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The Prayer of Freedom

For Me, My Family And All Humanity
Throughout All Time, Past, Present And Future
Please Help Us All Forgive All People
Help All People Forgive Us
And Help Us All Forgive Ourselves
Please God, Thank You God, Amen

Help Us All Love Each Other And Love Ourselves
Be At Peace With Each Other And Be At Peace With Ourselves
Please God, Thank You God, Amen

God, We Give You Our Love
And Thank You For Your Constant Love And Blessings
We Respect And Appreciate All Your Creations
And We Fill All Your Creations With Our Love

Please God, Thank You God, Amen

God, We Give You Our Love
And Thank You For Your Constant Love And Blessings
We Respect And Appreciate All Your Creations
And We Fill All Your Creations With Our Love

God, Please Open, Bless, Empower, Expand
Lead, Guide, Direct And Protect
Me, My Family And All Humanity
Throughout All Time
Now And Forever
Please God, Thank You God

Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen

~Howard Wills
*Thank you Howard for some of the most profound prayers your offer to us as your purposeful gift. To be recited morning and evening.

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What Will Your Personal Legacy Be?

In what way will you pass on your Personal Legacy? Having a personal legacy can give you a strong reason to get up in the morning and live your life with passion.  It is something you hand down to the next generation.  It is a gift you bring others so that they remember you for your good works and deeds.HandsandHeartSun

Whatever you choose your personal legacy to be do it with heart and nobility.  No matter how big or small it may seem it is coming from your true essence.   I feel a noble personal legacy to pass on being a woman is to embody a healthy culture. By this I mean an internal culture. An internal culture that is rich in friendly microbes and has strong roots is a gift that will pass down to each generation.  This will allow my children and grandchildren and great grand kids the DNA and Culture to thrive in their lifetime.  This culture we imbibe creates our thoughts, words and deeds.  It is what our mind, body and spirit is composed of.  Creating an internal garden with a flourishing rich soil is an integris personal legacy.

Thriving Internal Garden

Thriving Internal Garden

Women have the unique and honorable gift of bringing life into this world.  With this comes the responsibility of making choices for the household on what we will eat and drink on a day to day basis and how we conduct our selves and our state of affairs. Creating a healthy environment for the family can be the best gift we pass on, so each member of the family has the opportunity to be the best version of themselves.

To me being the woman of the family is being the medicine woman. It is what many tribes and past civilizations recognize in the women, they are often the one’s that have that inherit medicinal nature.  Women can bring the strength and nobility to the family or tribe.

“Native American tribes believed that the women had more healing power and were able to soothe ill souls with their chants and connection to the spirit world. Medicine women gathered herbs to create healing medicines for those who fell sick within the tribe. Additionally, most Native American women were master craftsman who made beautiful blankets, baskets, and pottery. Jewelry was another favorite. There was a feeling of mutual respect between the men and women of the tribes. They cared for their children and husbands, just like the modern woman does today. Without their help, it would have been very difficult for the Native Americans to survive.” –

Sioux WomanIf we can remember this essence of ourselves and bring it back into existence we can recognize the true power of women.  What will your personal legacy be? No matter what it is, do it with a compassionate heart, a neutral mind and an old soul…know that it is a perfect choice for you. If you don’t know what your personal legacy could be just follow the things that make you happy and what you enjoy doing. These are often the things we most want to give to others and leave behind as our personal legacy.  When you have noble or elevated intentions you will dwell in the most beautiful realms of your own creation.


And Most Important, this video below shares the most important part of a woman’s legacy…the realization of our noble spirit!

Injoy and Enjoy!

If you wish, please comment below and let us know what your personal legacy is. Blessings.

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Liquid Nutrition & Living Food Recipes

These recipes came through today and I trust you will enjoy it as much as I have. I will post them up at the Ital Kitchen and Buddha Bar as well. I thought they deserved an article since we just got over discussing heavy metals. They are all great during heavy metal chelation.

