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A Few Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You.

How can we take responsibility for our own health? What are some things we can do at home that will keep us healthy and thriving. With fall here and winter approaching we want to make sure our immune system is operating optimally.

Most Conventional Doctor’s treat the symptoms not the root of the dis-ease. With this being said, we are usually given an antibiotic to treat the symptom.  What I have found since studying 21st Century Medicine or QRA is that once we get to the root cause we can live an incredible life.images

So, what if instead our Doctor’s first checked our urine PH? Now that’s a concept for ya to ponder.  If an infection is present we can be sure our ph will be off. This PH is a huge clue as to the state of health or dis-ease of our human body. Even more importantly is the first morning’s urine PH and our bodies ability to hold that consistently each and every morning.

~Fun Fact: Ph stands for Potential or the Power of Hydrogen.

Doctor’s do often take urine samples but not necessarily to check this valuable indicator of our health. Our PH mean so many things to the optimal functioning of our human vessel.

First and foremost our goal is a PH between 6.4-7.0 each morning upon rising for the day. This would be after 5am or when we wake for the day, not when we awake in the middle of the night.  Before we have put anything in our bodies we check our first morning urine ph to discover the health of our mineral levels.  We take a small piece of PH paper that you can get at just about any health food store and put it in the stream of your urine. You could also collect your urine and dip the strip this way.

Next you check the ph chart against your urine sample to see where you are at.

Too Acid: Below 6.4, and usually yellow in color on the test strip, which means we do not have sufficient minerals in the system to keep our ph in healthy range. We are in a deficit which puts us in a state of Acidosis.  In an acid state we are not functioning to our highest ability and create lots of stress and work for our body system.

Too Alkaline: This means we are buffering our own mineral reserves and is a sign that we are taking mineral from our own tissue and could be in bone loss.

When the first morning urine ph is acidic our bodies may not have the ability to take in minerals effectively. This means when we eat we could eat all the most mineral rich foods but until we correct this imbalance many of these nutrients go right though us. Once we correct this challenge instead of loads of nutrition we will only require a thimble full of nutrition to keep the body happy and healthy.

images-1How can we correct our first morning Urine PH? There are many things to consider here. The number 1 consideration is our outlook on life and our thoughts. If we have a peaceful way about us our PH is naturally more alkaline. Similarly acidic thoughts bring acidic results.  We can also consider our environment. We are made up of the same minerals that the sun and moon are made up of. The Moon is very alkalinizing for the body. As you can see on the left side bar of the blog I keep a log of how far or close we are to the full moon. The Hunter’s Full Moon is soon upon us. This is a great way to absorb alkaline minerals in our body.  Sleeping outside and facing the moon can benefit a woman’s reproductive system greatly. Or just enjoy being outdoors on the night of the full moon. The sun is acidic between the hours of 11am-3pm. Do your best to get the natural rays of the sun before or after this time. Either way a good zinc lotion can protect you midday. Enjoy the Sun.

Next we can ask ourselves,  “Are we getting enough mineral rich foods?” Do we have quality super food sources to ensure high resonant nutrition? What can help my PH?

One of my favorite drinks to make and consume is Electrolyte Lemonade. This beverage will assist in alkalinizing your body and replenish minerals.

  1. Fresh Squeezed OG Lemons
  2. Fresh Pressed OG Ginger Juice
  3. 1 tsp. Pink Salt
  4. 1 to 2 ounces Raw Cold Pressed Aloe with no fillers or Fresh Aloe Fillet
  5. Unheated Truly Raw Honey or Stevia to taste. Many honeys will say raw but unless it says unheated it is just like eating sugar.
  6. 32 ounces spring water/high quality water or coconut water kefir.

Take these ingredients and blend in blend tec. Add ice if desired and ENJOY!images-2

Other Helpful Tools for Optimal PH: Super Foods such as Chlorella & Spirulina, Raw OG Apple Cider Vinegar, Microgreens, Vegetables and Marine Coral Calcium from Whole Minerals such as those from Premier Research Labs or a product called Phoursalts can be very useful.

