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Mastering the Art of Digestion


Digest with an Inner Smile!

I was inspired to write a short post on the power of digesting.  We are speaking of digesting our nutrients but also our lives. These concepts go hand in hand in my book. I am not here to talk about enzymes or hydrochloric acid pills to help with your digestion. And certainly not heart burn pills or anti way jose:)   What I want to talk to you about is how to reclaim your power to digest powerfully. I want you to take your awareness to your belly right now with out any judgement. Is your belly clenched? Are you having long slow deep belly breaths as you invest quality time here in the Sacred Backyard? I want you to get in  touch with what is happening in your belly region.  Our stomach point is actually in that lowest point of the rib cage in our center.  The stomach point often test weak in clients and this is due to many different factors that we shall save for another post. For now let’s travel further down to the large intestine, these points are on either side of your belly button.  Here we can start to let the muscles relax and take some deep belly breaths. Now we are starting to soften up here so that as food comes down it will ultimately digest properly leaving nutrients to be absorbed and waste to be excreted in the bowel movements shortly there after.

As we bring more awareness to this area we really can start to see how it relates to our emotions and thoughts. When we sit in meditation we are often way more aware of the belly breath. What about when we are in traffic or going thru something stressful? Often the belly is tightening up to some degree and it takes our consciousness to become more still and aware to  what is happening inside us.  What are we thinking and feeling while we are eating? Are we engaging in other activities while eating?  Being present while eating assists us to maintain connection with our bodies and our minds so that we can be in a place of peace while eating.

What about exercises that can help us with digesting more powerfully? We can do some really amazing belly yoga, here is what you can do:

  1. Stand with your legs shoulder with apart and bend slightly to put your hands on your thighs.
  2. Next take a big belly breath and let all the air out letting the belly hollow out.
  3. Once this happens you can begin to pump the stomach up near the rib cage.
  4. Do this a few times then take a big breath in again and continue for several rounds.
  5. Do this on an empty stomach  or 2 or more hours after a meal.

Giving our stomachs a well deserved break is also an incredible way to re-build your own hcl levels and let the stomach and organs process the foods coming in.  You do this with your weekly water fast, it gives the body time to process things and gives us greater connection to our body parts. It can also give us more mindful awareness as we eat. Speaking of another option is to exist on blended foods for a time. I love to do this, it gives me pleasure and great joy to utilize my energy in other creative ways instead of digesting a large meal. We can also skip breakfast and drink lots of fresh clean water with lemon or raw fermented apple cider vinegar. We can make an herbal tea and around mid morning our digestive fire has begun to wake up ready to assimilate.  Here we might do some liquid or blended nutrition. Lunch is our biggest meal and waiting until true hunger is upon us helps to make sure digestive juices are ready to process the foods. The Apple Cider Vinegar also assists us with producing hydrochloric acid in our bellies. This could be sipped slowly with the meal or in b/t meals too.

Hot peppers are a great way to build internal heat in the body if you are eating living foods, I like to mix them into my morning smoothie or green juice. Juicing habanero peppers is amazing. Adding cayenne pepper to your lemon water is a great way to get circulation flowing and once again build internal heat.

Chinese herbs can also build internal heat. Ginseng & Longan are great fro activating the Qi and tonifying the spleen.

When we are digesting our food well we are often digesting our life well, we are taking responsibility for our life and then assimilating that which serves us and letting go of that which does not.

As always, thanks for stopping by the Sacred Backyard, it’s nice being with you!




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How can we Experience Optimal Digestion?

The body is a miraculous gift, it speaks to us all the time by giving us messages. When it comes to digestion we might ask ourselves the quality question…”Am I digesting powerfully?” “How does my digestion effect my results in life?”

Human's Are Light Eaters:)

Human’s Are Light Eaters:)

When we are digesting powerfully we are often getting powerful results in life. If we are experiencing weak digestion this often reflects in a weak life experience. Everything is truly connected. Chewing completely and fully is one step in the direction of powerful digestion & a powerful life.

How can we love ourselves enough to heal the digestive issues that arise? First and foremost our awareness during meal time is of importance. It allows us to connect with our body at the cellular level and to know when we are truly satiated. The more self love we choose to embody the better off our physical body becomes.  We begin to get in tune with why we are eating. Is it an emotional issue? Are we dehydrated? Or are we truly hungry? We begin to shed light on the subject and bring about solutions to our digestive challenges.

Here are some signals that digestion may be off:

  • Burping
  • Gas
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • acne
  • hair loss
  • weight gain
  • heart burn
  • ulcers
  • candida

These are just a few signals and with a few tips we can be well on our way to powerfully digesting our food.