Ital Juice

1 Bunch Dandelion Greens  -Blood builder and Cleaner, Liver detoxifier

Ital Juice

Ital Juice

1 Large Organic Cucumber -Kidney cleanser

1 piece of a fresh Habanero Pepper- circulation/anti-viral/anti-parasitic

1 piece fresh ginger root- circulation-warming

A few pieces of celery with leaves -excellent natural salt solution

1 Green Apple – tastey and less sugar for those concerned with glycemic index, apples are great at softening gall stones.

1 bunch Cilantro – heavy metal chelation

1 whole Lemon – astringent – cleanser – anti-bacterial

Press all ingredients thru a Cold Press Juicer and enjoy!  Let this cleanse and nourish the blood.

Dodhisattva’s Raw Vegan Cheese Crumble

1 part EFA Oil or oil of choice

3 parts nutritional yeast (make sure its from a reputable source..I use Premier Research Labs)

4-5 cloves of fresh garlic pressed

1 tsp or so of Apple Cider Vinegar …Lemon will also work

! pinch Pink Salt

1/2 handful of Fresh Parsley

In a small dish combine the oil and nutritional yeast until you have a rich paste. If it’s too runny add more nutritional yeast and vice versa if it’s too thick.  Now add the pink salt, acv and garlic. Mix well. Mince parsley and incorporate into the cheese.  Use this as a wonderful source of b vitamins and protein. Crumble into salads, use on endive tacos and enjoy on dehydrated bread/crackers. Its fabulous and so nourishing. I will post a pic of this one soon!

Ital Tacos with Cultured Cashew Cream Cheese

1 bunch Endive

2 large handfuls of spring greens or wild greens of choicephoto

1 bunch sunflower sprouts

Handful of Chlorella Tablets

Vegan Garlic Cheese Crumble  (Homemade by Dodhisattva..see Ital Kitchen for Recipe).

1 tbs. Spirulina

1/2-3/4 cup cultured vegetables

1 tbs Kelp flakes

2 tsp. Premier EFA’s Oil or Cold Pressed oil of your choice -pumpkin or chia would work well here

2 shakes of raw organic apple cider vinegar

1 pinch of pink salt

First get a large bowl and put the greens in it as well as the sprouts chopped up or just gently rip apart with hands. Now take the oil, pink salt and apple cider vinegar and massage into the salad greens. Now add the spirulina and kelp flakes, use a fork to further incorporate. Add in your cultured vegetables and Dodhisattva’s vegan garlic cheese crumble. Now take endive and tear off each piece to cover a large plate or platter. Next top each endive with the mixture. Sprinkle Chlorella tablets on top of each taco.

Then on the side prepped in advance create a cultured cream cheese. Do this buy soaking and blending cashews with probiotics. Add paprika and other seasoning to taste. Let sit out to culture for several hours. Place a bit of the cheese on a spoon for each guest. I like this as a side note so that the main star of the meal are the greens however the cashew dip is heavenly.

This is a wonderful meal and can help chelate the metals.  It also gives us access to bioavailable protein thru the vegan crumble, chlorella, greens and spirulina as well.m  The cultured vegetables are an incredible source of probiotics for the health of the stomach.


And….how about some good music while you create in the kitchen, dancing is so good for the soul.  Bless the food and Be of Good Cheer.

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A Flexible Spine is A Flexible Mind. ~ Yogi Bhajan

Have you ever watched  a cat or a dog wake up from their night’s slumber? If you have, you have watched them stretch and yawn and move about their bodies.  We have even coined yoga pose names after animals, such as cat/cow in Kundalini Yoga. Image

This simple yet profound movement brings life to our spine. This wakes up our nervous system gently and allows it to move blood flow to all parts of the body including the brain.  When we bring life to the spine and keep it health and strong we are keeping the body strong, healthy and youthful.  The brain also becomes more flexible and flowing with life’s ups and downs.

