the body we find that Self Acceptance, Self Acknowledgement & Self LOVE are at the forefront of healing our wounds.

Let’s take a look at a long standing grudge you may have with yourself or another person. If this weighs on your mind night and day or if it at least often times comes up for you in your mind how can you fully live in the moment? How can you really create a great life?

To fully accept where you are without judgement and to embrace the emotions and feelings you have over this grief is a wonderful thing to do. This allows you to accept and acknowledge your feelings. You can also in that moment realize you are responsible (able to respond) for how you feel. In fact we are responsible for all that we feel, think, say and do. No one but ourselves has control over that.

When we can see past the judgement and criticism and see that our Souls give us our experiences, especially the moments of grief for our deeper innerstanding of who we really are we can come to get more connected with our spiritual selves. We really are spiritual beings having spiritual experiences in human form.

Each time we go through an uncomfortable situation our soul is crying out for love. If your uncomfortable situation happens to include another person in the scenario there soul too is crying out for love. This individual has agreed to do a dance with you on a soul level here in this life time.  It is bringing you greater innerstanding on what aspect of your self needs and requires love from YOU.  Thank that person energetically for giving you the opportunity to see your patterns more clearly, to recognize your true nature, to heal on a soul level.  Now that is the truth. This is now getting you past the more dense energy of the physical world and connecting you with a more spiritually centered yet powerfully rooted experience here on earth.

Great freedom and liberation are a result of your work as well as deep fulfillment and inner peace.

It is with great innerstanding for ourselves and others that we can transpire our deepest pains and challenges.

If you are excited and inspired by this post I suggest reading Colin Tipping’s work on Radical Forgiveness. To be able to really forgive in the way described above requires a Radical type of Forgiveness. This means to do it from not your human body but from your Higher Self. When we release from this higher realm we let in such a flow of divinity and good that our lives can become more fulfilling, centered and peaceful.

I radically forgive myself and all beings so that we may live without attachment if it is for the HIGHEST GOOD of ALL. And So IT IS.

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