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Nourish Thy Self.

Nourishing thy self is an inside job. Then the manifestation is seen in the outer world.

If you have ever experienced the feelings of self criticism, judgement or resentment then this post might just be for you.  Who has not gone through these feelings at one point or another?  Is it our fault? Placing blame on ourselves or others doesn’t do much good rather the question to ask might be, how can I feel better, how can I change my route in life to a better one?  Well, this question puts the power back into your own hands, this allows you to be the Creator and the Director of your life experience.  This allows you to hold yourself accountable for what you choose to think, feel, say and do. This also holds you accountable for what you put on and into your body.images

In order to experience self nourishment we start from the inside out. We clear away the debris, we might sit in meditation, we might embark on a body cleanse, we might start reading a great book about Self Love and Acceptance. Whatever it is we must take responsibility for the way we treat ourselves.  As we begin to trust ourselves with self love and respect we begin to experience more trust in all its forms. First, we must trust ourselves knowing we speak highly and think highly of our actions, our body, our thoughts. If we make a mistake or do something that we are not happy with we can make adjustments and move forward.  To nourish ourselves with nutrient rich foods, to move our bodies and stretch them in ways that make our minds flexible and spines timeless, and to clean up our environment and make our living space harmonious and joyous are all profound ways to shift our lives into Self Respect & Nourishment.


Buddha & Me

When we nourish ourselves with food that we know deep down are healing and restorative to our body we are practicing a form of self love and respect.   We are giving ourselves nutrient rich food so we can become more powerful, more radiant, more dynamic and more of our true identity. I have mentioned in past posts how incredible it is too forage and eat wild edibles because I feel it brings back a strength to the body that commercially foods just do not possess.  Wild foods must live and thrive in conditions that are always fluctuating and changing.  They become stronger, wiser and more confident for it.  This is self nourishment.

To me a form of Self Sabotage would be eating things that I know are not nourishing and good for me, self sabotage looks like judging myself for a past mistake or criticizing myself for not being good enough.  All of these things to me are forms of self sabotage. We are influenced by programming from advertising and media on a daily basis.  I feel we can powerfully live in our environment and protect ourselves from these acts.  It does take courage and it certainly does take commitment. And as Yogi Ji says, “Keep up and You Will be Kept Up.”  So, with that said, what can we do to protect ourselves from sabotage? We can practice Yoga and Mantra, we can Meditate, we can learn to eat with conscious awareness, we can speak from our heart instead of our head.  All of these things help us to keep up with the changing times. The Aquarian Age is here, the Age of the Soul.  So we must keep up if we want to experience all the joy and fulfillment that comes with this Age.

images-1When we make the decision to look at ourselves in the mirror and remind ourselves of our great beauty, our magical wonder, our authentic spirit we attract more people into our lives that appreciate us for who we really are.  We magnetize those that we are most in alignment with and so the flow goes….. This is Self Nourishment.

When we choose to clean up our environment , clean up the clutter, care for our belongings  we are living in a state of Self Nourishment.

Choosing to nourish ourselves is the single most important thing we can do for ourselves and for the world.  We can begin to see the power these acts have on our life as we change our thoughts we change our world. Look at the word WORLD, it has WORD in it. We are influenced by the word we choose to speak. Let us start listening to our chosen words.

As Yogi Ji says:  “Communication is very misunderstood by all human beings.  When you are angry. When you are emotional. When you are hurt, When you are insecure or When you are into an Ego Trip that’s when you feel you must talk. And that is why you mess up.”  Let us Speak with encouragement, upliftment and positivity. ~ From The Flow of Eternal Power.

**And as a Special Side Note here are the The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age as Taught By Yogi Bhajan

1. Recognize that the other person is you.
2. There is a way through every block.
3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.
4.  Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
5. Vibrate the cosmos, and the cosmos shall clear the path.

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A Flexible Spine is A Flexible Mind. ~ Yogi Bhajan

Have you ever watched  a cat or a dog wake up from their night’s slumber? If you have, you have watched them stretch and yawn and move about their bodies.  We have even coined yoga pose names after animals, such as cat/cow in Kundalini Yoga. Image

This simple yet profound movement brings life to our spine. This wakes up our nervous system gently and allows it to move blood flow to all parts of the body including the brain.  When we bring life to the spine and keep it health and strong we are keeping the body strong, healthy and youthful.  The brain also becomes more flexible and flowing with life’s ups and downs.

Yoga especially Kundalini Yoga has the ability to reset the bodies rhythms. It actually balances the brain hemispheres and allows us to go through out our day with a peaceful heart. It gives us the ability to allow a higher self connection in our communications to one another.