Yoga especially Kundalini Yoga has the ability to reset the bodies rhythms. It actually balances the brain hemispheres and allows us to go through out our day with a peaceful heart. It gives us the ability to allow a higher self connection in our communications to one another.


Right and Left Nostril Breathing

One of the best qualities we can embody in order to have a prosperous life is that of a calm, polite and peaceful presence. In this space we emanate that of a prosperous being. We can get in this state by deep breathing, left & right nostril breathing, meditating and all forms of yoga.   As we experience this place of centeredness we allow for a great shift to occur in our lives. We suddenly attract prosperity in all its’ forms. We are prosperous in our time, prosperous in our relationships, prosperous with our health and prosperous in all good things.

How can we develop prosperity consciousness? We can begin by becoming more prosperous in our daily lives. We can give someone less fortunate something special, we can tithe to our favorite charity, we can become more present in our relationships and listen to our friends/family.  Even if you are in a position of not having as much as you might like, by giving you will receive far more.

Just yesterday I was filling up at the gas station and noticed a seemingly harmless, homeless man. He looked sun burned, dehydrated and exhausted. I had about 16 ounces of a high quality glacier water from Canada in the car as well as a Super nourishing Yoga Cookie made by my Kundalini Yoga teacher. Those yoga cookies have seriously silly good vibes that I believe bring forth magick! They are even in the shape of a heart. So, I gifted this man with the cookie and the water. This to me was a brilliant exchange of energy that lifted my whole being and allowed my aura to grow stronger. I bet he received something similar. I blessed him with so much love and blessings.

When we begin our day with a little stretching, a little mindful breathing and some prosperity consciousness we are on our way to a life of true happiness.

Let us remember a flexible spine is a flexible mind. The more we can be in a space to give the more we assist another to rise up and be apart of something magical.  Like Bob Marley says, “Help the weak if your are strong.”  Even if you are not strong find the strength thru spirit, ask and pray for this strength. Then allow it to come in and shift your life.

Sending love and blessings to all.

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Top Ten Favorite Things To Do In Dodhisattva’s Sacred Backyard

  1. Gratitude for the Miracle of LIFE.

    Sacred Backyard ART

    Sacred Backyard ART

  2. Affirm each morning our love and approval of thy self. ~ This allows us the opportunity to create internal abundance which then brings external abundance. It also attracts love in our external world. When we love ourselves and create self worth we can then receive respect from others.  Let go and FORGIVE yourself and others. Smile and Laugh often.
  3. Meditate ~ We like to meditate in different ways in order to experience the ever present stillness of our true identity. This then flows into our day to day experience and it feels really good.
  4. Yoga ~ All different forms of yoga especially Kundalini and Vinyasa. The Kundalini really allows us to feel the radiance of our true essence and the Vinyasa brings strength and power to our bodies while aligning our spines and strengthening our muscles and skeletal system.
  5. Drink 32 ounces of Pristine Water first thing in the morning and/or make a fresh pressed Green juice with plenty of Habanero and wild Dark Greens to build new blood and clean the blood from viruses, fungus, yeast and bacteria. Parasites do not enjoy spice! Besides juicing is a form of enzyme therapy baby. Get JUICY.
  6. Rebound and Get Moving. Whether it be walking, running, rebounding, dancing or some form of strength training it is essential to stimulate the lymphatic system and get the fluid moving.
  7. Take a hot/cold shower in either spring water or filtered water. The tap water today is extremely radioactive, toxic and NOT acceptable. Hot/Cold therapy is key to improving the adrenal glands, the youthful tone of one’s skin and is an overall health strategy.



