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The Astonishing Truth about Grass Fed Butter


Making Fresh Butter from Raw, Grass Fed Cream

Butter may have gotten a bad reputation in the past and for good reason on some levels. For one when butter is being mass produced and the cows are being fed grains that are often Genetically Modified well that surely is not a super food.  As most of you know Genetically Modified Feed will not only cause major immune related issues but it also does not give someone the many benefits of true pasture fed butter.

So, is Grass Fed Butter one of the most amazing super foods on this planet? I say YES.  And here is why:


Deep, Mineral Rich Color of Grass Fed Butter

I prefer cultured, raw, pasture fed butter. This ensures it has all its’ enzymes intact as well as plenty of probiotic proliferation. If you can’t get that from a local farm, do the best with what is available, but make sure it is grass fed!

Grass Fed Butter has a special Vitamin that is known to help keep the joints happy and healthy. This Vitamin is called, K2. K2 is found in abundance in grass fed butter. It is known as Activator X through the studies of Weston Price.  It helps to place the calcium we absorb into the bones instead of it getting displaced into the soft tissues.  This reverses or prevents calcification when combined with Vitamin D3.

Here is a list of the benefits of Grass Fed Butter:

1. It can be one of the best foods for treating fungal infections, including candida.

***Due to the lauric acid that is in abundance in the butter.

2.  Anti-Tumor & Anti-Cancer Properties

3. Contains Lecithin which is a wonderful emulsifier and oil transport to the brain.

4. It is anti-inflammatory

5. Re-mineralizes the bones and teeth. Can help to reverse tooth decay.

6. Prevents or Reverses calcification of the arteries and joints.

7.  Helps the body absorb minerals.

8.  Is a great source of Iodine

9. Can help women with becoming more fertile.

10. Crucial for a healthy brain and nervous system.

11.  Great source of absorbable Vitamin A (adrenals and thyroid support).

12. Is Rich in Selenium

13. Important immune Booster

14. Helps heal the gut lining

15. Protects from mental illness

16. Creates healthier skin, better bowel movements and a great outlook on life (feeds the brain)!

17. Kids LOVE it

And so much more! Discover the benefits by consuming this superfood on a daily basis.

What are some ways to utilize Grass Fed Butter for maximum nutrition?

Some ideas are to blend it in your hot teas or elixirs. Try it with some steamed brussel sprouts or other dark green cruciferous vegetable. A great idea is to blend some of the butter with the veggie of your choice in the blender and top the rest of the veggies with that creamed super nutrition.

This blog post is in honor of our 4th year Anniversary here at WordPress. wahoooo..we made it to the 4 year mark, Happy Anniversary!

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Our Power Lies Within

It can be overwhelming at times with all the latest greatest technologies in the health and wellness field. We can find ourselves overloaded with information about grounding technology, emf/radiation protectors, fasting for healing, the “need” to see a healer or psychic, or whatever it is out there that might make you believe that your power lies outside of you.

I choose to believe that our power truly lies within us. We are fortunate to have so many incredible tools, techniques and technologies available to us no doubt about it.  However I feel that projecting a powerful sense of self is what really gives us our well being. It is that innate ability to tap into who we really are.

As I see it we are undying, unborn & are truly infinite souls. We are spiritual, electrical unlimited beings. 

We each have a powerful center in the place of our forehead called the third eye and beyond that if we delve deeper into that area we unleash the pineal gland. The pineal gland has been recognized by ancient civilizations as well as in our modern day “reality.”  Look at a dollar bill the next time you pull out your wallet. What do you see? A pyramid with an eye. This represents the pineal gland and the all seeing eye or the third eye.  When the pineal gland is open, focused, healthy and strong one’s ability to project and create is manifested into the physical world.

Caring and nourishing the pineal gland and having awareness of it is important.  It easily absorbs heavy metals so things like chlorella and cilantro taken together will assist in relieving the body of metals. We also want to take a look at calcification and the pineal gland. It is easily corroded with Fluoride and Calcium Deposits. Things that can assist in releasing this barrier would be sun gazing at sunrise and sunset, consuming Activator X (or vitamin k2) which is found in organic raw grass fed dairy, such as butter and raw grass fed cheese. A vegan source would be natto (a Japanese fermented product).