Right and Left Nostril Breathing

One of the best qualities we can embody in order to have a prosperous life is that of a calm, polite and peaceful presence. In this space we emanate that of a prosperous being. We can get in this state by deep breathing, left & right nostril breathing, meditating and all forms of yoga.   As we experience this place of centeredness we allow for a great shift to occur in our lives. We suddenly attract prosperity in all its’ forms. We are prosperous in our time, prosperous in our relationships, prosperous with our health and prosperous in all good things.

How can we develop prosperity consciousness? We can begin by becoming more prosperous in our daily lives. We can give someone less fortunate something special, we can tithe to our favorite charity, we can become more present in our relationships and listen to our friends/family.  Even if you are in a position of not having as much as you might like, by giving you will receive far more.

Just yesterday I was filling up at the gas station and noticed a seemingly harmless, homeless man. He looked sun burned, dehydrated and exhausted. I had about 16 ounces of a high quality glacier water from Canada in the car as well as a Super nourishing Yoga Cookie made by my Kundalini Yoga teacher. Those yoga cookies have seriously silly good vibes that I believe bring forth magick! They are even in the shape of a heart. So, I gifted this man with the cookie and the water. This to me was a brilliant exchange of energy that lifted my whole being and allowed my aura to grow stronger. I bet he received something similar. I blessed him with so much love and blessings.

When we begin our day with a little stretching, a little mindful breathing and some prosperity consciousness we are on our way to a life of true happiness.

Let us remember a flexible spine is a flexible mind. The more we can be in a space to give the more we assist another to rise up and be apart of something magical.  Like Bob Marley says, “Help the weak if your are strong.”  Even if you are not strong find the strength thru spirit, ask and pray for this strength. Then allow it to come in and shift your life.

Sending love and blessings to all.

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I Am.

You are Everywhere.

The Giver of Everything.

You are the Mystery.

You are the Power of All.

You are without Desire.

Free from Worry of Mind.

Without Beginning Without End.

You are the knower of All.

You are the Light of Beauty.

You are the Beloved of All.

You are Omnipresent Everywhere.

You are Unseen.

I Am. I Am.

~ Sat Katar Kaur

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Tantric Numerology & The Ten Bodies of Consciousness

Tantric Numerology is an ancient science that was brought to the west by Yogi Bhajan. Yogi Bhajan was a master of Kundalini Yoga & White Tantric Yoga here in the United States.

My Kundalini Yoga teacher Ram Dass Bir Sing Khalsa was one of Yogi Bhajan’s students. He has been working with Tantric Numerology for around 28 years! Because of him I have access to this profound technology and am thankful for the opportunity to share it with you.

It is powerful information and I will give a brief innerstanding of what it represents.

Let’s first go over the Ten Bodies of Consciousness. These are the energy bodies that are a part of us. We are beyond just our physical body, science has proven this. In tantric Numerology 11 numbers are utilized, 11 being the command center. Each of these numbers has a significant meaning to you and your life. It will give you access to whom you were in a past life too, whether it was an entertainer, shaman, healer, king or queen etc.

To provide insight and guidance you can utilize this technology to gather information about your characteristics.

An Ancient Technology

We utilize our Birthday to mathematically solve each of our numbers and how they correspond to the Ten Bodies and the Command Center.

There are in essence 5 characteristics that describe who we are.

Soul- This represents our inward challenge. This number is the connection to inner peace. It is the chain link to the soul and is the soil or foundation in our lives.

Karma- This is our outward challenge and represents the outward conflict we may have with the world. This is important to master in this life in order to over come conlfict.

Gift- Our gift is just as it sounds! It is what the Creator has gifted us with in this lifetime. We must be able to accept in order to receive this gift. I like to think of this as a super power. Each of us is given one.

Destiny- Our Destiny is what we have been working on for many, many lifetimes. This is a strength we can utilize to overcome the other areas of our lives.

Path- For each of us to be fulfilled in this life time we must be living our path. This is where we experience great joy, inner peace and love for this life.

There is so much more information to share on this subject. Each of the Ten Bodies could be described in length but for this article I am just going to list them below.

The Soul Body

The Negative Mental Body

The Positive Mental Body

The Neutral Mental Body

The Physical Body

The ARC Body

The Aura

The Pranic Body

The Subtle Body

The RADIANT body

All Ten Bodies which is the number of 11.

For anyone whom is interested in having me decode their Tantric numbers and give a description of their characteristics I am happy to do so. Please go to products/services page.

I have assisted some of my closest friends and family by decoding their numbers. It has given them connection to whom they really are and insight into their strengths and what challenges they have an opportunity to over come.

In a nutshell Tantric Numerology Illuminates the Soul, the very essence of our being. When the soul is nourished the physical body will thrive!

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