What if we are doing this and we still can not achieve an alkaline morning urine ph?

We can try supplementing with Magnesium Glycinate and Transdermal Magnesium. Often we as a people are deficient in this crucial mineral. If we still have a challenge with our PH we might look at our teeth next. Here we would test our teeth with Quantum Reflex Analysis or see a Natural Drug Free Dentist to find any interference fields with our teeth. We could have a dead tooth and not know it, mercury fillings or infected teeth or gums could play a major role in hindering the first morning urine ph.  A great protocol for healthy teeth has been mentioned in past posts. However in short my recommendation is the following:

  • Probiotics specific to the teeth (a few times a week open probioitcs in mouth and let innoculate for 10 minutes before drinking or eating anything, best if you brush your teeth first).
  • Use a tongue scraper daily
  • Brush gums with a dry natural toothbrush each morning. Utilize a high quality combo of essential oils for gum health on brush.
  • Floss twice daily with unwaxed floss and coat floss with antibacterial essential oils.
  • Brush gently with clays, natural tooth powders made of bicarbonite
  • Rinse mouth with sea salt daily
  • Store tooth brush and tooth tools in a glass cup of hydrogen peroxide. Change liquid every 24 hours
  • Coconut oil or Sesame oil pulling a few times a week will pull bacteria out. Discard in trash.

If you have an interference field in the mouth sedating optimal ph you may benefit from a dental mud pack. This would help to clear the IF field.  Neem oil and Neem bark could also help to recover energy flow to the tooth. Sometimes a Dentist is required but being as self sufficient as possible when it comes to our health is best. Preventative care is best.images

Next we might have another scar or trauma on the body sedating the healthy ph of our bodies. This is best checked by a QRA Practitioner.

It took a long time to put the body in a state of Acidosis so it will take some time to re-build mineral reserves and keep a steady, consistent ph. The reward once achieved is like a new lease on life. Your outlook, your health and your life in general will greatly improve. I believe that the health and wellness of our body will correlate to the health and richness we experience in our external world. As we become nutrient rich creatures we experience a rich, fulfilling life externally.

So, to recap the most foundational thing we can do for ourselves is check our first morning’s urine ph, do what it takes to correct imbalances and take responsibility for our lives.  This will give us an indicator if we are running acidic or alkaline. Beyond this it tells us if we have plenty of minerals to allow our body to work its miracles and stay healthy throughout the seasons.

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How Do You Repair the Body After Birth Control, Antibiotics or Hormone Replacement Therapy?

So what do you do now? These different antibiotics and synthetic drugs can create detrimental effects on the body.  The good news is every problem has a solution.

One of the main challenges with birth control is it seriously depletes the bodies Vitamin B6 levels.  This is a huge player when it comes to the health and well being of your gallbladder which translates to healthy digestion, skin and hair.

When the body is depleted of its Vitamin B6 levels because of birth control, antibiotics, HRT  and even recreational drugs the gallbladder can no longer hold the bile salts in suspension. B6 is required in order to assist insulin resistance. It is involved in many metabolic functions such as amino acid metabolism. With out healthy bile flow our bodies can not perform optimally.

If you experience:

  • Burping
  • Gas
  • Dry Hair
  • Bumps on skin
  • Unhealthy skin

Then this could be a great protocol for you. In 4-6 months you will have the most radiant hair and skin!

This protocol was created by Dr. Bob Marshall of Premier Research Labs. Below is a way to clear the debris from the gallbladder and saturate the body with Vitamin B6 in a clean, excipient free form.  If you no longer have a gallbladder this is still a very important protocol to take on.

Step 1:

Begin by taking 1-2 tsp. of Gallbladder ND each day for about 4-6 months.

This will saturate the cells with vitamin b6 and make up for lost times:)  The highly revered Gold Coin Grass will help to dissolve any stones that are in the gallbladder amongst other potent herbs. Depending on your size you will take 1-3 tsp. per day.