  8. Massage and/or Body work~ at our best we either give self massages with a tool called a rumble roller which breaks up fibrotic tissue and restores the soft tissue or we go get a thai massage. Body work is a fundamental tool to releasing stored blockages, emotional challenges and other traumas.
  9. Stretch ~ Our bodies are living, breathing organisms that require stretch daily. Acquire a yoga swing or just learn to stretch without tools. It allows us to become more flexible in our minds.
  10. Ground on the earth barefoot or get out in nature.
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Our Latest Raw, Living, Cultured Food Class in the Magical Canyon of Topanga

Recently I had the honor to create a beautiful and super nutrient rich food class for a wonderful private group in Topanga, California. It truly was a blessing. We all remained willing to learn, kept a high teachablity index and were open to except changes in our current life styles in order to move more towards what we want.

We began by sharing our intention for the class and then went on to cover the 4 Basic Principles woven through out the Sacred Backyard Blog.

  • Cellular Communication
  • Cellular Environment
  • Cellular Nutrition
  • Cellular Movement

Because really without even one of these potent principles we would not have the balance and harmony that all 4 when done together can create for our health.

We also reviewed the 2 Revolutionary Concepts that are very important when it comes to healing the body at the cellular level. These are the Enzyme and Probiotic Concepts. When we take on enzyme and probiotic therapy coupled with the Four Principles and an innerstanding of the Detoxification process we have a basis for Regenerating our bodies, minds and spirits.

Next we got to delve into creating in the kitchen sharing all kinds of medicinal yet delicious foods, elixirs and desserts. We had live, cold pressed juices, cultured yogurt, fermented foods, smoothies, soups, tacos & superfood ice cream. Our focus on this class was cleansing and regenerating the body with foods full of water and friendly microbes to feed the healthy flora.  No dehydrator is required for this type of class only a vita mix or blendtec  and a twin gear juicer.  A dehydrator can be a fun tool however our focus here is on wet, live, juicy foods and liquids.

Raw Dude

Raw Dude

When we have a healthy inner eco system the body will run clean and efficient. The result is clean blood, a pure mind, body and spirit.

These foods nourish the bodies while causing little work on the digestive system. This is because the food we prepare is highly active with enzymes and friendly bacteria. Not only this but we have unlocked the amino acids, fatty acids & glucose into usable energy during the soaking and  fermentation processes.

If someone is sick or anyone looking to maximize energy levels we can highly benefit from this type of nutrition as our bodies energy is redirected towads healing and rebuilding instead of working to digest. We do not compromise taste, texture or flavor either. We get to enjoy all of this while maintaining a lean, clean, serene body.

Unlocking the nurtition from our food allows to easily regenerate the skin,  grow hair, strengthen the bones and create lean muscle mass. This type of lifestyle also creates core & tensile strength. It allows us to remanufacture our own metabolic enzymes and hormones too.

Our bodies are so miraculous, they really can and will heal themselves given the right pathways to regenerate.

Our next class will be one about Mastering Detoxification and the different ways to go about this in your own home.  We will cover things like the coffee enema, super herbs, medicinal mushrooms, liver/gallbladder flush and fasting.

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Information On Heavy Metals and Our Body Systems

Heavy metals are neurotoxins. Neurotoxins are substances that are attracted to the mammalian body system.  These substances are in the air we breathe, the pollutants, the pharmaceutical drugs, the water supply, air fresheners, baking soda, household cleaners, pots, pans, silverware and my list could go on and on.  Specifically one might take a look at the metal that may be in their mouth. Amalgam fillings are a huge potential poison to the body.  Each day the amalgam fillings off gas and cause poisonous vapors to pollute the body.

Here are a listing of some heavy metals:

  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Lead
  • Arsenic

These are just a few of the main metals that are found in our day to day environment through various channels.

Body Systems

Next we have Biotoxins.  Biotoxins deteremine the behaviors and the eating habits of the host. .  Biotoxins come from tetanus toxins, internal parasites, botox, fungus, strep, lyme disease and other foreign invaders.

Then there is a class of metals called Xenobiotics. These are man made environmental toxins like formaldehyde and dioxins and PCB’s.  They are dangerous as they mimic estrogen in the body and can cause major disrupts in a woman’s delicate hormone cycle.

