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Why Affirmations Don’t Always Work

If you are reading this you’ve probably been in a similar situation that I have experienced. You have learned or even created your own affirmations to repeat them over and over and well some how they didn’t create what you wanted. Do affirmations not really work? Well the truth of the matter is way deeper than just saying an affirmation. There has to be a sure and deep belief that these affirmations are in fact true.

Here are some things to consider on making affirmations honestly come to life in your life!

1. Mirror work: One of our most challenging and yet rewarding tasks is to look in the mirror while saying our affirmations. And why not say something kind to yourself every time you pass the mirror? This will build self confidence and love while reprogramming us to think beautiful thoughts. Inner beauty becomes outer beauty. It is a fundamental law.

2. Let go of the Resistance to Change: How much are you holding on to the dead past? Can you honestly let go of the passed? What from the past is creating a pattern in your life?

I had a huge revelation when I realized an event in my teens had created a pattern in me that was other than self serving. When I was able to identify that, I felt sad at first and then I was so happy that I figured it out with the assistance of my companion/source/god.I was then able to do the work to move forward.

When I was able to RELEASE this and FORGIVE all involved including myself, I no longer was holding myself back and then was able to create a new successful pattern. Thank Goddess! Take Action Now.

And here is the most profound reason why affirmations don’t always work.
We must be willing to release the need to suffer, to be unworthy, to self sabotage etc. Until we unravel the ball of yarn we don’t open up to these affirmations on a deep sub conscious level. We must first release the need to allow these patterns to control us, let go and open up to the divine truth. We created this for our own good so we could take back our soul power.  Here is a way to start doing this NOW.  When you feel resistance or anger or any “negative” feeling/self talk. Say to yourself in that moment, I release the NEED to hold on to this pain or I release the NEED to engage in self defeating actions etc. Whatever it is just release it in the moment and come into your power as a soul.  You will feel the difference and immediately start to shift out of victim mode into conscious mode.

Next, to receive positive affirmations we must be in a peaceful and open space. Let’s take a moment to get in this space together.

First let your body relax, take a deep breath and watch as everything begins to soften. Start at the crown of your head and take time to go through each area of the body to relax it deeply. Most people have major tension in the face, jaw, neck, shoulders, heart & belly. Just surrender and let go. Give yourself the love right now and this is the time to open up to these beautiful, life changing affirmations.  Keep breathing long, slow and deep. Release the body and the mind automatically begins to release and soften. Whatever tension is in the body is always going on in the mind. Let it go and Shine.

It all begins with a seed, a seed in your consciousness.  When you start growing something in your garden lets say hibiscus flowers for example. How do they begin? They begin as a seed. Do they look anything like the beautiful, deep and rich colored flowers they become? No, but yet you still have faith and you think and say: “oh wow I am so excited to see the flowers in a few weeks, there will be many of them and they will be beautiful.” It’s the same with whatever you desire, have faith in your seeds.

I really am grateful for the work of Louise Hay as this post was inspired by her. Let me know in the comments below how you have allowed positive affirmations to rock your world! Comment below, let me know how you are doing! With Love and Blessings to you. And once again, thanks for stopping by the Sacred Backyard!

Note: Worry is Fear…don’t let this control your life. Realize you are an authentic creator. Rejoice in your uniqueness. Unleash your soul power and start unraveling the yarn. Then open up to the truth of your greatness. Take the reigns of your beautiful mind.    There are many ways to create your amazing life, this is just one way that really spoke to me. Love you!

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Value & Self Worth

Often we look at value and worth and immediately look at our bank accounts. Our Worth & Value ultimately comes from our own self nourishment. How do we think & feel about ourselves? Value & Worth come from your knowledge, wisdom (knowledge that has been applied), experiences, & skills. All of these things we can exchange for money.  Everyday you work, learn or experience something new you add value to your net worth and creative Power.  My definition of Creative Power is essentially Creator’s energy flowing through our bodies and then allowing that energy to flow out into the world as  your “super” human gift or purpose.

Our fears can often get in the way of creating from our experiences, skills & knowledge.  We are not our fears however we do  allow fearful thoughts and emotions to come through us at times.   It is good to recognize this as to not get attached to these fearful thoughts.  We can send love to our fears and ask our higher selves if there is something we are to pay attention to at this time? What is the fear telling us? Often we are wanting to learn a great lesson. Once the lesson is learned we graduate and move on in our lives.

“I send LOVE to my Fears. My Fears are the Places Within Me that Await My Love.”

I believe that as we recognize our fears and ask for higher self guidance we always receive a message on what to do. Often times we struggle with fear because we not only look outside of ourselves for the answer but we live in the future.  Instead we can try living in the flow of life and see how that feels. To me it is a continuous stream of being awake in the moment to the wonder, beauty and fulfilling magic that is in front of us. It holds the treasure trove we all look for in so many other places. Yet it really is right there in each moment. With gratitude, grace and offering our authentic potential we can sit in the flow with out much effort.

Our creativity often times is hidden by fears.  We are all born Creative. We are creative channels for our highest potential. The Creator of this Earth wants us to be Creative Channels and so with that I leave this post with The Aritist’s Prayer:

O Great Creator,

We are gathered together in your name

That we may be of greater service to you

And to our fellows.

We offer ourselves to you as instruments.

We open ourselves to your creativity in our lives.

We surrender to you our old ideas.

We welcome your new and more expansive ideas.

We trust that you will lead us.

We trust that it is safe to follow you.

We know you created us and that creativity

Is your nature and our own.

We ask you to unfold our lives

According to your plan, not our low self-worth.

Help us to believe that it is not too late

And that we are not too small or too flawed

To be healed-

By you and through each other-and made whole.

Help us to love one another,

To nurture each other’s unfolding,

To encourage each other’s growth,

And understand each other’s fears.

Help us to know that we are not alone,

That we are loved and lovable.

Help us to create as an act of worship to you.

This beautiful Prayer is  from the book, The Artist’s Way. My intention of sharing it is to inspire you the reader and myself into our best selves ever.  May you take it and learn it by heart….carry this with you as a tool and little piece of Net Worth:)

Note: Form a Sacred Circle of believing mirrors (people) to potentiate each others growth, to mirror a “yes” to each others creativity.  As artists, we belong to an ancient holy tribe. We are the carriers of the truth that spirit moves through us all.  -Julia Cameron, The Artists Way

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