We suggest taking this slowly over several hours. The best way to do this is create a morning cocktail. Put the Gallbladder Nano Detox into 16 oz. of water and sip over several hours. This will act like an immune drip and give better results.

Step 2:

Then after about 3-4 weeks you will start doing two coffee enemas per week. This will help to clear the gallbladder and dislodge anything sedating energy flow to the gallbladder. You will continue this protocol for the next 4 months.

After you have done this protocol we highly recommend taking a reliable Vitamin B6 supplement. 1/2 tsp a day if using our excipient free vitamin b6  to ensure the body is nourished with this vitamin.

For more info on the coffee enema please see my related post here: I suggest utilizing only our premiere coffee to do the enemas as it tests on all 4 polarities of the body and is free of pesticides and mycotoxins.

I suggest taking your enema in in two rounds. Do half of it for 10 minutes and then the second half for the next 10 minutes.

Enjoy the power of this protocol and post your results in the comments section below.  I recommend spacing out your coffee enemas so that your electrolyte balance is not disturbed. I also recommend making sure your hydrate properly and ensure you are getting your minerals through green grass powders after your enema.  A great supplement after an enema is magnesium oil. Spray this on the skin about 7-14 pumps to re-mag the body!

Below is the link to purchase the kit. Please private message me so I can give you instructions for your particular body size.

Gallblader Detox PackageClick Here to Get Your Gallbladder Detox Package Today!

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How can we Experience Optimal Digestion?

The body is a miraculous gift, it speaks to us all the time by giving us messages. When it comes to digestion we might ask ourselves the quality question…”Am I digesting powerfully?” “How does my digestion effect my results in life?”

Human's Are Light Eaters:)

Human’s Are Light Eaters:)

When we are digesting powerfully we are often getting powerful results in life. If we are experiencing weak digestion this often reflects in a weak life experience. Everything is truly connected. Chewing completely and fully is one step in the direction of powerful digestion & a powerful life.

How can we love ourselves enough to heal the digestive issues that arise? First and foremost our awareness during meal time is of importance. It allows us to connect with our body at the cellular level and to know when we are truly satiated. The more self love we choose to embody the better off our physical body becomes.  We begin to get in tune with why we are eating. Is it an emotional issue? Are we dehydrated? Or are we truly hungry? We begin to shed light on the subject and bring about solutions to our digestive challenges.

Here are some signals that digestion may be off:

  • Burping
  • Gas
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • acne
  • hair loss
  • weight gain
  • heart burn
  • ulcers
  • candida

These are just a few signals and with a few tips we can be well on our way to powerfully digesting our food.

First and foremost as we age our ability to create Hydrochloric Acid tends to dissipate. One way to really ensure our stomach is burning up the food we ingest is to make sure it is creating plenty of HCL. HCL is like a wood burning stove. If we keep the kindling slow, constant and steady we have a beautiful burning wood fire. The body appreciates this because the hcl will keep viruses, bacteria, fungi and mycotoxins at bay. When we eat the little critters that end up in our food be it from food handling or just from nature it is the HCL that assists the body to neutralize these bugs. Ways that we can increase our HCL naturally would be to:

  1. Eat only when truly hungry (make sure we are not just thirsty for water)
  2. Enjoy plenty of green smoothies (3/4 blender full of wild greens preferably and then a small amount of fruit)
  3. Enjoy a few teaspoons per day of Raw, Organic, Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar.
  4. Supplement with True Betaine Hydrochloride (non gmo beet derived)
  5. Eat and enjoy living plant based foods as well as cultured foods
  6. Eat until 3/4 the way full giving plenty of room for digestive juices to work

Here are just a few tools we can use to optimize our digestive juices. We can literally turn back the clocks by supplementing with Betaine Hydrochloric Acid or HCL. It assists our bodies to utilize the nutrients we are consuming.  It will also assist to balance out the friendly flora in the gut and keep a healthy bone metabolism in check. HCL is a powerful detoxifier.   If we choose to supplement with HCL we would want to take it at the end of our meals.