First and foremost as we age our ability to create Hydrochloric Acid tends to dissipate. One way to really ensure our stomach is burning up the food we ingest is to make sure it is creating plenty of HCL. HCL is like a wood burning stove. If we keep the kindling slow, constant and steady we have a beautiful burning wood fire. The body appreciates this because the hcl will keep viruses, bacteria, fungi and mycotoxins at bay. When we eat the little critters that end up in our food be it from food handling or just from nature it is the HCL that assists the body to neutralize these bugs. Ways that we can increase our HCL naturally would be to:

  1. Eat only when truly hungry (make sure we are not just thirsty for water)
  2. Enjoy plenty of green smoothies (3/4 blender full of wild greens preferably and then a small amount of fruit)
  3. Enjoy a few teaspoons per day of Raw, Organic, Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar.
  4. Supplement with True Betaine Hydrochloride (non gmo beet derived)
  5. Eat and enjoy living plant based foods as well as cultured foods
  6. Eat until 3/4 the way full giving plenty of room for digestive juices to work

Here are just a few tools we can use to optimize our digestive juices. We can literally turn back the clocks by supplementing with Betaine Hydrochloric Acid or HCL. It assists our bodies to utilize the nutrients we are consuming.  It will also assist to balance out the friendly flora in the gut and keep a healthy bone metabolism in check. HCL is a powerful detoxifier.   If we choose to supplement with HCL we would want to take it at the end of our meals.

Another powerful tool is to supplement with Plant Based Digestive Enzymes.  Digestive enzymes are protein molecules with electricity running

Digest Powerfully

Digest Powerfully

through them! The more enzyme rich we are the more light that is flowing through us. These taken at the beginning of a meal will help out the pancreas and give us an advantage to powerfully digesting like we did in our early 20’s.  When eating either cooked or raw food this digestive support is a good idea, especially if eating cooked.

One way to really see how much we are aging scientifically speaking is how many methyl groups we are losing in the cells. Typically we lose about 1800 methyl groups per day when eating cooked food, this is a great way to age quick and lose 1/3 of your life span. If we eat raw foods only we will lose about 1200 methyl groups per day. With Digestive enzymes and HCL we can actually lose less than 1200 methyl groups per day.

We want to eat our food in the most bio-available forms and powerfully digest our food. Our digestion begins when we smell or think about eating. Our enzymes activate in the saliva. When we begin to chew our food we pre-signaturize the food and prepare the body for assimilation. Chewing until we have a liquid in our mouth is a great way to properly digest.

Blending our food takes the leg work out of chewing and can be a great way to assimilate nutrients easily and effectively.

Dandelion Greens

Dandelion Greens

Human’s are light eaters. The more light we eat in the form of wild greens and plants the better off we are. Bitter greens especially assist the HCL production of the stomach. The more light we eat the more light we become.

The most important information on proper digestion is really the awareness we bring to the table.  Distractions while eating keep us from fully being present to the experience. When we eat with true awareness and send gratitude and love to the food we can change its chemical structure creating an opportunity for healthier digestion. Food made with love and eaten with gratitude will ultimately assimilate much better than one that is made out of anger and resentment.   Enjoy making a beautiful table setting to eat around and allow the experience to be beyond the taste buds. Enjoy the beauty of the dishware and maybe a special flower offering in the middle of the table. Enjoy a summer dinner outside listening to the gracefulness of nature.

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Follow Up on the Liver Gall Bladder Flush

Today is the day after the liver gall bladder flush. It was a very successful flush.  A few notes about the flush I added equal parts of organic fresh pressed grapefruit to the oil and hyssop herb mixture. It made it much more palatable as well as using a glass straw that was great for mixing the potion and getting it back.  I recommend only using Premiere Research Labs olive oil unless you are really sure the oil you are getting is of top quality. Pr Labs oil tests on all 4 bio field polarities of the body. Beyond that it is cold pressed, not-solvent extracted and hexane free. It is also nitrogen flushed to maintain its integrity and freshness.

Another thing I added was the beet derived HCL with the first dose to ensure no nausea.  I think that sometimes if the esophagus is open then bile can seep into the stomach which is what makes us feel sick. The HCL assisted to close that area off.

I did feel nauseous after the second 8pm epsom salt drink.

By 12:30pm I was passing gallstones. I was up for a few hours.

This morning I did a coffee enema using the green coffee from S.A. Wilson and then followed up with a high water enema to ensure everything was out.  Later it will be important for me to do a castor oil pack on the kidneys. The kidneys have taken on some of the work load today so to clear them this will be great.   I kept it light this morning with some fresh pressed green juice with plenty of parsley to support the kidneys.  Then a healing soup for the liver. Then a smoothie around 2pm. Dinner will be a large salad with sprouted quinoa.