Shilajit which is a mineral pitch found in the Himalayan Mountains is also a key player in cleaning out this important gland and for the overall health of our bodies. It resembles that of black tar and can be cold water extracted to create a powder. The powder or the tar can be ingested to not only de-calcify the body but also to re-mineralize the body with ionic and dietary minerals. This substance when ingested can in fact help to uptake other nutrients in the body(due to the fulvic acid content) perhaps nourishing the body on a deeper, cellular level.

These are just a few things that can assist to open up this center.  I feel that everyone has the opportunity can to connect with the  “source field” that surrounds us. It is beyond time and space and it is beyond electro magnetic frequencies.

In fact Meditation is a way open this channel. Remember the verse from Matthew Chapter 6 verse 22. “Meditate and Let Thine Eye Be Single and Thy Whole Body Shall Be Full of Light.”  Whether your are Christian or not the point here is  as we open up our divine channel given to us as our birth right we all have this power. Use it wisely and use it with gratitude and humility.

Meditate to Activate.

I feel that recognizing our pure, authentic self will give us greater innerstanding of our infinity. With an attitude of gratitude and sincere humility we begin to open up doorways that were once closed.  As we focus on the good in our lives and consistently stay focused on these things that serve us and the world at large we create a life of holy flow.

I feel a few of the keys to maintaining this attitude above is by having love and compassion for all beings and surrendering your ego to the Creator. When the ego’s desires are given to the Creator we can then become the channel for our highest embodiment of the divine. Surrounding ourselves with those that inspire us is crucial as well as those whom have what we want. When we are open to learning and growing from those that have what we want we open up the channels of the holy flow.  Laughing, not taking ourselves to seriously and having the most fun ever is also I feel a requirement!

So let us encourage and support each other and create from a sense of humility and gratitude for this gift we have all been given.

Note to Self:) Truly our Power Lies within our blessed hearts. May we clean and purify our hearts so we can give and receive more love. Wadada.

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What is Calcification and How Can We Reverse it?

Calcification in the body is a hardening of the body parts that interfere with normal functioning of our system. It causes pain and weakness in the body. When joints feel stiff and we have any inflammation we can be sure that calcification is rapidly taking over the body.

In the beginning of our lives we have abundance Hydrogen in our bodies; into our adult life Calcium tends to take over the body, we have the choice to take responsibility and educate ourselves on what calcification is and how to regain our birthright of a healthy body.

Have you ever seen someone whom is hunched over and using a cane? They are highly calcified. The body no longer has the flexibility nor the structure to hold itself up properly. This condition is a huge factor into why we age.

Calcification is essentially a build up of nano-bacteria that gravitate to the weak parts of the body. One way you know your weak areas might be during a fast. If a certain area of the body hurts like your hip joints or your neck this is a great indicator that the calcification is localized in this area.

Other forms of calcification in the body are gallstones and kidney stones.

We do require good calcium and while cleansing the body green leafy vegetables gives the body the appropriate calcium required.

Below is a list of things that are caused by Calcification:

Brain Tumor
Gum Disease
Breast Cancer
Ovarian Cysts

And these are just a few.

Here are some great tools to reverse a Calcified Body:

Cellular Communication:
Get Clear and Complete with the Past
Positive Affirmations
EFT work
Emotional Balancing
Affirm and Declare your Freedom for a wonderful life with health and vitality.

Cellular Exercise
Breath Work

Cellular Nutrition
Spring Water or a well structured/vortexed and purified water.
Fulvic Acid
DMSO (topically)
Zeolites liquid or powder

Cellular Environment
Grounding with the Earth for a minimum of 10-15 minutes a day. 1-2 hours is ideal.
Lessen EMF exposure (electro magnetic frequencies come from televisions, phone towers, electrical outlets, wireless devices etc).

A note on Fluoride– Fluoride is incredibly toxic. It calcifies the body especially the pineal gland that is where our intuition and ability to think clearly lies. Make sure your drinking water and the water you clean and bathe in is free of this lethal substance. Most commercial toothpastes have fluoride.

These above recommendations coupled with a live plant based diet rich in chlorophyll and magnesium will keep the body alkaline and the blood flowing clean and free. Keeping the immune system strong and healthy during this time is crucial so cultured vegetables; Probiotics, Enzymes, Medicinal Mushrooms and Bio- Available Vitamin C are crucial Try Camu Camu power or Lycium (Goji) Powder.

There is so much more on this subject. I recommend reading or listening to David Wolfe’s protocol for decalcifying. Much of what I have shared here is from studying and researching his longevity program.

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