Another powerful tool is to supplement with Plant Based Digestive Enzymes.  Digestive enzymes are protein molecules with electricity running

Digest Powerfully

Digest Powerfully

through them! The more enzyme rich we are the more light that is flowing through us. These taken at the beginning of a meal will help out the pancreas and give us an advantage to powerfully digesting like we did in our early 20’s.  When eating either cooked or raw food this digestive support is a good idea, especially if eating cooked.

One way to really see how much we are aging scientifically speaking is how many methyl groups we are losing in the cells. Typically we lose about 1800 methyl groups per day when eating cooked food, this is a great way to age quick and lose 1/3 of your life span. If we eat raw foods only we will lose about 1200 methyl groups per day. With Digestive enzymes and HCL we can actually lose less than 1200 methyl groups per day.

We want to eat our food in the most bio-available forms and powerfully digest our food. Our digestion begins when we smell or think about eating. Our enzymes activate in the saliva. When we begin to chew our food we pre-signaturize the food and prepare the body for assimilation. Chewing until we have a liquid in our mouth is a great way to properly digest.

Blending our food takes the leg work out of chewing and can be a great way to assimilate nutrients easily and effectively.

Dandelion Greens

Dandelion Greens

Human’s are light eaters. The more light we eat in the form of wild greens and plants the better off we are. Bitter greens especially assist the HCL production of the stomach. The more light we eat the more light we become.

The most important information on proper digestion is really the awareness we bring to the table.  Distractions while eating keep us from fully being present to the experience. When we eat with true awareness and send gratitude and love to the food we can change its chemical structure creating an opportunity for healthier digestion. Food made with love and eaten with gratitude will ultimately assimilate much better than one that is made out of anger and resentment.   Enjoy making a beautiful table setting to eat around and allow the experience to be beyond the taste buds. Enjoy the beauty of the dishware and maybe a special flower offering in the middle of the table. Enjoy a summer dinner outside listening to the gracefulness of nature.

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Plant Medicine Cocktail

The last few morning’s I have been inspired to make this incredibly bio-available cocktail utilizing fresh aloe filet and locally grown citrus to make a soothing cocktail for the digestive tract, colon and for all body systems/fluids.  I blend this in the vitamix on high to create a froth. Then shoot it back. The minerals, vitamins and enzymes present in this cocktail are so incredible and create long lasting energy in the system. Enjoy!

1 whole aloe filet

5 squeezed blood oranges

1 tbs msm omica brand

1 tbs medi aminos pr labs

blend on high until froth is created, give thanks then taste a bit on the tongue to pre-signaturize the medicine. Body is ready to intake the medicine. Enjoy.

In light of the radioactive plume via Japan I feel it is a great idea to be  mindful of super herbs and foods that can counteract this effect. Along with tektite and my imploded white rose gold pendant to protect my aura and bio field I also integrating a nutritional protocol.

PR Labs Coral Calcium
Ultimate Superfoods Chlorella Tablets

I am also making a lot of meals with high quality barley miso an dulse as well as use of avocado’s to ward off radiation.

I am enjoying the Zeo gold in 4 ounces of water in the morning with herbal blood formula that contains chapparel/cleavers grass to clean up the blood.

Among other high quality products would be xenostat, super nano green tea, adaptogen and DHLA nanoplex and CoQ quinol to name a few. These are all products by Dr. Bob Marshall and really radiation protection is the same as free radical protection from damage to the DNA and these provide DNA repair to the 21 DNA repair enzymes that we know exist.

Hit it hard and heavy with tocotrienols, propolis, and fresh aloe. Be mindful of produce in California over the next few weeks consider soaking produce in a solution of pristine water with bentonite clay. Above all meditate, stay connected to your source and live in the moment with abundance, love and gratitude enjoying each moment to the fullest.

Peace and Light!

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