I feel incredible today. My mental clarity and emotional state is really even.  It is amazing what you let go after  clearing this stagnant energy that has been in the body for years.  It is a time of celebration!!!! What a feat.

NOTE: A few things that really were great were the affirmations like: There is joyous release of the past. Life is sweet and so am I.

And also recognizing the SHHHHH sound of the liver and deeply breathing in that green light to the liver/gallbladder points.

Well Happy Sunday Everybody! If you have any comments or questions about the liver flush please write me. I am always open to hear anyone’s tips as well.

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Optimizing your Digestion

One of the key factors in optimal health is mastering digestion of the foods we put into our bodies.  A few things to note are that as we age our HCL (hydro chloric acid) levels in the stomach weaken. Most people have weak acid levels in the stomach.  If we are partially digesting our food this can cause fermentation in the stomach leading to gas, bloating, weight gain and ultimately more serious degenerative conditions.

Another key role in digestion is a healthy “gut” which means that the ratio to healthy bacteria and unhealthy bacteria is 2:1. When the healthy bacteria is flourishing our immune system is strong and healthy. This creates a healthy and happy brain as the gut and the brain are very connected.

Enzymes also play a key role in the digestion of our foods.  Enzymes are, as Dr. Edward Howell once said, “the spark of life.”  When you see someone whom is rich in enzymes you will see that they are light and bright.  There aura or the energy field around there body is strong, healthy and pure, they heal quickly and have an abundance of energy.

Last but certainly not least our thoughts and the way we relate to our food plays a role in digestion.  This is the most important and if you have any healing to do in your relation to food EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique or  what is also known as “tapping” can also assist in clearing a less than optimal relation with your food. You can easily google or research that subject for more info.

Here are some simple KEYS to increasing your HCL levels, Strengthening the friendly bacteria in your “gut”,  and enriching your body with enzymes.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar (Raw Organic Fermented)- A small dose of this taken before meals will increase the HCL levels in the stomach to assist your body to break down food in the small intestine.

2. Green Smoothies- A smoothie made of half a blender full of organic greens and a small portion of fruit will increase HCL levels in the stomach.

3. If these approaches do not work for you you can also buy HCL derived from beets from Premiere Research Labs.

4. Building the friendly bacteria in your stomach comes with letting go of antibiotics and introducing cultured vegetables to your diet. Cultured vegetables are very important to ensure healthy digestion!  Making your own cultured veggies is fun and cost effective.

5. You can also buy a high quality liquid probiotic to assist the body.  Remember that fermented food is the best way to get your probiotics.

6. Coconut Kefir water is a wonderful fizzy beverage that can be sipped on to heal the stomach. If someone has a history of antibiotics you can be sure the body requires lots of probiotic therapy.

7. Enzymes are available in all raw living foods. So any vegetable or fruit that is left in its natural state is rich in enzymes. If you choose to eat cooked food remember that there are enzymes you can purchase to assist in digesting denatured food. If you go to the Products page on my site you can find high quality enzymes.

These are a few tips that I trust will assist you in your journey to a happy, healthy life! Cheers:)

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Raw Green Smoothie Benefits

Raw Green Smoothies are an essential part of a holistic raw vegan lifestyle. Once the body has been properly cleansed with green juice therapy, probiotics, superherbs and enzymes we can begin to eat nutritious smoothies! These smoothies will further the cleansing and healing of the body as well as feed you on a cellular level. One of the key benefits to the green smoothie is the natural fiber you are getting by only blending and NOT juicing in your high power blender. This allows for better bowel movements and a healthy colon. We can also recognize that the green smoothie is a valuable way to increase or rebuild our HCL levels (hydro chloric acid) naturally with out supplements. Another way to build HCL is raw apple cider vinegar before or in b/t meals, this also assists in alkalinizing the system. There is a great book called Green For Life by Viktoria Boutenko. I highly recommend it, inside are wonderful recipes for green smoothies. Below is a favorite smoothie of mine in the summer time when peaches are ripe. I got inspired to make this one day and I trust you will enjoy it too:)

Cheers To Radiant Living!

Peachy Girl Smoothie
1/2 a bunch or organic romaine lettuce
1 large organic peace without the seed
1/4 to 1/2 of a habanero pepper (depending on how much you enjoy spice)
1 big handful of organic celery
Just enough clean water to blend

Blend on High and Enjoy out in the summer sunshine barefoot on the earth after running through a sprinkler:) Enjoy life!

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