Food Preservatives and Cosmetics are loaded with toxic metals.  They come in the form of parabens, msg, fluoride and aspartame.

These substances over time get lodged in the bodies bones and soft tissues. As they settle into the system they accumulate in the long bone, jaw bone and brain as well as the reproductive organs.

These metals can cause serious neurological challenges as well as emotional & physical challenges.

Possible Indicators There is an Over Flow of Metals in the System:

  • Chronic pain throughout the muscles and tendons or any soft tissues of the body
  • Chronic malaise – general feeling of discomfort, fatigue, and illness
  • Brain fog – state of forgetfulness and confusion
  • Chronic infections such as Candida
  • Gastrointestinal complaints, such as diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, heartburn, and indigestion
  • Food allergies
  • Dizziness
  • Migraines and/or headaches
  • Visual disturbances
  • Mood swings, depression, and/or anxiety
  • Nervous system malfunctions – burning extremities, numbness, tingling, paralysis, and/or an electrifying feeling throughout the body

So what can we do to counter act these metals?

    1. Remove amalgam fillings immediately from a qualified drug free dentist. A qualified Dentist will give you a protocol to follow before, during and after the removal of the metal. They will probably give you an IV of Vitamin c and other important vitamins and minerals. The use of a rubber dam and an oxygen mask will ensure the metals are not circulating back into the blood stream.
    2. Get a heavy metal test panel through hair, blood, urine and feces analysis.

I love my Body & I nourish my every cell.

Other tools would be to sweat in an infrared sauna daily while detoxing from the metals.

EDTA ~ If appropriate for your specific challenge can chelate and bind to the metals because of its molecular structure.

Fulvic Acid ~ A safe and key component in detoxing metals.

The kidneys take on a huge burden when detoxing from heavy metals. Pay close attention to caring for your kidneys. They will require castor oil packing to pull out metals and toxins. This gives the kidneys some help as they filter the neurotoxins from the blood.

Another tool I love is the ancient coffee enema.  Utilizing a high caliber coffee that is organic and sustainable is a great choice. Some green coffees also work well like S.A. Wilson.

When metals are present no fungal or candida infection can completely heal. You must clear the body of the metals first and then handle the fungal infection.

Also if you feel discomfort in any area of the body while detoxing from metal it is a phenomenal idea to do a clay pak on that area.  First you must clear the channel pathways of the feet and hands with the special clay and then you will clear the area of discomfort by packing it well. This will pull out deep seated toxins.  The kidneys must be packed to to ensure they are being well cared for. Internal clay pulling is also a wonderful approach.

Finding a clean water spring is a great idea or making sure your water has been tested for metals will ensure you are not putting them right back into the body.

Here are a list of helpful super foods and herbs that assist the body while chelating metal:

  • Skate liver oil
  • Chlorella
  • Medicinal mushrooms such as Chaga.
  • Cilantro
  • He Shou Wu
  • Black foods like wild black bloomed rice, black sesame seeds (soaked and sprouted), chia seeds
  • Rhodiola
  • Passionflower tea ( flush xenobioitcs out of the system)

Those are just to name a few.  Enjoy plenty of green vegetable juices, warm medicinal teas and plenty of coconut kefir water to cleanse the liver too. Other fermented drinks like Kombucha and Jun can aggravate someone’s system whom has not healed and sealed their gut. This means that the wild ferment in these two beverages could cause more trouble until one has cleaned up their fungal infections and ultimately the underlying issues. My thoughts are to stick with Coconut Kefir Water until the immune system is restored and the gut is fully healed. Cultured vegetables can help to digest metals in the system.

Cultivate awareness by listening to your body and its messages. It always has a message for us.  I love our bodies!

Note: To learn about clay packing you can learn from Dr. Bob Marshall of Premier Research Labs.  He created the medi body pack which I feel is a phenomenal product.

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